CZW: Cage of Death XIII

Philadelphia, PA – 12.3.2011

Eddie Kingston & Homicide vs. Sabian & Joker

A few months back, Sabian and Joker issued an open challenge for any two of the following four wrestlers to accept: Low Ki, Homicide, Eddie Kingston, and Ricky Reyes. Homicide returned to CZW in November at “Night of Infamy X” and cost Sabian and Joker their tag team titles. After the match, Homicide informed them that he was going to accept their challenge with Eddie Kingston in his corner. That match happens on this show.

Sabian and Joker attack Homicide and Kingston at the bell. Joker and Homicide brawl on the floor. Sabian sends Kingston to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Sabian trips Homicide into a dropkick from Joker. Kingston and Homicide use some tandem moves to take both opponents out on the floor. Homicide and Sabian exchange strikes back in the ring. Homicide snapmares him into a crucifix pin for two. Joker is laying in knee strikes to Kingston on the floor. Between Sabian and Joker, Homicide gives them a few suplexes Three Amigos style. Kingston clotheslines Sabian and Joker down simultaneously. Homicide and Kingston each get in a boot and knee strike to both of their opponents in the corner. Sabian blocks Homicide’s Cop Killa attempt. Joker and Sabian use tandem offense to take Homicide down. They keep Homicide isolated in their half of the ring. Kingston’s anger gets the best of him and he rushes the corner. Kingston even tries to bring a steel chair in the ring. Joker and Sabian finally lose their grip of Homicide when Homicide drops Sabian with an exploder suplex. This makes it easy for him to escape Sabian’s sunset flip and tag in a very angry Kingston. He mows down his opponents with clotheslines and elbows. He suplexes Sabian across the ring. Homicide tope suicida’s onto Joker and Sabian on the floor. Kingston lights up Joker with chops back in the ring. Kingston suplexes him out of the corner. He goes for a pin but Sabian is the legal man. Joker blocks the Backfist to the Future. He blasts Kingston with knee strikes and a running forearm. A leg-capture suplex sees Kingston get right back up and Saito supelx Joker. Kingston again gets up (albeit dazed) from another suplex. He delivers a rolling elbow before collapsing and tagging in Homicide. Homicide gives Joker a Tiger Driver for two. Sabian jumps up to reverse STO Homicide. He puts him in a STF. Homicide escapes and gets double hip tossed. They hit the Sweet Taste of Professionalism. Joker delivers a flying elbow while Homicide is on Sabian’s knees. Kingston uranage suplexes Sabian and chops Joker. Sabian trips Kingston from the floor. Joker knee strikes Kingston. Homicide drops him with an Ace Crusher. Kingston uranage suplexes Joker and Sabian breaks the count. Sabian uses a bodyscissors DDT on Kingston for two. He comes off the top rope with the BLK Jesus Stomp. CZW management member Maven Bentley runs out and pulls the referee out to stop the count. He has a beef with Sabian, apparently. Sabian goes for the BLK Jesus Stomp again after he shoves Bentley away. He misses and eats Kingston’s Backfist. Kingston backfists Bentley as well. Homicide and Kingston beat down referee Brett Lauderdale too, which the fans love. The teams go back to brawling. When Lauderdale comes to, he tosses the match out at 18:52. That was a super convoluted finish for what was otherwise a fairly entertaining brawl. Kingston and Homicide is a team I must see more of. CZW would be foolish not to bring back The Briscoes to face them. **3/4


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