Faction ID Key

The tags next to a wrestler’s name in a CHIKARA review represents the faction or group/company they’re affiliated with or trained by.

{B} The Batiri
{BB} Battleborn
{BDK} Die Brüderschaft des Kreuzes
{BP} The Bloc Party
{BS} The Baltic Siege
{BTS} The Black T-Shirt Squad
{BO} BLK Out
{C} The Colony
{CXF} The Colony: Xtreme Force
{CD} The Creatures of the Deep
{DC} The Devastation Corporation
{F} F.I.S.T.
{FT} The Fabulous Two/Three
{GC} The Gentleman’s Club
{I} Incoherence
{IC} Los Ice Creams
{KOW} The Kings of Wrestling
{KPG} Knight Eye For The Pirate Guy
{LOR} The Legion of Rot
{MW} Men At Work
{NA} The Nouveau Aesthetic
{NS} The Night Shift
{ODD} The Odditorium
{ONT} The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple
{OP} The Osirian Portal
{OT} The Olsen Twins
{PT} The Prescription Thugs
{PW} The Proteus Wheel
{R} The Roughnecks
{SD} The Sea Donsters
{SE} The Spectral Envoy
{SNS} Sweet N’ Sour International
{SSB} The Super Smash Brothers
{T} The Throwbacks
{TC} The Crucible
{TF} The Flood
{TFN} The Future Is Now
{TWC} The Wrecking Crew
{U} The UnStable
{WC} The Wildcards
{X2K} Xyberhawx 2000
{2.0} 2.0
{3.0} 3.0

Miscellaneous Indentifications

{AAA} Asistencia Asesoría y Administración
{AJ} All Japan Pro Wrestling
{BA} BattlArts
{BJW} Big Japan Wrestling
{BSE} Blood, Sweat, and Ears
{BSS} British Strong Style
{CCK} Calamari Catch Kings
{CMLL} Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
{CZW} Combat Zone Wrestling
{DDT} Dramatic Dream Team
{DG} Dragon Gate
{FCP} Fight Club: Pro
{HOT} The House of Truth
{IR} Ice Ribbon
{JWP} Japanese Women’s Project
{K} Kamikaze
{KD} Kaientai DOJO
{MP} Michinoku Pro
{NJ} New Japan Pro Wrestling
{NSE} The North Star Express
{O} Osaka Pro
{OJ} Osaka Joshi
{OZ} Oz Academy
{PdM} Perros del Mal
{PWG} Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
{PWK} Pro Wrestling Kageki
{PWW} Pro Wrestling WAVE
{ROH} Ring of Honor
{SAT} Spanish Announce Team
{SG} SENDAI Girls’ Pro Wrestling
{SOR} The School of Roc
{ST} Da Soul Touchaz
{T2P} Toryumon 2000 Project
{TJP} Tokyo Joshi Pro
{TNA} Total Nonstop Action Wrestling/Impact Wrestling
{TY} Typhoon
{TX} Toryumon X
{UPW} Union Pro Wrestling
{W1} World-1
{W5} WARRIORS (-5)
{YB} The Young Bucks
{Z} Zetsurins/Veteran Army
{4N} Four Nations

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