AIW: Hell on Earth 3


Cleveland, OH – 10.28.2007

Equinox vs. Cronus

Equinox’s shoulder blocks and dropkicks do nothing to the much larger Cronus. Cronus catches a crossbody and spins him into a backbreaker. He pulls Equinox into a clothesline. He slams him face first into the mat. Equinox sneaks in a satellite headscissors but then gets mowed down with a clothesline. The F5 gets Cronus the pin in 2:06. Squash city. ¼*

Hallowicked vs. Matthew Justice

John Thorne is in Justice’s corner. Justice backs Hallowicked to the corner and kicks him in the mid-section. Hallowicked brings him to the mat in a side headlock. Justice reverses into a headscissors which Hallowicked breaks free from. Hallowicked moves referee Bryce Remsburg in the way to take Justice’s shoulder block. Hallowicked leapfrogs over Justice. They trade armdrags. Hallowicked hits a step-up enzuigiri. He gets two with a slingshot schoolboy. He runs the ropes to armdrag out of a courting hold. Justice catches him with a running knee strike. He puts on a rear chinlock. When Hallowicked escapes, Justice elbows him down and chokes him. Justice reapplies the chinlock. Hallowicked escapes again and sends him to the corner with a step-up Frankensteiner. Justice lariats him and hits a slingshot senton for two. Thorne chokes Hallowicked on the middle rope. Justice gets two with another running knee strike. Same goes for a vertical suplex. After a uranage slam Justice goes up top. He misses a super leg drop. Hallowicked sneaks in a yakuza kick after some chops. He dives onto Justice and Thorne on the floor. In the ring, Justice hot shots Hallowicked and gives him a Death Valley Driver for two. The Roll of the Dice only gets two. Hallowicked hits the Rydeen Bomb but Thorne distracts Bryce, Justice low blows Hallowicked and rolls him up for the pin at 10:07. I knew nothing of Justice before this, but he did a pretty good job with Hallowicked. Hallowicked ran through his typical arsenal with not much excitement. Not a great finish, but a solid bout otherwise. **¼

AIW Tag Team Championship
Nick Belushi & Super Oprah (Champions) vs. Fire Ant & Worker Ant vs. Eric Ryan & TJ Dynamite

Worker Ant starts off with Ryan. Ryan shoulder blocks Worker Ant, but Worker Ant catches him with a dropkick. Fire Ant and Dynamite tag in. Fire Ant takes him down with two fireman’s carry’s. He airplane spins Dynamite before dropping him. Oprah tags in. Fire Ant tries a firemany’s carry but Oprah rubs her crotch on his arm. Oprah slaps Worker Ant when he tries to chop her. She misses a corner splash. Ryan Cactus clotheslines her to the floor. Dynamite comes off the apron looking for a headscissors, but Oprah swings him into the guardrails. Belushi and Oprah then beat down Ryan in their corner. Dynamite saves him from being pinned a few times. Ryan dropsaults Oprah. He tags in Fire Ant who gives Dynamite and Ryan fireman’s carry’s. Worker Ant elbows Belushi off the apron. Worker Ant sits on Fire Ant’s shoulders. They clothesline Dynamite and Ryan. Dynamite knocks Worker Ant off of Fire Ant’s shoulders. Ryan gives Worker Ant a 2k1 Bomb while Dynamite drops Fire Ant a Death Valley Code Breaker. Oprah makes the save. She and Belushi each vertical suplex Ryan and Dynamite respectively. Fire Ant and Worker Ant knock them down with stereo springboard dropkicks. They give Dynamite the Ants Marching neckbreaker. Oprah again makes the save. Belushi fights everyone off while Oprah slams Ryan. She comes off the top with a Superfly Splash for the pin at 13:07. The Colony easily looked the best out of everyone. Dynamite was sloppy, Ryan was still relatively inexperienced, and Belushi/Oprah were never all that good. *½

Jigsaw vs. Tyrone Evans

Gran Akuma was supposed to be Evans’ opponent, but a knee injury kept him out of action. Evans peppers Jigsaw with punches to the head and stomach in the corner. Evans grabs a front facelock, and Jigsaw applies an armbar. Evans comes back with fists into an armbar. Jigsaw hammerlocks Evans’ arm. Jigsaw gives Evans a hurricanrana and a wheelbarrow armdrag. Evans corners Jigsaw and goes to town with strikes. Evans gives Jigsaw a pump handle suplex for two. Evans kicks away at Jigsaw and chokes him with his boot and on the ropes. Evans gives Jigsaw a gut-wrench suplex for two. Jigsaw small packages Evans for two. Evans mows down Jigsaw with a hard clothesline. Evans misses the killshot. Jigsaw hits a crossbody for two. Evans tries a leg-capture overhead suplex, and drops Jigsaw right on his head. Jigsaw is able to recover and hit a missile dropkick for two. Jigsaw cracks Evans with a big superkick for two. Evans spears Jigsaw and puts him in an armbar for the submission at 9:46. This was alright, but I can’t help but think just how much better Evans vs. Akuma would have been. Evans looked great while Jigsaw’s effort felt half-hearted. **¼


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