Go Eat Worms!

June 23 - Worms

Philadelphia, PA – 6.23.2018

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Juan Francisco de Coronado
Campeones de Parejas: Rick Roland & Sloan Caprice
Young Lions Cup Champion: Cameron Zagami

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush.

Hype Rockwell vs. BLANK {NA}

Ursa Minor in the Night Sky and Still Life With Apricots and Pears are in BLANK’s corner. Because of their interference, Rockwell can’t keep a grasp of control. Oleg the Usurper and The Proletariat Boar of Moldova come out to even the odds. The Boar grabs the microphone and says they should change this bout to a trios match. Both sides consent. With BLANK being just one point away from a title match and the fact that he lost to Rockwell before, it makes sense he would approve the change.

Hype Rockwell, Oleg the Usurper & The Proletariat Boar of Moldova vs. BLANK {NA}, Ursa Minor in the Night Sky {NA} & Still Life With Apricots and Pears {NA}

Oleg runs through Pears and Sky’s double team attempt, knocking them down with a double clothesline. BLANK’s dropkick has no effect on Oleg. Boar and Rockwell strike BLANK into a big boot from Oleg. Rockwell gets jammed on the middle rope when he tries pulling BLANK in from the outside. Pears launches Sky feet first into Rockwell with a move they call the Jackson Pollack for two. Pears puts a sleeper on Rockwell. Boar punches Pears of of Rockwell and Oleg follows up with a somersault senton for two. Boar drops Pears with the Baconator and a powerbomb. He snatches Sky by the throat, but BLANK from the corner is able to rake Boar’s eyes. BLANK knees Boar into a neckbreaker from Sky. BLANK coaches them into hitting Creative Differences (an assisted senton). The Nouveau Aesthetic pose instead of going for the pin. Unbeknownst to a sitting BLANK, Sky and Pears get tossed outside. BLANK turns around and gets double goozled. He’s thrown into Sky who is ascending the ropes. Rockwell bulldogs Pears into an Ace Crusher from Boar out of Oleg’s arms. Rockwell picks up Pears for the Hyperwheel. BLANK abandons Sky when breaking the move doesn’t work. Rockwell hits it for the pin at 6:19. Rockwell fits in really well with the Boar and Oleg, and their triple team move looked cool and was executed perfectly. Some missteps aside I enjoyed this. **½

Callux the Castigator {PW} vs. Corey Cravate

As expected, Callux demolished poor Corey in quick fashion with a Black Hole Slam in 1:38.

Razerhawk {X2K} & Danjerhawk {X2K} vs. Icarus & Travis Huckabee

For the first time since May 2013, Icarus is wearing long tights and showing his back tattoo. As Icarus and Razerhawk are about to lock-up, Huckabee attacks Razerhawk from behind. However, Razerhawk comes off the mat with an armdrag off the shoulders and keeps the momentum with a headscissors. Huckabee forearm strikes Razerhawk as Razerhawk comes off the ropes. Danjerhawk blind tags in. He and Razerhawk hit a dropkick/enzuigiri combo to send Huckabee outside. Icarus dropkicks Razerhawk to the floor from behind and trips Danjerhawk. Danjerhawk sneaks in a headscissors but Icarus quickly takes him back down. Danjerhawk avoids a leg sweep and hits a basement dropkick instead. He gets a two count with an Oklahoma Roll. Danjerhawk flips over Razerhawk’s back and headscissors Icarus to the floor. Huckabee and Icarus rush in to attack them after the Xyberhawx pose. Icarus backdrops Danjerhawk, then along with Huckabee wears Razerhawk down as his partner recovers. Razerhawk manages to clothesline Huckabee and knock down Icarus with a back handspring enzuigiri, but Danjerhawk is still missing. Huckabee boot scrapes Razerhawk before whipping him down to the mat and delivering an uppercut to his shoulder blades. Razerhawk from the apron launches Icarus. He follows with a suicide dive, bringing in Danjerhawk with a springboard fropkickt o Huckabee! He gets a two count on Huckabee with an elevated X-Factor. The Hawx hit a tandem neckbreaker. Razerhawk hits the Xwanton and Danjerhawk follows with the Xybersplash. Icarus breaks the cover. He sends Danjerhawk outside and hooks Razerhawk for the Wings of Icarus. Razerhawk escapes, only for Icarus to give him the Shiranui for two. Razerhawk counters the Blu-Ray with a crucifix pin. Huckabee interjects to break. Danjerhawk drop toeholds Huckabee on the second rope and the Xyberhawx hit the 56k. Danjerhawk perches himself on Razerhawk’s shoulder for a tandem maneuver. Icarus however knocks Danjerhawk off with a Doomsday Device across the ring! Huckabee then takes Razerhawk over with a butterfly suplex for the pin at 14:02. Travis and Icarus make for a good team, and the two of them made great foils for the Hawx. The action was sloppier than usual from these competitors, but ended up being alright by the end. **½

Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Matt Riddle

Riddle has the EVOLVE Championship with him. Riddle and Angelosetti pie face and shove one another after an aggressive lock-up. Angelosetti tumbles out of a potential arm hold. Riddle blocks a takedown and goes for a triangle choke. Angelosetti immediately rolls to the ropes. Angelosetti also rolls away from a double wristlock. He Magistral cradles Riddle for two. They trade forearm strikes, leading to Riddle kicking away at Angelosetti’s chest in the corner. A trio of running forearm strikes follow. Riddle tosses Angelosetti mid-ring with an exploder suplex and lands a senton splash for two. Angelosetti grabs Riddle by his leg, but Riddle kicks Angelosetti away with the other. He gutwrench suplexes Angelosetti twice. Angelosetti ducks a high kick. He gives Riddle a reverse suplex and a low flying bulldog for two. After positioning on the mat, Riddle kicks out Angelosetti by the back of his knee. He puts on an achilles tendon hold, stomping on Angelosetti’s ribs when Angelosetti tries to fight out. Riddle releases when Angelosetti tries going underneath, overhand chopping Angelosetti as he stands over him. Angelosetti fights out of the Bro 2 Sleep, but Riddle German suplexes him for two. Angelosetti gets his knees up to block a second senton attempt from Riddle. Riddle goes for the Bro 2 Sleep again. Angelosetti blocks and tries the Flea Flicker. Riddle avoids that and muscles up Angelosetti into a powerbomb. Angelosetti counters the follow up knee strike with a spinebuster. Riddle ripes Angelosetti into a grapevine achilles tendon hold. Angelosetti again kicks Riddle away. They once again trade forearm strikes as they get to their feet. Angelosetti palm strikes Riddle against the ropes. Riddle swipes Angelosetti’s legs out in mid-air as Angelosetti attempts a reverse leapfrog. Riddle pulls him into a knee strike to the face. A senton splash gets Riddle a two count. Riddle goes to the top turnbuckle. Angelosetti brings him down with a superplex. He holds on, attempting the Flea Flicker. Angelosetti’s knee gives out, and Riddle pulls him up into a leaping tombstone piledriver. Angelosetti kicks out! Riddle goes to attack Angelosetti in the corner when Angelosetti gets to his feet. Angelosetti catches him with a running spinebuster. Riddle barely gets his shoulder up. Riddle can’t get the Bromission on right, so he puts Angelosetti in a Calf Cutter and Angelosetti immediately taps out at 13:43. As expected, this was great. It was intense and showed the versatility of both performers. There styles meshed together really well, and given the intensity, it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw a rematch one day, and given the quality of this bout, I certainly wouldn’t mind. Seek this one out. ***¾

Solo Darling vs. Blanche Babish

Babish rolls up Darling right away for a two count. Darling trips Babish into a toe and ankle hold. Babish escapes and breaks down Darling’s left arm. Darling kicks the inside of Babish’s left knee and applies a figure seven leg lock. Babish couners into a Fujiwara armbrar. Darling gets her foot on the bottom rope to escape. Babish nails her with a fallaway kick and a divorce court Code Breaker. She hammerlocks Darling’s arm before slamming her for two. Darling resists the Soda Jerk, stacking Babish up on her arms for a two count. Darling throws various kicks to the head and shoulders of Babish. After an elbow in the corner, Darling tries a half crab, but her hurt arm doesn’t allow it. Babish counters Darling coming out of the corner with another arm hold, which Darling kicks free from. Darling pump-handle slams Babish for two. Darling applies the Sharp Stinger after doing more damage to Babish’s legs, but Darling’s arm gives out. The two of them trade blows as they both climb the turnbuckles. Babish pulls Darling across the top buckle in a portion of her Soda Jerk hold, but has to release the hold before the count of five. Darling lands in the ring while Babish lands on the apron, giving Darling the opportunity to knock Babish off the apron with a running hip attack. She goes for another, but Babiash catchws Darling, pulling her out of the ring into a tombstone piledriver on the floor! Darling is almost counted out when Babish picks her up and brings her back inside the ring. Darling shoulder barely comes up at the count of two. Babish DDT’s Darling for two. Another DDT yields the same result. Babish gives Darling a straightjacket back cracker for two. Darling tries to fight back, but Babish cuts her off with another piledriver. Darling kicks out at one! Babish gives her a hip toss knee strike. Darling strikes Babish and dumps her with a fisherwoman’s brainbuster (the Bioelectric Blast) for the pin at 12:23. The structure of this match was very odd. They told a really good story and had the crowd along for the ride until the tombstone on the floor. Then Darling kicked out of enough offense to the point of there being a disconnect, then won just moments later after one move. It didn’t make sense and wasn’t believable. It’s a shame because I think what they were going for was good on paper, but the execution was poor. *½

Lucas Calhoun, Jeremy Leary & B.M.D. vs. Hallowicked {LOR}, Frightmare {LOR} & Kobald {LOR}

B.M.D. is a Canadian wrestler best known for competing in Alpha-1 and is the 79th iteration of the Volgar quotient. Calhoun takes down Frightmare with a lariat after taking some forearm strikes. He gives Frightmare the one inch pun. B.M.D. trips Hallowicked into a dropkick to the side of the face. Another one footed dropkick leads to a butterfly backbreaker. Leary gives Hallowicked a rolling neckbreaker onto CMD’s knee. Leary kicks Kobald down into his knee and gives him a DDT for two. He comes off the middle rope with a flying uppercut. After three elbow drops, Leary suplexes Kobald and powerslams both Hallowicked and Frightmare back to back. Leary suicide dives after them. Kobald tries fighting the former Volgar’s on his own, then ends up cowering. Hallowicked and Frightmare jump back in and attack Calhoun and B.M.D.. Leary gives Hallowicked a back cracker, passing him onto Calhoun for a uranage. Kobald shoves B.M.D. off the top rope. Halowicked and Frightmare take care of Calhoun on Leary on the floor, then help Kobald isolate B.M.D. from his partners. B.M.D. blocks Frightmare’s Go 2 Sleepy Hollow attempt and giveshim a German suplex. B.M.D. rolls out. Leary and Calhoun give Frightmare their back cracker/uranage combo. B.M.D. is once again tripped by Koabld on the top runbuckle. Frightmare mule kicks him from the floor. This allows the Legion of Rot to once again keep B.M.D. in the ring. B.M.D. sticks Frightmare in Hallowicked’s arm so that when he gives Hallowicked a neckbreaker, he DDT’s Frightmare. Leary and Calhoun tag back in. Calhoun gives Hallowicked a backbreaker. Leary knee strikes Frightmare from the apron and comes off the top with a Blockbuster. Kobald once again cowers, but nobody is there to rescue him from the Volgar’s onslaught. He almost gets pinned with a triple powerbomb when Hallowicked and Frightmare finally re-emerge. After a backcracker/uranage combo from Calhoun and Leary, B.M.D. nails Frightmare with a 450 splash for two thanks to Hallowicked shoving Leary onto the pin. All six men land offense. Frightmare and Hallowicked hit B.M.D. with an enzuigiri/yakuza kick combo in the corner. Kobald brings him out with a swinging DDT. He goes for the Demon’s Toilet. Leary rids of Hallowicked and Frightmare as Calhoun brings Kobald off the middle rope with a super Samoan Drop for the pin at 16:19. This went a little too long and had a few too many nearfalls for my liking, but both teams looked solid and B.M.D. had a good performance in his debut match. Calhoun was a stand out performer in this bout and I think the trio of former Volgar’s does have potential. I was perplexed when their storyline took a hiatus for a few months, but it’s nice to see it getting momentum once again. ***

Dasher Hatfield {T} vs. Fire Ant

Fire Ant immediately goes to attack at the bell. Hatfield ducks and snaps off a pair of armdrags as well as a double knuckle drag. Fire Ant escapes a side headlock with a wristlock. Hatfield drags Fire Ant away and catches him coming off the ropes back into the side headlock. Even after a Lucha sequence, Hatfield takes Fire Ant back down into a side headlock. Fire Ant sends Hatfield outside with a Deja Vu and follows with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Hatfield side steps Fire Ant’s flying Yahtzee Kick. Fire Ant though kicks Hatfield in the tricep and delivers a running kick to Hatfield’s left arm. Fire Ant does more damage to Hatfield’s arm as Hatfield lays on the mat. Hatfield resists being whipped out of the corner twice. The third time he reverses the whip and counters Fire Ant’s tornado DDT. Hatfield punched Fire Ant in the stomach. Fire Ant hip tosses Hatfield into the corner to avoid an abdominal stretch. Fire Ant elbows Hatfield in the neck as he twists on his chin and top of his head. Fire Ant whips Hatfield to the corner, following in with a forearm strike. Hatfield armdrags Fire Ant into the opposite corner when Fire Ant charges, then suplexes Fire Ant into the buckles and hits a baseball slide. Fire Ant fights Hatfield off the top rope. He comes off with a high crossbody, but Hatfield catches him, rolls through, and delivers the Suicide Squeeze! Fire Ant fights back, and counters Hatfield’s pop up powerbomb with a high speed Yoshi Tonic. They both take their time getting to their feet. Fire Ant lands a high kick. He cascades up Hatfield again, but this time Hatfield catches him with the cyclone neckbreaker. Fire Ant comes back with a Stunner to counter Hatfield’s second Suicide Squeeze. Fire Ant applies an armbar, then a short-arm scissor. Hatfield rolls to the ropes to escape. Fire Ant peppers Hatfield’s chest with open hand strikes. Hatfield hooks both his arms to stop him and headbutts Fire Ant repeatedly in the chest to the corner. Fire Ant chops Hatfield in the throat after ducking a corner attack. Hatfield moves his mask around to catch some more air. When Hatfield recovers, Fire Ant immediately scoops him up into the Beach Break for two. Hatfield stops his tornado DDT again. Fire Ant slides off Hatfield’s shoulders and onto the top rope when Hatfield goes for a powerslam. He turns Hatfield’s mask around. However, Hatfield is in position to try for the Grand Slam. In mid-air, Fire Ant turns it into a super tornado DDT! Fire Ant follows that up with a brainbuster and only gets two. Fire Ant exposes part of the floor outside the ring. Fire Ant places Hatfield on the top, presumably for a slam onto the exposed floor. Hatfield counters with a super Jackhammer off the top to the inside of the ring. Two more Jackhammer’s finally get Hatfield the pin at 21:45. These two have risen to become some of the best on the roster, so it’s no surprise they had a compelling match. Fire Ant knew Hatfield had the strength advantage, so he targeted his arm to nullify that as much as he could. While Fire Ant had Hatfield’s number when it came to agility, it ended up being used against him as Hatfield would use Fire Ant’s own momentum to pull off power moves he may not have been able to otherwise. My only real gripe was it being a tad too long, but this was a really good main event and an unsurprisingly great outing from both competitors. ***½

Icarus smirks and applauds Fire Ant as Fire Ant recovers in the ring. Earlier in the week, he attempted to appeal to Fire Ant in a blog. Fire Ant pays no mind to Icarus, passing him by as he heads backstage. We also learned during this match that Dasher Hatfield’s son is named Boomer.


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