Barnesville, PA – 10.27.2007

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Larry Sweeney, Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Leonard F. Chikarason, and UltraMantis Black.

Leonard F. Chikarason comes out to start the show. On tonight’s event, the “upperclassmen” will get the chance to challenge some of the “rookies” on the CHIKARA roster. The upperclassmen include Icarus, Brodie Lee, Crossbones, Dragon Yuki, Chuck Taylor, Mitch Ryder, and Incoherence. They draw numbers to determine the order in which the matches will take place, and thus determining the order in which the upperclassmen get to make their matches. The order is: Crossbones, Icarus, Brodie Lee, Incoherence, Chuck Taylor, Dragon Yuki, Mitch Ryder.

Shane Storm & UltraMantis Black {ONT} vs. Jigsaw & Hydra {ONT}

Originally, Jigsaw and Mike Quackenbush were going to challenge Cheech and Cloudy. Presumably Quackenbush was not in the match due to the concussion he suffered during the TPI, so now we have this Partners Increibles bout. The Temple get confused and try to pin their partners right off the bat. Referee PJ Drummond sets them straight. Hydra fails to take Storm down with shoulder blocks. Storm knocks him down. He sweeps Hydra’s leg, which Hydra is unable to do to Storm. Storm does it again for two. Mantis tags in. They both pretend to play nice, then keep catching one another attempting a sneak attack. Mantis ends up sweeping his legs out. Hydra comes back with a hiponesa that he is pleased with. He then feels ashamed when Mantis shakes his fist at him. He reminds Hydra of their “pact”, causing the Finger Poke of Doom to almost happen. Jigsaw pulls Mantis off of Hydra and places Hydra on the apron. He gives Mantis some armdrags and gets two with a crucifix pin. He goes for a dive after dropkicking Mantis to the floor. Storm jumps in. While Jigsaw is hesitant to fight, Hydra takes him down with a hook clothesline. Mantis and Jigsaw fight on the floor. Storm and Hydra also end up on the floor. In the ring Mantis gives Jigsaw the Cosmic Disaster for two. Jigsaw shoves Hydra into Mantis. They fall to the floor. Jigsaw superkicks Storm. Even though he shows some hesitancy, he pins Storm for the win at 6:33. Really the point of this was Storm losing yet again and Jigsaw validating his choice to leave him. The Order threw in some fun comedy making for an enjoyable opening match. **

Crossbones chooses Soldier Ant as his opponent because he feels like wimps wear camouflage to try and look tough. He’s going to squash Soldier Ant like the bug he is and wipe his feet afterwards.

Soldier Ant {C} vs. Crossbones {ONT}

Crossbones refuses to get in the ring since Soldier Ant came out to the Travis Barker remix of “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” which Crossbones hates. So, Soldier Ant suicide dives onto Crossbones, which barely moves him. He overhand chops Soldier Ant against the ropes. He snapmares him into a pair of back kicks. He gets a two count back in the ring. Soldier Ant attempts a quesadora armdrag, but Crossbones lifts him up into an over-the-shoulder backbreaker instead. He gives Soldier Ant another backbreaker and puts on the Camel Clutch. Crossbones chokes him with his boot. He gets two with a belly-to-belly slam. Same goes for a belly-to-back suplex. Soldier Ant tries a huracanrana. Crossbones counters with a powerbomb. He puts on a modified STF. Soldier Ant gets the ropes. He gives Crossbones a chin breaker and some forearms. He dropkicks Crossbones to the floor and dives out after him. Back in the ring however, Crossbones kicks Soldier Ant in the head. He tries for the Friggin’ Sweet Driver which Soldier Ant escapes via Ace Crusher. He comes off the top with a saluting headbutt for the pin at 7:25. It seemed as if Soldier Ant almost got lucky since Crossbones beathim for the majority of the match only to fall to a diving headbutt. It came of a little unrealistic, but Crossbones dishes out quite a fun beating. **¼

Icarus comes out for his match. Last night he got kicked in the face and hit with a crutch. Tonight, he doesn’t feel like doing much high flying or striking. Therefore, he chose someone who took just as bad of a beating as him and is more used to taking strikes than giving them; Tim Donst.

Tim Donst vs. Icarus {F}

Donst takes down Icarus by his legs. Icarus gets the ropes to get Donst off of him. Donst again controls him on the mat, getting a couple nearfalls in the process. This was because Icarus allowed Donst to start “on top” from the amateur position. When Icarus starts on top however, Donst uses a reverse bridge to get another nearfall. Icarus slaps and chops him in the side of the face before choking him on the middle rope. He chops Donst in the corner after pulling down his singlet straps. He gets two with a fisherman’s suplex. Donst puts on a rear naked choke with a body scissors. Icarus spills to the floor but Donst keeps the hold on. When he does release, Icarus kicks him in the stomach. Donst fires up with some chops. Icarus throws them back. He whips Donst into the wall, causing there to be a large hole put into it. He whips Donst into a hallway. Donst comes back with a bail of hay which he slams into Icarus twice! When getting back in the ring, Icarus kicks the middle rope into Donst’s groin. Donst blocks a quesadora with a wheelbarrow suplex. After trading slaps, Icarus pulls Donst’s headgear over his eyes and delivers a hard headbutt. He then chokes Donst with his headgear. He repeatedly slaps Donst with it as well. Donst comes back with the Gator Roll for two. Icarus throws him into the middle rope. He gets two with a back cracker. After a Shiranui, Icarus goes to the top rope with Donst’s head gear. His headgear assisted splash is only good for two. Donst blocks the Pedigree. He puts Icarus in the CHIKARA Special! Icarus taps at 10:53! This was the big win Donst had been needing, and a breakthrough for him as a performer. The wars with Kingston have toughened him up, not only making him able to take Icarus’ punishment, but outsmart him in the end as well. This was a very good story with some very good wrestling. ***

Worker Ant {C} vs. Brodie Lee

Lee almost big boots Worker Ant before the match but Worker Ant is scouting it. Just when he thinks he’s avoided it, Lee catches him with said big boot. He chops up Worker Ant in the corner. He snap suplexes him out of the corner. Worker Ant responds with forearms and chops. Lee chokes him into the corner, then throws him out with a neck-hanging suplex for two. A pump-handle suplex follows. He misses another big boot. Worker Ant antzuigiri’s him to the floor. He follows with a springboard somersault senton. In the ring Worker Ant delivers a big boot of his own. He gets two with a moonsault block. Lee big boots Worker Ant as he goes to the top rope. The running Razor’s Edge gets Lee the win in 2:55. There’s nothing better than watching Brodie Lee kill folks. Nothing. *½

Incoherence are backstage with their shiny new Campeones de Parejas belts. Delirious thinks they should face the Osirian Portal. Hallowicked is in agreement.

Hallowicked {I} & Delirious {I} vs. Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP}

Delirious freaks out at the bell. Amasis a split-legged legdrop on Hallowicked. It seems to have hurt Amasis’ groin greatly. Hallowicked brings him to the mat in a wristlock. When Amasis dances to his feet, Hallowicked kicks his leg out. Amasis sends him to the corner. Too much dancing leads to him missing a corner splash. Amasis distracts Hallowicked long enough for a strike. Hallowicked pops him up and uses the ropes for an armdrag. A step-up enzuigiri leads to the super snapmare for two. Delirious and Ophidian slither around the mat. Delirious hisses which confuses and scares Ophidian. After trading holds, Delirious takes Ophidian down with a shoulder block. Ophidian trips him into a nearfall. Delirious armdrags him into a crucifix pin for two. He then controls the arm after another armdrag. Ophidian tries a crucifix pin, but gets taken right back down with an armdrag. Incoherence each take turns taking shots at Ophidian’s mid-section. They drop him stomach first on the top rope. Hallowicked gives him a Koppu Kick. Delirious throws elbows to the back of his head. Amasis snaps Delirious’ neck on the top rope. The Portal hypnotize him into a Stroke from Amasis. The Portal keep Delirious isolated until he catches Amasis with a headbutt to the stomach. Hallowicked drops Ophidian with the Rydeen Bomb for two. Amasis saves Ophidian from the Sidewinder. Ophidian spin kicks Hallowicked. Amasis brings Delirious down with a Frankensteiner onto Hallowicked. They hit a tandem splash/top rope legdrop but it’s only good for a two count. Both members of Incoherence hit Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Amasis takes them down with a double shoulder tackle. Ophidian gets two on Hallowicked with double knees. Amasis dives onto Hallowicked on the floor. Ophidian and Delirious trade forearms. Ophidian backslides Delirious with an assist from Amasis. Delirious kicks out. Hallowicked yakuza kicks Ophidian. Delirious hits Shadows Over Heck on Amasis. He kicks out! Hallowicked gives him the Graveyard Smash for the pin at 13:17. The Portal have been looking great in their first few matches, but them being able to go toe-to-toe with the tag champions solidifies them as a force to be reckoned with. This was a strong bump for them, and a good follow up victory for Incoherence after their title victory. ***¼

Chuck Taylor tells the fans that he’s not having the best weekend ever. He had a long layover in Nashville, last night he lost to Claudio due to cheating (not true), then (as a fan put it) he blew the Campeones de Parejas match which he wasn’t prepared for. Now he has to come to Barnesville and wrestle in front of some of “mentally challenged” people. He saw on the line-up there’s a new guy named Helios making his CHIKARA debut tonight. He decides to put the Cup on the line against him.

Young Lions Cup
Chuck Taylor {F} (Champion) vs. Helios

Helios takes out Taylor right away with a spin kick and an enzuigiri. He follows Taylor to the floor with a tope con hilo. Taylor dropkicks him as he tries to come back into the ring. Taylor yells at Bryce that Helios is just Ricochet under a mask. Bryce isn’t convinced. He shoves his face into the camera and stomps on his back. He gets two with a belly-to-back suplex. Taylor uses the ropes to armdrag Helios into a headscissors. Helios rolls him onto his shoulders for two. Helios counters the Sole Food with a Backslide Driver. He takes Taylor to the corner with a satellite headscissors. Taylor gives him a belly-to-belly suplex. He misses a boot and Helios drops him with a DDT for two. Taylor responds with a Frankensteiner and big boot for two. Helios blocks a powerbomb with an armdrag. Taylor brings him off the top with a Frankensteiner. Helios blocks the Awful Waffle with a crucifix bomb. The Sky is Falling and Heliocentricity get him the pin and the Cup at 6:03! Thus ends the worst weekend of Taylor’s CHIKARA career. Taylor’s reaction to Helios was hilarious, and as per usual, he and “Ricochet” had a great match together. It was a bit truncated but it served it’s purpose well. **¾

Dragon Yuki cuts a promo in Japanese.

Fire Ant {C} vs. Dragon Yuki {PWK}

Fire Ant armdrags Yuki to the floor. He comes off the top turnbuckle with a somersault senton. In the ring Yuki splashes Fire Ant in the corner. Fire Ant gives him a headscissors. They throw forearms. Yuki slaps Fire Ant to the mat. He ties Fire Ant up into a knot and dropkicks him in the side. Yuki gets two with a suplex. Fire Ant takes him off the top rope with a fireman’s carry. He frog splashes Yuki for two. Yuki hits a uranage slam before using the Michinoku Driver. He misses a moonsault. Fire Ant spikes Yuki in a prawn hold, getting the win at 5:15. Nothing much to this. Fire Ant looked great, at least, but that’s nothing new. *

Claudio Castagnoli beat Chuck Taylor yesterday. He tells Larry Sweeney that he’s just another bump in the road on his path to Chris Hero.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Larry Sweeney

Sweeney bails to the floor before any contact can be made. Claudio chases him back into the ring only for Sweeney to roll back out. Claudio pulls him to the apron by his hair and unceremoniously drops him from the top rope. Sweeney regains his composure. Claudio gives him a chop after locking up. Sweeney calls that illegal as he again goes outside. He punches Claudio when they lock-up again. Angry, drives him into the corner with shoulder blocks. He whips Sweeney across the ring twice. He kicks and uppercuts Sweeney on the top rope until he falls to the floor. He puts on a double knuckle lock. Sweeney avoids a corner attack and drives Claudio face and chest first into the mat. He keeps him grounded. Claudio blocks the end of a Garvin Stomp, so Sweeney gives him a big knee lift for two. Claudio elbows out of a chinlock. He hits Swiss Chin Music and Giant Swings Sweeney. The Match Killer gets a two count. Sweeney tries a backslide with his feet on the ropes. Claudio still manages to kick out. Sweeney gives him a spinebuster, also for two. The ‘68 Comeback Special has the same effect as well. He sets up for a suplex. Claudio blocks it with an uppercut. The Ricola Bomb puts Sweeney away at 10:13. Sweeney’s the best when it comes to cat-and-mouse type matches, and Claudio always worked well with him no matter the role. The beauty was in it’s simplicity. **½

Cheech & Cloudy vs. Colin Olsen {OT} & Jimmy Olsen {OT}

This is a threematch from “From Zero to Hero (& Castagnoli)” and “Cibernetico & Robin.” Cheech and Cloudy emerged victorious on both occasions. The Olsens attack them from behind. Like they did in their last match, they attempt to keep Cheech on the floor while beating on Cloudy. Cheech gives Colin a Superman spear. He shoves Jimmy into Colin twice and gives Jimmy a Northern Light suplex. Colin succombs to a hip toss/armdrag combo. Cloudy suplexes Colin into a slingshot senton from Cheech. Cheech kicks Jimmy into a flip Ace Crusher from Cloudy. Cheech gets two with a basement dropkick. Colin kicks Cheech from the apron into a neckbreaker from Jimmy. The Olsens aggressively attack Cheech, keeping him from tagging out. Cheech manages to hit the Busaiku Knee on Jimmy and duck a clothesline from Colin, diving to the floor so Cloudy can come in. After some forearms he dropkicks Jimmy and headscissors Colin. He then headscissors Jimmy onto Colin. He dropkicks Jimmy, into a senton on Colin for two. He also gets two with a uranage. Cheech clotheslines Colin into Cloudy’s Ranhei. Jimmy breaks the cover. Cloudy accidentally helps Jimmy hit a DDT on Cheech. Colin DDT’s Cloudy as well. Colin helps Jimmy give Cloudy an Overbomb. He leapfrogs over Jimmy into a legdrop across Cloudy’s neck. Colin can’t believe that Cloudy is able to kick out. Cheech helps Cloudy avoid a double team maneuver. Colin huracanrana’s Cheech for two. Jimmy gives him a Dragon suplex for another two count. The Olsens try a double suplex. Cloudy shoves Colin onto the top rope. He comes off the top with a sunset flip to Jimmy to get the pin at 11:31. While this wasn’t as great as the Cibernetico match (a smaller, quieter crowd had something to do with that) it was the logical conclusion to the trilogy. The Olsens dropped ALL humor and showboating and were more vicious than in any of the previous matches showing just how fed up they were with losing. Of course, with a third point on the line, Cheech and Cloudy also had to step up their game and ended up catching them off guard rather than using a tried of true finisher to win, which the Olsens would have scouted. All in all, it was very good for many reasons. ***¼

Mitch Ryder is happy to see that he’s ended up facing Lince Dorado tonight. He says that Lince so far in their feud has seen what it’s like to be on the wrong side of things. Mitch has done everything so far he’s said he would, but he’s not done with Dorado yet. Mitch is going to put an end to Dorado, and he can’t wait.

Lince Dorado vs. Mitch Ryder

Dorado sneaks in through another part of the building and attacks Ryder from behind. He’s fired up from the lashing Ryder gave him last night. Dorado gives him a couple clotheslines. He throws furious punches after a Thesz Press. Ryder gets his knees up to block the Lynxsault. Even so, Dorado rolls him up for two and knocks Ryder to the floor. Back in the ring, Ryder kicks Dorado into a clothesline. He jabs his taped up thumb into Dorado’s face behind referee Bryce Remsburg’s back. Dorado misses a cannonball senton. Ryder rakes his eyes across the top rope. Dorado hip tosses his way out of an abdominal stretch. He ducks Ryder’s clothesline and hits one of his own. After some kicks Dorado tries a backdrop. Ryder telegraphs it, giving some forearms to Dorado’s back. Dorado comes back with a spinwheel kick. He misses a tumbleweed senton. Ryder calls for a piledriver. Dorado backdrops out of it. He O’Conner Rolls Ryder for the upset win at 6:30. Nothing special or crazy here, but they got a chance to showcase how heated their rivalry has become before the season finale. Probably not a satisfying main event for a show, however. **¼

Ryder grabs the microphone. He calls Dorado’s win a fluke. He says not only does he want to humilate Dorado, but wants to expose him for the fraud that he is. He wants Dorado’s mask. Dorado says that if Ryder wants his mask, he wants Ryder’s hair. Leonard F. Chikarason comes from the Commentation Station. He makes sure each participant knows what they’re in for before making the match official for “Chapter 11” next month in Philadelphia. Ryder promises to show the world the man behind Dorado’s mask.