Reading, PA – 10.26.2007

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Leonard F. Chikarason, Bryce Remsburg, UltraMantis Black,

Leonard F. Chikarason is in the back about to run down the show. Eddie Kingston tells Chikarason that he heard what he said on one of the latest Podcast-A-Go-Go’s and dares Chikarason to say those same things to his face. Chikarason has no problem doing so. While he knows Kingston is one of the most seniored guys on the roster, nobody bothers Chikarason more than he does, and it’s always about doing what’s best for him, not CHIKARA. Anytime the match with Hallowicked seems set, for one reason or another Kingston can’t make it work. Chikarason has scheduled Kingston to take on Hallowicked on November 18th. All Kingston needs to do is show up. Chikarason leaves and Eddie Kingston switches topics to his match with Tim Donst tonight. He says Donst is digging two graves tonight in his attempt to get revenge, because if Donst plans to take Kingston down, Kingston is taking Donst down with him. Jolly Roger, Jigsaw, Lince Dorado; all are or were golden children of CHIKARA just like Tim Donst is. He asks Donst if he really wants to go down the same path they have. If Donst thinks what Kingston did to him in Connecticut is bad, just wait and see.

We then cut to UltraMantis Black. He introduces us to Hydra who is attempting to move a (toy) car just by the use of his teeth and some rope. Mantis tells his opponents that this show of strength is only a taste of what their opponents will experience.

Moscow, Dragon Dragon & USApe vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT}, Hydra {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

This is billed as a “Halloween Trios Explosion.” USApe avoids locking up with Hydra. He takes down Hydra with a shoulder tackle and a pair of bodyslams. Moscow and Mantis tag in, but Mantis tags out to Crossbones due to his stance against animal cruelty. Crossbones has no issues pounding Moscow’s head. Moscow delivers a calf kick and spears Crossbones in the stomach with his horns. Dragon and Mantis tag in. He sneak attacks Dragon, but Dragon responds with an armdrag. They sweep out each others’ legs. Dragon repeatedly drives his elbow into the side of Mantis’ head before taking him out with a tail whip. USApe comes in with a high crossbody. After a couple slams Mantis rolls to the floor. USApe dives onto all three members of the Order! In the ring, Mantis gives him a neckbreaker. The Order wears him down until USApe and Mantis collide in a double clothesline. Dragon knocks all of the Order down with clotheslines. He Dragon kicks them all as well. Moscow hits Hydra with the Russian Sickle. Mantis breaks the pin. He Cow Tips Moscow over Crossbones. USApe makes the save. Hydra tries Gorilla Pressing Hydra, but of course USApe reverses. Mantis and Crossbones chop block his legs out. They slam Hydra onto USApe for the win at 9:45. So much fun. USApe looked so good in this match that I sit here in disbelief. The Order winning was still the right choice. **¼

Jigsaw vs. Dragon Yuki {PWK}

Jigsaw and Yuki fight for control. Jigsaw puts on a chinlock. Yuki catches him with a hip toss. He splashes Jigsaw in the corner. Jigsaw hops over him and comes off the second rope with a plancha. A headscissors takeover and a drop toe hold lead to an ankle submission. Yuki grabs the bottom rope. He slams Jigsaw and gets two with a somersault senton. Jigsaw decides to focus his attack on Yuki’s left leg. Yuki puts on his own half crab, but Jigsaw grabs the ropes instantly. He kicks out Yuki’s left leg. Yuki turns Jigsaw inside out with a lariat. He gets two with a snap suplex. Jigsaw comes back with a tornado DDT. The superkick gets him a two count. Yuki catches him on the top rope and slams him down to the mat. He delivers a fisherman’s buster and Jigsaw is able to kick out. He goes for it a second time. Jigsaw chop blocks the leg and puts on the Kondo Clutch with a bodyscissors. Yuki taps at 8:14. Interesting to see Jigsaw bust out Kingston’s trademark submission hold. The leg work and Jigsaw’s energy helped the match out a lot. Yuki was better than usual and held up his end of the bargain just fine. **¼

Cheech & Cloudy vs. Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP}

Ophidian controls Cloudy’s arms to start. Cloudy utilizes a double knuckle lock. Ophidan tries him down and tries pinning him in a double knuckle lock. Cloudy catapults up into a quesadora armdrag. Ophidian toreador’s him into a Ranhei for two. Cheech and Amasis tag in. Amasis is displeased with the crowd’s cheers for the opposition. They back each other to the corner, showboating after their respective victories. Amasis uses his dancing to bait Cheech into a throat thrust and a legdrop. Cheech slams him out of a belly-to-back position. He and Cloudy double team him in the corner, ending with a suplex/slingshot senton combo for two. The Tidal Wave only gets them two. Amasis powerslams Cloudy as Cloudy comes off the ropes. The Portal isolate Cloudy, even using hypnosis to to keep control. Cloudy gives Ophidian an Ace Crusher out of the Atlantida to escape and tag in Cheech. He mows down Amasis with a pair of lariats. A Superman spear in the corner almost leads to the Burnout. Amasis avoids that, but takes a neckbreaker across Cheech’s back. Amasis gives him a modified Stroke. Ophidian puts him in the Death Grip as Amasis shoulder tackles Cloudy. Cloudy however low bridges the ropes to send Amasis out and enzuigiri’s Ophidian to free his partner. Cheech and Cloudy give Ophidian a running STO/Ranhei combo. Amasis makes the save. He O’Conner Rolls Cheech. Cloudy dropkicks him to the ropes. Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Cheech and Death by Knee get them the win at 11:57. The energy and action here was non-stop. It’s remarkable to see that the Portal were so good from the get go. Cheech and Cloudy might be the most underrated team in recent years. The crowd was hot for everything and both teams looked exceptional. ***¼

Brodie Lee is with the Olsen Twins in the back. The Olsens are super happy about teaming with him again. Jimmy appreciates getting a ride from Brodie, despite them being left behind at the Wawa. Colin reminds us that they defeated The Colony last time they teamed with Brodie and tonight will be no different. Brodie shoves them both aside and yells “LET’S GO!” at the camera.

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Brodie Lee, Colin Olsen {OT} & Jimmy Olsen {OT}

This is a rematch from “Invaders 2007 Night 1.” The Colony are able to get the Olsens and Lee to the floor early, leading to Fire Ant being Antapulted onto them. Lee digs his foot into Fire Ant’s chest while in the ring Soldier Ant gives Jimmy a rolling forearm in the corner. He gets two with a crossbody. He forces Jimmy to salute before giving him an armdrag. Soldier Ant sends him to the floor and follows with a saluting suicide dive. Worker Ant and Colin engage in a Lucha sequence ending with an antzuigiri. Worker Ant then gives Colin a neckbreaker for two. Colin responds with a chinbreaker. Lee catches Worker Ant with a boot from the apron. This allows him and the Olsen to wear down Worker Ant in their half of the ring. Worker Ant slides to the floor after giving Colin a flying forearm. Smartly, Jimmy knocks Fire and Soldier Ant off the apron as Lee press slams Worker Ant back into the ring. Worker Ant successfully escapes by giving Colin a powerslam and DDT. Fire Ant sits on Soldier Ant’s shoulders so he can throw better punches to Lee. Worker Ant moonsault presses onto Lee. The Olsens get taken down with double clotheslines by Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant tosses Fire Ant into a dropkick to Lee. Colin takes the Ants Marching neck breaker. Fire Ant brings Jimmy off the top with a fireman’s carry. Soldier Ant gives him a saluting headbutt. Lee breaks the cover. Lee shoves the entire Colony away. He blocks Fire Ant’s Burning Down the House with a wheelbarrow suplex. He lariats Worker Ant and drives Soldier Ant to the corner. Colin gives him a flying forearm and Lee a big boot. Worker Ant slides out of the Liger Bomb. He then victory rolls Colin for the pin while Lee is held back by Fire Ant at 9:35. This was a step up from their first match. Everyone worked very smart, with the Colony showing more fire and unity then perhaps ever before. The same can be said for the Olsens and Lee who looked really polished. Such a fun match. ***¼

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chuck Taylor {F}

Claudio charges Taylor before the bell but Taylor retreats to the floor. Taylor hides behind referee Derek Sabato when the bell rings. Claudio gives him a chop in the corner, causing Taylor to let out some high pitched screams. He regains his composure on the floor. He applies a side headlock. Claudio shoves Taylor to the ropes and shoulder blocks him down. Taylor takes his time recovering in the corner. Claudio gives him another shoulder block and a diving European uppercut to the shoulder blades. Taylor rams his head and shoulder into Claudio’s mid-section. He puts on a chinlock and rakes at Claudio’s face. He steps on his back, choking him on the middle rope. Claudio comes back with Swiss Chin Music. The Giant Swing causes more screams from Taylor. Taylor grabs the bottom rope to escape a pin. Claudio slams him onto his stomach out of a backbreaker position. Taylor blocks the Alpamare Waterslide with Sole Food. A running boot gets him two. Claudio knees him in the temple. Taylor backslides him for two. He boots Claudio and comes off the middle rope with a dropkick. Claudio responds with an uppercut. The Ricola Bomb gets him the pin at 7:05. Short but sweet. They gave the crowd what they wanted and it was a nice piece of revenge for Claudio on his way to revenge against Chris Hero. Taylor gets an attendant to carry him out. **½

Mitch Ryder can’t believe Equinox is stupid enough to get in the ring after the beating he took at the Cibernetico. He’s got no problem giving Equinox what he wants. Ryder’s going to imagine Lince Dorado as he beats down Equinox in the ring.

Equinox vs. Mitch Ryder

After some stalling, Ryder cleanly breaks a lock-up in the corner. Equinox catches Ryder’s boot attempt. He fireman’s carry’s him into a bridge. He snaps off an armdrag and dropkicks Ryder to the floor. Equinox kicks him from the apron. In the ring Ryder gives him some forearms to the back. Equinox reverses a hip toss with one of his own. Ryder misses an elbow and takes another armdrag. Equinox puts on a wristlock. Ryder distracts Derek Sabato so he can pop Equinox with a closed fist. Ryder goes to the floor to rest his arm. Equinox misses a pescado, colliding into the floor. In the ring Ryder knees him and stomps on his stomach. He puts on a claw. Equinox fights out but Ryder rakes his eyes. He puts on an abdominal stretch. Equinox hip tosses his way free. He backslides Ryder for two. Ryder gives him a piledriver for the pin at 8:55. This was fine for what it was, essentially the same as any other Ryder vs. luchador match. **¼

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Mike Quackenbush (Champion) vs. Lince Dorado

After trading arm wringers, Quackenbush locks Dorado’s legs and stretches his arms and back out. He turns him into a Skayde schoolboy for two. After a Lucha exchange, Quackenbush armdrags Dorado and sweeps out his legs. Dorado flips through another leg sweep and misses a clothesline. Quackenbush sends him to the floor. Dorado moves so Quackenbush does not dive after him. Dorado arm whips him across the ring. He avoids an O’Conner Roll from Quackenbush and catapults into an armdrag that sends Quackenbush to the floor. Dorado avoids a lot of offense and tilt-a-whirls into an armdrag. Quackenbush finally catches him with a backbreaker and gut buster. He gets two with a crucifix pin. Quackenbush has Dorado in an abdominal stretch when Mitch Ryder comes in to give Dorado a low blow! That ends the match in 5:39. This was realistic, in the sense that they did exactly what you would expect out of the first five minutes of a match. It was fun for what it was but obviously just a set up for the angle. **¼

Chuck Taylor handcuffs Quackenbush to the ropes while Ryder beats down Dorado, whipping him with a belt. Ryder verbally berates the fans and Dorado. Ryder also knocks Sabato down in the process. He asks “who’s laughing now” in a very serious tone as he and Taylor head to the back. Taylor tosses the key to free Quackenbush, who checks on Dorado now that he is able to do so. As Sabato and Dorado are being helpd to the back, Quackenbush tosses the handcuffs in the trash can. He then has a change of heart and brings the handcuffs with him instead.

Tim Donst vs. Eddie Kingston {BO}

This is of course a rematch from “Showdown in Crisisland.” Donst jumps right in the ring. He and Kingston trade chops. Donst fights back from Kingston’s chops in the corner, taking Kingston off his feet with his own chops. He drops Kingston with an STO for two. Kingston throws him to the corner and delivers a yakuza kick. He smacks Donst in the face a few times before tossing off his amateur headgear. Kingston steps on Donst’s throat in the corner. He belly-to-belly suplexes Donst across the ring and gives him some JYD headbutts. Donst throws his own headbutt so Kingston slaps him in the face. Kingston wastes time messing with a fan. He unleashes some aggression with another chop and hard headbutt to Donst. He won’t let Bryce drop Donst’s arm. He spikes Donst on his head with a Tiger suplex. Donst grabs the bottom rope to stop the pin. Kingston peppers him with slaps. Donst responds with a flurry of slaps and some forearms to the face. He belly-to-belly suplexes Kingston and puts on a rear naked choke. Kingston makes it to the ropes. Donst however keeps the choke on as they go to the floor. Kingston is able to escape, but Donst lariats him to the floor! Kingston is almost counted out when Donst tosses him back inside the ring. Kingston gives Donst a uranage suplex and a short-arm lariat. The fans cheer when Donst kicks out. Donst blocks a Saito suplex. He dumps Kingston on his head twice with Regalplexes. Kingston manages to kick out. He kicks out of a cradle as well. Kingston blocks a Gator Roll with the Backfist to the Future for the pin at 9:07. This was as brutal as one would want. This didn’t have the surprise element the first encounter did, but it did just as much for Donst’s young career as the first bout. This was certainly a worthy successor. ***½

Incoherence are set to challenge F.I.S.T for the Campeones de Parejas in our main event. Gran Akuma, however, has hurt his knee. He comes to the ring in street clothes with a large leg brace and crutches. Icarus says he was looking forward to wrestling and defeating Incoherence in a title match but clearly they can’t compete. Leonard F. Chikarason says their are more than just one person in their group and asks for Chuck Taylor to come out. He’s dragged out by the ear by Bryce Remsburg. Chikarason says either Taylor replaces Akuma, or they forfeit the titles. Eddie Kingston distracts Hallowicked, allowing Icarus to attack. The match is on!

Campeonatos de Parejas
Icarus {F} & Chuck Taylor {F} (Campeones) vs. Hallowicked {I} & Delirious {I}

Taylor chokes Delirious on the floor with his shirt on the floor. In the ring, Icarus jackknife pins Hallowicked and holds the ropes to pick up the first fall at 0:59. Delirious gives Icarus an atomic drop. After mocking him, he lands a senton splash and bites Icarus’ forehead. He drapes Icarus on the top rope. Hallowicked gives him a Koppu Kick, sending him to the floor. Taylor gets chopped upon coming into the ring. Hallowicked trips him as he hits the ropes. He wrenches on Taylor’s nose. Taylor puts on a courting hold, but Hallowicked runs the ropes to armdrag his way free. Icarus knees Hallowicked from the apron. Taylor jabs him in the throat and knocks Delirious off the apron. Icarus and Taylor take turns wearing down Hallowicked. Delirious drives Icarus face first into the top turnbuckle when Icarus is punching Hallowicked in the corner. Hallowicked mule kicks Icarus away. Delirious tags in, knocking Taylor down with an elbow and Icarus down with a jumping clothesline. Taylor back elbows him. He looks for a Magistral cradle when Delirious drops him with Chemical Imbalance #2 to pick up the second fall at 10:57. Taylor seems to be hurt. Icarus is left to fight off Incoherence by himself. He gets mauled in the corner before taking the Sidewinder. Taylor breaks the pin. Hallowicked gives him a step-up Frankensteiner. Taylor Sole Foods him into a huracanrana from Icarus. Delirious breaks the pin. He places Taylor on the top rope. Icarus goes to powerbomb Delirious. Delirious counters with a headscissors. Taylor takes a headbutt to the stomach. Delirious hits Icarus with the Panic Attack and gets a two count on Taylor with a uranage slam. Taylor comes back with the Stone Cold Stunner. Hallowicked chokeslams him. He tries a Rydeen Bomb. Icarus blocks it and drops him with a Pedigree. Hallowicked fires up. He hits the Pedigree a second time. Delirious again makes the save. Icarus spears Delirious and feeds him to Taylor for a powerbomb. Delirious kicks out. He sends Taylor to the floor. Icarus hits the Shiranui. He puts on a fanny pack and goes up top. Delirious smacks Icarus. Hallowicked tears the fanny pack off. Delirious tosses Icarus into the Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Delirious then hits Shadows Over Heck. Icarus kicks out! Taylor drags Hallowicked to the floor. He gives Delirious the Awful Waffle. Hallowicked breaks the cover. He Rydeen Bombs Taylor for two. He blocks Icarus’ Shiranui. Taylor distracts Bryce Remsburg. Akuma tries hitting Hallowicked with his crutch but hits Icarus instead! Hallowicked rolls him up for two. Hallowicked yakuza kicks him to pick up the third fall AND the titles at 17:55! The last fall got crazy with many believable false finishes and a crowd very happy to see new Campeones. Taylor did a great job filling Akuma’s shoes and it leaves the door open for a rematch down the line. This would be the first step in the Kings of Wrestling demise, and a very good one at that. ***½

Many kids come into the ring to celebrate with the new Campeones. Incoherence cuts a victorious promo backstage, pounding on the CHIKARA banner with glee.