Wrestling is Fun!: With Great Potassium, Comes Great Responsibility


Allentown, PA – 2.23.2013

Frightmare vs. Dasher Hatfield

Frightmare startles Hatfield after a leapfrog. Hatfield snaps off a few armdrags. Frightmare kicks Hatfield to the ropes and rolls up into a headscissors. He frightens Dasher, sending him to the floor. Dasher takes a young fan in a Frightmare mask and hides in the elevator. When he opens it, Frightmare is scared by the young fan. Hatfield and Frightmare make amends before heading back into the ring. Frightmare snaps off a Frankensteiner and Hatfield puts him in an abdominal stretch. Frightmare rolls up his shoulders but gets caught in a gut buster. Hatfield gets two with a baseball slide. Same goes for a leg drop. He puts on a surfboard chin lock which Frightmare bites his way out of. Frightmare yakuza kicks him in the corner. He wheelbarrows him into a prawn hold for two. Hatfield gives him the Jackhammer for two. Frightmare goes for the Frightmare on Elm St. Hatfield blocks, but Frightmare is able to give him an Ace Crusher for two. Hatfield goes for the Suicide Squeeze. Frightmare counters with the Frightmare on Elm St., giving Hatfield his first loss in Wrestling is Fun at 9:09. I’d say defeating a guy like Hatfield is a big deal and would warrant a shot at the Banana for Frightmare. These guys gelled together very well and had a great exhibition. **3/4

Saturyne vs. Princess Kimber Lee

Lee is the same Kimber Lee who competes in CZW and other companies. Here though, she is royalty. She demands that Saturyne kiss her foot. Saturyne refuses which does not sit well with Princess Lee. Lee brings her to the mat in a side headlock. Saturyne comes back with a satellite headscissors and a spin kick. Lee catches a dropkick and slingshots Saturyne into the canvas. She throws her across the ring by her hair. Lee gets two with a flapjack. After a hard chop she catapults Saturyne into the corner and digs her boot into her back. Saturyne blocks a catapult and nails a top rope dropkick for two. She quesadora’s into a bulldog. Saturyne is frustrated when Lee kicks out.Lee responds with a release German suplex for two. Saturyne blocks a boot from the corner. She gives Lee her own catapult. She gets the pin with a high crossbody at 8:33. Lee looked really good in her debut here, getting the opportunity to look dominant and strong. There were tiny moments of awkwardness, but this was much better than I anticipated. **1/2

The Estonian Thunderfrog & Latvian Proud Oak vs. Kodama & Kobald

The Batiri attack before the bell and send the Baltic Siege to the floor. The Batiri slingshot Thunderfrog back into the ring. Oak slingshots the both of them to the floor. Thunderfrog ends a Lucha exchange with Kodama with a boot and an Estonian Hammer to the chest and shoulders. Oak rolls himself into the British pool ball. Kodama has great difficulty dealing with him. Oak puts on a wristlock and Kodama rakes his eyes. Oak gives Kobald a modified atomic drop. Kodama gives him a back cracker. The Batiri isolate Oak until he’s able to snapmare Kodama in preventing another back cracker. Thunderfrog takes Kodama down with a pair of a belly-to-belly suplexes. Kodama puts Thunderfrog on his shoulders. Kobald goes to the top rope but Oak knocks him down. He log rolls Kodama’s legs out. Kobald breaks the cover. Thunderfrog puts him in a Bear Hug. He puts Kodama in one at the same time! Oak brings Kodama to the floor. Kodama is able to take him down while Thunderfrog throws kicks at Kobald. Kodama puts him in a sleeper. Thunderfrog backs him to the corner and breaks free. Kobald crtoches him in the corner. Kodama gives him a back breaker and Kobald hits the Demon’s Toilet. Oak breaks the pin just in the nick of time. He pitches Kodama to the floor. Kobald throws him head first to the corner and calls for the Demon’s Toilet. He slaps Camera Man Gary while climbing the ropes! That amount of time costs him the move. Thunderfrog gives Kobald a Razor’s Edge into a reverse X-Factor from Oak, giving the Baltic Siege the win at 11:30. I am really impressed with how far and how good Thunderfrog and Oak are given their off-beat characters. What can you say? They make it work. The Batiri worked well with them and made for a fun match. Like the previous contest, I am surprised by how much I liked this. ***

Mike Quackenbush vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado

Coronado’s man servant Herbert grabs Quackenbush’s leg when Corando brings him to the corner. He sneaks in a cheap right hand! Quackenbush gives him an overhand chop. He monkey flips Coronado to the corner and then out of it. Herbert grabs Quackenbush’s foot again. Coronado pitches him to the floor. He chases Herbert until he runs into Coronado. Quackenbush slams him onto the floor! In the ring Coronado begs off, then delivers another haymaker. Quackenbush gets two with a second rope crossbody. Coronado hotshots him onto the top rope. He wears down Quackenbush’s neck. He misses a crossbody. Quackenbushgets two with a sunset flip. Coronado blocks a palm strike with a neckbreaker. He heads up top but gets thrown across the ring by Quackenbush. He sends Coronado to the apron with a couple elbows. Coronado snaps Quackenbush’s neck across the ropes. Quackenbush spikes him with a bulldog. Herbert’s distraction allows Coronado to get in a throat thrust. Quackenbush drops him with the Black Tornado Slam for two. Coronado O’Conner rolls Quackenbush into a German suplex for two. He goes for the Coronado Clutch. Quackenbush escapes. He palm strikes Coronado on the top rope and brings him down with a Frankensteiner. He hits a Swanton Bomb for two. Coronado rolls through Quackenbush’s victory roll. Herbert gives him some help and gets him the win at 10:55. One of the best matches in Wrestling is Fun history. The wrestling was terrific, the crowd was really into it and it was something to sink your teeth into. The finish may not have been ideal, but it told the story they wanted and opened the door for a rematch which we will get one day. I was a big fan of this match. ***1/4

Fire Ant & Green Ant vs. Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive

No Sidney Bakabella in the Devastation Corporation corner tonight. The Colony relentlessly throw forearms at the Corporation. They end up being mowed down by stereo shoulder blocks. The Colony baits them into the corner. McMassive clotheslines them both. Smashmaster accidentally clotheslines him. McMassive muscles Fire Ant up into a fallaway slam. Green Ant is sent out to the floor, leaving Fire Ant to be decimated by the Corporation. He’s able to avoid a splash from Smashmaster and a legdrop from McMasive. Green Ant is tagged in while they are recovering. He comes in with a top rope dropkick to Smashmaster. He kicks him in the head and leg. Another dropkick from the second rope takes him off of his feet. He fights of McMassive’s neck hanging tree slam. Fire Ant kicks out his leg, then helps Green Ant kick McMassive in the chest and back. Green Ant puts him in the cloverleaf. Smashmaster saves his partner. McMassive gives him the Black Hole Slam. Fire Ant breaks the pin with a Yahtzee Kick. Smashmaster splashes him in the corner. FIre Ant goes for a crossbody. Smashmaster catches him. Fire Ant pulls off a stunner. McMassive kicks Green Ant to stop his German suplex attempt on Smashmaster. Green Ant throws some lariats which do not phase Mc Massive. Green Ant takes him to his knees and hits a lariat. The Corporation retreats to the floor and The Colony dive after them. Smashmaster accidentally hits the ring post. McMassive goes for a double chokeslam on the apron. He instead takes a double superkick and falls onto Smashmaster. The Colony enter the ring just as the 20 count hits, making them the winners via count-out at 11:33. The Corporation are coming along but still need some polishing (Smashmaster in particular). A little bit of hesitancy in their offense made for some awkward moments, but they managed to move things along pretty well in spite of that. Green Ant and McMassive were the two standouts to be sure, but I would not at all mind a rematch due tot he finish. **1/2

WiF Banana “Championship” Match
“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti (Champion) vs. Hallowicked

Angelosetti insists on wearing his helmet (which he calls a mask). After trading holds, Hallowicked rips off the helmet’s chin strap. He pulls off the helmet when Angelosetti shoves his way out of a side headlock. Angelosetti covers up with his jersey as if he were unmasked. Hallowicked armdrags his way into a Tornado Clutch. Angelosetti applies a courting hold. Hallowicked runs the ropes to armdrag his way free. He goes for a step-up enzuigiri. Angelosetti puts on his helmet to block it and tackles Hallowicked. He chokes Hallowicked on the middle rope. Hallowicked tries the step-up enzuigiri again. Angelosetti tackles him once more for two. He shoulder tackles Hallowicked three times in the corner. He begins to unlace Hallowicked’s mask. He gets in a few splashes before delivering a boot. Hallowicked responds with a yakuza kick. He sends Angelosetti to the floor with a Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. He follows Angelosetti with a suicide dive. Hallowicked Magistral cradles him for two. He gets another two count with the Rydeen Bomb. Angelosetti sends referee Jon Barber into the ropes to crotch Hallowicked on the top rope. He brings him down with a superplex. Hallowicked comes back, finally pulling off a step-up enzuigiri for two. After trading strikes, Angelosetti hits the Flea Flicker for two. He brings the banana into the ring. Jonathan Barber disposes of it. While that’s happening, Angelosetti moves Hallowicked’s mask so that he is blinded. Angelosetti gives him a high spinebuster for the pin at 15:36. Good action and a good story made for a good main event, but it never feels like these title matches are anything too noteworthy. They’re always solid but not memorable. This falls into that category. A story behind these matches would be nice. ***1/4


2 thoughts on “Wrestling is Fun!: With Great Potassium, Comes Great Responsibility

    1. I don’t particularly care for cards that are “just matches.” I appreciate a narrative that goes from show to show. Wrestling is Fun!, outside of certain Banana challengers and an undercard story here and there didn’t really have many stories. A company like PWG can get away with it because the matches are SO good, not to mention that at least they make a strong narrative over wins and losses. That’s what I meant.

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