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March 18, 2015

Lots of stuff is going to get posted out of order, so this post is here to let you know the latest of what’s been posted. Of course, to be the most up to date, it’s in your best interest to subscribe! (Do that to your right)

The Latest Updates

It’s done. All of 2014 is in the books, meaning every show released in full from CHIKARA has been reviewed for this blog:

The Living Daylights
The World is Not Enough
Permis de Tuer
Vivre et Laisser Mourir

So what now? Right now I am looking to catch up on my Beyond Wrestling reviews over at Pro Wrestling Ponderings. I’ll keep up with 2015, of course, as those shows come out. As for outside appearances, I have plenty to do. They honestly aren’t a tip top priority, but I can probably get some done here and there when the mood strikes me. But don’t cross your fingers for certain matches or anything. I think when I do go back, CZW will be the first company I look to “complete.” They also finished two 2002 comps, so I’ll fill in the gaps on those reviews eventually as well.

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