AIW: Guys Night Out 2

Lakewood, OH – 7.29.2011

Kobald vs. Eric Ryan

Ryan puts on a fan’s (Winston!) Kobald mask. Kobald slaps it off Ryan’s face. Kobald takes him down to the mat and applies a side headlock. Ryan reverses and brings Kobald to the mat. Ryan escapes a headscissors. Kobald berates a fan and gets schoolboyed by Ryan. He lights up Ryan’s chest with strikes. Ryan comes back with a Death Valley Driver. Kobald rolls to the floor. Ryan follows out with a spear but goes face first into a guardrail! Kobald stalks Ryan as he limps around ringside. They trade strikes until Kobald suplexes Ryan onto the entrance ramp. They fight to the backstage area. Façade of all people throws Kobald out from the back. He insists on making this match a three way.

Kobald vs. Eric Ryan vs. Façade

Kobald chops Façade back in the ring. Some back and forth sees Façade O’Conner roll Kobald for two. He then hits a springboard dropkick to a seated Kobald. Façade backflips out of the corner and hits a matrix leg lariat. Ryan re-enters the match with a missile dropkick to Façade. Façade pitches Ryan to the floor. Façade hits a springboard splash. Back in the ring he walks the top rope but misses a crossbody. Ryan drops him with an inside out driver for two. Façade legdrops Ryan on the middle rope then springboards into a bulldog. He misses a split-legged moonsault and puts Façade in the Koji Clutch. Façade passes out at 8:18 (total). Ryan going over was the right call, but this was really disjointed. Façade’s offense looked reckless and there was never any interaction with all three opponents at once. *1/2

“Guys Night Out 2” was the pre-show of AIW’s “Girls Night Out 4″ event. Check out my review of that show here.


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