ROH: Final Battle Fallout


Philadelphia, PA – 12.15.2019

Hallowicked vs. Mark Haskins

This is Hallowicked’s first match in ROH in over eight years, last seen challenging the Briscoes for the ROH World Tag Team titles with Jigsaw. Vicky Haskins is in Mark’s corner. After a very even opening exchange, Haskins got the idea to target Hallowicked’s arm after Hallowicked slipped under Hawkins’ leapfrog and caught him with a schoolboy. Cleverly, Hallowicked used his stem on the bottom rope to break a submission. Hallowicked recovered with a Frankensteiner and used his good arm to throw some uppercuts back in the ring. Haskins thwarted Never Wake Up, and even rolled to the floor after succumbing to Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Hallowicked followed with a suicide dive and threw Haskins back into the ring. After Hallowicked missed a Swanton, Haskins hit a PK and a top rope double stomp for the pin at 10:53. I was very happy to see Hallowicked given so much credit by the announcers and that the fans responded very well to him. He and Haskins had very natural chemistry and produced a really engaging contest. It was inevitable Haskins would best him, but I really think this proved without a shadow of a doubt that Hallowicked would fit in seamlessly with anyone on the current ROH roster. Hopefully he gets more chances going forward to do just that. ***


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