Hour of Power #14


Philadelphia, PA – 3.24.2018

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Juan Francisco de Coronado
Campeones de Parejas: Rick Roland & Sloan Caprice
Young Lions Cup Champion: Vacant

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg and Sidney Bakabella.

Razerhawk {X2K} & Nytehawk {X2K} vs. The Whisper & Troll

The Xyberhawx double dropkick Troll to the floor. Razerhawk flips over Nytehawk and headscissors Whisper to the floor. They double suplex Troll in from the apron for a nearfall. Nytehawk dropkicks Troll outside. Razerhawk tope con hilo’s onto both the Whisper and Troll. In the ring, Whisper takes down Nytehawk with a single footed dropkick. After a slam, the Whisper delivers a running knee strike and rolls Nytehawk into a seatbelt pin for two. Troll tries a wristlock on Nytehawk, but Nytehawk easily reverses the hold. Troll has difficulty escaping Razerhawk’s wristlock. Razerhawk knocks Whisper off the apron with the Troll, then puts him in an armbar for the submission victory at 3:43. Once again the Troll puts in a sad performance as Whisper’s partner. We would find out soon enough where that would lead to. *

The Proletariat Boar of Moldova vs. Still Life With Apricots and Pears {NA}

Pears finagles his way out of the Boar’s path, but Boar clobbers him with a clothesline in the corner and follows up with several successive clotheslines. Boar Snake Eyes’ Pears before knocking him down with a big boot. Boar drops an elbow after a sidewalk slam. He tosses Pears overhead with a suplex. Boar drops Pears with the Baconator. He calls for the Gore. He knocks down Pears with it, but Pears rolls outside to avoid a pin. He goes under the ring. Boar follows. Pears makes it back into the ring by the count of 18. Ursa Minor in the Night Sky, who was hiding under the ring, holds onto Boar’s leg, allowing Pears to win the match by count-out at 4:16! The Nouveau Aesthetic continues to get under Boar’s skin. This group for me is the most interesting thing to follow in CHIKARA right now. I’m very much looking forward to watching them grow. *

The Boar begins to tell the crowd that he’s fed up when <b?BLANK sneaks in from behind with an Ace Crusher! Pears and Sky put the boots to Boar, then make a human seat for BLANK. In his own unique way, BLANK says he will fulfill Boar’s desire to wrestle him next Saturday. He ends by saying art is dead, long live BLANK.

Tag World Grand Prix 2018 Qualifying Match
Jasper Tippins {DP} & Donald Kluger {DP} vs. Good Looking Steve & Jimmy Starz

Starz elbows his way out of Tippins’ waistlock, but Tippins takes him right down with an armdrag into a seat belt pin for two. Tippins gets sent to the ropes but comes back with a spinwheel kick. Kluger comes in with a shoulder tackle to Starz for two. He gets another two count with a crossbody off the second turnbuckle. Dez Peloton hit Starz with the Broken Arrow, much to Steve’s dismay, for a two count. Steve distracts Tippins, allowing Starz to trip him off the second turnbuckle. Steve comes in with an elbow drop from the second turnbuckle for two. Tippins escapes Starz and Steve’s corner with a swing-out Falcon Arrow to Starz. Kluger knocks Steve off the apron and drops Starz with a Gourdbuster. Kluger monkey flips Starz across the ring. Steve holds onto Starz when Kluger tries it again, causing him to fall. Starz double stomps Kluger and tosses Tippins outside. Trippins however trips Steve when he hits the ropes. Kluger schoolyard trips Tippins and drives Starz onto Kluger’s knees. Dez Peloton give Steve a pop-up powerslam, then Tippins Climbs the Summit for the pin at 7:36. This was a very good outing for Dez Peloton, who added some new offense into their arsenal and had the crowd firmly behind them. Starz and Steve were fine, but not a team I think people will be clamoring to see again. **

Jasper Tippins tells Doc Diamondfire no more games; they’re going to take all the other teams in the Tag World Grand Prix for a ride.

Fire Ant vs. Omari {FCP}

Omari was originally set to face Rory Gulak, but Gulak had to pull off the event due to circumstances beyond his control. Fire Ant takes down Omari with a Skayde Special for two. Omari brings down Fire Ant with a waistlock, converting into a front facelock. Fire Ant slips underneath Omari to escape another waistlock and trips him. Fire Ant sends Omari to the corner with an alita. Omari catches Fire Ant’s high crossbody. Fire Ant escapes the Ozone and lights up Omari with chops. Omari tags Fire Ant with a forearm to halt the Beach Break. Fire Ant however Burns Down the House on Omari for two. Fire Ant also gets a two with a somersault senton. He puts Omari in an Octopus stretch, eventually converting into a headscissors. He whips Omari to the corner and follows in with a flying forearm smash. Omari avoids another corner attack and spears Fire Ant into the corner. He follows up with a side leg lariat for two. The two competitors trade strikes mid-ring. Fire Ant gets the better of the exchange with a kick to the leg and head. Fire Ant rolls under Omari’s kick and tries a Frankensteiner. Omari pops him up onto his shoulders and throws him down with a reverse Alabama Slam. Omari clobbers Fire Ant with a side leg lariat for two. Once again Fire Ant escapes the Ozone. He drops Omari with a brainbuster for a very close nearfall. Fire Ant cracks Omari with the Yahtzee Kick. Fire Ant tries a tornado DDT. Omari counters with the Ozone for the pin at 7:51. This was a fun and entertaining back and forth match. Fire Ant had Omari’s finisher scouted, which meant Omari had to catch him off guard and use Fire Ant’s own momentum against him to pull it off. By defeating a former Young Lions Cup champion and CHIKARA veteran, Omari has tons of momentum heading into the tournament finals next weekend. Very good match. ***

Omari tells Doc Diamondfire he will defeat Cam Zagami next week and represent CHIKARA worldwide as the Young Lions Cup champion.

Blanche Babish vs. El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC}

Hijo avoids Babish in the opening moments before knocking her down with a single chop. Babish tumbles over Hijo and takes him to the corner with a wheelbarrow armdrag. A hip attack gets her a two count. Hijo sends Babish to the corner. She gets her to feet up to stop his attacks and swings him out of the corner with a headscissors. Babish puts on a headscissors but Hijo’s feet get in the ropes to break the hold. Hijo strikes her from his knees. Babish hip tosses HIjo into a knee strike and drops him with a DDT. She locks on the Soda Jerk for the submission at 2:31. Babish has made a very good impression in no time at all. *

Doc Diamondfire chats with the Rumblebees. Huckabee says they have a lot of fierce competition ahead of them. Darling says with Travis’ swinging Stretch Muffler and her Sharp Stinger, the tap is inevitable. Come Tag World Grand Prix, they’re going to bring that swing and sting. Solo says only one team leaves with three points. Travis says it’s their last chance, so it better be them. Solo doesn’t seem to know what that means.

Tag World Grand Prix 2018 Qualifying Match
Green Ant & Thief Ant vs. Hermit Crab {CD} & Cajun Crawdad {CD}

Green Ant very quickly tries a pin reverse prawn hold. When that doesn’t work, Green Ant comes off the middle rope with an armdrag and baits Crab into a dropkick. He cleverly maneuvers outside so Thief Ant can jump in with a monkey flip to Crab. Thief Ant blocks Crawdad’s nerve hold and uses it himself! He angers Crawdad by using his and Crab’s taunts. Thief Ant hip tosses Crawdad thrice before grabbing his own nerve hold. Crab interjects, throwing Thief Ant outside and throwing Green Ant down. He swipes Green Ant out of mid-air into a German suplex. Crawdad pops Green Ant up into another German suplex from Crab for two. The Crustaceans continue to wear down Green Ant until he slips out of a Doctor Bomb and nails Crab with an enzuigiri. Thief Ant fights off both Crustaceans solo. He gives Crab a Michinoku Driver but Crawdad breaks the pin up. He tries a double DDT on both ants. The Ants knock him down with double dropkicks in the corner, then hits an Ants Marching double dropkick! Crab knocks the Ants down. All four men knock another down simultaneously. Crawdad and Thief Ant trade pinning variations after Crab and Green Ant roll to the floor. Thief Ant catches Crawdad with Crawdad’s own prawn hold for the pin at 7:52! These new Ants over delivered in their first match as a team. The fluidity they had at the top was really impressive. Crab and Crawdad were excellent opponents, as they were once in the same position the Ants were and have both improved greatly since their formative days, especially Crab. This was a very fun surprise and quite an upset. **½

The Ants talk to Doc Diamondfire about their win. Green Ant says The Colony will be the winners at the end of the Tag World Grand Prix. Suddenly, Fire Ant appears and clobbers them both! He grabs both Ants antennae and says they are NOT the Colony.


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