GCW: Jimmy All The Way


Philadelphia, PA – 12.26.2019

Ophidian vs. Tony Deppen

Ophidian took a similar strategy here that he did in his match with Blake Christian, consistently looking for the Death Grip or a pinning combo. We saw the crossbody against the ring ropes in that match, and here it was a Meteora. Deppen kept with Ophidian all match, kicking out of the Meteora, escaping those pins, and finally outwrestling Ophidian to the point where he pinned his shoulders to the mat while keeping his other limbs tangled at 17:27. This reminded me in many ways of their CHIKARA match, as both wrestlers (especially Ophidian) showed a great level of resilience and adaptability. They also portrayed their character throughout the match and even did a very subtle switch of Deppen going from being booed to cheered and vice versa. These are two wrestlers I go out of my way to watch and it’s to no surprise they had a compelling match against one another. ***¼

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