Young Lions Cup XIV – 2nd Stage


Philadelphia, PA – 3.31.2018

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Juan Francisco de Coronado
Campeones de Parejas: Rick Roland & Sloan Caprice
Young Lions Cup Champion: Vacant

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Denver Colorado, Icarus, Dasher Hatfield, and Mike Quackenbush.

Tag World Grand Prix 2018 Qualifying Match
El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC} vs. Ursa Minor in the Night Sky {NA} & Still Life with Apricots and Pears {NA}

BLANK is in the corner of the Nouveau Aesthetic. Hijo and Pears overhand chop battle takes place both in and outside the ring, ending with Hijo falling face first on the apron. However, he trips Pears to send him crashing down on the apron too. Jr. misses two dropkicks on Sky. Sky misses a moonsault, and Jr. finally hits a dropkick. He monkey flips Sky onto his buttocks. Pears and Hijo again trade chops. Hijo slides Pears on his stomach to the outside where he recoups with Sky and BLANK. Hijo tosses Sky back outside after they both kick one another in the stomach. Pears and Hijo trade waistlocks quickly. Pears pulls Hijo forward so his throat hits the top rope and Sky takes him down with a clothesline for two. Pears and Sky team up on Hijo. He rolls outside allowing Jr. to come in. Jr. yanks in Pears from the apron, but Pears knocks him down with a clothesline for two. The Aesthetic team up on him as well until Hijo breaks up a pin. Sky pulls Hijo to their corner and Pears backflips Sky into him into the buckles! Jr. is set on Sky’s shoulders when Pears climbs the ropes. Hijo pushes Pears to the floor and Jr. crucifix pins Sky for two. Jr. slams Sky and Los Ice Creams give him a double seated splash. BLANK jumps to the apron to distract them, allowing Pears and Sky to attack them from behind. Jr. defelects a boot and gives Sky a Cold Stone Stunner, causing a chain reaction where Sky knocks Pears and BLANK to the floor. El Asesino on Sky gives Los Ice Creams the win at 9:29. The Nouveau Aesthetic are still finding their footing and working out the kinks, but I like the idea of the team a whole lot. The wrestling was kept basic which allowed them to do as best they could at this point in their careers. The crowd being into the match helped. *½

BLANK and the Nouveau Aesthetic attack Los Ice Creams after the match. In the interview area, BLANK says his pieces are not yet perfect. They are not the masterpieces he thought they were. He adds a little blue paint to the otherwise red color on Pears, and a little red paint to the otherwise blue color on Sky, asking for absolute silence as he does so. When finished, he says art is dead, and long live BLANK. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova blindsides all three of them with an attack! He dropkicks BLANK as he’s seated on the apron, and throws him into the ring to start their scheduled singles bout earlier than planned.

The Proletariat Boar of Moldova vs. BLANK {NA}

BLANK tries to retaliate but ends up being stomped down in the corners. Boar clotheslines him repeatedly against the turnbuckles before scooping him up into a spinning side slam. BLANK puts his hands in Boar’s eyes, but Boar knocks him down with a throat jab after recovering. He gives BLANK Snake Eyes and a big boot for two. BLANK yanks Boar by his singlet face first into the top turnbuckle. Despite this, the Boar gets the better of BLANK once again and belly-to-belly suplexes him across the ring. Pears jumps in the way of a corner attack from Boar. Boar pulls Pears onto his shoulders and tosses him onto Sky outside the ring! BLANK comes off the middle turnbuckle with a dropkick. Boar however catches him in the corner and hits the Baconator. Sky pulls BLANK outside to avoid the Gore. Boar goes outside and Gores Sky and Pears. When he goes to Gore BLANK, BLANK holds up a steel chair which Boar charges right into! BLANK gets back in the ring and the Boar is counted out at 5:16. This makes Boar 0-3 over the members of the Nouveau Aesthetic, all of which have involved the other members of the group getting involved. I’m really glad Boar has a direction because he’s a lot of fun to watch. He and BLANK told a good story and I look forward to watching where this feud goes. **

Solo Darling, Travis Huckabee, Green Ant & Thief Ant vs. Oceanea {CD}, Merlok {CD}, Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels

This match is comprised of four teams who have all qualified for this year’s Tag World Grand Prix tournament. Merlok fights off Darling despite her best efforts, and knocks down all three of their partners one by one as they enter the ring. Green Ant gets the better of Crummels but is immediately mowed down with an uppercut from Defarge. Oceanea headbutts Huckabee in the chest as he enters the ring and Crummels dropkicks Darling. Merlok once again mauls all members of his opposing team individually. The four of them attack at once but Merlok shoves them all away. Green Ant is the unfortunate soul who finds himself isolated in the Rudos half of the ring. Green Ant is able to evade a middle rope splash from Merlok and hit him with an enzuigiri, but Oceanea jumps right in and suplexes Green Ant to the corner to stop a tag. Green Ant however rolls outside to trigger a tag. We get a sequence where everybody gets a big offensive maneuver and many competitors dive onto one another. Merlok powerslams Green Ant and ascends the ropes again. Darling attacks Merlok as he is climbing and tosses him to the floor onto Crummels, Defarge, Huckabee, and Thief Ant. Oceanea then comes off the top with a senton onto everyone. Oceanea and Darling are the first two back in the ring. Before they lock-up, Defarge attacks Darling, leading to Huckabee and Oceanea trading headbutts until they knock each other out. Crummels and Defarge give Darling the Night Cap but Green Ant breaks up the pin. The Ants double monkey flip Crummels and Defarge before dropkicking them to the floor. Merlok and Oceanea wipe the Ants out. Huckabee swings Oceanea around in a Stretch Muffle and Darling puts her in the Sharp Stinger. The Ants and Huckabee hold back Merlok momentarily, but he ends up tossing Huckabee onto Darling to break her submission. Merlok gives Huckabee the World’s Strongest Slam in the corner before he and Oceanea hit him with the Tidal Wave for the pin at 15:28. This was as good as any other Atomicos match this Season, with a lot of action and everyone looking strong. The Ants especially got their moment to shine with Green Ant standing out amongst the pack. The future looks bright for CHIKARA and this match definitely got me excited for Tag World. ***

Doc Diamondfire interviews the Rumblebees in the interview area. Doc asks for Travis to clarify what he meant at the Hour of Power when he said Tag World was the Rumblebees last chance. Travis says things have not been going their way since they lost the Campeonatos de Parejas, and that if he and Solo can’t win Tag World Grand Prix, they need to go their separate ways. Solo has no words.

Juan Francisco de Coronado says he only needs 24 more hours to have held the Grand Championship for one full year. Standing in the way of that accomplishment is Ophidian. He knows Ophidian has overcome a lot to earn this championship bout, but Coronado has not been champion for 364 days by luck. He is the greatest champion CHIKARA has ever had and the greatest they never deserved.

Grand Championship
Juan Francisco de Coronado vs. Ophidian

Juan Francisco de Coronado has been champion since 4.1.2017 and this is his eleventh defense. Coronado attacks Ophidian during the introductions. He damages Ophidian’s back outside the ring, which is the same part of the body Fire Ant wore down in their match two weeks prior. Ophidian insists to referee Kris Levin he can compete as he crawls back inside and the bell rings. Ophidian Coronado’s signature offense with different pinning combinations. Ophidian grabs the Death Grip but ends up suplexed back first into the corner. Coronado continues to focus his offense on Ophidian’s lower back and spine. Ophidian goes for the Death Grip again. Coronado escapes and runs the ropes for a tornado DDT before focusing on Ophidian’s back once again. Coronado fights out of another Death Grip. This time, Ophidian holds Coronado’s wrist to stop the tornado DDT and jams Coronado’s arm across the top rope. Ophidian lands a spinwheel kick back in the ring. The two men trade blows, ending with a Duat Driver from Ophidian. He rolls over for a pin, but the positioning allows Coronado to hook his legs and lift him up into the Coronado Clutch. Ophidian escapes and goes for the Death Grip again. Coronado escapes and gets backdropped by Ophidian. Ophidian goes for Chocolate Rain. Coronado catches his legs and turns him over with modified German suplex for two. Ophidian counters a backslide with a bridging backslide for two. He lands a corkscrew enzuigiri and hurts his own back while executing a fisherman’s suplex. Ophidian uses the ropes to land a second Duat Driver. He then drives his knees into Coronado in the corner twice. Ophidian gets a close two count with Meteora. After Coronado kicks out, Ophidian immediately grabs a grounded Death Grip. Coronado grabs the bottom rope to escape. Coronado and Ophidian fight for front facelock and Coronado ends up sending Ophidian shoulder first into the nearby ring post. Coronado German suplexes Ophidian for two. He tries the Coronado Clutch, but Ophidian rolls forward. He looks for the Death Grip. Coronado weaves out and knees Ophidian in the head. Ophidian back suplexes out of a Tiger Bomb, but Coronado holds onto the arms and hits it the second time. He gives Ophidian another Tiger Bomb. The third time Ophidian turns into his own and gets a two count. Coronado grabs his flag. Levin pulls it away, but as he’s disposing of it, he kicks Ophidian low and gives him a bridging German suplex. Though it isn’t clear, Ophidian’s shoulder comes up right before three. Ophidian passes out in the Coronado Clutch at 17:07. This match played out so well, with Ophidian coming into the match hurt, wrestling around his injury and masterfully getting the Death Grip on any way he could, only for Coronado’s relentless exposure of his injured back and cheating costing him the match. The only critique I have is that Coronado’s jammed arm could have been utilized more extensively to make a potential title change more believable, but otherwise this was a very good match. ***½

Razerhawk {X2K} & Nytehawk {X2K} vs. Anthony Greene & DL Hurst

Hurst gets the better of Nytehawk, sending him outside with a shoulder block. Razerhawk sends Hurst out with a casadora armdrag and headscissors Greene to the corner. Greene comes back with a knee to the stomach and a hard left punch. Razerhawk bounces off the ropes to execute a double armdrag to send Hurst and Greene to the floor and follows them with a tope con hilo. Razerhawk misses a Swanton on Greene back inside. Hurst capitalizes by landing a top rope moonsault on Razerhawk after he crashes. The New England duumvirate hits a tandem Styles Clash on Razerhawk. Nytehawk breaks the cover but gets tossed back out by Greene for his troubles. Razerhawk escapes the grasp of his opponents by leapfrogging over them and causing them to collide together. However, Greene superkicks Nytehawk to the floor as soon as he comes in, and Hurst drags Razerhawk back into the ring to make him the legal man. Hurst gets two a Snow Plow-esque slam. Razerhawk finally finds an opening to slide outside. Nytehawk German suplexes Hurst from his knees for two. He suicide dives onto Hurst outside after colliding him and Greene together by their heads. Razerhawk spikes Greene with the Razer’s Edge for the pin at 8:03. I’m really glad Greene and Hurst got this opportunity because this match gave them the chance to stand out and show what they can do more so than their respective Young Lions Cup bouts from two weeks prior. They had great chemistry as a team, and with the Xyberhawx put together a compelling, fun match. Greene and Hurst went from being two people I didn’t quite “get” to two guys I’d like to see back, especially as a team. ***

Tag World Grand Prix 2018 Qualifying Match
Dasher Hatfield {T} & Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Hallowicked {LOR} & Frightmare {LOR}

Angelosetti and Frightmare reach a stalemate in the early going. Hallowicked hits Angelosetti from the apron. The distraction allows Frightmare to drive Angelosetti to the corner, where the Legion of Rot hit the Sidewinder. Angelosetti suplexes Hallowicked by his wrist and follows up with several falling splashes. He tags in Hatfield before hitting “the big one.” Hallowicked is able to reverse everything Hatfield attempts to the throw at him and tosses Hatfield outside. Back inside, the Throwbacks get the Legion of Rot in stereo O’Connor Rolls. The armdrags fly to the point where the Throwbacks almost armdrag each other but do stop before doing so. They then dive outside onto Frightmare and Hallowicked. Back in the ring, the Rot chop block the Throwbacks’ legs out. Angelosetti gets caught in the Rot’s corner as Hatfield rolls to the floor. They focus their attack on Angelosetti’s left knee and ankle. Hallowicked yanks Hatfield off the apron when it looks like Angelosetti has the chance to tag out and stomps on Hatfield’s ankle. Frightmare purposefully rolls Angelosetti out as Hallowicked throws Hatfield in, so they can wear his knee out and have all their bases covered. Hatfield rolls through Hallowicked’s super snapmare and gives him a backdrop so he can tag in Angelosetti, who slams Frightmare and gives Hallowicked a backbreaker against his better judgment. He spikes Angelosetti with a one-armed spinebuster, but takes Go 2 Sleepy Hollow from Hallowicked. Hatfield pops up a charging Hallowicked into a running Liger Bomb for two. Hatfield gives Frightmare a Jackhammer but can’t capitalize for a pin. The Throwbacks try the 3D but Frightmare rolls Hatfield into a half crab. Hallowicked also puts Angelosetti in a half crab. Both Throwbacks grab the bottom rope. They take over the Rot with tandem powerslams for two. Hallowicked kicks Hatfield to the floor and Frightmare yakuza kicks Angelosetti. Angelosetti avoids Kneecolepsy and Magistral cradles Frightmare for two, avoiding a Swanton from Hallowicked in the process. Hallowicked aids Angelosetti with a super Frankensteiner. Hatfield interjects to stop the pin. They kick Hatfield in the knee as Hallowicked tosses him to Frightmare for Kneecolepsy. Angelosetti eats a pair of kicks in the corner. Frightmare’s coast-to-coast dropkick only manages to get a nearfall. Angelosetti avoids the Headless Horsemen thanks to Hatfield. He comes off the middle rope with a bulldog to Hallowicked. The Throwbacks give Frightmare a 3D onto Hallowicked and pin Hallowicked at 22:47. There were high expectations for this match given the quality of the two teams and how well they’ve worked together in the past, and those expectations didn’t come anywhere close to being met. If looked at as a three act play, the first act was very good, the second was well intentioned but too long, and the third was way too long and didn’t pay off the story in a satisfying way, almost as if a gear shift was missing. It came off as there being some difficulty for the four of them to get into a rhythm or keep a consistent flow. Disappointing is the most succinct summation I can give this match. **¼

Angelosetti tells Doc Diamondfire that a lot of people think the Throwbacks “don’t have it” any more, but they’re going to prove the naysayers wrong by becoming the first team to win the Tag World Grand Prix tournament for the second time. Hatfield says they aren’t afraid of any team they may face in the tournament and reiterates that they will win the tournament for the second time.

Omari says nothing would make his Fight Club: Pro family more proud than if he were to bring the Young Lions Cup back to England.

Young Lions Cup XIV Final Round Match
Omari {FCP} vs. Cameron Zagami

Zagami represents Beyond Wrestling and Beyond Wrestling founder Denver Colorado is on commentary for this contest. After trading headlocks off the mat, Zagami and Omari fight for a pin from a sunset flip position, resulting in roughly a dozen two counts. Out of a double knuckle lock, Omari Magistral cradles Zagami. Zagami kicks out and O’Connor rolls Omari for two. Omari knocks him down with a single leg dropkick. Zagami comes off the second rope with a back elbow. He rakes Omari’s eyes and dropkicks him off the apron. Zagami slams Omari on the floor. Zagami slingshots back into the ring with a legdrop to Omari. Omari gets in some strikes, but Zagami intercepts a punch and gives Omari an exploder suplex into the ropes! Omari catches Zagami coming off the ropes and spins him out into a face first slam. He spears Zagami in the corner. Omari leg lariats Zagami as Zagami jumps up to the second turnbuckle. He brings Zagami down with a Spanish Fly! Once recovered, the two competitors trade forearm strikes. Omari hits Zagami with a few kicks before dropping him face first onto the canvas with a reverse waterwheel slam. He tries for the OZone but Zagami counters into a DDT for two. Zagami hits the Acid Drop and locks on the American Grip. Omari’s long legs allow him to get his foot on the ropes to escape. Omari catches Zagami charging and hits the OZone. He hurts his arm in the process and doesn’t hit the move quite right. Zagami is close enough to the ropes to halt the pin. Omari superkicks Zagami and tries a middle rope moonsault. Zagami gets his knees up and floats Omari over into a pin for two. Zagami jabs Omari in the throat. He strings a facebuster and Snapmare Driver together for the pin and the Cup at 12:01. I really like this decision. Beyond has a double header with CHIKARA in April and a company versus company event in July, and Beyond having one of CHIKARA’s titles in their camp adds so much interest to those events. Additionally, Zagami had three good outings and is so easy to hate, making him the perfect person to have that accolade. With the Grand Championship now in place, CHIKARA can do more out the box things with the Young Lions Cup, such as the constant title changes last year, and now having the Cup in another company. I also think the world of Omari who is already so good and will be even better with more years under his belt. I look forward to seeing him back in CHIKARA some day. The finals of this tournament taking place two weeks after the rest of the tournament, while in the past two years the entire tournament has been on the same night, was such a good choice. The competitors were fresh, the crowd wasn’t burned out, and they both put their best foot forward in a very good match. ***

Cam Zagami heads to the interview area with Doc Diamondfire. Denver Colorado meets him there and holds up a Beyond Wrestling t-shirt behind him the entire time Zagami speaks. Zagami says this is not a CHIKARA moment, it is a Beyond Wrestling and Cam Zagami moment. He tells the CHIKARA locker room that they all know his name, but he doesn’t need to know there’s. They look like they’re from a comic book, while Cam looks like someone who’d be on the cover. He’s taking the Cup home to Beyond.

Encore Match
Officer Warren Barksdale vs. Rory Gulak

Barksdale cartwheels his way out of a double leg takedown. He ducks Gulak’s clothesline and Magistral cradles him for two. After a hip toss and Judo throw, Barksdale whips Gulak to an opposite corner. He catches him coming out with clothesline for two. Gulak reverses a hip toss with a headlock takedown. Gulak keeps it grasped on despite Barksdale trying to shoot him off the ropes. He puts on an Octopus Stretch for a moment before transitioning back to the headlock. Barksdale repeatedly strikes Gulak in the stomach and chest to escape his grasp. They fight for a hold but neither gets it. Barksdale side steps a corner attack. Barksdale reverses Gulak’s own reversal to the O’Connor Roll, holding Gulak’s arms down to the mat in a double underhook for the pin at 4:34. Barksdale erases Gulak’s title opportunity and earns his own second point. This was a fun technical wrestling bout to close the show. *½


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