Kill The Moon

Kill The Moon

Enfield, CT – 11.19.2017

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Juan Francisco de Coronado
Campeones de Parejas: El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.
Young Lions Cup Champion: Ophidian

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush.

Fire Ant, Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee vs. Jeremy Leary, Rory Gulak & Sloan Caprice

Rick Roland is in the corner of the Rudos triumvirate. Gulak and Leary toy with who will start the match against Huckabee. Eventually, Huckabee back trips Leary as Leary comes off the ropes. Huckabee embarasses Leary by getting him in some pinning combinations. Leary tags Huckabee with a forearm strike before slamming him into a fist drop. Gulak enters, but after getting heel tripped rolls right back outside. Leary drop toe holds Huckabee into the middle turnbuckle. Huckabee slides out, bringing in Fire Ant who picks up the pace before taking over Leary with an alita. He walks up the ropes for a wrist drag to Leary across the ring. Fire Ant applies a Royal Octopus to Leary while messing up Leary’s hair in the process. Leary throws Fire Ant off of him and hits a Code Breaker. Caprice blind tags in. Darling stands up to him which amuses Caprice. She kicks away at his left thigh but gets mowed down with a shoulder block. He swings Darling out of a full nelson. Darling again goes back to the thigh. She tries a slam, but Caprice with ease slams her instead. Darling maneuvers Caprice into a schoolgirl trip. Huckabee jumps in but Caprice slips out before Huckabee can apply his stretch muffler. Gulak sneaks in from behind with a waistlock. Huckabee drop toe holds Gulak into a front facelock. Gulak trips him but Huckabee rolls him into a Mouse Trap pin for two. Gulak counters the Stretch Muffler hold and muscles Huckabee up into a powerbomb for two. Gulak knocks down Huckabee’s partners so he and his partners can work over Huckabee in their half of the ring. Huckabee is able to send Leary and Caprice outside and hit Gulak with a shotgun dropkick. He gets a tag to Fire Ant who comes in with a high crossbody and satellite DDT onto Caprice. Fire Ant ducks a back elbow from Leary and suicide dives onto Caprice outside. Darling tornado snap suplexes Leary. Leary avoids the Sharp Stinger and knees Darling in the head. He sunset flips her into the turnbuckles. Darling rolls out to avoid the Knee Trembler. Huckabee headbutts Leary in the chest before lifting him into a Gory Special. Darling bulldogs Leary out of it, and Fire Ant comes off the top with a double stomp to Leary. Caprice slingshots in with a roll-up, then with just one arm muscles up Fire Ant for a Buckle Bomb. Roland spins out HUckabee into a slam. Darling grabs a sleeper hold on Caprice. Caprice however scoops up Huckabee while Darling is on his back. Fire Ant frees his partners and Darling impressively pulls off a Death Valley Driver on Caprice! Gulak attacks Darling. Darling brings him off the ropes with a powerbomb. Fire Ant hits him with a Yahtzee Kick. Huckabee gives Gulak a bridging butterfly suplex for the pin at 13:57. This match felt really uneven and the wrong kind of chaotic. The big takeaway was Huckabee finally getting a pin on Gulak, but does it matter that much in a trios match few will see or hear about? This felt like a miss. *½

Jasper Tippins {DP} & Donald Kluger {DP} vs. Ophidian {OP} & Amasis {OP}

Amasis sneaks attack Tippins. Ophidian drags Kluger outside and sends him into the ring post. Amasis dropkicks Tippins into a headstand senton from Ophidian. Amasis gets a two count with a running shooting star press. The new Portal beat down Tippins as Kluger rallies from the apron. Tippins takes down Ophidian with two back crackers and a neckbreaker, and also avoids an attack from Asis (after Amasis wiped out Kluger from the apron.) Tippins attempts to Climb the Summit on Ophidian but Amasis cuts him off. The Portal bring Tippins down with a Pyramid Plex for two, with Kluger jumping in and tossing Tippins outside to make himself legal. He gives Amasis a Gourd Buster and flings Ophidian face first into the bottom turnbuckle. He wipes out Amasis with a knee strike. Ophidian slips outside. The Portal bait Kluger into a dropkick from behind from Amasis. Ophidian capitalizes with a corkscrew enzuigiri. Kluger succumbs to the Slave Initiation for two. Amasis gives Kluger a neckbreaker onto his knee and Ophidian hits a running double knee strike. Tippins interrupts the pin. Ophidian tosses him outside.Kluger slides out so Tippins can come back in. Amasis catches his crossbody attempt as Kluger wipes out Ophidian on the apron. Kluger schoolyard trips Amasis. Dez Peloton give Amasis the Bike Rack for two. Ophidian comes in but is fed into Kluger’s arm so he can accelerate him into Tippins’ repeated bike kicks from the ground. Kluger wheelbarrow suplexes Ophidian but Amasis breaks his pin. Dez Peloton tandem pump-handle suplex Amasis. They hit the Broken Arrow on Ophidian twice. Amasis low bridges the top rope on Tippins when they go for it a third time. Kluger knocks Amasis off the apron and press slams Ophidian onto him! Upon recovering, Amasis sends Tippins into the ring post. Kluger pulls Ophidian to the apron and looks to suplex him into the ring. Amasis sweeps Kluger’s legs and holds them down so Ophidian can pin him at 9:59! The Whisper makes a very good Ophidian, mimicking the style of the original while adding his own flavor to the character. Dez Peloton had one of their strongest outings as a team and worked very well with this new Portal iteration. The two teams also put a nice twist on the usual tag team formula which I appreciated. ***

As The Portal are celebrating winning their third point and thus a future Campeones de Parejas opportunity, 17 runs in! Ophidian drops his Young Lions Cup at the sight of him. 17 throws Ophidian down by his arm and applies a vicious arm bar. Amasis chases him away after finally noticing what’s going on, but the damage has been done. We’d learn in a blog shortly after that 17 had broken Ophidian’s arm. The crew helps Ophidian to the back with Amasis following behind.

Missile Assault Man vs. Hallowicked {LOR}

The opening exchange sees Missile go for Hallowicked’s leg. Hallowicked tries Never Wake Up early but Missile escapes his grasp. Missile and Hallowicked each get in a quick pin attempt, with Missile able to apply a hammerlock after the fact. Hallowicked switches out and tries Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Missile trips Hallowicked and tries a sharpshooter, but Hallowicked gets to the ropes before it is applied. After trading strikes, Hallowicked attempts the Rydeen Bomb. Missile grabs his arm and brings him down into an armbar, but again Hallowicked goes to the ropes. Hallowicked almost attempts the CHIKARA Special, but Missile converts into the sharpshooter. Hallowicked makes it to the ropes to escape, then slips to the floor. Missile immediately follows with a suicide dive. Once back in the ring, Hallowicked is able to take over by crotching Missile on the top rope and cracking him with a step-up enzuigiri. He drags Missile to his feet and drives him head and shoulder first into the turnbuckles twice. Hallowicked small packages Missile for two. Missile fights up from the mat using uppercuts and snapmares Hallowicked into a crucifix pin for two. When Missile fights out of Go 2 Sleepy Hollow, Hallowicked punches him in the face and drops him chest first onto the top turnbuckle. Missile counters the super snapmare with a prawn hold for two. Hallowicked blasts Missile with a yakuza kick for his own nearfall. Missile fights through some offense and uppercuts Hallowicked in the corner. He avoids a corner yakuza kick and knocks down Hallowicked with various shots. He builds momentum with several running uppercuts and a bicycle kick. Missile struggles, but gets three Northern Lights suplexes onto Hallowicked. Missile can’t hold him down for a three count. He gives Hallowicked a rolling Death Valley Driver. Nursing his own shoulder doesn’t allow him to make a cover right away, helping Hallowicked get his shoulder up at the two count when Missile does cover. He pulls of the Missile Launcher after blocking a step-up enzuigiri from Hallowicked, but Hallowicked finds the energy to get his shoulder up before the three count, making him the first person to kick out from the move. Something about this causes Missile to go into a state of distress, causing him to rock back and forth and repeat his name. He grabs Hallowicked’s arm. Hallowicked rolls through and drops Missile with Never Wake Up for the pin at 12:28. Missile Assault Man had three excellent performances this weekend, with this being the best of the bunch. He and Hallowicked had a great dynamic and put together a match that was unique for the both of them. It’s hard to know what Missile’s distress means, and the transition from the PTSD moment into the climax felt fast, but I really enjoyed the effort here. ***¼

Sylverhawk says they have a score to settle with the creatures of the deep. Razerhawk says this issue has gone from Aniversario through trading the Young Lions Cup. They couldn’t end their issue in Chicago, but perhaps with Nytehawk by their side they can do so tonight. All they know, it it’s gonna be fly.

Sylverhawk {X2K}, Razerhawk {X2K} & Nytehawk {X2K} vs. Hermit Crab, Cajun Crawdad & Merlok

The Crustaceans fail to attack the Xyberhawx right at the bell. Sylverhawk takes out Crab and leaves Crawdad for Razerhawk to take out via double wrist clutch drag. Merlok mows down Merlok with a shoulder block, but misses a senton. Nytehawk’s dropkicks barely faze Merlok, who snaps up Nytehawk into a powerslam. Merlok fails another senton. All three Xyberhawx dropkick him to the floor. Sylverhawk springboard crossbody’s Crab out of Razer and Nytehawk’s arms. Crawdad interjects. Nytehawk gives him a reverse DDT. Sylverhawk hits the Xyber Splash and Razerhawk with the Xwanton Bomb. Merlok muscles Razerhawk up and powerbombs him into Sylverhawk in the corner, which knocks Nytehawk to the floor. Merlok slams Sylverhawk and Razerhawk at the same time. Nytehawk slips in from behind but gets caught and drilled into the mat. With the other X2K members licking their rooms, the Seven Seas trios take turns wearing down Nytehawk. Nytehawk eventually rolls to the floor after being slammed onto his face and chest by all three opponents at once in the Spin Cycle. Sylverhawk bravely rushes in but is beat down right away. He is punished by the Spin Cycle as well. Razerhawk is beckoned in by his opponents. Like Sylverhawk, he fights valiantly, but succumbs to the numbers game. They call for the Spin Cycle, but this time, Razerhawk headscissors Merlok into Crab! The three Xyberhawx flapjack Crab and Crawdad simultaneously. They triple superkick Merlok to the corner and all three land individual attacks. Nytehawk whips Merlok nito a tandem backdrop from Sylverhawk and Razerhawk. Nytehawk walks across their backs into a double stomp on Merlok for two. Sylverhawk pops up Razerhawk onto Merlok’s shoulders for a super Frankensteiner. Even with Sylverhawk and Nytehawk both pinning him, Merlok is able to get his shoulder up. Merlok knocks down Nytehawk and nails a mid-air Sylverhawk. A series of offense ends with all six men laying. Merlok ends up swinging Sylverhawk and Razerhawk together after ducking a double clothesline. Crab and Crawdad take them down to the floor. Merlok catches nytehawk with the World’s Strongest Slam. Razerhawk jumps in to break the count just in time. Crab Naniwa walks on the middle rope. Sylverhawk halts him and climbs up, as does Crawdad and Razerhawk. The Hawx bring down the Crustaceans with double suplexes. Sylverhawk and Razerhawk then wipe the Crustaceans out with dives on the floor. Nytehawk rolls up Merlok for two. Merlok swings him up into the Emerald Flowsion for the pin at 16:27. Both teams brought in their additional partners in the hopes of helping resolve their issues, but instead it only added fuel to the fire with Merlok doing significant damage to Nytehawk. The Crustaceans confidence was bolstered thanks to their partner, but the X2K’s tenacity did not waiver. This was a really fun and creative match. ***½

The Proletariat Boar of Moldova says Juan Francisco de Coronado ascended to the Grand Championship while the Boar was left to become a new kind of beast. Tonight, history beckons the beast, and tonight, the Boar is Champ.

Grand Championship
Juan Francisco de Coronado vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP}

Juan Francisco de Coronado has been champion since 4.1.2017 and this is his seventh defense. Coronado tells the Boar that he is the reason the Boar is here today. The Boar blocks his slap and tosses him into the corner. They block each others offense until Boar connects with his own slap. Coronado’s dropkicks barely budge the Boar. On his third dropkick, the Boar catches Coronado and drops him with a swinging side slam for one. Boar swings Coronado up into a Snake Eyes and mows him down with a big boot. He press slams Coronado chest first onto the top turnbuckle. Boar misses a big boot in the corner, causing Boar to tumble outside. Coronado suicide dives onto Coronado, but can’t take him off of his feet! Coronado is incredulous. Boar catches Coronado on his third dive and slams him back first onto the apron. Coronado manages to chop block Boar as Boar gets to the ring apron. Boar kicks Coronado away before he can try the Coronado Clutch. Coronado does more damage to the leg, including slamming it against the ring post. Bryce catches Coronado picking up his flag. As Bryce disposes of this, Coronado pries the middle turnbuckle out of one corner to expose it. Although the Boar halts himself from taking a drop toe hold onto it, Coronado kicks out his leg and goes back to wearing it down. Boar kicks Coronado away to stop a toe and ankle hold. Coronado springboards in, only for Boar to catch him up and hit the Baconator for two. Coronado misses an enzuigiri. Boar gutwrench powerbombs Coronado into the buckles and connects with a big boot for another two count. Coronado kicks Boar to block the Gore. He tries the Tiger Driver but Boar backdrops him. Coronado lands on his feet, hits the enzuigiri, then tries the Tiger Driver again. Once more Boar backdrops him. Coronado lands on his feet, dropkicks Boar, kicks his leg, then finally lands the Tiger Driver. However, the Boar is able to get his shoulder up. Coronado tries a swinging side headlock. Boar counters it with a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. He gives Boar an avalanche suplex. Boar gets back to his feet and hits the Gore! Coronado rolls as close to the ropes as he can so he put his foot on the bottom rope when the Boar goes for a cover. Boar goes for the Gore again. Coronado moves and sends Boar crashing into the previously exposed turnbuckle. With Boar passed out, Coronado locks on the Coronado Clutch and gives Coronado the win at 13:44. The Boar looked phenomenal here, overpowering the champion and putting him in great peril in the early going. Of course, Coronado had to cheat to win, but the match felt like it was a match that was designed to shoot Boar onto the next tier of CHIKARA talent, a tier he fits very comfortably alongside the best the company has to offer. ***¼

First it was Merlok, then it was Moose. Dasher Hatfield says his opponents keep getting bigger, stronger, and more talented, and tonight he faces the biggest and most talented of all in Keith Lee. Hatfield has never seen someone Lee’s size fly around the way he does or lift the amount of weight he has. Despite all this, Hatfield has prepared to do the impossible, and tonight his hand will be raised.

Dasher Hatfield {T} vs. Keith Lee

Lee backs Hatfield to the corner in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, forcing Hatfield to walk up the ropes. Hatfield tries turning it around but cannot. Lee tells Hatfield “me big; you small.” Lee brings Hatfield down almost instantly in a double knuckle lock. Hatfield returns to his feet with a side headlock. Lee impressively keeps up Hatfield when he picks up the pace in a Lucha exchange, which reaches a stalemate. He tells Hatfield to “bask in his glory.” Hatfield instead goes for an abdominal stretch. When that, and two armdrags don’t work, Hatfield smacks his buttocks. Angry, Lee charges right into a pair of Hatfield’s armdrags. He uss the ropes to send Lee outside with a wrist clutch armdrag. Lee catches Hatfield right in his arms to block a suicide dive. He headbutts Hatfield in the chest before sending him face first into the ring post. Lee slams Hatfield face first into the apron before bringing him inside the ring. Lee cracks Hatfield with a closed fist to the face and stomach. He splashes Hatfield in the opposite corner, but Hatfield meets Lee with a fist to the stomach as Lee comes off the ropes. Lee prys his way out of Hatfield’s arms and back elbows him. Lee then hip tosses his way out of Hatfield’s abdominal stretch attempt. Hatfield drop toeholds Lee into the middle turnbuckle. As Hatfield charges, Lee turns him inside out with a lariat. Lee chokes Hatfield on the middle rope. Lee Beele tosses Hatfield across the ring twice. He splashes Hatfield in the corner before blasting him with a double handed chop. He repeats the process in another corner. Hatfield uses an elbow and boot to stop more attacks from Lee. He rocks Lee with two running forearms and an underhand chop. It’s not enough for Hatfield to pull off the Jackhammer, but it’s enough to give him a belly-to-belly suplex when Lee comes off the ropes. Hatfield successfully hits the baseball slide dropkick. Lee rolls to the floor and Hatfield comes after him with a springboard somersault senton! He brings Lee back inside for a two count. Lee is able to go underneath a whip from Hatfield and drill him with a single-handed spinebuster for two. Lee pops up Hatfield for the Spirit Bomb. Hatfield slips out the back and pulls down Lee into a pin, only getting two. Lee and Hatfield trade forearm strikes. Lee crashes into Hatfield with a tackle yielding another nearfall. Hatfield and Lee trade chops. Hatfield headbutts Lee in the chest several times. Lee tags him with forearm shots and asks Hatfield to show him what he’s got. Hatfield throws several underhand pitches and once again tries the Jackhammer. He fails, so he tries again for the abdominal stretch. Lee holds onto the ropes. Hatfield hits his arms down into a straightjacket German suplex! Lee weaves out of his Jackhammer attempts. Lee knocks him down with several strikes and calls for the Spirit Bomb. He demolishes Hatfield with it, and yet, Hatfield kicks out of the pin! Surprised, Lee ascends to the second rope. Hatfield strikes from the mat. Lee strikes back but Hatfield will not go down. Hatfield yakuza kicks Lee as he sits atop the top turnbuckle and brings him down with a Jackhammer! This gets Hatfield the pin and his third point at 18:54. Lee has a poise a nuance to everything he does that it all comes of as valuable. It’s not just what he does; it’s the way he does it, and the way he did it made the crowd root for Dasher that much more. Like he did with Merlok and Moose, Hatfield fought as hard as he ever has to overcome the obstacle that is Keith Lee on is quest to the Grand Championship. It should be no surprise that this was great, and as a big fan of both guys, I enjoyed the heck out of this. ***¾

As Bryce is raising Hatfield’s hand in victory, Coronado attacks him from behind with the Grand Championship! He pummels away at Hatfield on the mat, and when Bryce tries to stop him, Coronado throws Bryce outside! Coronado pummels at Hatfield some more before locking him in the Coronado Clutch. He then stands over Hatfield with his title in the air, kicking invisible dirt onto him before leaving.

Encore Match
El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC} vs. Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels

Crummels and Defarge attack Los Ice Creams before the bell and pitch Hijo to the floor. Defarge puts Jr. in an abdominal stretch, using assistance from Crummels. Hijo comes in but Crummels cuts him off with a crossbody. However, Hijo uses Crummels against Defarge to free his partner. Defarge is able to get Hijo in an abdominal stretch with Crummels again adding extra leverage. Crummels flubs a springboard onto Jr. when Jr. comes into the ring. Jr. whips Crummels into Defarge to help his hermano. Defarge goes for an abdominal stretch on Jr. but Jr. grabs the ropes. Crummels hooks his arm so it can’t happen again. Defarge tries to crossbody Hijo but misses. Jr. tosses Crummels to the floor. Hijo places his foot onto Defarge, pinning him at 2:54. Wat.


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