IWA Deep South: Southern Discomfort 2006

Pell City, AL – 5.20.2006

IWA Deep South Tag Team Championship
Eddie Kingston & Joker vs. Sal Thomaselli & Vito Thomaselli

The winner of this match are the inaugural IWA-DS tag champions. The Thomaselli’s jump BLK Out at the bell. Joker and Kingston double team Vito after pitching Sal to the floor. Sal and Vito regroup. Sal and Kingston start off. Kingston takes him over in a side headlock. Sal reverses into a headscissors. Kingston reverses back to the side headlock. Joker tags in. He and Kingston double shoulder tackle Sal for two. Sal forearms Joker and tags in Vito. Vito and Sal double hip toss Joker before hitting a double uranage. Joker and Vito knock each other down with forearms. Sal and Kingston throw forearms as well. Kingston chops Sal in the corner. Sal blocks a yakuza kick. He holds onto Kingston’s leg across the top rope. Vito hits Kingston’s knee with a steel chair behind referee Bryce Remsburg’s back. They also drop Kingston’s knee onto a set-up chair on the floor. Vito and Sal target Kingston’s knee while keeping Joker at bay. Kingston suplexes Sal and tags in Joker, but Bryce didn’t see it so he doesn’t allow it. Sal and Vito go back to work on Kingston ‘s knee. Kingston rocks Sal with a forearm and suplex to finally escape and tag in Joker. Joker overhead suplexes Vito. Joker hits an arm-capture suplex and Sal breaks the pin. Kingston sends Sal to the floor. Joker gives Vito to Kingston for a powerbomb. Joker pins Vito but Sal breaks the pin. Sal kicks out Kingston’s knee and stomps on it. Kingston ducks their high/low combo. Joker tags back in. He comes off the top with dropkicks to both Thomaselli’s. He whips Vito to Kingston and slams Sal. Joker hops over Kingston onto Sal. Kingston collapses under Vito’s weight due to his knee. Vito puts him in a tree of woe. The Thomaselli’s flapjack Joker. Sal holds Joker in a pendulum while Vito comes off the top rope with a double stomp. That gets the Thomaselli’s the pin and the titles at 11:05. I loved the knee work on Kingston. Some of the stuff near the finish seemed contrived, but this was a fun match in spite of that. Kingston vows to come back for revenge on the Thomaselli’s some time. **3/4

IWA Deep South Championship; Elimination Match
Hallowicked vs. Brandon Thomaselli vs. Sal Rinauro vs. Mickie Knuckles

Cabana Man Dan vacated this title at the beginning of the night due to suffering an injury. This match was supposed to have Hallowicked, Sal Rinauro, Rainman and Jay Fury, but Rainman and Fury could not make the show. They decided to make it a three way with Hallowicked, Sal Rinauro, and the winner of Jimmy Rave vs. Brandon Thomaselli (which Thomaselli won). Mickie Knuckles came out at the beginning of the show and insisted she also be in the match. The IWA-DS management agreed to let her in the match to make it a four way.

Thomaselli and Knuckles trade holds to start. They shake hands after reaching a stalemate. Rinauro blind tags in on Thomaselli. Rinauro makes a woman beating joke and gets “homo” chants in response. Knuckles takes control by monkey flipping Rinauro and putting on a straight jacket choke. Thomaselli tags in when Rinauro backs himself and Knuckles to the corner. Rinauro ends up controlling Thomaselli by his wrist. He hands Thomaselli’s arm to Hallowicked so he can water pump it across the top rope. Thomaselli hands Hallowicked Rinauro’s arm which he doesn’t notice until it’s too late. Hallowicked is very angered that he was tricked. He and Rinauro make amends. Hallowicked helps Rinauro add pressure to his abdominal stretch that he has Thomaselli in. Thomaselli and Knuckles do the same to Rinauro but get some audience members to help them out too. Thomaselli dropkicks Rinauro and tags in Knuckles. Knuckles lays in a flurry of knee strikes. She and Thomaselli act as a team, taking turns wearing Rinauro down. Rinauro sneaks in a dropkick to Knuckles after taking many atomic drops. Hallowicked does not want to tag in to fight Knuckles. Rinauro headbutts her crotch for two. Hallowicked changes his mind and does tag in. He chops her and forearms her in the back for two. Hallowicked chops her again before tagging Rinauro back in. Hallowicked and Rinauro team up on her, even getting in some cheap shots when Thomaselli tries to tell Bryce what is going on. Knuckles spins Hallowicked into a uranage and finally tags in Thomaselli. Rinauro also tags in and gets clotheslined and elbowed for his troubles. A knee lift and standing shooting star press get Thomaselli a two count. Thomaselli hit Rinauro with The Deal to eliminate him at 18:51. Hallowicked comes in. Thomaselli gives him a swinging neckbreaker for two. Hallowicked releases a back suplex. He cracks Thomaselli with a yakuza kick to pin and eliminate him at 19:32. Hallowicked stands off with Knuckles. They each throw a chop at one another. Knuckles whips Hallowicked to the corner. She follows up with a dropkick. She stomps Hallowicked on his shoulders twice for two. Knuckles hits a German suplex. She also hits a shining wizard. Hallowicked grabs the ropes to break the pin. She goes up top after chopping Hallowicked on the mat. Hallowicked crotches her. He hits a step-up enzuigiri. He brings her down with a super fisherman’s buster for the pin and the title at 22:58. I was so annoyed by how non-serious this match was for the first ten or so minutes. This is a title match, you shouldn’t be screwing around half the time. It got a lot better when it broke up into a tag match. The eliminations coming quickly was a bit annoying, but by that time the match was going a little too long anyways so I wasn’t all that upset. Thomaselli certainly had the best showing; I was quite surprised he didn’t win. Not the best title match I have ever seen to be sure. **1/4

Cabana Man Dan says he will challenge Hallowicked for the title at their next show.

Larry Sweeney vs. Nasty Kritter Scrub

Earlier in the night Sweeney interrupted Scrub presenting a shirt to a special needs child in the crowd. Sweeney as usual was very braggadocios. Scrub challenged Sweeney to a match right then and there, but Sweeney says he only wrestles in main events. Scrub made it so at the time, and now here we are. Sweeney gave Scrub a nice low blow before running away.

Sweeney insists the referee check Scrub for foreign objects before he will get in the ring. Scrub grabs a hammerlock. Sweeney elbows his way out. He sees how angry Scrub is and apologizes. The referee checks Sweeney and finds a foreign object in his tights. Sweeney is not pleased when the referee wants to take it away and takes a time out. Sweeney asks for a handshake. Scrub agrees but forcefully holds onto Sweeney’s hand. Sweeney goes to the ropes and then to the floor. Scrub reverses an Irish whip. He shoulder blocks Sweeney to the mat. Scrub trips Sweeney when he comes off the ropes. Sweeney forearms Scrub on the back. Scrub backdrops him, causing Sweeney to hit the floor again. Scrub grabs Sweeney by his hair and pulls him to the apron. Sweeney snaps Scrub’s neck on the top rope. Sweeney stomps Scrub and chokes him on the mat. Sweeney chokes Scrub with his wrist tape in a chinlock. Scrub puts his foot on the rope to break the count. Scrub punches Sweeney in the corner. They flub an Atomic drop, so Sweeney just stomps on his crotch. Sweeney drops a couple elbows for two. Sweeney drops more elbows on the inside of Scrub’s leg before grapevining it. Sweeney kicks out the leg when Scrub tries standing up. Sweeney comes off the second rope with an elbow drop for two. Sweeney double axe handles Scrub. He tries a second time and Scrub catches him with a punch to the mid-section. Scrub powerslams Sweeney. Sweeney gets his foot on the ropes to break the pin. Scrub thinks he won and argues with the referee. Meanwhile, Sweeney pulls knucks out of his boot. He clocks Scrub with it and pins him. The referee stops counting when he sees the knucks on Sweeney’s fist. Scrub small packages Sweeney for the pin at 13:32 when Sweeney goes to toss the knucks away. The psychology was on point, but this was really dull. The crowd loved seeing their hometown guy go over Sweeney so I guess it was the right match to have, but there was so much stalling and no payoff to Sweeney’s leg work at all. That is quite frustrating. Sweeney was a pro as usual. *

Sweeney says he’s coming back to IWA: DS and will take out his anger on the fans.

That was not an awesome way for me to be introduced to this company. I hope the following shows are more enjoyable.


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