Beyond Wrestling: Lit Up


Kenner, LA – 4.6.2018

Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee vs. Joey Ryan & Laura James

If you’ve seen any Joey Ryan match since his penis became the epicenter of all his matches, you know exactly how this match is going to play out. The Rumblebees don’t want to touch it, but Ryan gets them to do so. Bless Huckabee for trying to incorporate some actual wrestling in here but it just wasn’t happening. Ryan bodyslammed Darling on the ring apron and the response was the the lowest threshold above silence one can make for it to be considered noise. In addition to her getting a Penis suplex, Laura James used her vagina to “suplex” Huckabee. Eventually, Darling got James in the Sharp Stinger and mercifully ended this match at 13:42. This was absolutely awful and I can’t believe the Rumblebees were even put in this position to start. Never watch this. DUD


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