The Latest at The CHIKARA Special

Lots of stuff is going to get posted out of order, so this post is here to let you know the latest of what’s been posted. Of course, to be the most up to date, it’s in your best interest to subscribe! (Do that to your right)

The Latest Updates

The two June 2018 events have been reviewed!

The Johnny Kidd Invitational 2018
Go Eat Worms!

In celebration of the upcoming “Clan Feuds” event, I am reviewing all instances of CHIKARA wrestlers competing in Beyond Wrestling. You can check out all of those reviews here.

Coming Up: Cam Zagami’s Young Lions Cup defenses, CHIKARA in F1RST Wrestling, and more!

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6 Responses to The Latest at The CHIKARA Special

  1. Lotus Dragon says:

    Good stuff there.

  2. Jesse says:

    Can’t wait for saturday’s show. Will be my first time seeing Chikara live. Pittsburgh to Baltimore is only 4 hours so had no excuse lol.

  3. just curious how the progress on the 2008 shows is coming along, Kevin. Big fan of your work.

    • Kevin Ford says:

      Thanks man! I’ve been on a brief hiatus for a number of reasons, most of which are aligned with a new job I took in early February and a much more time consuming work out regimen then I have done in the past. I am hoping to get some newer stuff out soon, but in the mean time I’ve also been reviewing stuff for (AIW and Beyond mostly).

  4. Stephen Sutton says:

    Can’t wait for the rest of 98 and 99 to come

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