Hour of Power #16


Philadelphia, PA – 5.19.2018

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Juan Francisco de Coronado
Campeones de Parejas: Rick Roland & Sloan Caprice
Young Lions Cup Champion: Cameron Zagami

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush.

Razerhawk {X2K} & Danjerhawk {X2K} vs. Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels

Icarus is on commentary for this match. The Hawx avoid a sneak attack before the bell. They monkey flip Defarge before monkey flipping Crummels onto him. They send Defarge out with a double dropkick, and Razerhawk assists Danjerhawk with a Frankensteiner to the floor. The Hawx then land stereo tope con hilo’s. Back inside the ring, Danjerhawk gets caught with a powerslam by Defarge. The former Campeones abuse Danjerhawk in their corner. Razerhawk assists with a tumbleweed senton off the second turnbuckle onto Crummels and Defarge after they catch Danjerhawk’s high crossbody. Unfortunately, Crummels and Defarge are smart enough to toss Razerhawk outside to keep Danjerhawk legal. Danjerhawk is able to duck a clothesline from Crummels and suicide dive onto Defarge, bringing in Razerhawk as the legal competitor. He lights up Crummels with a series of forearms before doing the deal with the Falcon Arrow for two. Danjerhawk blind tags in. Razerhawk pops Danjerhawk onto Defarge for a Frankensteiner off the apron and to the floor! Razerhawk brings Crummels down and splashes Danjerhawk off his shoulders onto him. Razerhawk gets two with a standing shooting star press thanks to Defarge breaking up the cover. The Hawx hit Crummels and Defarge with double tiger feint kicks, which they call “the 56k.” Defarge and Crummels avoid double offense off the top. Crummels hits “The Worst of Times” on Razerhawk. They hang up Danjerhawk on the top turnbuckle for the Super Tandem Monkey Flip to get the pin at 9:35. Defarge and Crummels wrestled a really smart tag match, building a wave of momentum as they earn their third point and head into a future Campeones de Parejas opportunity. Danjerhawk and Razerhawk have immediate chemistry as partners and were fantastic foils for their opponents. This was really good and a very strong way to open the show. ***

Thief Ant vs. Cajun Crawdad {CD}

Thief Ant mimics all of Crawdad’s movements. Crawdad ends up out of breath from all the running around. He invites Thief Ant to pin him, which of course was all to bait him into a nerve hold. He prawn holds Thief Ant for a two count. He slaps Thief Ant twice before stepping on his antennae! Crawdad tries his corkscrew suplex after some Gator Rolls, but Thief Ant blocks it. Thief Ant gives Crawdad his own O’Connor Roll, but Crawdad kicks out and drops Thief Ant with an Ace Crusher. He calls for the Clawsome Bomb but Thief Ant blocks the choke. He comes down from the top turnbuckle with a super prawn hold for two. Thief Ant double hand chops Crawdad to the corner. He strings a clothesline and dropkick together. He also does the deal with a Falcon Arrow, but like Razerhawk in the previous match, it does not get him the victory. Crawdad blocks another Prawn Hold with the Alabama Slam. He peels Thief Ant off the mat by his antennae. The Clawsome Bomb connects on the second try, giving Crawdad the pin at 6:08. This was a solid showcase for both competitors, but nothing outstanding. *

Callux the Castigator {PW}, Frantik {PW} & Volgar {PW} vs. Body Slam Bobby, Full Nelson Nelson & Waistlock Wayne

Like their two previous matches, the Proteus Wheel absolutely dominate their opponents, piling them up on top of each other with powerbombs and mercifully pinning them in 0:42. The stronger you can make the Proteus Wheel, the better.

Blanche Babish vs. Travis Huckabee

They trade wristlocks. Babish fireman’s carry Huckabee to escape a hammerlock. Huckabee kicks Babish away to escape an armlock. Huckabee rear ankle trips Babish and twists on her ankle. Babish avoids a headlock. She drives Huckabee’s arm into her knees and divorce courts the arm. She then hip attacks Huckabee. Huckabee headbutts Babish in the chest for a two count. He arm whips her to the mat and gives her a diving uppercut to the shoulder blades for two. Huckabee drives his knee on Babish’s arm before slamming her into a knee drop across the cheek. Babish resists a butterfly suplex. She forearm strikes away at Huckabee’s arm but Huckabee cuts her off with an elbow strike against the ropes. He hits her with a missile dropkick for two. Babish tries to fight for the Soda Jerk. Huckabee cuts her off and forearm strikes her in the corner for two. Once again he tries for a double underhook. Babish weaves underneath and hip tosses Huckabee into a knee strike to the face. Huckabee misses a forearm in the corner. Babish unloads with her own forearm shots. Huckabee again headbutts her in the chest and Jon Woo dropkicks her in the shoulder blades! He butterfly suplexes her for the pin at 6:05. I really like the aggression and focus shown by both comeptitors. It’s a subtle way for Huckabee to possibly appeal to Icarus and slowly show a more Rudo side of himself that we saw potentially revealing itself in the Gauntlet. Blanche continues to have really good showings and has been a nice breath of fresh air for CHIKARA. **¾

Before the next match, Razerhawk comes to the ring with a microphone. He’s not happy for Icarus taking him and the new Wrestle Factory graduates to task over things they have no control over. He reminds us that Sylverhawk and Nytehawk were both taken out recently, and that Nytehawk will not be able to compete in trios action next week at Aniversario. He mentions that Icarus gave them grief for not winning earlier tonight on Twitter, then makes a smart comment about The Furies. This gets Icarus’ attention and he heads into the ring. Razerhawk invites Icarus to team with himself and Danjerhawk at Aniversario to “walk the walk.” Icarus walks away without answering.

Green Ant vs. Ursa Minor in the Night Sky {NA}

Still Life With Apricots and Pears is in Sky’s corner. Green Ant catches a charging Sky with a backslide for two. He cartwheels off the middle rope into an armdrag and then monkey flips Sky. Sky rolls to the floor. Pears hopes to the apron to stop a dive, so Green Ant overhand chops him to the floor. Green Ant comes out to the apron where Sky takes his legs out, causing Green Ant to crash on the apron. Sky jams his leg on the ring apron before slamming his left leg into a ring post. Sky continues to attack the leg back inside the ring. Green Ant gets the ropes to break a cloverleaf. Sky mocks Green Ant’s taunt and grabs him by the antennae. Sky gives Green Ant a shin buster before hitting a Shining Wizard for two. Green Ant cuts Sky off with an upturned boot in the corner. Sky takes him back down with another shin buster and a pair of superkicks. Sky misses a second rope moonsault. Green Ant comes off the top with a high crossbody for the pin at 5:36. This was a fine warm up for Green Ant to face Fire Ant and challenge Cam Zagami for the Young Lions Cup next weekend. *¼

Icarus returns to the ring and calls Razerhawk back out. He makes sure he’s correct with what Razerhawk is saying, that all Icarus does is haze the newcomers. He can’t believe Razerhawk had the audacity to call him out. Razerhawk says he’s giving Icarus the opportunity to put his money where his mouth is. Icarus barks at Razerhawk that every opportunity he’s had, he’s taken, and that Razerhawk better watch himself before something really bad happens. However, Icarus is a magnanimous individual. He will be one of the best tag partners Razerhawk will ever team with next Saturday.

Oleg the Usurper & The Proletariat Boar of Moldova vs. The Whisper & Troll

At the Infinite Gauntlet, we saw Troll was turned into Trollzilla thanks to The Proteus Wheel’s experiments. This week, however, he’s back to normal size. Whisper sneak attacks Oleg as Oleg approaches Troll. Whisper outmaneuvers Oleg and dazes him with a kick from the apron and a knee to the sternum. Oleg nails him with a big boot. Oleg picks up speed before splashing Whisper in the corner, then passes Whisper into the Boar’s arms for a spinning side slam. Whisper is able to break down the Boar for a launchpad legdrop. Oleg shuts down Whisper with a jumping knee strike. Boar then Gores Whisper. Whisper rolls outside. Boar and Oleg pull Troll in from the apron and double chokeslam him for the pin at 3:00. A nice, decisive victory for the Beast Warriors before facing the Campeones de Parejas in a non-title bout. ½*


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