Philadelphia, PA – 7.31.2011

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Colt Cabana, Gavin Loudspeaker, Tim Donst, Leonard F. Chikarason and UltraMantis Black.

Originally scheduled for this show was a “12 Large: Summit” bout between Ophidian and Icarus. However, due to an jaw injury suffered by Ophidian, this match will not take place and Icarus will receive 2 points via forfeit.

Makoto cuts a promo in Japanese backstage. Fujimoto cuts a promo in broken English, telling Makoto to “bring it.”

Tsukasa Fujimoto {IR} vs. Makoto {IR}

The girls jump off the ropes to grab some of the streamers out of the ceiling. Makoto snaps Fujimoto off the ropes and boots her down. Fujimoto responds with a trifecta of dropkicks. She applies a Camel Clutch. Makoto escapes and hits a bicycle kick. Makoto armdrags her into a modified armbar. Fujimoto gets to the ropes to escape. Makoto places Fujimoto on the top rope and kicks her in the stomach. Fujimoto runs up the ropes and comes down with a crossbody. Makoto snapmares Fujimoto from the second rope. Fujimoto dropkicks Makoto to the floor. Fujimoto follows with a crossbody. In the ring, Fujimoto suplexes her for two. Makoto hits a somersault senton for two. She puts Fujimoto in a straight-jacket choke. Fujimoto gets to the ropes and delivers an enzuigiri. Fujimoto prawn holds Makoto for two. Fujimoto hits the 619. She jackknife pins her for two. Makoto blocks an enzuigiri. She cartwheels into a double knee drop for two. Makoto delivers a double underhook suplex for two. They trade forearms mid-ring. Fujimoto nails a dropkick as Makoto comes off the ropes. A few kicks gets Fujimoto a two count. Fujimoto hits a dropkick for two. Fujimoto hits the Sankakugeri for the pin at 7:07. These two got a better opportunity to shine than last night and took advantage of it. They made the most of their showcase and can go home knowing they did the Ice Ribbon name justice. **¾

Archibald Peck laughs over a corny drum roll joke. He says that Veronica was upset due to Sugar Dunkerton’s basketball pinning him at Aniversario. Peck says he knows what will go down tonight due to his sports almanac [from the future], promising that Dasher Hatfield will be pinned tonight.

Dasher Hatfield {T} vs. Archibald Peck

Peck tries to slap Hatfield with his glove to challenge him to a dual, but hits referee Jon Barber instead. Hatfield rolls up Peck right away for two. Peck gets frightened and hits the ropes. Peck insists Hatfield be patted down for foreign objects. Of course, Peck has to be inspected to. He’s not happy about i. He accidentally kicks the referee when putting his leg out for inspection. Hatfield gives him a hip toss. Peck tries one of his own, but ends up falling down. Hatfield delivers two armdrags. He gives Peck a noogie which displeases him. Hatfield trips Peck and gives him a wet willy. Hatfield throws Peck head first into the corner with his feet. Peck throws him into the corner as well. Peck accidentally punches Barber as he marches around the ring in joy. Peck hides by the ring in hopes of avoiding disqualification. Peck blames everyone else for Barber being punched. Hatfield hits a baseball slide. Peck pokes Hatfield in the eyes and throws him off the top rope. Peck headbutts him in the ribs. Peck delivers a backbreaker for two. A second rope elbow gets him two. Peck drops Hatfield neck first across his knee and calls for his finisher (the Cranial Crescendo). Hatfield gets up and catches Peck with a flapjack. Hatfield hits a twisting neckbreaker. Hatfield gives Peck a wedgie to further embarrass him. Peck breaks with the ropes. Peck breaks free of the Suicide Squeeze. Hatfield blocks the Drum Roll. Veronica hits Hatfield with her baton behind Barber’s back. Peck drops him with the Unchained Melody (an inverted Styles Clash) for the pin at 7:55. The humor wasn’t as amusing as usual, but the wrestling was on point. I’m very intrigued as to what Peck’s direction in CHIKARA is. **¼

Mima Shimoda {CMLL} vs. Daizee Haze {BDK}

Shimoda boots Haze and brings her to the corner. Haze kicks Shimoda to the floor and crossbody’s onto her. Shimoda ducks a punch from the apron. Haze takes her down with a headscissors. Haze stomps and chokes her in the corner. Shimoda gets up and snaps Haze against the top rope. She punts her in the head and stretches her neck on the ropes. Shimoda pulls her hair. Shimoda grapevines Haze’s legs and stretches them back. Shimoda stretches Haze’s back out in the ropes Shimoda slams her face first into the mat and applies a Camel Clutch. She chokes Haze with Haze’s own tassles. Shimoda applies a half crab. Haze rolls her up to escape. Haze falls forward to avoid two slams. Haze boots Shimoda in the head and delivers a buldog for two. Haze delivers a tornado DDT for two. Shimoda breaks out of a German suplex by dancing to the ropes. Haze delivers the German suplex successfully for two. Shimoda blocks a Heart Punch. She hits her own German suplex and an axe kick for two. Haze prawn holds Shimoda for two. Shimoda rolls her forward and axe kicks her multiple times in the back of the head. Shimoda delivers a Dragon suplex for two. Haze O’Conner rolls Shimoda for the pin at 8:52. Shimoda once again didn’t deliver the level of wrestling I was expecting. For the most part she just came off as goofy and uncoordinated. Haze winning was big for her, so I am pleased that happened. I just can’t say I’m begging for Shimoda to return. **½

After the match, Shimoda throws a chair at Haze’s head. Referee Paul Turner has to carry her to the back. That was unquestionably the best part of the whole segment. Why couldn’t I see the aggression like this during the actual bout?

UltraMantis Black {SE}, Hallowicked {SE} & Frightmare {SE} vs. Scott “Jagged” Parker {3.0}, Shane Matthews {3.0} & El Generico

Mantis gives Matthews a Mongolian chop. Matthews hits a springboard elbow. Mantis delivers two back elbows, but then eats a leg lariat. Hallowicked and Generico tag in. I agree with Chikarason; I’d love to see them in a singles match. Hallowicked takes Generico to the mat in an arm hold. Generico pulls on Hallowicked’s stem to reverse into a front facelock. Generico breaks two of Hallowicked’s headscissors attempts. Generico delivers a pair of armdrags and a toreador. Hallowicked runs up the ropes to break courting hold. He hits a super snapmare and a step-up enzuigiri. Matthews tags in. Matthews delivers an armdrag and dropkick. Matthews calls for the headscissors but gets a back elbow instead. He calls for it again and instead takes a clothesline. Third time’s a charm as he finally sends Hallowicked to the floor with a headscissors. He does the same to Mantis. Frightmare gives headscissors to Matthews. Frightmare uses scare tactics to send Jagged and Generico out. Frightmare isn’t scared the first time, but is the second. Jagged suplexes Hallowicked and brings him to the 3.Ole corner. They take turns wearing down Hallowicked until he catches Jagged with a Rydeen Bomb. He tags in Mantis who attacks all of 3.0. He alita’s Parker into a pin for two. He hits a rolling neck snap and a low clothesline for two. Frightmare dropkicks Jagged before tagging Hallowicked in. Jagged blocks an enzuigiri. Generico yakuza kicks Frightmare to the floor. He does the same to Hallowicked. He crossbody’s Mantis. The Blue Thunder Bomb gets him two. Generico yakuza kicks Mantis. 3.0. give him stereo STO’s. Hallowicked breaks the pin. Hallowicked hits the Go Too Sleepy Hollow. 3.0. break the pin. Hallowicked sends 3.0. to the floor and suicide dives onto them. Generico Arabian presses onto all of them. Frightmare suicide dives onto Generico. Tim Donst comes out and hits Frightmare in the ribs with a chair. The BDK members come out and stand off with Hallowicked and 3.0. In the ring, Mantis drops Generico with the Praying Mantis Bomb for the pin at 13:06. This new wrinkle in the BDK feud is quite intriguing, especially since Mantis chose to win the match instead of confronting them. The match itself was very good, though it was obvious Frightmare was held out of the match a lot due to injury. Nevertheless, the other five made it work, especially Generico who is just fantastic. ***¼

F.I.S.T. of Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor come out for a tag match against mystery opponents. Derek Sabato is the referee for the bout. Apparently their opponents were supposed to be Beer Money, but since they’re not here, new opponents will be drawn. Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur comes out with a hat filled with names of teams for F.I.S.T. to face. Wink pulls out the team of Giant Bernard and Karl Anderson. They’re not here. They next slip is Rey Bucanero and Atlantis. The CMLL tandem is in the house! Our tag match is on.

Rey Bucanero {CMLL} & Atlantis {CMLL} vs. Chuck Taylor {F} & Johnny Gargano {F}

Bucanero and Taylor look for control on the mat. With no advantage, both men tag out. Atlantis brings Gargano to the mat and twists his ankle in a seated position. Atlantis flips Gargano in a wristlock. He puts on a Fujiwara armbar and Gargano gets the ropes right away. Gargano then takes Atlantis to the mat in a wristlock. He drops his body weight on Atlantis’ arm and twists it once more. Taylor kicks Atlantis from the apron, allowing Gargano to knock him down with a clothesline. F.I.S.T. unleash their usual double team tactics on Atlantis while Bucanero looks on. Atlantis gets booted to his corner where he can tag in Bucanero. Taylor gives him a backbreaker, followed by a running knee from Gargano. F.I.S.T. now double team Bucanero in their corner. Bucanero gets whipped to his corner and tags in Atlantis. Bucanero boots F.I.S.T. away and Atlantis crossbody’s both of them. Atlantis and Bucanero give Gargano and Taylor a quebradora, respectively. Atlantis snapmares Gargano into an elbow strike. Atlantis shoves Gargano into Taylor twice. He hip tosses Gargano and gives Taylor another quebradora. Bucanero hits a slingshot elbow on Taylor’s back. Bucanero fires up at Taylor’s clothesline attempts. Bucanero hits one of his own. Gargano hits Bucanero with the slingshot spear. Gargano hits a lionsault for two. Gargano delivers an enzuigiri. Bucanero hits the Castigo Bucanero across Atlantis’ knees. Taylor breaks the pin. Gargano bulldogs Bucanero out of the corner. Taylor holds Atlantis. Gargano accidentally hits him. Atlantis crossbody’s Gargano for two. He slams Gargano for two. Atlantis sends Taylor to the floor, then monkey flips Bucanero onto him. Gargano pretends that Atlantis kicked him in the groin. Sabato falls for it and calls for the disqualification at 11:21. The CMLL team was on auto-pilot and barely looked like they were trying. It was impossible for F.I.S.T. to work any magic with them because they looked like they simply didn’t care. I don’t know if they were jetlagged or treated this as a vacation, but either way this was just bad news. *¾

In the arena, it was announced that November 13th would be CHIKARA’s internet Pay Per View debut (via Go Fight Live). That show is also in Philadelphia and will include the finals of the “12 Large: Summit”.

“12 Large: Summit” Tournament Match (Block B)
Jigsaw (0 Points) vs. Eddie Kingston (4 Points)

Jigsaw takes a quick kick to Kingston’s bad knee. Kingston breaks a lock-up in the corner. Jigsaw does the same. Kingston takes Jigsaw to the mat in a test of strength. They trade wristlocks. Jigsaw kicks Kingston in the stomach which pisses him off. Kingston delivers a chop. Jigsaw armdrags him into a low dropkick. Kingston comes back with a Manhattan drop and a modified DDT for two. Jigsaw kicks Kingston to keep him away from his bad arm. Kingston however manages to snap Jigsaw’s arm down. Kingston of course continues to focus his attack on Jigsaw’s weak arm. Kingston suicide dives onto him. He whips Jigsaw into the guardrail. Kingston throws his arm into the ring post. As they’re getting back into the ring, Jigsaw dropkicks Kingston in his hurt knee. Jigsaw repays Kingston’s earlier transgressions by targeting his knee. Kingston fires up, so Jigsaw nails him with a barrage of chest kicks and chops. He hits two low superkicks for two. Jigsaw dropkicks him in the corner. Jigsaw delivers a suplex and a slingshot doublestomp. Kingston rolls to the floor and Jigsaw follows with a tope con hilo. Vin Gerard comes out to attack Kingston. Jigsaw superkicks him and brings Kingston back in the ring. Kingston delivers an overhead suplex for two. Kingston applies a key lock. Jigsaw escapes. He hits a German suplex for two. Kingston drops him with a release Dragon suplex. A shotgun lariat gets him two. Kingston lights him up with a flurry of chips in the corner. Jigsaw blocks a yakuza kick with three consecutive superkicks. He hits a top rope doublestomp for two. Kingston avoids a superkick. He hits the Backfist to the Future and a Saito suplex. He nails the Sliding D and Jigsaw miraculously kicks out. Jigsaw ducks a Backfist. He drops Kingston with the Jig N’ Tonic, and Kingston kicks out at two. Both men trade strikes on their knees. They slap the bajesus out of each other. Jigsaw delivers an enzuigiri, and Kingston fires back with one of his own. Jigsaw hits one from the apron. He delivers a slingshot doublestomp. Kingston avoids the coast to coast dropkick. Kingston hits three Saito suplexes for the pin at 19:43. I’ve seen these two have singles matches in plenty of other companies; this match was by far the best of the bunch. The importance of winning was so greatly portrayed that each man kicking out of the others finisher seemed believable. Both of their injuries added to the drama of the bout, and it was nice to see that it just took Gerard showing up to advance his and Kingston’s issue. This match picked up the pieces the previous bout dropped. ***¾

Both men hold up a CHIKARA banner afterwards, showing respect to the company that trained them.

Backstage, Colt Cabana mentions that his match tonight was asked for by two wrestlers that defined a style of wrestling (Johnny Kidd and Johnny Saint). Cabana mentions that he and Mike Quackenbush have taken that style and made it apart of their generation. He wants a competitive catch-as-can style match. I have a gut feeling that’s what he’s going to get.

Mike Quackenbush & Johnny Saint vs. Colt Cabana & Johnny Kidd

Cabana and Quackendriver exchange wristlocks both on their feet and on the mat. Quackendriver transitions into a headscissors. It takes him a few tries, but Cabana escapes and traps one of Quackendriver’s legs with both of his. Quackendriver grabs Cabana’s own leg. Cabana baits him into a wristlock. He lifts up Quackendriver by his legs, dropping him into a bodyscissors. Quackendriver escapes and tries for a folding press, but gets caught back in the bodyscissors. Quackendriver twists his feet around Cabana’s, applying pressure to both of his knees. Cabana rolls to his stomach. This ties up both men. Referee Jon Barber has to break them free. Saint tags in. He and Cabana trade full nelsons. Saint gets to his knees, causing Cabana to fall forward. Saint escapes a headlock with a wristlock. Cabana dances out and tags in Kidd. Saint and Kidd manuever one another to the mat. Kidd puts Saint in a headscissors. Saint escapes. They shake hands, but Saint whips Kidd to the mat afterwards. Kidd applies an abdominal stretch. Saint hops out of it. Saint evades a stump puller. Kidd digs his knee into Saint’s back while applying a straight jacket hold. Saint drops to the mat and reverses it. Kidd reverses the reversal. Saint lowers Kidd’s arms and steps out of the hold. Kidd puts him in a bear hug. Saint falls back, goes through Saint’s legs and applies a trapezius stretch across his knees. Kidd yanks on Saint’s arm. Saint rolls into a headlock. Kidd has trouble keeping Saint’s arms down for a pin. Kidd applies a neck-tie headscissors from the mat. Saint locks his legs. Kidd rolls free.

Kidd tags in Cabana. Saint escapes Cabana’s arm stretch. He headbutts Cabana in the chest. Cabana and Saint exchange pin attempts. Both men go at each others leg. Cabana puts Saint in a bodyscissors. Saint pops out and tags in Quackendriver. Cabana flips Quackendriver back with his legs. Cabana backs himself through the ropes trying to prevent Quackendriver from crawling through his legs. Quackendriver blocks an Irish whip from Kidd. Quackendriver whips Kidd over with his legs. Kidd spreads Quackendriver’s legs apart with his feet. Quackendriver pushes Kidd’s legs together to roll out of position. Kidd locks Quackendriver’s legs and brings him to the mat. Quackendriver tries to do the same, but Kidd just steps right out. Quackendriver wiggles out of Cabana’s headlock and tags in Saint. Kidd tags in as well. Saint drops into the Lady of the Lake. Kidd falls for it and gets covered for two. Saint trips him for two, and Kidd aggressively kicks out. Saint applies an Octopus stretch. Kidd puts Saint in a torture rack. Saint slides out but gets sunset flipped for two. Cabana trips Saint into a two count. After some double hand clutch reversals, Cabana tags out. Kidd puts Saint in a modified headlock. Quackendriver tries to trick Saint to release. It fails, so he takes Kidd down by his leg. Kidd rolls him into a Gedo Clutch for two. Quackendriver stretches him in a pendulum hold. Cabana applies a headlock for two. Quackendriver reverses, bringing Cabana to the mat. Cabana turns a headscissors into a kneeling frog press for two. Quackendriver rolls Cabana into a prawn hold for two. Saint and Kidd tag in. Saint ducks a boot. He flips Kidd into a leg-lock bridge pin for two. Saint and Kidd attack the other opponents. Saint Gedo Clutches Kidd for the pin at 26:32. Like I said in my Night 1 review, if you like the British style of wrestling, you’ll really dig this match. The one problem I had with this was that no matter how many cool counter holds and whatnot they did, it never felt like either team was doing moves to win. While this was certainly a nice exhibition and a once in a lifetime tag bout, the finish was anti-climatic and there was no real drama to speak of. ***½

Quackenbush thanks the Johnny’s and puts over the fans for being so receptive to all styles of professional wrestling. The four men embrace while the fans chant “CHIKARA”. Saint thanks the fans for giving him warm reaction both times he’s been to Philadelphia (tonight and King of Trios 2009).

A video plays announcing that Manami Toyota will be returning to CHIKARA in December. The signal is “lost”, and the video transitions into Aja Kong who claims that she is the real symbol of Joshi. Multiple Joshi companies are coming together in December to present “Joshimania”.

Claudio Castagnoli cuts a promo in German mentioning his opponent Sara Del Rey, as well as Eddie Kingston.

“12 Large: Summit” Tournament Match (Block A)
Sara Del Rey {BDK} (2 Points) vs. Claudio Castagnoli {BDK} (2 Points)

Tursas is in Claudio’s corner while Daizee Haze is in Sara’s. Derek Sabato is the referee. Claudio demands that Sara lay down for her. She refuses, so Claudio shoves her down. Sara gets in his face and eats a slap for it. She kicks Claudio multiple times in the chest. She hangs him in the ropes and delivers more kicks to the chest and face. Sara gets a one count. She knees Claudio in the chest and hits an axe kick for two. She goes for the Royal Butterfly, but Claudio shoves her to the corner before she can do so. Sara delivers more kicks. Tursas trips Sara, allowing Claudio to land an uppercut. Claudio throws Sara by her hair twice. Sara fires back with multiple forearms. One forearm gives Claudio control again. He chokes her on the bottom rope. He hot shots her on the ropes for two. He hit a gutwrench suplex for two. Claudio backdrops her. Sara tries for a sunset flip, but Claudio legdrops Sara to counter. Sara successfully sunset flips him for two. Claudio boots her to the corner. Sara counters a suplex with a small package for two. Claudio hits the suplex and four elbow drops for two. Sara avoids a spear, sending Claudio into the corner and then to the floor. Sara kicks Claudio in the arm, then cannonballs off the apron onto Tursas. In the ring Sara crossbody’s onto Claudio for two. She grabs a Fujiwara armbar. Claudio quickly gets the ropes to break. Sara delivers multiple kicks to Claudio’s shoulder. Claudio hits the Swiss Chin Music. Sara gets the ropes to break the pin. Claudio delivers the U.F.O. for two. Sara avoids a corner uppercut. She hits three Koppou kicks. He rolls Claudio back into the armbar. Claudio picks up Sara and drops her down. Sara momentarily lay dormant, but grabs Claudio’s arm immediately. He gets to the ropes to escape. She kicks Claudio’s shoulder again. Claudio hits a clothesline for two. Claudio hits a lariat and the Ricola Bomb. He purposely picks up Sara at a two count. Claudio nails an uppercut, and once more picks up Sara at the count of two. Sara catches Claudio with a crucifix pin at 13:15. Loved the story here; Sara rebels against Claudio, regains the admiration of the fans and defeats Claudio due to his own arrogance. Sabato’s dismay for counting three against Claudio was a nice added touch and showed where his loyalty lies. Major props to the live crowd for staying hot the entire time as well. ***½

As Sara and Haze celebrate in the ring, Claudio nails Sara with the Swiss Chin Music from behind. Haze slaps Claudio in response. Claudio gives her a delayed chokeslam for good measure. Claudio and Tursas angrily leave. Shortly after this bout, Sara Del Rey left the BDK and it was announced that Haze would be on indefinite hiatus due to beatings she took during the night.