Dark Water

Dark Water

Haverhill, MA – 11.18.2017

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Juan Francisco de Coronado
Campeones de Parejas: El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.
Young Lions Cup Champion: Ophidian

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush.

Icarus vs. Missile Assault Man

This is a rematch from “Tightrope” in which Icarus was victorious, but at that time, Icarus was “hexed.” Missile cleanly breaks a lock-up in the corner. They exchange some quick pin attempts on the mat. Missile goes for a sharpshooter but Icarus kicks him away. He goes for the Wings of Icarus, but Missile swings out and gives Icarus a trifecta of Northern Lights suplexes for a two count. Icarus again kicks Missile away to stop a potential sharpshooter. Missile lands on his feet out of a monkey flip. Icarus tumbles through a monkey flip, but is met with a running uppercut upon getting to his feet. Icarus is able to come back with a crossbody, but Missile rolls through and locks on the sharpshooter! Icarus crawls to the ropes to escape. Missile catches Icarus in a waistlock and rolls him up into a lariat. Icarus ducks the next bit of offense and scoops up Missile for the Blu-Ray. Missile escapes and hits the rolling Death Valley Driver for two. Missile avoids another Wings of Icarus and goes for the Missile Launcher. Icarus slides out and tries the Shiranui. Missile stays on his feet, but turns right into the Wings of Icarus for the pin at 6:24. This was a vast improvement from their first match, with a clear story of Icarus fighting for the Wings of Icarus and Missile trying to unload whatever offense he could in the hopes of landing the Missile Launcher. Icarus struck first and got the win because of it. A fun match to kick off the show. **¾

Oleg the Usurper vs. Jeremy Leary

Leary attacks Oleg from behind at the bell, unloaded multiple shots in the corner. Oleg takes a running forearm, then blasts Leary with his own strike. Oleg picks up speed before splashing Leary in the corner. Oleg calls for a chokeslam to the delight of the crowd, but Leary slides outside and threatens to leave the match entirely. Leary gets too caught up talking to the camera noticing Oleg following from behind. The two fight around the building, leading to Leary getting in the face of the principal of the school in which this event is taking place. Oleg dizzy’s Leary after putting a trash can on him. When he pulls the trashcan off, Leary’s “perfect” hair is all shook up. Oleg however misses a chop against the ring post, hurting his own hand. Leary pulls out a broom from under the ring to use as a foreign object, but changes his mind when he sees that Oleg has retrieved his sword. Oleg chases Leary into the ring where Bryce disposes of the sword. However, while Bryce is diverted, Leary jabs Oleg in the throat with his switch comb. Leary gets in a few shots, but Oleg cuts him off with a boot. Leary goes back for his comb. Oleg misses a corner splash. Leary spins Oleg around so he can jab the comb into Oleg’s head. Leary enzuigiri’s Oleg while Oleg is on the apron, then cracks him with a diving uppercut. Oleg comes back into the ring where Leary pokes him in the eye and gives him a Codebreaker for two. Leary leaps off the top rope, but is caught by Oleg and chokeslammed. Leary went for his comb, but the Principal takes it away! Oleg cracks Leary with the Usurper kick. As Leary is dazed, Oleg hits Off With His Head for the pin at 8:38. I love how into these shows the principal is, and I think it’s great they structured the match to have her involved in a logical way. Oleg and Leary have some solid chemistry and wrestled a fun match. **¼

Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Hallowicked {LOR}

These two had an excellent Grand Championship contest on the premiere of the Secret Season. Angelosetti goes for a quick roll-up after side stepping a corner attack from Hallowicked. He gets Hallowicked grounded while controlling his neck. Hallowicked shoulder blocks him down. Angelosetti leaps up and shoulder tackles Hallowicked as he comes charging. They fight for a hip toss. Angelosetti ends up slamming Hallowicked and splashing him repeatedly. Hallowicked gets his knees up to end the splash sequence. He misses a step-up enzuigiri. Angelosetti uses that to execute a back suplex and a Vader Bomb for two. Hallowicked grabs a snapmare. Angelosetti snapmares his way free and Magistral cradles Hallowicked for two. Angelosetti reverse leapfrogs over Hallowicked to get an O’Connor Roll for two. He armdrags a charging Hallowicked. Hallowicked tries throwing him outside. Angelosetti grabs the ropes and tries to skin the cat, but Hallowicked dropkicks him to the floor. Despite this, Angelosetti is able to drive Hallowicked back first into the ring apron. Angelosetti gets sent onto the apron, but instead of bouncing down into a DDT, Hallowicked lands an overhead chop. In the ring, Angelosetti tries an armdrag. Hallowicked resists and launches Angelosetti neck first into the bottom rope. This causes a bloody nose for Angelosetti. Hallowicked chokes him with his boot and forearm strikes him in the corner. Hallowicked grabs his leg for a pin, but Angelosetti rolls back to reverse that pin. Hallowicked kicks out and slams Angelosetti from his shoulders. Hallowicked applies a kneeling abdominal stretch. Angelosetti hip tosses his way out of the hold and uses the distance between him and Hallowicked to gain some of his bearings. Dizzy, Angelosetti approaches, Hallowicked, only to be met with a yakuza kick. Hallowicked only gets a two count. Angelosetti escapes a standing submission and backdrops Hallowicked. Angelosetti unloads some back elbows and a single leg dropkick before giving Hallowicked a quebradora backbreaker. He powerslams Hallowicked for two. Hallowicked is able to maneuver Angelosetti for the super snapmare. Angelosetti is able to roll through, however, and lift up Hallowicked into a huge spinebuster for two! Hallowicked catches a charging Angelosetti on his shoulders. He tries for Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Angelosetti counters into a victory roll for two. Angelosetti blocks the step-up Frankensteiner. Hallowicked chops Angelosetti after placing him on the middle rope. He tries the super snapmare again, but Angelosetti swings out into a reverse suplex. He bulldogs Hallowicked for two. Angelosetti goes for the Flea Flicker. Hallowicked slips out the back. Angelosetti catches a charging Hallowicked and places him on the top turnbuckle. Hallowicked resists a superplex. Angelosetti brings him back down into the ring. Angelosetti and Hallowicked fight for a front facelock, leading to a small package. They roll towards the ropes. Hallowicked locks his feet in the ropes to keep hold of the cradle which the referee does not see. This gives Hallowicked the win at 13:35. Angelosetti protests with the referee, but the decision is final. Angelosetti came into this match well prepared for everything Hallowicked had for him and seemed to have the match won when Hallowicked took a shortcut. He has every right to be angry and want a rematch, which we would learn quickly after he would get at the Season Finale. It’s no surprise these two would have another great match. ***¼

The new Ophidian says he has risen to the top, conquering every obstacle in his way, while the other ‘snake’ has done nothing but hide. Tonight he defends his Young Lions Cup against Officer Warren Barksdale and continues his path of destruction. Tomorrow, he and Amasis will win their third point and a chance at the Campeonatos de Parejas. The new Amasis steps in and asks if we can dig?

Young Lions Cup
Ophidian {OP} vs. Officer Warren Barksdale

Ophidian has been champion since 10.15.2017 and this is his first defense. Amasis is in Ophidian’s corner. As Barksdale is admonishing him, Ophidian hops onto Barksdale’s back in the hopes for the Death Grip. Barksdale throws him off and unloads with several right hands. Amasis grabs Barksdale’s leg as he hits the ropes. The distraction allows Ophidian to attack from behind. He scoops Barksdale up into a backbreaker and a slam. Ophidian lands a running knee drop to the chest and a legdrop to the back of the neck before hooking him in a seatbelt pin for two. Barksdale gets in some strikes but again Amasis grabs his leg to halt his momentum. Ophidian grabs ahold of his trapezius and hits an enzuigiri. He dropkicks Barksdale to the corner and follows in with running double knees. Ophidian headstands up into a rotating elbow smash for two. Barksdale overhand chops Ophidian upon recovery. He hits a knee lift in the corner and a Western lariat for two. Barksdale calls for the Cease and Desist, but Amasis once again trips Barksdale. Barksdale comes to the floor and gets in his face. Barksdale begins throwing punches, but the diversion let’s Ophidian hit a suicide dive. In the ring, Ophidian tries a flinging 450 splash, but Barksdale gets his knees up. After some offense, Barksdale drops Ophidian with a Michinoku Driver. He calls for Obey The Law/Book Em’ when Amasis jumps up to the apron. Ophiain unravels Barksdale. Barksdale ducks the clothesline and punches Amasis off the apron. Barksdale goes for Book Em’ again. Ophidian slithers out into a grounded Death Grip. Barksdale drives Ophidian into the corner thrice to get it released. Barksdale tries Book Em’ once more, but the same counter from Ophidian gets him back into the Death Grip. This time, Ophidian hooks it from the side. Barksdale falls just inches short of the ropes and passes out at 8:32. This was a good showcase for both men, with Ophidian making the character his own and Barksdale coming off as a strong, opposing force, done in by his own desire to bust the rule breaking Amasis. I didn’t have high expectations for this match but ended up pleasantly surprised. **¾

Juan Francisco de Coronado assembled the greatest trio in all of King of Trios history in September. Across the ring from him, Sonny Defarge, and Cornelius Crummels tonight is a team just as impressive. While their opponents’ individual accomplishments are impressive, Coronado’s team is superior. Defarge says that Casa Dorada proving they are a cut above every other trio is their business, and according to Crummels, business is good.

Dasher Hatfield {T}, Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado, Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels

Hatfield antagonizes Crummels and Defarge by stealing one of their hats, but gives it back before the bell rings. To show unity, not only are Crummels and Defarge wearing bow ties, but Coronado is wearing gaudy yellow suspenders. Crummels and Defarge attack Hatfield from behind while his attention is on locking up with the legal Coronado. Defarge avoids a backslide but gets swung into an abdominal stretch from Hatfield. Hatfield converts into his own backslide for two. He snapmares Defarge into a basement dropkick. He trips Defarge face first into the middle turnbuckle before tagging in the Rumblebees. Hatfield baseball slides into Defarge as the Rumblebees hit stereo hip attacks. In a daze, Defarge rolls outside, bringing in Crummels. Huckabee drops him chest first onto his knee and Darling spikes Crummels with a second rope bulldog. Coronado drags Darling to the floor to break the pin. The two trios end up standing off. Casa Dorada drop their suspenders to show they mean business. The Tecnicos combo instead trip the Rudos and trap their own legs in their own suspenders. The referee frees them from the embarrassment once they get to the ropes. The Tecnicos give them all atomic drops and triple roll-ups for two. Triple hip attacks send the Rudos crashing to the floor. Hatfield beckons for Coronado to get into the ring from him, but Defarge and Crummels drag him to the floor. Coronado knocks Huckabee off the apron and drags in Darling by her hair. She throws some kicks, but Coronado throws him out of an exploder suplex. Casa Dorada isolate Darling from her partners and wear her down until she catches Defarge and Crummels with a double DDT. Huckabee tags in and takes them both out on his own. Coronado stops his momentum with a kick to the face from the apron. Defarge spins Huckabee out into a facebuster for two. Huckabee now finds himself at the mercy of the Rudos. Huckabee headbutts Defarge in the chest and stumbles back into his own corner so Hatfield can tag in. Hatfield goes for Coronado, but Defarge intercepts and pitches him outside. Crummels drags Huckabee back in and along with Defarge hit him with Oliver Twist and a lariat from Defarge for two. Huckabee sneaks in a tag to Darling and assists her with a headscissors to Defarge. Darling kicks at Crummels’ legs before taking him down with a Thesz Press. Coronado tries to boot Darling, but Darling catches his leg. Although Coronado escapes a potential Sharp Stinger, Darling blasts Coronado with a punch to the face! She dragonscrew leg whips Coronado out of the corner, tosses Defarge off the top turnbuckle, then tosses Crummels onto him! Coronado gets caught on the middle rope and press slammed onto his partners. Crummels and Defarge back Hatfield into the corner which also traps Darling. Darling however crawls out as Huckabee sets up Coronado in a Gory Stretch. Darling comes down with a bulldog to Coronado out of the hold for a nearfall. Darling takes Defarge over with a tornado snap suplex. Crummels flies in with the Best of Times on Darling. He tries it on Huckabee who instead swings Crummels out with a cutter. Defarge blasts Huckabee with a rebound lariat. This leaves Hatfield and Coronado face-to-face finally. Coronado tries to escape, but Hatfield drags him back in. Coronado pokes Hatfield in the eyes and goes for the Tiger Driver. Hatfield slips out and pins Coronado in a sunset flip at 17:16! While Casa Dorada was the more formidable trio, Hatfield was the dominant opponent when left one on one with Coronado, which is immensely important given Hatfield is just one point away from a Grand Championship title opportunity. I liked the story the teams told and think everybody worked quite well with one another. ***¼

Sidney Bakabella says tonight’s the night he and Max Smashmaster both get main event pay days, because Bryce Remsburg is incapable of being an impartial referee, so he will be the second referee in the match. Max Smashmaster says tonight he and Mike Quackenbush step into the ring for the first and last time. There are two types of people in this business: the artist, who helps everybody (Quackenbush) and the businessman (Smashmaster) who will step on everybody to get what they need. Quackenbush has tried to become a businessman so people will kneel at his altar. Tonight when Quackenbush tries to be all artsy with Smashmaster, Smashmaster will hold him down and show him who the baddest and most evil man to step into CHIKARA is. He will work his way to the Grand Championship and wear it around his waist for the rest of time.

Mike Quackenbush vs. Max Smashmaster

Both Bryce Remsburg and Sidney Bakabella are referees for this bout, with Bakabella enforcing from the floor. Quackenbush immediately charges at Smashmaster with forearms and closed fist punches. Smashmaster shoves him away, and Bryce has to ask him to open up the fists. Quackenbush does so with an open handed shot. A threat from Bakaballa distracts Quackenbush and Smashmaster smacks him in the chin. Smashmaster tries a wristlock but Smashmaster pounds on his back. Quackenbush holds onto the wrist and does damage to Smashmaster’s arm. Smashmaster slams him, but Quackenbush holds onto the wrist. Quackenbush holds onto his wrist as he employs some shoulder blocks. Smashmaster pulls him into a clothesline. Quackenbush pummels the arm before grounding himself and kicking Smashmaster’s arm away. Smashmaster banderas Quackenbush to the apron, but Quackenbush jams his arm across the top rope and dropkicks Smashmaster to the floor. Quackenbush follows with a top con hilo, but Smashmaster catches Quackenbush and powerbombs him onto the apron! In the ring, Quackenbush is caught in a backbreaker for two. Smashmaster overpowers Quackenbush, keeping him grounded. Bakabella even strikes him from the floor! Smashmaster suplexes Quackenbush for two. He ties up Quackenbush in a Kondo Clutch. Quackenbush crawls to the ropes to escape. Smashmaster splashes Quackenbush from behind as Quackenbush stands up in the corner. Smashmaster whips him back first into the opposite corner. After whipping Quackenbush back into the original corner, he nails him with a lariat for two. Smashmaster mocks Quackenbush as he throws some light open hand chops. When Quackenbush strikes back, Smashmaster drills him with a DDT for two. Smashmaster tugs at his ear. Quackenbush evades another backbreaker and brings down Smashmaster in a Fujiwara armbar! Smashmaster maneuvers over to get his foot on the bottom rope. After taking a windmill chop, Smashmaster backs Quackenbush with force into the opposing corner while hammerlocked. He does it again. When he tries a third time, Quackenbush sends Smashmaster into the corner. Smashmaster charges at Quackenbush across the ring and ends up shoulder first into the ring post! Quackenbush strikes and kicks at Smashmaster’s injured arm before landing a running clothesline. Smashmaster remains standing even after a second one. Smashmaster jabs Quackenbush in the throat. Quackenbush catches him coming off the ropes with a backdrop. Quackenbush uses La Mistica to get Smashmaster down into another armbar. With Bakabella’s aid, once again Smashmaster gets his foot on the ropes. Quackenbush leaps off the top rope. Smashmaster pulls Bryce in the way. Quackenbush almost collides with Bryce Remsburg, but does stop in time to avoid impact. Quackenbush schoolboys Smashmaster for two. Smashmaster scoops him up into the tombstone piledriver for a close nearfall. Smashmaster lands a Swanton bomb but again only gets two. Smashmaster pulls Quackenbush to the apron. When Quackenbush fights back, Smashmaster clotheslines him back into the ring. Quackenbush throws some desperation palm strikes to little effect. Smashmaster deflects a running palm strike, sending Quackenbush spinning and accidentally palm striking Bryce! Smashmaster rolls up Quackenbush and Bakabella fast counts him for two. Quackenbush gets in Bakabella’s face, allowing Smashmaster to sneak in a second rope crossbody for another fast counted two. Smashmaster pulls Quackenbush up to the middle rope. Quackenbush kicks away to escape his grasp and delivers a trifecta of palm strikes. Quackenbush pulls him down into Quackendriver I. Bakabella counts very slowly, giving Smashmaster time to get his shoulder up. Quackenbush then puts Smashmaster in a cross armbreaker. Smashmaster taps but Bakabella refuses to acknowledge it! Smashmaster grabs Bakabella by his shirt and demands he ring the bell. Bakabella reluctantly does so, giving Quackenbush the win at 16:41.

Both on the Deep Blue Something podcast and a promo posted on Facebook, Mike Quackenbush made it clear – Max Smashmaster wanted a fight with him because in a fight, Smashmaster would win. He promised to go after Smashmaster’s left bicep, which was the injury that kept Smashmaster out of action for half a year, and he did just that. Smashmaster used his power to overwhelm Quackenbush, and tried to make him angry so he’d fall right into his trap of getting into a fight, but Quackenbush didn’t fall for it. Not even Bakabella fast counting could keep him down. Quackenbush’s worked paid off and he vanquished the biggest, baddest monster in present day CHIKARA for good. These two told an excellent story and brought a big fight feel to the match. It also stands out as being unique from all the other matches Quackenbush has had in semi-retirement. As a character, Quackenbush for a long time has talked about dealing with threats to his organization first hand and he lived up to that promise in this match. The post match leads you to believe this is Smashmaster’s final bout in CHIKARA, and if it is, it is one he can be proud of. ***¾

Sidney Bakabella calls Smashmaster a loser, saying he didn’t want to call for the bell, and slaps Smashmaster in the face repeatedly! Smashmaster lays him out with a single punch. Quackenbush re-enters the ring and calls for a microphone. He knows there is no love to be lost between himself and Smashmaster, but if this is last professional wrestling match Smashmaster ever has, Quackenbush is glad to be a part of it. He extends his hand for a handshake. After some consideration, Smashmaster shakes it. Smashmaster bows to all four sides of the crowd, and we end with a shot of Bakabella still knocked out cold in the ring.


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