GCW: Chopper City In The Ghetto


Philadelphia, PA – 11.27.2019

Ophidian vs. Blake Christian

After an impressive performance against KTB in Nashville, Christian has blown up, becoming a GCW and PWG regular. Like Ophidian, he has amazing body control, agility, and is very innovative in his offense. We saw that ingenuity out of Ophidian as he leapt off the stage and crossbodied Christian against the ropes as Christian sat on the ring apron. Christian used the bottom rope to leap into a neckbreaker, then rolled Ophidian up into a brainbuster on his knee. The story then turned into Ophidian holding Christian in submission holds and Christian muscled his way out, and occasionally used the ropes in desperation. It was Christian’s fault for giving Ophidian the idea as he initially put Ophidian in a figure four leg lock. Ophidian could not believe Christian kicked out of a Meteora. Christian countered the Snake Trap pin, then countered a springboard cazadora with a Northern Lights suplex. Elia earned Christian the pin at 14:34. This has all the awesome wrestling you would expect, but by including the story of Ophidian choosing submission wrestling as his tactic makes this more memorable than your typical high flying encounter. Christian continues to rise the GCW ranks and scoring a victory over a veteran like Ophidian who himself is enjoying a career resurgence is a nice additional boost to his reputation. Really well done. ***¼

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