Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel – Night 1


Reading, PA – 7.30.2011

Commentary is provided by UltraMantis Black, Gavin Loudspeaker, Tim Donst, Leonard F. Chikarason and Eddie Kingston.

Jigsaw reminds us that he was out of action for three months recovering from a torn bicep. Tonight he gets his first match in the “12 Large: Summit”. He’s dead set on winning the title for himself and Larry Sweeney.

“12 Large: Summit” Tournament Match (Block B)
Jigsaw (0 Points) vs. Fire Ant {C} (0 Points)

Jigsaw gets Fire Ant in the Romero Special. Fire Ant escapes, and they reach a stalemate. Jigsaw stretches Fire Ant in a Gory Gallows. Fire Ant rolls out into a wheelbarrow armdrag. They go back and forth off the ropes until Fire Ant rolls him up with an armdrag. Jigsaw gives him an armdrag of his own and kicks Fire Ant in the face. Fire Ant puts Jigsaw in an Octopus Stretch, then takes him down with a headscissors. Jigsaw sends Fire Ant down with a toreador, then hits the floor due to pain in his bicep. When Jigsaw re-enters, he goes for a lock-up, but steps back due to more bicep pain. He whips Fire Ant and delivers a sole butt. He grabs his arm and kicks Fire Ant in the chest. Fire Ant kicks Jigsaw in the arm, causing Jigsaw to immediately hit the floor. Fire Ant follows with a suicide dive. He then hits a tope con hilo. Fire Ant twists Jigsaw’s ankle. He delivers a senton for two. Fire Ant kicks him in the chest. Jigsaw avoids a corner attack. He hits a slingshot doublestomp and suicide dives onto Fire Ant. In the ring, Jigsaw hits a springboard dropkick and a deadlift German suplex for two. Fire Ant kicks Jigsaw in the arm. Jigsaw hits a fallaway enzuigiri. Fire Ant turns the brainbuster into a stunner. He delivers the Yahtzee Kick. He connects with the brainbuster for two. Jigsaw superkicks Fire Ant. He goes for the Jig N’ Tonic, but Fire Ant rolls out. He applies a short key lock to Jigsaw’s bad arm. He has no choice but to tap out at 11:40. This was a great way to kick off the show; a high energy bout with two fan favorites and a great, simple story. This tournament has produced some surprisingly great matches. ***¼

Gregory Iron vs. Jakob Hammermeier {BDK}

Hammermeier charges at Iron. Iron trips him and hits a clothesline. He follows up a senton and the Gimp Slap. Hammermeier almost whips Iron into referee Nick Papagiorgio. Iron stops short, but Hammermeier splashes him by accident. Iron rolls him up but no one can make a count. Hammermeier gives Iron a hot shot. He hits the Rude Awakening, but the referee is still down. Hammermeier chokes Iron with his tie. UltraMantis Black runs out and gives Hammermeier the Praying Mantis Bomb. He places Iron on top and bails. Papagiorgio recovers and makes the count, giving Iron the win at 2:00. Iron’s reaction here was bigger than ever, thanks in part I’m sure to CM Punk putting him over at AAW the weekend prior and the video going viral. Even if this match was just for an angle, I hope it’s a sign of more Iron in CHIKARA. N/R

Mantis says him taking out Hammermeier was a message for BDK leader Ares. He promises to deliver this message month after month until Ares stops running and faces him again in a singles match. He vows to take out all of Ares’ soldiers until he comes forward. Tim Donst comes out to take Hammermeier away.

Eddie Kingston vs. Adam Cole {CZW}

Cole pescado’s onto Kingston as Kingston makes his entrance. Kingston delivers some shots around ringside, including a big headbutt to his chest. Cole crawls towards the locker room. Kingston catches Cole and stomps him in the chest. The match officially begins with Kingston throwing Cole back into the ring. Kingston chops Cole in two corners. Cole blocks a third and dropkicks Kingston’s leg out. Kingston’s knee has been weakened over the past few shows. Cole continues to target his attack on Kingston’s bad knee. Cole puts him a modified Indian Death Lock. Kingston tries to chop his way free. Cole grabs his face, forcing him to release both holds at a five count. Cole throws Kingston’s leg into the ring post. Kingston breaks a leg submission by reversing the pressure. Cole kicks him down in the corner. Kingston side steps a second rope dropkick. He hits a series of strikes and a Northern Lights suplex. He can’t hold the bridging pin due to his knee. Cole ducks a Backfist and kick Kingston’s leg out. Cole hits a Corona Kick and a superkick. A German suplex gets him two. Cole applies a half crab. Kingston breaks via the ropes. Cole goes for the Corona Crash. Kingston escapes and hits a yakuza kick. He hits an implant DDT. The Sliding D only gets him two. Kingston hits a seated Backfist to the Future for the pin at 7:21. Cole has grown tremendously this year and seems to have really hit his stride. Like Iron, I hope we see more of him. Kingston’s selling was perfect and the fans really bought into everything they did. **¾

Scott “Jagged” Parker {3.0}, Shane Matthews {3.0} & El Generico vs. Icarus {F}, Chuck Taylor {F} & Johnny Gargano {F}

¡3.0le! fool around with Icarus’ track jacket, so Taylor blows his nose into an El Generico shirt. Jagged elbow drops a Taylor shirt. Taylor dives onto it, so Matthews dropkicks him. Taylor asks for a handshake, but of course ends up kicking Matthews instead. Matthews goes for a piledriver. Taylor sunset flips Matthews. Matthews goes for a Boston Crab, but Taylor gets the ropes. Generico and Icarus tag in. Icarus teases a test of strength, but decides to tag in Gargano. He and Generico exchange wristlocks. Generico hope sthe ropes to avoid Gargano’s drop down. Generico delivers two armdrags and a toreador. Icarus attacks Generico from behind. Generico slides to the floor. Jagged comes in with a second rope dropkick. Icarus rolls to the floor. Jagged delivers a double axe handle, and Generico follows with a tope con hilo. In the ring, 3.0. double team Gargano. Matthews dropkicks him and tags in Generico. Generico delivers some strikes and tags in Jagged. He hits a flurry of punches. Gargano drives Jagged into the F.I.S.T. corner. Taylor stomps him down in the corner. Generico tags in. He gives Taylor a backbreaker and a split-legged moonsault for two. Taylor chokes Generico with his boot. F.I.S.T. wear down Generico until he counters Taylor’s powerbomb attempt with a tornado DDT. Generico tags in Matthews. He takes Taylor down with the headscissors. He does the same to Icarus. Jagged gives Gargano his own headscissors, and Generico gives them to Taylor. F.I.S.T. gets caught in a hat trick of Boston Crabs. The referee forces them to break since there’s too many men in the ring. Jagged boots Taylor. Gargano slingshot spears Jagged. Icarus tries to Shiranui Matthews, but Matthews spears him instead. Matthews delivers a powerbomb but Taylor breaks the pin. F.I.S.T. kicks are hit in the corner. Taylor boots Jagged into a back cracker from Icarus. Gargano superkicks him for two. Generico nails Taylor with a yakuza kick. Gargano prevents him from hitting a brainbuster. He superkicks Generico into a neck breaker from Taylor for two. 3.0. break their triple team attempt on Generico. Jagged pops Gargano into a spear from Matthews for two. Generico tries to give Icarus a top rope brainbuster. Taylor stops him. Generico blocks the Awful Waffle but eats the Sole Food. Generico suplexes him into the corner. 3.0. follow up with the Sweet Taste of Professionalism for the pin at 16:41. This would have been among the top matches during King of Trios weekend. ¡3.Olé! play off each other so well. More of them, please. ***½

¡3.Olé! are congratulating each other backstage. They begin to fight over who the captain is. Jagged’s idea of them all being one big captain is shot down. Generico mentions Queen, which breaks down into the three of them singing “Somebody To Love” by Queen. It’s just as awesome as it sounds.

World of Sport Rules
Johnny Saint vs. Johnny Kidd

The match will be contested under six five-minute rounds.

Round One: Some clever maneuvers are made as both men attempt to take to win a wristlock exchange. Kidd gets a full nelson. Saint reverses into one of his own. Kidd reverses that and snapmares Saint. Saint rolls through his legs. Kid wristlocks him into a headscissors on the mat. Saint uses his neck strength to finally break free. Kidd tries to attack Saint in a handshake, but Saint quickly flips him to the mat. Kidd applies an abdominal stretch. Saint escapes. Kidd snapmares him into a headlock. Saint tricks Kidd into a reversal. Saint captures Kidd’s leg, attempting to pin his shoulders to the mat. Kidd roughly breaks free with his knee hitting Saint’s head. Saint comically continues to get his arms up to not get pinned. Kidd neck-tie headscissors Saint from the mat as the first round ends at 5:00.

Round Two: Kidd puts on a courting hold. Saint jumps up into a headscissors. Kidd throws him down and stretches Saint’s arm out. Saint transitions into a headlock. Kidd puts on a wristlock on their feet. Saint maneuvers his way to throw Kidd down in a wristlock. Kidd applies a bear hug. Saint transitions into a straightjacket choke across his knees. Kidd escapes. Saint suckers Kidd into a bridging pin for two. Kidd applies a bodyscissors. Saint leans back for a two count. Kidd moves the vice towards Saint’s chest. Saint wiggles his way out of it. Kidd pushes Saint’s legs apart. Saint rolls back and does the same to Kidd. Kidd sits up with ease to escape. Saint grabs a trapezius hold. Kidd transitions into a wristlock. Saint flips him down and wrenches on Kidd’s fingers as the second round ends at 5:00.

Round Three: Kidd puts Saint in a torture rack. Saint rolls off. Kidd sunset flips him, and Saint uses his legs to break. Kidd again neck-ties Saint. Saint brings Kidd’s legs down in a crossed submission predicament. Saint grabs his leg and rolls back to escape. Saint rolls and grabs a wristlock. Kidd thrusts Saint in the stomach as Saint comes off the ropes. Saint falls down into the Lady of the Lake. Kidd falls for it, and Saint flips him forward for two. Saint side steps an uppercut and rolls up Kidd for two. Kidd tries to schoolboy trip Saint. Saint notices and walks around him. Saint applies an abdominal stretch. Kidd reapplies a bodyscissors. Saint rolls to his knees and slips out of the hold. Kidd locks Saint’s legs as the third round ends at 5:00.

Round Four: Saint locks Kidd’s legs. Kidd easily escapes. Kidd applies a straight-jacket hold. Saint bridges back and turns the hold onto Kidd. Saint rolls into a Gedo Clutch. Kidd escapes. Saint cartwheels to evade Kidd’s leg submission. Kidd catches Saint in a kneeling frog press for the pin at 1:41 (16:41 total). This sounds dumb, but your enjoyment of this match is entirely dependent on how much you enjoy this style of wrestling. I personally really liked it, and thought the defined rolls both Johnny’s played were displayed beautifully from one move to the next. Even members of the locker room were out to watch with great joy, which shows you just how rare and respected these kinds of athletes really are. ***¼

Mima Shimoda {CMLL}, Tsukasa Fujimoto {IR} & Portia Perez vs. Sara Del Rey {BDK}, Daizee Haze {BDK} & Makoto {IR}

Makoto knocks down Fujimoto with a shoulder block. Fujimoto responds with an armdrag. Makoto whips Fujimoto against the ropes and shoulder blocks her again. Fujimoto prawn holds her for two. Shimoda tags in and wants Sara. Sara tags in. As they lock fingers, Haze attacks Shimoda from behind. Sara and Haze hit her with tandem back elbows. Haze sends her to the apron with a headscissors. Shimoda and Sara trade overhand chops. They exchange armdrags. Sara clothesline her down. Sara boots Shimoda to the floor. She challenges Sara to fight her on the floor. This never happens, as Perez tags in. She also eats Sara’s boot. Haze tags in. Her and Perez fight for a pin on the mat. Haze and Sara decide to attack Perez’s arm. When they finally decide to tag in Makoto, she gets taken down in the corner with Perez clawing at her face. Shimoda and Fujimoto knock her down with a double clothesline and boots. They flat out bully Makoto, with Shimoda egging Sara on to add insult to Makoto’s injury. Makoto finally escapes their grasp and tags in Haze. Perez sole butts Haze. Haze knocks her down with a dropkick and back elbow. Haze gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Sara and Haze double suplex her, then Haze suplexes Sara onto Perez. Perez evades a boot and drops Sara with a DDT. Fujimoto hits a missile dropkick. She steps up Sara into a sunset flip for two. She goes for the prawn hold, but Sara sits down on it for a two count. Fujimoto gives Sara the 619. Sara responds with a Koppou kick and a powerbomb. Shimoda breaks the pin. Makoto delivers a flip senton to Fujimoto for two. The Ice Ribbon women exchange forearm strikes. Fujimoto hits a dropkick. Fujimoto backdrops Makoto. Makoto bridges out of it. Makoto kicks Fujimoto in the mid-section on the top rope. Fujimoto delivers a step-up crossbody and multiple kicks to Makoto’s back. A running kick gets her two. Shimoda drops Makoto with a German suplex. An axe kick gets her two. Makoto snapmares Shimoda off the middle rope. Shimoda gets her knees up to block a splash. Makoto delivers a bicycle kick. She hits a butterfly suplex for two. Makoto delivers two cartwheel double knees for two. Haze kicks Shimoda in the head multiple times. Haze German suplexes Shimoda for two. Haze throws her down by her hair. She handstands twice into sentons for two. Haze delivers a messy tornado DDT. Sara accidentally kicks Haze. Fujimoto and Shimoda clear the ring. Shimoda puts Haze on the top ropes and hits a Dragon suplex for the pin at 20:18. This match was all over the place. Timing was off at times, the multiple stories could barely be strung together, and when the women weren’t tripping up, the fans barely cared. This was truly disappointing. I was expecting Manami Toyota level stuff here and got a match that’s hardly worth mentioning. **½

Green Ant says all his hard work has come to tonight, where he will show Tursas how much he loves America. Gavin Loudspeaker leads the crowd in a reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance but is interrupted by Jakob Hammermeier. Derek Sabato is the referee of this bout, who clearly shows BDK loyalty even if he is now technically a CHIKARA referee (and not the BDK’s personal one). Green Ant has tremendous red, white and blue gear (making his name a misnomer tonight).

Green Ant {C} vs. Tursas {BDK}

Green Ant starts out with a barrage of chops and headbutts in the corner. Tursas shoves him down as Green Ant tries a crossbody. Green Ant attacks Tursas from the floor. Green Ant dropkicks him in the ropes. Tursas slams Green Ant in the ropes and chokes him with the American flag. Tursas hits the ring post by accident. Green Ant flies off the top with a crossbody to the outside. Green Ant then delivers a top rope splash to Tursas on the floor. Green Ant kicks Tursas in the back. He gets back in the ring, hoping for a count out. Sabato distracts himself with Green Ant to avoid making the count. Green Ant runs out to attack Hammermeier and gets met with a boot from Tursas. Tursas throws him into the ring steps. Tursas lifts Green Ant from the apron and into the ring with a second rope suplex for two. Impressive stuff. Tursas drops an elbow in the corner. Green Ant hops the ropes into a huracanrana. Tursas catches Green Ant with a backbreaker. Tursas suplexes Green Ant and grabs an American flag from a fan. Tursas takes the stick from the flag. He tries to shove it in Green Ant’s eye, but Green Ant fights back with headbutts. Tursas delivers a shoulder tackle to knock him down. Green Ant puts on an Anaconda Vice. Tursas walks out of the ropes, but Green Ant keeps the hold on. Tursas falls, dropping his body weight on Green Ant in the process. Tursas hits a big running hip attack in the corner. Tursas sidewalk slams him. Green Ant catches Tursas on the second rope. He goes for the torture rack, but Tursas’ size is too much for him. Tursas turns him inside out with a shotgun lariat. Tursas misses a Banzai Dorp. Green Ant delivers a flurry of shots. Green Ant gets an arm submission in the ropes. He rolls Tursas into a Fujiwara armbar. Tursas picks him up and slams Green Ant into the corner. Tursas hits a crossbody for two. Tursas misses a top rope moonsault. Green Ant successfully body slams Tursas to the crowds delight. Sabato prevents Green Ant from following up. Green Ant takes off his elbow pad, nailing Tursas with his reconstructed forearm. Tursas lay on the floor in a daze. Jakob Hammermeier hits Green Ant with a tennis racket and the Rude Awakening behind Sabato’s back. Tursas comes back in the ring with Jakob’s help and drops Green Ant with the Kreuz Bomb. Tursas pins him, but lets up at two. Tursas delivers a top rope splash for the pin at 17:56. Green Ant and Tursas looked better than ever in what was both of their longest singles matches in CHIKARA. It’s like these two were almost brand new wrestlers here. Of course, the tremendous build up with Green Ant’s Flex Express added a lot, as did the admiration from the crowd. I hope Green Ant wins the Young Lions Cup. ***½

Claudio Castagnoli speaks angrily in German about his match with Mike Quackenbush tonight.

“12 Large: Summit” Tournament Match (Block A)
Mike Quackenbush (2 Points) vs. Claudio Castagnoli {BDK} (2 Points)

Claudio knees Quack in the stomach and sledges him on the back. He lands an uppercut. Quack armdrags him to the floor. Claudio brings Quack to the corner and delivers a right jab to his face. Claudio takes him to the mat. Back on their feet, Claudio applies a headlock. Quack escapes. He rolls up Claudio and delivers an armdrag. He trips Claudio into a leg-cross submission. Claudio grabs Quack’s leg and picks his ankle. Claudio pins him for two. Claudio tries for a monkey flip. Quack lands on his feet and monkey flips Claudio instead. Quack cartwheels off the top and sends Claudio to the floor with an armdrag. Quack rolls out into a rana on the floor. Claudio shoves Quack into the side of the ring. He rams Quack ribs first into the ring post. He does it a second time in a different corner. Claudio discreetly digs a portion of the wooden stick from an American flag into Quack’s neck. Claudio drives his knee into Quack’s mid-section multiple times. Quack kicks Claudio down from the corner. Claudio gorilla presses him into a gutbuster. Claudio applies a stomach claw. Claudio clubs Quack in the chest. Quack sunset flips Claudio for two. Claudio cuts off his comeback by headbutting Quack in the stomach. Quack breaks an abdominal stretch but eats Claudio’s boot for two. Quack monkey flips Claudio to the floor. He follows up with a beautiful Asai moonsault. In the ring, Quack nails a corner elbow and a low running single leg dropkick. Quack springboard flips into a huracanrana. Claudio gets the ropes before Quack can fully apply the CHIKARA Special. Claudio pitches him to the apron. Quack side steps an attack and kicks Claudio in the chest. He goes for the Tail of the Dragon. Claudio pops him up into a European uppercut instead and gets two. Claudio gives him the U.F.O. for two. Quack blocks the Ricola Bomb. He prawn holds Claudio for two. Claudio Ricola Bombs Quack through the ropes from the apron. Quack kicks out at two. Claudio applies a front facelock to further wear Quack down. He goes for another pop-up uppercut. Quack flips off his shoulders and gets Claudio in the CHIKARA Special. Claudio taps right away at 19:59. Up until the finish, this was fairly pedestrian for these two guys. Very good, but basically everything you’ve seen from these two in their other encounters. However, the finish was pretty great and the crowd ate it up. ***½


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