wXw 2013 16 Carat Gold Tournament


Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE – March 1-3, 2013

2013 wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament First Round Match
Eddie Kingston vs. Chuck Taylor

Kingston shoves Taylor in the corner after breaking a lock-up. Taylor shoves him back. Kingston boots Taylor, so Taylor dropkicks him to the apron. He knee strikes Kingston to the floor. Kingston avoids a pescado, but Taylor lands on the apron. He hits a springboard dropkick to the stomach. They trade forearm strikes until Kingston pokes Taylor in the eyes. Taylor gets whipped to the corner. He back elbows Kingston to avoid a charge. Kingston armdrags Taylor to the floor. Taylor forearms Kingston to stop a dive. He comes in with a springboard, but Kingston catches him with an exploder suplex. Kingston gets a two count with a Northern Lights suplex. He chokes Taylor on the apron and chops him against the ropes. A bridging suplex gets Kingston another two count. He drives his elbow repeatedly into the side of Taylor’s head. Kingston headbuts him down in the corner. Taylor avoids a headbutt and delivers Sole Food. He drops Kingston with a uranage and kicks him in the chest. A low superkick gets him two. Taylor avoids a Backfist and hits the Brodie Knee. Taylor gets two with a standing Shiranui. He calls for the Awful Waffle. Kingston fights his way out and enzuigiri’s Taylor. He powerbombs him into the corner and brings him out with a uranage suplex. Taylor kicks out after taking a short-arm lariat. Taylor crotches Kingston on the top rope and brings him down with the Awful Waffle! Kingston somehow kicks out. Taylor misses a moonsault. Kingston suplexes him head first into the top turnbuckle. The Backfist to the Future and the Sliding D get him the win in 8:06. I absolutely hate it when people kick out of the Awful Waffle. Like the Canadian Destroyer, that should only happen in big time blow-off matches, not first round tournament bouts. Call that a nitpick, but I do think a move THAT devastating should be protected. That aside, these two took a more serious approach than I am used to and put on a performance that won the fans over. **½

2013 wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament Quarter-Final Round Match
Eddie Kingston vs. Shinobu

Kingston twists up Shinobu’s wrist in a double knuckle lock. Kingston snapmares him into a chin lock against his knee. Shinobu gets the ropes to escape. Kingston wrenches on a side headlock. When Shinobu escapes, Kingston shoulder blocks him down. Shinobu’s dropkick barely budges Kingston, who mows Shinobu down with a running shoulder block. He applies a cravate. He tags Shinobu with a rolling forearm and chops him against the ropes. Kingston brings him back to the mat and elbow strikes him in the side of the head whilst going for the pin. He re-applies a chinlock. Kingston gets two with a crucifix pin. He headbutts Shinobu twice before giving him a bridging suplex for two. Shinobu low bridges the top rope to send Kingston to the floor and follows with an Asai moonsault. Back in the ring Shinobu lands a missile dropkick for two. Kingston blocks a lariat, then drops Shinobu with a uranage suplex. A modified 2k1 Bomb gets him a two count. A Backdrop Driver has the same result. He tosses his off his elbow pad before hitting the American D. Shinobu kicks out right before the three count. Shinobu ducks the Backfist to the Future. He throws some slaps and a sole butt kick. Shinobu’s running lariats hurt Kingston, but it’s on the third when he takes Kingston off of his feet for a two count. A shooting star press gets Shinobu the pin at 7:48. Shinobu got to look tough withstanding all of Kingston’s offense while displaying some impressive agility. Kingston also worked to get the crowd firmly in Shinobu’s corner making for an excellent dynamic. Good stuff. **½

Eddie Kingston & Kim Ray vs. Axel Dieter Jr. & Da Mack

Kingston drops Mack to the mat out of a waistlock. Mack brings him down in a side headlock. Kingston backs Mack to the ropes and chops him in the chest twice. He knocks Mack down with a back elbow. Mack takes down Kingston with a headscissors. Kingston shakes his hand and for a moment thinks about joining Mack and Dieter since the crowd hates Ray so much. Of course, Kingston pokes Mack in the eyes and tags in Ray. Ray throws some chops at Mack and shoulder blocks him down. Mack takes him over with a Frankensteiner. Ray sole butt kicks Mack and kicks him twice in the chest. Dieter blind tags in. He hits a flying clothesline while Mack sweeps out Ray’s legs. Dieter drops Mack onto Ray for a two count. Dieter belly-to-belly suplexes Ray. From the apron Kingston stops the count. Dieter chops Ray against the ropes. Ray stops an Irish whip with a forearm strike and an over-the-shoulder neckbreaker across his knee. Kingston and Ray pummel Dieter in their corner until Ray foolishly goes to kick Mack. Mack catches his leg and feeds it to Dieter. Dieter back elbows him a few times before coming off the top with a Blockbuster. Mack tags in and comes off the top with a clothesline to Kingston. He spinwheel kicks Ray and takes down Kingston with a Sling Blade. Dieter and Mack double dropkick Kingston in the side of the head. Mack flapjacks Dieter onto Kingston for two. Mack comes off the top rope but Kingston catches him in the stomach with a clothesline. He gives him a uranage suplex for two. Ray and Mack exchange forearm strikes. Ray nails an enzuigiri. Dieter breaks the pin. Ray throws overhand chops to both Dieter and Mack. Dieter spikes him with a DDT after a kick from Mack. Kingston lights up Dieter and Mack with chops. Dieter assists Mack with a high angle DDT on Kingston. Kingston eats stereo enzuigiri’s for the pin at 12:56. Mack and Dieter were a fun tandem and Ray was so hated that it was an easy story to tell. Kingston did his job in hitting hard and assisting Ray in getting heat. The crowd really responded to him and gave him a nice reception afterwards. Ray attacks Kingston after the fact. Once he recovers, Kingston thanks the wXw crowd for their reception all weekend. **¾


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