Aniversario Epsilon

Barnesville, PA – 5.27.2006

Commentary is provided by Larry Sweeney, UltraMantis Black, Chris Hero, Bryce Remsburg, Arik Cannon, and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. Eddie Kingston & Shinsuke Z Yamagasa

Yamagasa is from the Zero-1 promotion. Kingston and Corbin fight for control of the others’ arm. Kingston shoulder blocks Corbin. Corbin hip tosses and armdrags him in response. Cruz tags in. He and Corbin give Kingston a double gut buster and double dropkick for two. Kingston tags in Yamagasa while holding on a headlock. Yamagasa snapmares Cruz into a chinlock. Yamagasa then controls his leg. Cruz rolls him into a pin for two. Yamagasa grabs his arm and tags in Kingston. Cruz fireman’s carry’s Kingston whilst holding his arm. Corbin tags in. He and Cruz double Japanese armdrag Kingston. Corbin gets two after a tandem STO. Kingston belly-to-belly suplexes Corbin. Yamagasa kicks Corbin’s knee and twists him into a single crab. Yamagasa chops up Corbin’s chest. He and Kingston back elbow Corbin. Kingston stomps on his chest for two. Kingston lifts a knee to hit Corbin as he comes off the ropes. Yamagasa grabs Corbin’s face while distracting referee Bryce Remsburg. Corbin gives him a backbreaker in order to tag in Cruz. Cruz hits Kingston with a jumping clothesline for two. Cruz enzuigiri’s Kingston when forearms don’t work. Kingston backfists Cruz. Yamagasa blind tags in and dropkicks Cruz in the back. Yamagasa monkey flips him and comes off the second rope with a crossbody. Corbin breaks the pin. Yamagasa slaps him so hard he falls to the mat. He holds onto a Camel Clutch while Kingston hits Cruz with the Royal Flush for the pin at 9:26. Yamagasa’s entry into the match was never explained well, but I presume he was put in to replace Sabian. Regardless, he was a good fit as Kingston’s partner. Though fun it times, it was the usual stuff you would see out of Kingston and the North Stars at this time. **

Larry Sweeney is continuing his Winner’s Circle segment he started last month in Barnesville. That is to say Sweeney plans to interview the winner’s of each of tonight’s matches. Last month Kingston ended the segment when Sweeney name dropped Chris Hero. This time around Kingston tells Sweeney to shut up and to stop stealing the spotlight. Sweeney’s tone changes to one of anger. He backs off when Kingston comes towards him. Sweeney questions why Kingston can’t hold onto a tag team partner. He runs through some of his past partners. Kingston gets hot when Black Jack Marciano is mentioned. Kingston takes Sweeney aside to tell him to never mention that name ever again. Sweeney grabs his Gatorade and heads to the back in a huff.

Daizee Haze is…in a field? Haze says she already took down Allison Danger so CHIKARA is bringing in a larger woman in Sara Del Rey. Haze says that does not matter. She rips out some grass and says just like it, Sara will be blown away.

Sara Del Rey vs. Daizee Haze

This is one for the history books kids; this is Sara’s CHIKARA debut. Sara shoves Haze to the corner easily. Haze stomps her foot in a wrist clutch. Sara bumps Haze with her behind to break a waistlock. Sara suplexes her for two. Haze takes Sara to the mat in a headlock. Sara rolls her up for two. Sara delivers a quebradora and a headbutt. She stomps Haze in the corner. Sara only gets one with a butterfly suplex. Sara puts Haze in a parachute stretch. Sara locks her arms to add more pressure. Haze pokes Sara in the eyes to break it. Haze throws some punches and dropkicks Sara twice. Sara holds the ropes to block an Irish whip. Haze drives Sara face first into the canvas. Haze key locks her legs. Haze snaps back to the mat before applying a Muta Lock. Haze throws some chops and boots Haze in the mid-section. She does it again. She goes for a third time but Haze blocks and hits a tornado stunner for two. Haze rolls Sara into a front chancery. Sara tries to turn that into the Royal Butterfly. Haze is a bit too lively so Sara throws her to the mat. Sara gutwrench suplexes Haze for two. Haze sunset flips her for two. Sara ducks a boot and places Haze on her shoulders. They roll across the ring. Sara picks up Haze in a modified pendulum. Haze prawn holds her way free for a two count. Haze clenches on a head vice. Sara powerbombs Haze out of it for two. Haze goes for a crucifix bomb. Sara turns it into a Samoan Drop for two. Haze turns Sara’s German suplex attempt into a prawn hold for the pin at 11:57. This was much better than all of Haze and Danger’s matches. It’s easy to see why Sara and Daizee became the staples of women’s wrestling in CHIKARA. They impressed the crowd and had a much more physical match than what you’re used to seeing. It was certainly a lot of fun. **3/4

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Lance Steel vs. Rorschach, Shane Valentine & Casanova

It’s very clear that there is someone different under the Lance Steel hood, with long hair flowing out of the mask (when usually there is no hair to be seen). Mantis makes note of it on commentary. Rorschach avoids Steel’s early Boston Crab attempts. He stupidly chops Steel’s chest plate. Steel gets the Boston Crab on. Rorschach gets the ropes. Soldier Ant and Casanova tag in. Casanova fireman carry’s Soldier Ant while holding the arm. He rolls Casanova into a bridge for two. Soldier Ant blocks a hip toss with one of his own. Soldier Ant shows Casanova how kipping up is done. Valentine and Fire Ant tag in. Fire Ant puts on a standing Octopus, which he turns into a headscissors take down. Fire Ant DDT’s Valentine, then quesadora’s him to the ropes. Fire Ant and Steel miss a joust. Valentine slingshots Soldier Ant into the ring. The Rudos triple Irish whip their opponents into Manhattan Drops. The Colony joust their opponents. Valentine takes them out, leaving Fire Ant alone to be picked apart. Rorschach tries for his Death Valley Driver but Fire Ant is able to drop out and antzuigiri him. Steel tags in and puts Rorschach in the Boston Crab. The Colony stretch out Rorschach’s arms. Valentine and Casanova enter leading to a submission change with all six men. The chain is broken and re-made outside of the ring. Fire Ant ends up moonsaulting onto everyone. Valentine and Casanova tandem slam Steel. The Colony break their nonchalant pin and clothesline them to the floor. Rorschach cuts off their dives. Soldier Ant holds Rorschach in a wheelbarrow position. Fire Ant comes off to blockbuster him out of the position. Soldier Ant pins Rorschach at 14:17. There were some really awkward and sloppy points during this match. It never really recovered until the final move and by then it was just too late to salvage the not so great previous 14 minutes. *

Jon Moxley admits his first night in CHIKARA didn’t go as well as he wish it did. He makes excuses as to why not, but feels like he has a clean slate in Barnesville. He says he’s going to smack around Arik Cannon around tonight and rip the Mohawk off his head. He says he’s going to get his win back tonight, then come back next month and win the Young Lions Cup.

Arik Cannon vs. Jon Moxley

Some clever fans hold up a paper dawn brick wall for Cannon to burst through since he does resemble the Kool-Aid Man. Moxley is not amused. Cannon breaks a lock-up against the ropes. Moxley trips Cannon and brushes his head insultingly. Cannon grabs a cravate. Moxley throws him off so Cannon puts on a headlock. Moxley reverses. Cannon armdrags Moxley out to the floor. Cannon joins the audience so he can participate in their jeering of Moxley. Moxley rubs his forearm in Cannon’s face. He also chokes him. Cannon backdrops him out of the corner. Cannon slams Moxley for one. Moxley rakes his eyes and forearms him in the back. Cannon backdrops Moxley over the ropes. Moxley holds on so he can land on his feet. Cannon attempts a brainbuster on the floor. Moxley stops it and comes off the apron with a knee strike. Moxley chokes him on the floor. Cannon small packages Moxley back in the ring for two. Moxley clotheslines Cannon forcefully and then twists up his chin. He puts on a Camel Clutch, ripping at Cannon’s face initially. Cannon escapes with a chinbreaker. Moxley catches Cannon with a standing legdrop for two. Cannon wins a strike exchange with a big forearm. Cannon delivers two exploder suplexes. Moxley blocks a third. Cannon ducks his clothesline and hits a twisting neckbreaker for two. Moxley backslides Cannon to block an uppercut. Cannon hits an enzuigiri. Moxley ducks the Glimmering Warlock. He Oklahoma rolls Cannon for the pin at 8:59. That was a perfect way to get Moxley into the YLC; have him pin someone who already qualified and is a favorite to win. This had shades of both of their matches from last night and each guy had an excellent showing building to next month’s tournament. **1/2

Hallowicked and Delirious are sitting inside an empty Dr. Pepper cooler. They speak in gibberish to each other and the camera. Back in the arena, Shane Matthews comes out on crutches with his usual partner Jagged and Max Boyer. Matthews says his knee become even more injured in last night’s Tag Team Gauntlet and can’t compete. Jagged says he went to Canada to find a suitable partner, and he found Chris Benoit. Boyer tries to correct him but there’s no changing their minds. They even correct Carolina Jim to announce him as such. Well this is certainly discomforting to watch today.

Hallowicked & Delirious vs. Jagged {2.0} & Max Boyer

Delirious gives chase to Jagged around the building due to the sound of the bell. Hallowicked and Boyer officially start up in a lock-up. To add to the discomfort, Bryce on commentary says “Benoit wouldn’t be caught dead in those silver boots.” Boyer grabs the ropes to break a submission. Boyer grabs Hallowicked’s arm. Hallowicked doesn’t budge at his shoulder block attempts. He hip tosses Boyer. Boyer responds in kind. Hallowicked sweeps Boyer’s feet which causes Boyer to retreat to the floor. Delirious and Jagged tag in. Delirious is distracted by Shane Matthews and his crutch. Jagged and Delirious finally lock-up. Delirious bites his head in a headlock. Delirious shoulder blocks him to the mat. Jagged drops down so Delirious joins him on the mat. Delirious trips Jagged and throws him face first to the mat. Hallowicked and Delirious double hip toss Jagged. They trip Boyer as he tries to come in. They lace their opponents legs and kick them repeatedly. They double dropkick Boyer for two. Jagged trips Hallowicked. Matthews hits him in the leg with his crutch while Boyer distracts referee Matt Dillon. Boyer and Jagged continue to focus their attack on Hallowicked’s leg back in the ring. Hallowicked kicks Jagged to the ropes. He hits a stunner before tagging in Delirious. He gets two on Jagged with a Cobra Clutch backbreaker. Delirious dropkkicks Jagged to the corner and hits the Panic Attack. Hallowicked and Delirious give him a side slam/legdrop combo. Boyer breaks the cover. He powerbombs Delirious for two. Jagged knee strikes Hallowicked in the side of his head after Boyer gives him a backbreaker. Delirious misses a missile dropkick. Hallowicked and Delirious whip Boyer and Jagged into each other. They put out simultaneous submissions. The both tap out at 11:47. This was just plain fun. Delirious and 2.0. together is a winning combination if I have ever seen it. If memory serves me correctly, it’s the only time they ever faced each other while in CHIKARA (though Hallowicked and Frightmare would face 2.0. twice in 2009). That’s a shame because I thoroughly enjoyed watching them (and Hallowicked) in this match. **3/4

Young Lions Cup IV Tournament Qualifier
Equinox vs. Dr. Cheung {PT}

Cheung attacks Equinox from behind. Equinox escapes an FU attempt with an armdrag. Cheung slams Equinox and pumps his shoes. He hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cheung spins out Equinox into a backbreaker. Cheung vertical suplexes Equinox across his knee for two. Cheung knees Equinox in the head. He drops an elbow for two. Cheung heads to the top rope. He misses a back senton. Equinox capitalizes with a running shooting star press to get the pin at 2:36. It seems weird for Cheung to squash Equinox for most of the match just to lose by a fluke in the end. Meh. ½*

F.I.S.T. was going to take on MIYAWAKI and Yoshiaki Yago, but due to them winning three points last night, they will face Hero and Claudio instead. Icarus (with Akuma) comes out and asks Leonard F. Chikarason to see what’s going on now that their scheduled opponents are in a different match. Chikarason says he knows two guys who are looking to get their hands on them. Mike Quackenbush and Shane Storm sprint out and the match is on.

Mike Quackenbush & Shane Storm vs. Icarus & Gran Akuma

Quack and Storm beat down their opponents right from the start. Storm and Akuma spill to the floor. Quack dropkicks Icarus to the corner and stomps him silly. Quack’s momentum from picking up Icarus brings them to the corner where Icarus is deposited to the floor. Quack windmill chops Akuma before throwing him out too. Quack drops his knees across Icarus’ chest. Storm tags in. He and Quack hit a string of maneuvers before Storm covers him for two. Storm evades some dropkicks and hits one of his own. Storm armdrags Akuma twice. Storm bodyscissors Akuma across the ring and delivers a quebradora. Quack bulldogs Akuma and Storm somersault sentons onto his back for two. Quack alita’s Akuma across the ring. Akuma and Quack reverse pin attempts. Quack armdrags him to the floor. He suicide dives onto him. Icarus catches Storm on the top rope. He sends Storm shoulder first into the turnbuckle and gets two with an inverted DDT. Akuma and Icarus pummel Storm in their corner. Storm knee strikes Akuma to escape their grasp. Quack takes out Icarus with a clothesline. He backdrops Icarus and hits the Quackendriver III. Akuma kicks Quack to break it. Quack blocks the Yoshi Tonic with the Mad Scientist Bomb. Icarus gives Quack a backbreaker, then throws him to the floor. Icarus blocks That Japanese Move. Storm blocks the Shiranui. He German suplexes Icarus. Akuma gives Storm a crucifix driver for two. Storm looks for That Japanese Move on Akuma. Icarus cuts him off and hits a Shiranui. Akuma lands a 450 splash. Quack breaks the count just in time. Quack knees Icarus to stop him from giving Storm the Wings of Icarus. Storm hits That Japanese Move on Akuma for two. Akuma escapes the Air Raid Crash by bringing Storm to the floor. Akuma powerbombs Quack onto Icarus’ knees. Icarus puts him in the Liontamer. Quack’s arm drops thrice, giving F.I.S.T. the victory at 13:54. F.I.S.T. become more dominant the more they work as a team. They were relentless when working on Quackenbush’s back, which worked out for them in the end. Storm and Quack’s passion in the onset set the tone for the rest of the match and got the fans riled up also. This was another strong tag match from the usual suspects. ***

Larry Sweeney says the smell of victory is in the air. He says he put Mana down and out last night and will do just the same with Milano Collection AT tonight. He’s very confident in himself and says nothing will stop him from winning his title back.

ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship
Milano Collection AT {T2P} (Champion) vs. Larry Sweeney

Sweeney goes to slap AT’s face in the corner. AT ducks and slaps Sweeney himself. The same thing happens when AT brings Sweeney back to the corner. AT twists Sweeney’s arm and elbow. Sweeney pulls AT by his hair to reverse it. AT gets a hammerlock which Sweeney gets in the ropes to break. AT butterfly’s Sweeney and stretches out his legs and groin. AT puts on a headlock. Sweeney turns that into a headscissors. AT hip tosses Sweeney and takes him back into a headlock. Sweeney escapes again, then is brought back down into a headlock. Sweeney dropkicks AT’s left leg. Sweeney does more damage to AT’s leg, as Sweeney saw that leg be worn down in last night’s Atomicos main event. AT kicks Sweeney to the corner and schoolboys him for two. Sweeney drops AT’s knee across his thigh. Sweeney’s fist drops AT’s knee twice. He puts on a figure four leg lock. AT reverses the pressure. Sweeney grabs the ropes. Sweeney sits down on AT’s leg while it dangles on the bottom rope. AT kicks Sweeney to the floor. AT slingshots Sweeney back into the ring. Sweeney catches his boot but eats his enzuigiri. AT throws fists at Sweeney after a modified Thesz Press. AT Kobashi chops Sweeney. Sweeney sends AT to the apron. AT kicks him from the apron. He hits a running dropkick from the floor. AT climbs up top. He crossbody’s Sweeney for two. He calls for the AT Lock. Sweeney headbutts AT’s leg and small packages him for two. Sweeney pulls a chain out of his boot. AT superkicks Sweeney and the chain goes flying. Bryce catches it near AT. Bryce goes to dispose of it. Meanwhile, Sweeney punches AT with another loaded fist (the foreign object was not seen). Sweeney hits the 12 Large Elbow for the pin and the title at 13:24. This was just as good as their previous encounter when Milano won the title. You have rarely seen anyone as happy as Sweeney when he got the title back in his hands. Even with all the leg work, Sweeney reduced himself to cheating to win the belt. This would be AT’s last match in CHIKARA and a fun one at that. ***

Sweeney brings himself over to the Winner’s Circle to celebrate his win. He tells AT to get out of the ring since he lost. The fans call Sweeney a cheater. Sweeney says all is fair in love and war when it comes to the Texarkana championship. He asks for Eddie Kingston to come back out. Kingston obliges. Sweeney apologizes for what happened earlier tonight. Kingston shakes his hand and gives him a hug. Sweeney then blasts Kingston with brass knuckles! Sweeney says nobody tells him to respect them. He says Kingston started something and he just finished it. In no way would this be the last time these two crossed paths. Sweeney heads to the parking lot to leave. Kingston follows when he comes to, but Sweeney is long gone by that point.

The Kings of Wrestling are backstage playing poker. Hero says tonight is the first ever defense of the Campeonatos de Parejas. They were supposed to face Lancelot, but Hero says they foolishly gambled all their points away in the tag team gauntlet last night. Hero says tonight they face Antonio Inoki and Giant Baba. Claudio tries to correct him but doesn’t know their opponents names either. Hero says they’re opponents were also in the 2006 Tag World Grand Prix and didn’t win. They both have two Kings in their hands for the Poker game, symbolizing their presumed victory.

Campeonatos de Parejas
Chris Hero {KOW} & Claudio Castagnoli {KOW} vs. MIYAWAKI {KD} & Yoshiaki Yago {KD}

In these matches, there is no time limit and they will be contested under two out of three falls rules. MIYAWAKI wins a test of strength with Hero. He stomps on Hero’s hands. Hero does some of his own damage t MIYAWAKI’s hands. MIYAWAKI crucifix pins Hero as he goes to work over his arm. MIYAWAKI stomps on Hero’s hand again. MIYAWAKI headbutts Hero’s hand while twisting his wrist and hand. Hero and MIYAWAKI reach a stalemate on the mat. Claudio and Yago tag in. Claudio has Hero massage his knee after Yago kicks it. Claudio goes to the corner after taking a few more kicks there. Yago goes for a cross armbreaker. Claudio grabs the ropes. He kicks Claudio in his back and chest. A legdrop gets him two. MIYAWAKI stomps Claudio in his corner. He drops an elbow for two. Hero forearms MIYAWAKI in the back when he hits the ropes. Hero and Claudio double leapfrog MIYAWAKI. They each get in a kick and Claudio uppercuts MIYAWAKI into a roll-up from Hero for two. The Kings keep MIYAWAKI in their corner, not only to wear him out, but also because of their fear of Yago. Hero slams MIYAWAKI. Arrogant, he foolishly chops Yago from the apron. Yago kicks Hero as he attempts a rolling senton. MIYAWAKI whips the Kings to the corner. He gives Claudio a Samoan drop and dropkicks Hero in the corner as he falls. Yago legally tags in and punches the Kings in the chest. Yago spinwheel kicks Claudio for two. He gets two with a Northern Lights suplex as well. Claudio drops Yago off his shoulders. Hero gives Yago an ugly powerslam. Hero’s standing moonsault only gets him two. Hero throws in some Tracy Smothers offense. Yago absorbs it all and punches Hero in the chest. MIYAWAKI missile dropkicks Hero. He dropkicks Hero right in the head for two. MIYAWAKI and Hero switch positions. MIYAWAKI drops him with a reverse DDT for two. MIYAWAKI puts on a modified chickenwing. Yago clobbers Claudio and kicks Hero in the head. Hero taps out at 15:24, giving the K-Dojo team the first fall. Claudio throws uppercuts at MIYAWAKI. MIYAWAKI rocks him with a forearm. Yago punches Claudio multiple times in the chest. Yago goes for a choke and Claudio grabs the ropes. Claudio and Yago exchange waistlocks. Claudio feigns being fouled by Yago, so Remsburg calls for the ball and awards the Kings the second fall via DQ at 17:23.

Yago is quite angry at what the Kings did. For it, he punches Claudio’s chest many times. He kicks him in the head and tags in MIYAWAKI. He clobbers Claudio’s neck with forearms. MIYAWAKI gutwrench powerbombs him for two. Claudio tries to feign a foul again. Remsburg doesn’t fall for it this time around. MIYAWAKI and Yago come in and throws punches to both Hero and Claudio. They throw the Kings together and German suplex them. Yago puts Claudio in a STF. He turns it into a crossface when Claudio gets close to the ropes. He grabs the second arm, to Claudio twists so he can put his foot on the ropes. MIYAWAKI kicks Claudio’s face a few times. Claudio gives him the Match Killer and tags out. Hero and MIYAWAKI exchange forearm strikes. Hero forcefully big boots MIYAWAKI for two. Hero Saito suplexes him. MIYAWAKI fires up and eats another boot. He fires up once more. Hero delivers a rolling elbow and just gets a two count. Claudio enzuigiri’s MIYAWAKI as he’s on the top rope. Hero gives him a Cravate Buster. Yago punches Hero to break the pin. He Dragon suplexes Hero. Claudio uppercuts Yago in the neck. He hits Swiss Death on MIYAWAKI bringing everyone off their feet. Hero and MIYAWAKI exchange forearms again. Hero pokes MIYAWAKI in the eyes. He drives MIYAWAKI’s face into his knees for two. Hero gives MIYAWAKI the Hero’s Welcome: Championship Edition. Yago breaks the count. Hero and Claudio boot Yago to the floor. They pick up MIYAWAKI for the double Ricola Bomb. That gives them the pin and the victory at 25:19. That was an excellent, hard fought victory to showcase the first defense of these belts. Claudio and Hero were able to hang with the tough K-Dojo duumvirate in a completely believable way. Even though they had to cheat their way through one fall, by the end there was no doubt they were the better team. Yago and MIYAWAKI did an awesome job looking like an imposing threat and deserve a lot of credit for making the first CdP defense a strong one. ***3/4


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