The Latest at The CHIKARA Special

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The Latest Updates

As you know, with the pandemic, CHIKARA’s future events have been postponed and the Action Arcade is taking place. Although it is by and large re-purposed matches from the first three events of the Season, given the new content involved and the new presentation, I will be reviewing those in full. Reviews to those are below:

Action Arcade Episode 1
Action Arcade Episode 2
Action Arcade Episode 3
Action Arcade Episode 4
Action Arcade Episode 5
Action Arcade Episode 6
Action Arcade Episode 7
Action Arcade Episode 8

And if you want to read my full reviews of the three full 2020 events that took place, you can check those out below:

Young Lions Cup XVI
National Pro Wrestling Day 2020
Stem the Hemorrhaging of Polka

Stay safe and be kind!

Coming Up: Semi-random outside CHIKARA appearances!

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