Aniversario Delta

Reading, PA – 5.26.2006

Commentary is provided by UltraMantis Black, Chris Hero, Bryce Remsburg, and Larry Sweeney.

Shane Matthews and Jagged (2.0) are outside the building. Matthews is on one crutch due to his injured knee. He’s still confident him and Jagged will win the Royal Rumble tonight. They’re corrected and learn that they’re not in a Royal Rumble match, but rather a tag team gauntlet. They’re worried about the real Japanese people who are in the match, but claim they’re going to win the gauntlet and then challenge the Kings of Wrestling for the tag titles. Matthews feels pain in his knee due to getting too hyped up during their promo.

Tag Team Gauntlet
Lance Steel & Lance Steel vs. Equinox & Angel del Fuego

Lancelot has three points and a title shot in their back pocket. If they lose however, those points and title match get washed away. Armdrags from Steel and Fuego kick off the bout. After they each go for a pin they shake hands and tag out. Equinox misses a dropkick but rolls Steel into a sunset flip. He sloppily headscissors Steel to the corner. Equinox alita’s and dropkicks Steel for two. Steel gives him a Finlay Roll for two. After they each land an armdrag, the other Steel and Fuego tag back in. Fuego is a mess. He powerbombs Steel (possibly by accident) and the other Steel breaks the pin. Fuego spinwheel kicks him for two. Fuego tope’s through the middle rope onto Steel. The other Equinox goes to dive but the other Steel rolls him up for two. Lancelot work over Equinox in their corner. Equinox catches Steel with a twisting tope to the floor. The other Steel quebradora’s Fuego. He goes for a second but takes a huracanrana instead. Fuego rolls Steel into a pendulum stretch. Steel breaks his partner free. Equinox sends Steel out with a huracanrana. The other Steel slams Equinox face first to the mat to block a rana and pins him at 7:26.

Lance Steel & Lance Steel vs. Retail Dragon & Dragon Dragon

Retail and Steel exchange wristlocks. Retail steps on Steel’s knee while stretching out Steel’s arm. Steel ducks under Retail’s dropkick. Retail does however hit a dropsault. He kicks out Steel’s knee and shooting star presses off his back and onto his…legs for two. Retail standing shiranui’s Steel into a back cracker. The other Steel breaks the pin. Dragon Dragon tags in and double axe handles Steel. Steel stomps on his tail to break a side headlock. The other Steel tags in and also damages Dragon’s tail. Steel gets two with a dropkick. The Steel’s deliver a joust. Dragon whips Steel into the other Steel which knocks him off the apron. Dragon Dragon schoolboys Steel for the pin at 12:34. Lancelot have lost their title shot which has greatly angered the other Steel.

Retail Dragon & Dragon Dragon vs. Darkness Crabtree {PT} & Dr. Cheung {PT}

Retail trips Cheung. He rolls over Cheung and toreador’s him to the ropes. Cheung shoulder tackles Retail and delivers the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Retail headscissors Cheung to the floor. He follows with a Fosbury Flop. Crabtree and Dragon Dragon enter as the legal men. Crabtree is not sure what to make of his opponent. Crabtree slowly comes off the topes and gets shoulder blocked to the match. Dragon tries a Giant Swing but gets kicked to his corner. Crabtree misses many shots in the corner. Dragon Dragon comes off the second rope with a tail whip. He tail whips Crabtree to the floor and pescado’s onto him. Retail and Cheung pick up the pace. Retail cascades up Cheung into a backbreaker. They fight on the ropes. Cheung Doctor Bombs Retail off the second rope for the pin at 15:51.

Fire Ant {C} & Soldier Ant {C} vs. Darkness Crabtree {PT} & Dr. Cheung {PT}

The Colony charge the Prescription Thugs right away. They march Cheung around the wing with Crabtree in pursuit. The Colony turn Cheung into a failed powerbomb/neckbreaker attempt. Soldier Ant suicide dives onto Cheung. Fire Ant huracanrana’s Cheung into a pinning situation, eliminating The PRescription Thugs at 16:46.

Fire Ant {C} & Soldier Ant {C} vs. Casanova & Shane Valentine

Casanova and Valentine attack the Colony right away. They pitch Fire Ant to the floor and beat down Soldier Ant in their corner. Soldier Ant ends up pulling a sock out of Casanova’s trunks and rubs it in Casanova’s face. Casanova angrily drops Soldier Ant on the top rope and continues his beating with Valentine. When Valentine and Casanova double team Soldier Ant in the corner, Soldier Ant slips out unnoticed and tags in Fire Ant. He takes over both opponents with fireman’s carry’s and then hits two antzuigiri’s. Fire Ant double Blockbusters them. Casanova fights Fire Ant on the floor. Soldier Ant monkey flips Valentine. Valentine holds onto his legs and pins Soldier Ant at 21:18.

Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. Casanova & Shane Valentine

The North Stars get attacked right away. They are able to whip Casanova and Valentine into one another. They give the Casanova a double gut buster and stereo dropkicks to the sides of his head. Cruz monkey flip Corbin into Valentine in the corner. Casanova breaks the pin and chokes Corbin in his corner. Corbin doesn’t stay in their corner for long, as he rolls out of Casanova’s way and tags in Cruz. Cruz cleans house. He gives Valentine a side Russian leg sweep and standing moonsault. Casanova breaks the pin. The North Stars slam Casanova on his face. They deliver the Cruz Control for the pin at 24:18.

Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. MIYAWAKI {KD} & Yoshiaki Yago {KD}

MIYAWAKI missile dropkicks Cruz as he comes in. He knee strikes Corbin in the gut. MIYAWAKI stomps Cruz silly after rocking him with a forearm. Yago heart punches Cruz after tagging in. Yago beats the crap out of Cruz with knees, chops and kicks. Yago’s careless pin doesn’t get it done. MIYAWAKI also gets in his shots. He dropkicks the top of Cruz’s head for two. Cruz tornado kicks MIYAWAKI, giving him the opening to tag in Corbin. Corbin slams MIYAWAKI. Yago breaks the pin after Corbin hip tosses MIYAWAKI. Corbin double clotheslines both of them. He gives MIYAWAKI a spinning neckbreaker for two. The North Stars double slam MIYAWAKI on his face. Again Yago breaks the pin. Cruz’s Side Effect on MIYAWAKI only gets a two count. MIYAWAKI drops Cruz with an STO to block a clothesline. He puts Cruz in a Cobra Clutch. He turns that into an inverted DDT for the pin at 28:57.

MIYAWAKI {KD} & Yoshiaki Yago {KD} vs. Crossbones & Rorschach

Yago and Crossbones throw kicks as you would expect. Crossbones rakes Yago’s eyes when he realizes he won’t win the exchange. Rorschach throws some punches. They have little effect, and Yago punches him right in the chest. MIYAWAKI tags in. Rorschach retreats to the corner. He asks for Rorschach to hit him. Rorschach’s forearms do nothing at all. MIYAWAKI blasts Rorschach with one of his own. MIYAWAKI pounds Rorschach down in the corner. Rorschach huracanrana’s him. Two boots and a Sling Blade also work. He and Crossbones get in some strikes in the corner. Crossbones delivers a running boot to MIYAWAKI’s head. Rorscach dives onto Yago. Crossbones gets two with a release Saito suplex. Crossbones goes for the Friggin’ Sweet Driver. MIYAWAKI hits a lariat instead. Yago pummels Crossbones, mostly with punches and kicks. A swift kick to the side of Crossbones head gets the K-Dojo team the pin at 33:08.

MIYAWAKI {KD} & Yoshiaki Yago {KD} vs. Jagged {2.0} & Shane Matthews {2.0}

Matthews comes out hobbling with one crutch. Matthews distracts them so that Matthews can chop block both of his opponents. Jagged throws Yago out. Jagged elbows MIYAWAKI in the head. Matthews chokes MIYAWAKI with his crutch as Jagged distracts the referee. Jagged forearms MIYAWAKI from the apron. MIYAWAKI fires up, so Jagged pokes him in the eyes. Matthews again chokes MIYAWAKI with his crutch. Jagged evades MIYAWAKI’s elbow for two. MIYAWAKI small packages Jagged for two. MIYAWAKI slaps Matthews when he comes into the ring for the first time. MIYAWAKI enzuigiri’s Jagged and tags in Yago. Yago punches 2.0. in their chests. He kicks Matthews’ bad leg, causing Matthews to crumple in pain and scream WHY?! Jagged gives Yago a thumb to the throat after calling Umaga’s name. It does nothing. Yago spinwheel kicks Jagged. Matthews breaks the pin. He surprisingly gives Yago a sit-out uranage. MIYAWAKI kicks out Matthews’ leg. Jagged drops MIYAWAKI with a Gory Bomb. Yago Dragon suplexes Jagged. He puts on an STF. Jagged taps out at 38:43, giving the K-Dojo team the win and a shot at Los Campeonatos de Parejas tomorrow night. Leonard F. Chikarason confirms this. The start of this match was quite a mess at times. Once the North Stars got in things got better, then once the K-Dojo team came in the match picked up to the next level. If you eliminate the first few pairings this was a solid Gauntlet match. **¾

Allison Danger laments that Daizee Haze was unnecessarily rough with her last month and gave her a hurt left shoulder. She plans to get revenge tonight.

Allison Danger vs. Daizee Haze

Haze puts on a hammerlock. Danger rolls out and switches pin attempts on the mat with Haze. Both women get distracted by some fan. Haze knees Danger and chops her in the corner. Danger armdrags Haze to the floor. Danger tries pulling her back in the ring by her hair, but Haze snaps Danger’s bad arm on the top rope instead. Haze put Danger’s bad arm in a hammerlock on the floor. Haze throws Danger’s arm into the wall. Haze puts a chair on Danger’s upperbody. Haze twists up the arm and sits down on it on the chair. Haze rolls her back into the ring. Danger gets in a few strikes with her good arm. Haze cross blocks the bad arm and twists it in the top rope. Danger blocks another attack with an inverted DDT. Danger gives her a neckbreaker across her knee for two. Danger chops Haze in the corner. Haze kicks Danger to avoid a corner attack. Haze comes off the ropes with an arm capture tornado DDT. She immediately puts on a Fujiwara armbar causing Danger to tape out at 7:26. Great psychology throughout the match. Haze’s work on Danger’s actually worked into the finish, something that you think would happen more often but for whatever reason doesn’t. I love stories like this. **½

Jon Moxley is backstage. Yes, that Jon Moxley. He says he wants to make some physical statement during CHIKARA’s big anniversary weekend. He says none of Delirious’ shenanigans are going to help him tonight. He plans to hurt Delirious tonight and do the same to Arik Cannon tomorrow. He plans on winning the Young Lions Cup tournament as well.

Delirious vs. Jon Moxley

Delirious goes nuts and it doesn’t seem to phase Moxley much. Moxley backs to Delirious to the corner. He plays with his mask and mocks his demeanor. Delirious rubs Moxley face in the opposite corner. He turns his back to Moxley to give him a free shot. Moxley wisely does not take it. Delirious accuses Moxley of taking steroids which a couple of fans begin to chant. Delirious trips Moxley after stomping on his foot. Delirious armdrags him into a tassle-assisted headlock. Moxley rubs his forearm in Delirious’ face in the corner. Delirious gives him the Neverending Story clothesline in response. Moxley comes out of the corner with a big clothesline of his own. Moxley gets two with a gutwrench suplex. Moxley violently whips him chest first into the turnbuckles. Delirious elbows out of Moxley’s grasp. He tries a crossbody but gets caught with a spin-out backbreaker for two. Moxley’s low clothesline does the same thing. Moxley back elbows Delirious after claiming to be the anti-CHIKARA. Delirious gets his foot up when Moxley comes off the second rope. Delirious enzuigiri’s Moxley, following with a reverse STO. Delirious hits a jumping clothesline. He dropkicks Moxley to the corner and brings him out with a bulldog for two. Moxley catches Delirious coming off the ropes with the Moxicity for two. He places Delirious on the top rope. Delirious fights Moxley away but misses a top rope dropkick. Moxley waterwheel slams him for two. Delirious trips Moxley and hits the Panic Attack. Moxley fights out of a Cobra Clutch. Delirious hops over Moxley and schoolboys him for the pin at 12:00. It’s funny to see how different Moxley was here. His gift for gab and in-ring work was all there, but he had not fleshed out the hardened character he would turn into. In fact, he looked far more like a WWE prototype here than he did when got signed. He and Delirious had a fun match and I look forward to seeing Moxley’s other matches in CHIKARA. **¾

Larry Sweney says it’s been hard times since he lost his Tex-Arkana title to Milano Collection AT a couple months ago. He’s been drinking heavily ever since he lost the belt, but this weekend he has the chance to turn things around. A doctor apparently told Sweeney he had a cancer in his soul that he needed to cure. Sweeney says tonight he will take out Mana and win his title back from AT tomorrow night. This weekend he feels is where he can begin anew.

Larry Sweeney vs. Mana

Sweeney verbally berates Mana. He slaps Mana in the face, then goes to the floor when Mana tries a lock-up. When Sweeney gets back in the ring, Mana headbutts his hand while holding onto a wristlock. Sweeney transitions into a hammerlock. Mana powers out. He brings Sweeney to the mat in an abdominal stretch with his leg draped around Sweeney’s face. Sweeney backs Mana to the corner when Mana breaks it. Sweeney hurts his hand when he tries punching Mana in the head. He snapmares Mana into a side headlock. Mana does not move when being shoulder blocked. Sweeney puts on a sleeper. Mana bites Sweeney’s hand and hip tosses him twice. Sweeney thrusts Mana’s throat and puts on a sleeper again. Mana breaks it and chops Sweeney twice. Mana gets in multiple running knees and a running hip attack while Sweeney is seated. Mana hits his shoulder into the ring post when Sweeney ducks out of the way. Sweeney throws Mana’s arm into the ring post. Mana drops Sweeney on the top rope. He throws kicks at his chest and then kicks him to the floor. Sweeney snaps Mana’s head against the top rope. Mana slams Sweeney off his shoulders. Mana locks Sweeney’s legs while also putting on a butterfly lock. Sweeney grabs the ropes to escape. Mana goes for a Tiger Driver. Sweeney turns it into a divorce court DDT. Sweeney hits the 12 Large Elbow for the pin at 8:43. This was definitely the most fitting and right way to end this feud. Mana clearly looked to have the advantage given his size but Sweeney’s arm work and focus really came through in the end. It was nice to see that Sweeney was able to vanquish Mana cleanly, giving him even more credibility going into his match with AT tomorrow. It wasn’t the most exciting match, but like Haze/Danger all the work paid off by the end. **½

Hallowicked vs. Andy Sumner {CZW}

Hallowicked is wearing the IWA: Deep South championship which he just won the previous weekend. He and Sumner each kick each other in the legs. Hallowicked escapes a triangle choke attempt. Sumner sweeps Hallowicked’s legs and tries to mount. Hallowicked rolls him into a front facelock. Sumner Judo throws Hallowicked and gives him a sit-out urnage slam. Hallowicked rolls out of a Fujiwara armbar. He yakuza kicks Sumner. Sumner is unable to get off his feet, giving Hallowicked the win by decision at 2:03. Suprising stuff out of Hallowicked, but really fun for the two minutes we got. *

Eddie Kingston says Arik Cannon needs to earn the respect of everyone after all he did with the Kings of Wrestling last year. He says that he’s not going to allow Cannon to keep him from the Young Lions Cup tournament since he feels like he built this company. He tells Cannon that he’s going to get what is coming to him.

Young Lions Cup IV Qualifier
Eddie Kingston vs. Arik Cannon

Cannon controls Kingston’s arm. Kingston cleanly breaks the hold against the ropes. Cannon breaks a lock-up against the ropes, cleanly as well. Kingston trips him into a front chancery. Cannon switches out and goes back to Kingston’s arm. Kingston puts on a side headlock. Kingston shoulder blocks Cannon when Cannon shoots out of the hold. Cannon trips Kingston. Kingston alita’s off the second rope. He suplexes Cannon for two. Cannon ducks a chop and pokes Kingston in the eyes. A twisting neckbreaker leads to a rolling neck snap. Cannon elbows his neck to further wear it down. Cannon’s haymaker doesn’t even get him a one count. Cannon uppercuts the back of his neck. Cannon further wears down the neck. Kingston tries a small package but only gets two. Cannon clotheslines him back to the mat. This time Cannon grapevines his legs. Kingston tries to fight out. He fails and Cannon holds on a facelock while keeping the legs locked. Kingston grabs the bottom rope. Cannon dropkicks Kingston’s knee after trapping it in the ropes. Kingston punches Cannon in the corner. Cannon neck chops Kingston. Kingston backfists Cannon. Cannon stays up and chops up Kingston’s neck some more. Kingston uses both hands to backfist Cannon. This knocks down both men who roll to the floor. Cannon and Cannon throw headbutts and strikes on their knees. Kingston DDT’s Cannon the ring apron. Kingston looks for another move. Cannon breaks free and gives Kingston a brainbuster on the floor! Sabato checks on Kingston on the floor and resets the count. Not the best officiating call I have ever seen. Cannon pins Kingston when he comes back in the ring but only gets two. Kingston blocks a rolling forearm. He suplexes Cannon and gets two with a short-arm lariat. Cannon ducks another lariat and hits an enzuigiri. He Saito suplexes Kingston two times. Kingston is dazed when Cannon rocks him with a forearm. The Glimmering Warlock gets Cannon the win and a spot in the YLC IV tournament at 14:23. That would have been one of the best matches in last year’s YLC tournament for sure. This was a nice redemption match for Cannon where both he and Kingston got to shine. They didn’t overdo it on the crazy stuff and kept everything sensible. ***¼

Chris Hero is with the rest of the Kings of Wrestling. He talks a bit about their opponents tonight before turning things over to Icarus. He says Jigsaw may have pinned him last show in a trios match, but it was he who was the victor in their singles match. Hero says things are different for the Kings since last year’s Aniversario now that they no longer have the weak link, Arik Cannon, with them. Hero says tonight the Kings will reign supreme.

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Shane Storm & Milano Collection AT {T2P} vs. Chris Hero {KOW}, Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}, Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

Akuma pulls AT’s hair to take the early control. AT ties up Akuma mid-ring. Hero rolls him out so Claudio can tag in. Jigsaw takes him over with some armdrags and monkey flips him to the floor. Jigsaw feigns a dive. Icarus and Quack tag in. Quack toreador’s him to the corner. Icarus flips out into an alita. He blocks a plam strike. Quack catches with a quebradora, then a gut buster for two. Hero and Storm come in. Storm arm whips Hero a few times. Hero elbows Storm in frustration. Hero shoulder blocks him from the apron and shows off. Storm holds onto Hero’s arm after an armdrag. AT tags in and grabs the arm from Storm. Hero drops down, allowing AT to grab a side headlock. Hero thinks he suplexes AT to free himself. AT landed on his feet though and slaps Hero in the face. He puts Hero in an Octopus. He rolls up Hero for two, then puts back on an STF. Hero grabs the ropes. Claudio and Quack tag in. Quack huracanrana’s Claudio across the ring. Claudio armdrags and trips him. Quack flips onto Claudio’s shoulders and headscissors him to the floor. Quack tope con hilo’s onto him. Icarus and Jigsaw get in an aggressive lock-up. Jigsaw trips Icarus and stomps away at his chest. Jigsaw dropkicks him to the floor. Storm ducks Akuma’s tornado kick. Storm neck drags Akuma. A trade of armdrags ends when Storm dropkicks Akuma to the floor. Hero elbows Storm from the apron. He and Claudio illegally double team Storm for a moment. The Kings now wisely isolate Storm in their corner. The Kings purposefully draw Storm’s partners into the ring at times so they can tie up Bryce Remsburg and continue their cheating ways. Storm manages to get to the floor. AT jumps in and gets hounded by the Kings immediately. Larry Sweeney watches from the commentary table, noticing the Kings target AT’s leg and groin area. Icarus and Hero kick AT to the floor. Quack jumps in all fired up. Like AT though he’s jumped on by the Kings, standing no chance in trying to make things better for his team. Like the others, he’s beaten until Claudio and Icarus send him out. Remember how everyone’s been getting jumped from the Tecnicos? It happens again with Jigsaw, because apparently he didn’t pay any attention to his partners. Hero and Claudio are quite vehement in trying to get Jigsaw unmasked. Icarus does the same, yelling at Bryce that he does not care if he gets disqualified. Jigsaw tornado DDT’s and enzuigiri’s Hero in order to tag out to AT. He kicks Hero out and bulldogs Akuma. A flying forearm takes down Claudio. AT cartwheels into an elbow to Hero. He blocks Icarus’ O’Conner roll and jackknife pins him for two. AT superkicks Icarus. Akuma tosses AT to the floor, bringing in Quack. Akuma sole butts him and hits the Yoshi Tonic. Storm comes in with That Japanese Move to break the cover. Claudio Ricola Bobms Storm. Jigsaw breaks that pin. He goes for a headscissors on Hero. Hero drops him on the top rope. He hits a Cravate-O-Clasm for two. Jigsaw headscissors Hero to the floor. Jigsaw enzuigiri’s Akuma to block a suplex. He gives Akuma a brainbuster for two. AT blocks Claudio’s Match Killer. He sentons Claudio and calls for the AT Lock. Hero stops him before he can put it on. Quack comes in. He blocks the Hero’s Welcome: Championship Edition with a reverse brainbuster. Quack double stomps Hero, then gets dropkicked to the floor by Icarus. AT crossbody’s Akuma while Storm locks Icarus in a submission. AT enzuigiri’s Akuma. Jigsaw sends Hero out with a huracanrana. Claudio cuts off his dive with an uppercut. AT and Claudio fire up from the impact of each others’ moves. Icarus hip tosses his way out of Storm’s hold. Quack knee strikes Icarus out. Storm hits That Japanese Move on Akuma for the pin at 29:34. That was a heck of a sprint, especially the closing minutes of the match. This did a lot to build up a few mini feuds (Quack vs Hero and Icarus vs Jigsaw), and call back to others (Akuma vs Storm). All the action and story were there to make a for a very fun and memorable main event. ****

Jigsaw and Icarus brawl to the floor. They’re neutralized by their partners, with Icarus being dragged to the back still laughing at Jigsaw. Quackenbush gets on the mic. He says he wouldn’t believe anyone back when CHIKARA first started four years ago if he was told that he would be standing with the team he had today (man, imagine if you told him then who he would team with and face in CHIKARA over the next six years). Quack thanks everyone for standing behind them all these years. The Tecnicos surround the ring to join in Quack’s sentiments. He even thanks Sweeney and Mantis at the commentary booth. Kingston then gives Quackenbush a big thank you as well. After embracing, Quack hustles out saying he hopes to get to a late showing of X-Men 3. If only someone could have warned him.


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