Tag World Grand Prix 2018


Philadelphia, PA – 4.14.2018

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Juan Francisco de Coronado
Campeones de Parejas: Rick Roland & Sloan Caprice
Young Lions Cup Champion: Cameron Zagami

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Sidney Bakabella, and Mike Quackenbush.

Tag World Grand Prix 2018 Quarterfinal Round Match
El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC} vs. Oceanea {CD} & Merlok {CD}

Los Ice Creams both attack Merlok from behind before the bell, but it doesn’t get them very far. Merlok tosses Hijo to the floor. Merlok slams Jr. in the middle of the ring for a pin, but Hijo pulls Jr. out so he could not be pinned. Merlok pulls Hijo back in and nails him witha low flying clothesline. This time, Jr. stops the referee from making a three count by physically grabbing their arm. Oceanea fish hooks Jr. before throwing him across the ring. Jr. knocks Merlok off the apron but gets kneed off the top turnbuckle and to the floor by Oceanea. Merlok gives Hijo the World’s Strongest Slam in the corner. Oceanea and Merlok hit the Tidal Wave on Hijo for the pin at 3:30. The Creatures of the Deep making quick work of the former Campeones is a strong way to start the tournament. Oceanea commands Merlok to do further damage, which he does, until Bryce Remsburg comes from the Commentation Station and stops them. *

Tag World Grand Prix 2018 Quarterfinal Round Match
Green Ant & Thief Ant vs. Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels

Worker Ant, who has not been seen since Frightmare took him out indefinitely at “National Pro Wrestling Day 2017”, is in the corner of the Ants. Green Ant outmaneuvers Defarge in the opening stretch, ending with an armdrag off of Defarge’s shoulders that sends Defarge to the floor. Thief Ant turns the tables on Crummels and gives him his own Pit Stop. Thief Ant gives Crummels a monkey flip after Crummels attempts one of his own. The Ants double hip toss Crummels for two. Crummels sneezes in Green Ant’s face. Defarge from the apron gets Green Ant to schoolyard trip over Crummels, then jams Green Ant’s neck across the top rope. Green Ant gets trapped in the dirty boys’ corner until he manages to catch Defarge with a tornado DDT. Thief Ant tags in. Crummels sneexes in his face before lighting him up with chops. Crummels delivers a dropkick for two. Thief Ant falls victim to the Oliver Twist in the corner before Defarge lariats him for two. Thief Ant is out from a curb stomp, but right before the three count is made, Green Ant interjects. Defarge tosses him outside. Thief Ant and Crummels collide mid-air with stereo crossbody’s. Thief Ant seems cornered when he slides outside. Green Ant surprises Defarge and Crummels with a high crossbody. Green Ant schoolboys Defarge after Defarge and Crummels collide together. However, when Defarge kicks out, Crummels hits him with the Killswitch. Thief Ant counters the Killswitch and hits Crummels with it. Defarge hits the Rebound Lariat on Thief Ant. Green Ant manages a tornado DDT on Crummels. Defarge resists when Green Ant goes for one on him, keeping Green Ant placed on the top turnbuckle. This allows for he and Crummels to give Green Ant the super monkey flip for the pin at 12:12. This was another strong showing for the new Ants. I like Worker Ant being paired with them. If Fire Ant won’t take them under his tutelage, another Ant who knows what it likes to be shunned can do it instead. Crummels and Defarge have grown into a team you can count on to always deliver and they did a fine job with the rookies. **½

Worker Ant tells Scott Holladay that he sees himself in Green Ant and Thief Ant. He remembers when he first started in CHIKARA, he was resented by the entire locker room. He scratched and clawed to get the acknowledgement he so desperately needed. Everyone in CHIKARA needs to find themselves, and they all could use a little guidance. He tells Green and Thief Ant that it’s time to go to work.

Tag World Grand Prix 2018 Quarterfinal Round Match
Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee vs. Joey Janela & Penelope Ford

Travis Huckabee stated last month that if he and Solo did not win this tournament, they would disband. Janelope are sporting Beyond Wrestling jackets. Janela demolishes Darling with a bicycle kick at the bell. Huckabee lights up Janela with forearms until Ford hops on his back. Janela superkicks Huckabee and declares they’re going to win the whole thing. They set up for the Janelope Device and nail it! Huckabee however kicks out right before a three count. He rolls out to bring in Darling. She ends up taking stereo kicks to the stomach. Darling low bridges Ford to the floor and uses the ropes for a tornado suplex on Janela. She maneuvers Ford in a position that makes her give Janela a DDT. Huckabee suicide dives onto Janela and Ford In the ring, the Rumblebees drop Janela after crossing his own arms around him. Darling locks in the Sharp Stinger. Ford tries to break it up but Huckabee puts her in the Stretch Muffler. Janela pulls Ford by her arm towards him and the collision causes both submissions to crumble. Janela drops Huckabee with an Ace Crusher and follows up with a superkick. Janela double stomps Huckabee into a crucifix driver from Ford, but Darling is there to save him from being pinned. Darling German suplexes Janela before fighting Ford for the Sharp Stinger. Ford fights Darling off and does a front handspring before giving Darling a shoulder tackle. Darling catches Ford’s cartwheel elbow and gives her a German suplex. Huckabee gets Ford in a Gory Special. Darling jumps off Janela’s back for a bulldog into a Gory Bomb on Ford. Janela breaks the cover and forearms Huckabee to the floor. Darling lights up Janela with overhand chops and kicks at his leg. Ford stops her with a lung blower and Janela tags her with a rolling forearm strike. They go for the Janelope Device, but Darling reverses mid-air, catching Ford with a Collision Course! Janela once again stops the pin. Huckabee enters and headbutts Janela before taking him over with a butterfly suplex. He spins Ford around in the Stretch Muffler. Darling follows up with the Sharp Stinger and Ford taps out at 8:15. Every Rumblebees match in the tournament has the extra layer of drama knowing that one loss means they split for good, and it played out very well in this match. Janelope are SUCH a good team, with really creative double team moves and excellent timing. They worked so in sync with Huckabee and Darling and had the crowd biting on each submission and pinfall by the end. This was the match I was most excited about in the first round and it delivered. Here’s to hoping Janela and Ford make their way back to CHIKARA soon. ***¼

Tag World Grand Prix 2018 Quarterfinal Round Match
Dasher Hatfield {T} & Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Jasper Tippins {DP} & Donald Kluger {DP}

Kluger and Hatfield back each other to the corners where they each deliver shots to the other’s mid-section. Hatfield rolls out of the corner and hits a basement dropkick. Kluger goes up and over Hatfield in the corner to land his own dropkick before monkey flipping Hatfield across the ring. Hatfield gets him outside and lands a suicide dive. Angelosetti slams Tippins before landing several repeated splashes. The Throwbacks land a double falling headbutt on Tippins for a two count. Tippins also kicks out of a bulldog out of a Romero Special. Tippins forearms Angelosetti away and tags in Kluger, but Kluger gets caught right away with a powerslam from Angelosetti. Dez Peloton turn things around with a Broken Arrow on Angelosetti, but the Throwbacks isolate Tippins very quickly after. Tippins kicks Hatfield away to once again tag in Kluger, who comes in with a high crossbody onto Angelosetti. Kluger stops Angelosetti wheelbarrow and feeds him into the pedaling kicks of Tippins. Angelosetti spikes Kluger with a spinebuster. Tippins wipes out Angelosetti with a spinwheel kick, but gets caught in an abdominal stretch by Hatfield. Angelosetti outs Kluger in one as well. Dez Peloton hip toss their way free. Angelosetti goes to give Kluger a spinebuster and Kluger counters with a DDT for two. Angelosetti backs Kluger to the corner and delivers a running palm strike. Kluger intercepts a second palm strike and sends Angelosetti face first into the middle turnbuckle. Tippins gets the better of a forearm exchange with Hatfield, ending it with an uppercut. Hatfield holds the ropes to avoid an armdrag. Tippins counters a Jackhammer with a small package for two. Hatfield blasts Tippins in the stomach with a punch. Tippins schoolboys Hatfield into the corner where the back of his head collides with the middle turnbuckle. Angelosetti and Kluger fight on the apron where Angelosetti backdrops Kluger. Angelosetti gives Tippins a Frankensteiner off the top turnbuckle into a Liger Bomb from Hatfield for the pin at 14:04. The Throwbacks helped give Dez Peloton their best match in awhile. It took some time to get where it was going but the last few minutes were very strong. **¾

Young Lions Cup champion Cameron Zagami comes to the ring. Zagami says he’s received flack for his actions and comments, but he wouldn’t change a thing. The CHIKARMY doesn’t deserve to see him defend his Young Lions Cup. He says he will defend the Cup on his home turf of Beyond Wrestling. He tells those in the back that if they want the Cup back, they’ll have to come to Beyond, but like all the other Young Lions in the tournament, they will fail.

Tag World Grand Prix 2018 Semifinal Round Match
Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee vs. Oceanea {CD} & Merlok {CD}

Huckabee helps Darling with a back elbow on Merlok and a kick to Oceanea. Unfortunately, Merlok halts Darling’s headscissors and powerbombs her onto Huckabee. Merlok and Oceanea choke Darling on the ropes as Huckabee recovers. Darling is tossed outside by Merlok and Merlok drags Huckabee over the top and into the ring. After a suplex, Oceanea goes for the Reel Catch, but Huckabee gets his foot on the bottom rope. She gives Huckabee a shotgun dropkick, and Huckabee gives her one right back. Oceanea avoids the swinging Stretch Muffler and tags in Merlok to attack Huckabee. Merlok throws Huckabee outside after a massive powerbomb. Darling throws shots at Merlok before she gets tossed down in the corner. Darling avoids Oceanea’s Reel Catch and gets her in the Sharp Stinger! Huckabee tries to hold back Merlok so he can’t break the submission, but ends up headbutting Merlok backwards into Darling and Oceanea which ends the submission. The Rumblebees both strike Merlok as they’re perched on the ropes. Merlok climbs up, but gets knocked down from the second rope. Darling puts Merlok in the Sharp Stinger! Oceanea knees Darling to break it up. Huckabee swings Oceana into a cutter. He gives her the swinging Stretch Muffler, but Oceanea brings Huckabee down into the Reel Catch! Merlok holds Darling back so she can’t break the hold. Huckabee verbally submits at 10:16. Once again, the drama of whether or not the Rumblebees would split added some excellent drama to the match. These teams work really well together, and from the past two shows, you can tell there’s a singles match between Oceanea and Darling that the crowd really wants to see. The Reel Catch was teased and teased until Huckabee, the partner who put the Rumblebees in peril by his own decree, submitted and caused the split. Rock solid storytelling throughout a fun, compelling bout. ***

Scott Holladay interviews Travis Huckabee. Crying, Solo tells Huckabee not to end the team, but he tells her “it’s time.”

Tag World Grand Prix 2018 Semifinal Round Match
Dasher Hatfield {T} & Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels

Hatfield frustrates Crummels with open handed shots to the face. Crummels sneezes in Hatfield’s face, so he chops him down. Defarge and Angelosetti enter and join the chop battle. This ends with a four way chop. Angelosetti tackles Defarge back into the corner. Defarge sends Angelosetti ribs first into the ring post under the bottom turnbuckle to avoid another shoulder block. Defarge and Crummels focus their attack on Angelosetti’s ribs as they keep him trapped in their half of the ring. When they attempt Great Expectations, Angelosetti gets his knees up to block Crummels. Defarge fails to attack Hatfield, and Angelosetti backdrops him, allowing Hatfield to tag in. He overhead suplexes Crummels before clotheslining him to the floor. Hatfield backdrops Defarge out as well and suicide dives onto both of them. In the ring, Hatfield gives Crummels a double axe handle and traps Defarge in an abdominal stretch. Defarge escapes and clobbers Hatfield with a rebound lariat for two. Hatfield knocks him down with a Busaiku knee. Hatfield gets whipped to the corner. He takes Oliver Twist, but stacks Crummels onto Defarge’s shoulders. He punches Defarge in the stomach so that he powerbombs his own partner. Hatfield plants Defarge with a Jackhammer for the pin at 11:47. Angelosetti didn’t wrestle any of the match after tagging out, and needed the help of his partner, officials, and a doctor to be helped to the back, so the Throwbacks enter the finals ostensibly in a handicap match. Crummels and Defarge did a really great job during the beatdown and getting the crowd whipped into a frenzy, begging for Hatfield to be tagged in. This was another solid story that the crowd got into. ***

Gabby Ortiz vs. The Whisper

Mortimer is in The Whisper’s corner. Ortiz struggles to keep one a side headlock. Whisper moves her into a full nelson before pulling off a floating snapmare. Ortiz sends him to the corner with a headscissors and follows in with a dropkick to the stomach. She does it a second time and the Whisper retreats to the apron. He flips back in but gets caught in a modified Octopus stretch. She converts into a sunset flip for two. Whisper knees her in the stomach and tosses her overhead out of a pump-handle position for two. Ortiz is able to get the modified Octopus stretch on again. This time, Whisper swings her around into a backbreaker. The Launchpad Legdrop gets him a two count. He drops her across his knee and puts on a neck vice. He fails to pin her and picks Ortiz off the mat. She comes off the ropes and spikes Whisper with a crucifix driver for two. Ortiz strings forearms and chops together on Whisper but gets cut off with Whisper’s own forearm strike. He pulls her up into a fisherman’s suplex for two. Ortiz kicks Whisper a few times before giving Whisper a DDT. Whisper is close enough to the ropes to get his foot on the bottom rope. Ortiz comes off the top with a crossbody. Whisper catches her and weaves her up into the Aftermath for the pin at 8:19. The Whisper’s finisher is pretty awesome, but this match was a mess. *

Oleg the Usurper vs. BLANK {NA}

Ursa Minor in the Night Sky and Still Life with Apricots and Pears are in BLANK’s corner. BLANK sits on the mat cross-legged. He puts up his finger, as if tell Oleg to “hold on”, but Oleg grabs his finger and twists it BLANK pokes Oleg in the eyes with his other hand. Oleg uses his posterior to escape BLANK’s waistlock. Oleg rams BLANK’s face into the top turnbuckle ten times. As Oleg picks up speed, BLANK catches him off guard by turning himself upside down in the ropes. Pears distracts the referee so Sky can come in and help BLANK pummel Oleg. Angry, Oleg goes for a chokeslam, which BLANK escapes. Oleg catches BLANK trying to get away. Sky and Pears interject, letting BLANK get away and catch Oleg with a dropkick through the ropes. He pins Oleg with just his knee and only gets a one count. Oleg absorbs BLANK’s chops and splashes him against the ropes. Pears holds onto Oleg’s leg as Oleg hits the ropes and BLANK catches him with a clothesline through the ropes. Pears and Sky get involved when Oleg goes to pull BLANK off the top turnbuckle. This causes The Proletariat Boar of Moldova, whose hand his own issues with the Nouveau Aesthetic, to run out and chase BLANK around the building. Boar gives Sky a Gore ringside, then one to Pears in mid-air when Pears jumps off the apron! BLANK enters back into the ring. BLANK runs from Oleg right into a Gore from Boar, but it gives BLANK the win by disqualification at 6:16. Oleg doesn’t seem to mind. There’s something about BLANK in which he commands your attention and interest. The character is so outside of the box I am always interested into what is next for him. A feud between the Nouveau Aesthetic and Oleg and the Boar sounds good to me, as the constant interference and BLANK being a nuisance for the entire match makes his group one you want to see get beat. This match accomplished its goal and kept me captivated. **½

The Boar and Oleg share a double chokeslam to BLANK after the match. Oleg agrees to team with Boar going forward after the match.

Tag World Grand Prix 2018 Final Round Match
Dasher Hatfield {T} & Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Oceanea {CD} & Merlok {CD}

Angelosetti is nursing taped ribs coming into this match, but assures Hatfield and Bryce Remsburg he wants to compete. Hatfield pitches Merlok outside when Oceanea commands Merlok to attack. Oceanea goes for the Reel Catch early but Hatfield resists. She slides out, but Hatfield sees Merlok’s sneak attack coming. He moves out of the way of a charge and brings Merlok to a seated position. Oceanea shoves Hatfield to the floor when Hatfield hops up to the bottom rope to build momentum for his corner baseball slide. Angelosetti enters the ring, chopping away at Merlok while holding his ribs. Merlok strikes Angelosetti’s midsection as Angelosetti comes off the ropes. The Creatures of the Deep wisely isolate Angelosetti from Hatfield and target the bullseye that are his ribs, removing the tape to maximize the impact. Merlok gives Angelosetti a nasty suplex on the floor, but Brye didn’t see this thanks to Oceanea’s distraction, so he doesn’t allow Hatfield to tag in despite Angelosetti being on the floor. Angelosetti manages to muscle up Oceanea for a superplex, which of course does immense damage to himself. However, it also allowed him to finally tag in Hatfield. Hatfield weaves Merlok up into a bodyslam. He drills Oceanea with the Jackhammer for two. Hatfield pops her up, but she comes from behind and brings Hatfield down into the Reel Catch. Despite his weakened state, Angelosetti forearms Oceanea in the back of the head to break the hold. Oceanea attempts to attack Angelosetti in the corner but he drills her with a spinebuster. Merlok pushes Angelosetti off of Oceanea to stop the pin attempt. Angelosetti tries another spinebuster to Oceanea. Merlok interrupts with a superkick. Oceanea falls on top of Angelosetti but only gets a nearfall. Merlok gives Angelosetti the World’s Strongest Slam before he and Oceanea set up for the Tidal Wave. Hatfield pulls Angelosetti out of the ring, causing Merlok to crash and burn! Hatfield muscles up Oceanea into the cyclone neckbreaker. Merlok however scoops up Hatfield into the Emerald Flowsion! Angelosetti jumps in to break the pin at the last moment. He puts Merlok in a crossface after blocking his Emerald Flowsion. Hatfield holds onto Oceanea so she can’t intercept. Merlok however gets to his feet and elbows his way free. Angelosetti O’Connor rolls Merlok with a back bridge to get the pin and win the tournament at 15:45! This was an excellent final where everything built from the previous rounds came to a nice crescendo, where the good guys fought through overwhelming pain and odds to vanquish the foes, with the crowd cheering them on from beginning to end. All four participants told the story to perfection and provided a gratifying, surprising conclusion. The Throwbacks are now the only duo to ever win the Tag World Grand Prix twice and are two of the only people on the roster to have Merlok’s number. This was a strong finish to the tournament. ***½


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