The Latest at The CHIKARA Special

February 27, 2019

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The Latest Updates

As I wait for the final cut of NPWD 2019 to be uploaded, I’ve reviewed some outside CHIKARA items:

Beyond Wrestling held a 10 match Beyond vs. CHIKARA event titled “Extreme Warfare Revenge” eight days after the CHIKARA finale.

Fire Ant visited Fight Club: Pro a few years ago on a few occasions, and you can check out those reviews below:

Pulp Fixxion (Fire Ant vs. Daniel Moloney, Fire Ant vs. Travis Banks)
Breaking Into Heaven (Fire Ant vs. Chris Brookes)
International Tekkers 2017 (Fire Ant, Shane Strickland & Mark Davis vs. Millie McKenzie, Kyle Fletcher & Omari)

Coming Up: National Pro Wrestling Day 2019, the Hatfield’s in Black Label Pro, and more!

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