Silence in the Library

Silence in the Library

Kennebunk, ME – 11.17.2017

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Juan Francisco de Coronado
Campeones de Parejas: El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.
Young Lions Cup Champion: Ophidian

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush.

Oleg the Usurper vs. Hermit Crab

Crab attacks Oleg from behind and chokes him in the corner. Crab’s overhand chop has no effect, but Oleg knocks Crab off his feet with a chop of his own. He rams Crab’s head into the top turnbuckle ten times, then does the same in the opposite corner. He scoops Crab up into a pendulum backbreaker and lands a somersault senton for two. Crab escapes a chokeslam attempt and digs his pincers into Oleg’s trapezius muscles. Oleg uses his hips to bounce Crab away. Crab comes back with a shotgun dropkick. Oleg holds onto the ropes to resist an Irish whip. Oleg instead whips Crab to the ropes and nails him with a big boot. Oleg picks up speed against the ropes but Crab cuts him off with a running back elbow. Oleg reverses Crab’s suplex attempt into a Falcon Arrow. Oleg picks up speed before splashing Crab in the corner. He splashes Crab against the ropes. He attempts to do it a second time but is shut down with a spinebuster from Crab, who turns Oleg into a Boston Crab after the fact. Oleg gets the ropes to escape. Crab yanks Oleg down by his shoulders into the mat. Crab crab walks on the middle rope. Oleg gets to his feet and pulls Crab down by his throat. Crab however breaks the grip and attempts his own chokeslam. Oleg is too big for Crab, and Oleg pulls off his own chokeslam. Off With His Head gets Oleg the pin at 6:36. The young crowd adored Oleg and hated Crab, making for a really fun dynamic and allowed even the simplest of things to get over like gangbusters. **

Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee vs. Jasper Tippins {DP} & Donald Kluger {DP}

Darling and Huckabee will earn their third point with a victory tonight. Kluger cleanly breaks a lock-up with Huckabee in the corner. Kluger struggles to keep ahold of Huckabee who sneaks into two separate pin attempts. Kluger takes down Huckabee in a side slam. He and Huckabee trade a standing position, all the while holding onto one another’s legs. Huckabee grabs ahold of Kluger’s arm before tagging in Darling. Kluger ducks a punch and accidentally hits Huckabee. As she is apologizing, Tippins tags in. She keeps trying for the Sharp Stinger but Tippins won’t allow it. Solo takes him to the corner and lands a punch, but once again hits Huckabee. As she’s distracted, Kluger sneaks in and drives her repeatedly into Tippins’ feet. Darling rolls Kluger face first into Tippins’s feet. As Dez Peloton recover, Darling rolls out and Huckabee comes in with headbutts to both Tippins and Kluger’s chests. Kluger powerbombs Darling when Huckabee tries to assist her with a headscissors. Huckabee headbutts Kluger in the chest, but Tippins knocks him down with a clothesline. Dez Peloton try the Broken Arrow on Huckabee, but Huckabee kicks Kluger into Tippins. Finally, Darling is able to punch Kluger and NOT her own partner. With Kluger out, Huckabee swings Tippins out with his Stretch Muffler. Darling goes for the Sharp Stinger. El Hijo del Ice Cream appears ringside to distract Bryce. Kluger shoves Huckabee into Darling to break the submission. He schoolboys Darling to get the pin at 7:56 and costing the Rumblebees their Campeones de Parejas opportunity. They didn’t have much time to get into anything really substantive, but did well and had a fun story going. The best part of this was easily the Officer Magnum post-match cameo. **¼

Rory Gulak says he came to CHIKARA to fight the best wrestlers in the world. He proved he’s the best wrestler in the world by winning the JKI. Any given Sunday, anyone can win, which Icarus proved when he defeated Rory in Chicago. But it isn’t Sunday, and they’re not in Chicago, and when he beats Icarus tonight, it will be the start of an amazing weekend.

Icarus vs. Rory Gulak

This is a rematch from “A Good Man Goes To War.” Gulak grabs a waistlock. Icarus uses Gulak’s arm to maneuver him into a side headlock takeover. Gulak reverses the headlock on his feet and brings Icarus to the mat. Icarus grabs a headscissors. Gulak shifts his hips and pulls Icarus into a cradle for a one count. Gulak gets a hammerlock which Icarus escapes with a flying mare. Icarus takes a powder to regain focus. Back in, Icarus pulls down Gulak in a double wristlock and sinches his leg over Gulak’s head. Gulak switches out and cradles Icarus for another one count. Icarus heads to the apron to avoid a corner attack. He sends Gulak across the ring with a casadora armdrag. A Lucha sequence ends with Gulak grabbing a side headlock after spinning out of Icarus’ attempted mi paso. Icarus utilizes another casadora armdrag and nails a dropkick. Icarus kicks Gulak in the spine. He ducks Gulak’s offense while taunting him wtith calls of “amazing.” Gulak counters Icarus’ casadora with a German suplex. He chucks Icarus to the floor after a kick to the stomach. Gulak misses a sliding dropkick on the apron. Icarus recruits multiple children to pull on Gulak’s legs, crotching him on the post. Back in the ring however, Gulak is able to pull Icarus up into a powerbomb. When Icarus kicks out, he puts Icarus in a high Boston Crab. He then puts Icarus in a modified Scorpion Deathlock. Icarus grabs a heel hook to bring Gulak down. Gulak kicks Icarus away to break the hold, but the damage has been done. Icarus goes for the Shiranui. Gulak escapes and applies the Gu-Lock. Icarus taps out at 12:16. This was a let down. Several times they showed signs of some sort of story materializing, yet it never did. They put a nice bow on the match with a call back to their first encounter, but otherwise there was nothing to this. *½

The Maine State Posse introduce themselves and explain what each of them bring to the group. The motto for the state of Maine is “the way life should be.” The Danger Kid says they will show the Chikarmy that they are the way wrestling should be.

Aiden Aggro, Alexander Lee & The Danger Kid vs. Ophidian {OP}, Amasis {OP} & Jeremy Leary

Ophidian headscissors Aggro from the mat. Aggro goes over the back to get an armdrag. He cartwheels into a superkick to send Ophidian rolling outside. Amasis attacks Aggro from behind. Lee comes in with uppercuts. Amasis tries a huracanrana, but Lee muscles him up and yanks Amasis into a headbutt. Kid goads Leary into the ring and snapmares him into a chinlock. Kid messes up Leary’s hair. Leary pulls Kid by his hair into a wristlock. Kid wristdrags Leary into his own wristlock. Leary delivers a haymaker to free himself. Kid unravels Leary into a Sling Blade. The Portal help Leary recover on the floor. Aggro and Lee give the Portal double axe handles off the apron while Kid wipes out Leary with a tope con hilo. Leary and Amasis wipe out Kid and Aggro on the floor. They cut off Lee’s attempt for a slingshot senton onto Ophidian and crack him with a tiger feint kick/superkick combo. Lee is left alone to take the Portal’s double team offense, with a helping hand from Leary. Lee escapes when he gets a pump kick onto Leary and tags in Kid. Leary accidentally assists Kid with a double dropkick to the Portal off the apron. Kid bounces Leary off the ropes and uses the momentum to pull off a German suplex. Aggro drop to holeds Ophidian onto the bottom rope where the Posse give him a dropkick sandwich and stomp to the back. Amasis saves Ophidian from being pinned. Leary bites Aggro’s hand when Aggro tries to punch him. Leary monkey flips up into a Codebreaker on Aggro. Lee wipes out Leary with a Busaiku Knee. Amasis drops Lee with a modified DDT and hits a back handspring moonsault. Kid drills Amasis with a rolling X-Factor. Ophidian pump-handles Kid up into a spin-out spinebuster. Aggro hits a snapmare driver on Ophidian. Leary brings Aggro outside with a Cactus clothesline. The Portal double Spanish Fly Lee onto Kid and Aggro on the floor! After taking some time to gain their bearings, ll six men end up back in the ring brawling. A series of knees and kicks ends with Lee giving Amasis a running headbutt to the chin. Aggro kicks Leary into a backbreaker from Lee. Kid comes off the top with a senton onto Leary across Lee’s knees. Aggro pins Leary but Ophidian breaks the cover. Leary slams Aggro on the floor as Kid ascends the ropes. Leary holds onto Kid’s leg. Amasis helps Ophidian recover and picks him up onto his shoulders. The Portal give Kid the Pyramid Plex. Leary hits the Knee Trembler on Kid. The Portal wipe out Aggro and Lee so Leary can pin Kid uninterrupted, getting his team the win at 15:56. The Posse did an admirable job in their debut, FAR better than many local attractions featured in the past. There was a lot going on this match action wise and at times was a bit tough to keep up with, but I think they struck a good balance in featuring everyone in the bout. **¾

Mark Angelosetti’s quest to become Grand Champion begins anew tonight. It’s no easy feat, but that’s okay with him, and tonight he faces the hardest hitter in CHIKARA: Missile Assault Man. Angelosetti isn’t afraid to hit him back just as hard. At the end of the day, the crowd won’t be saying Missile Assault Man’s name along with him, they’ll be saying “it’s good!”

Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Missile Assault Man

The two competitors fight for control in an aggressive lock-up. Angelosetti holds onto Missile’s leg after blocking a kick. Missile grabs a side headlock which Angelosetti converts into a hammerlock before grabbing his own side headlock. Missile tries to escape so Angelosetti brings him to the mat. Missile tries pushing Angelosetti’s shoulders to the mat to the pin but is unable to keep Angelosetti down. Missile grabs a headscissors. Angelosetti pops out. They fight for a front facelock on the canvas. Missile gets it but Angelosetti picks him by the heel and converts into a waistlock. Missile tries pinning Angelosetti in a double knuckle lock. Despite Angelosetti monkey flipping Missile, their fingers remain laced. Missile pulls Angelosetti into a pair of shoulder blocks, then a pair of Northern Lights suplexes. Angelosetti blocks the third and goes for a Guillotine Choke. Missile suplexes his way out of it before it can be fully applied. Angelosetti escapes a high hammerlock and pulls off multiple pin attempts. Missile counters a few of them into some pins of his own, but the series ends up with Angelosetti attempting the Flea Flicker. Missile escapes and tries an O’Connor Roll. Angelosetti instead sends Missile to the floor. Missile brings Angelosetti to the floor. Angelosetti kicks Missile inside his left leg. Missile pops Angelosetti into the ropes and uppercuts him on the way down! Even though Angelosetti is able to get to the apron after being brought inside the ring, Missile catches Angelosetti mid-slingshot with his rolling Death Valley Driver! Missile then puts him in a crossface. Angelosetti gets his feet to the ropes to escape. Missile arm whips Angelosetti down into a top wristlock, keeping Angelosetti on his back. Angelosetti uses his free arm to forearm Missile away. The two men collide mid-ring with clotheslines, knocking them both down. Angelosetti side steps a running uppercut to send Missile into the corner. He uses his good arm to do so damage, as well as utilizing a dropkick and backbreaker. Angelosetti stuffs Missile with a DDT for two. Missile hops over Angelosetti to avoid a corner tackle and drills him with a running uppercut. Missile ascends the ropes. Angelosetti meets him but Missile drops down, smashing Angelosetti’s arm across the top rope. Angelosetti tumbles away from a joint lock but eats another uppercut in the corner. Missile calls for the Missile Launcher. Angelosetti instead swings out of the corner. Missile lifts him up for the Missile Launcher. Angelosetti slips out and hits the Flea Flicker for the pin at 13:44. This was a fun fight, with two evenly matched performers having a competitive match. It fit into the pre-match promo where Angelosetti said he’d hit Missile just as hard as he got hit and showcased both competitors wrestling prowess. ***¼

Sylverhawk {X2K} & Razerhawk {X2K} vs. Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels

Sylverhawk disorients Crummels on the mat. Crummels sneezes onto Sylverhawk after shoulder blocking him down. Sylverhawk uses a double wrist clutch to drag Crummels across the ring. He sends Crummels to the floor with an alita and taunts Defarge. Defarge comes into the ring. He snapmares Crummels into a chinlock, keeping a hold as he tags in Razerhawk. Sylverhawk twits the arm and Razerhawk comes in with a double axe handle to the upturned arm. Despite using his filthy hand and grabbing at his mask, Razerhawk is not deterred. Defarge clips his leg out of mid-air as he comes off the ropes, but Razerhawk recovers with a headscissors and a somersault senton off the second turnbuckle. Crummels yanks Defarge to the floor to avoid a pin. Crummels argues with the X2K from the apron. Defarge sneaks in and tosses Razerhawk outside before blasting Sylverhawk with an uppercut. Sylverhawk breaks through a double clothesline and dropkicks both Defarge and Crummels. Defarge grabs his leg so Crummels can shut him down with a dropkick. Defarge and Sylverhawk use this opportunity to isolate Sylverhawk in their corner. Defarge halts a splash in the corner by Sylverhawk and dumps him outside. This could have been an error given that it brought in Razerhawk as the legal competitor, but Defarge had the wherewithal to uppercut Razerhawk in mid-air when he attempted to enter with a high crossbody! Crummels and Defarge do some damage to his kidneys in the corner. Crummels brings Razerhawk jaw first into his knee before suplexing him into a running knee for two. Razerhawk creates an opening for a tag with a jawbreaker on Defarge, but Crummels yanks Sylverhawk off the apron to prevent a tag from occurring. Razerhawk catches Defarge in a crucifix and lands a superkick. Crummels tries to prevent a tag. He distracts Bryce when holding onto Razerhawk looks futile. It works, as Bryce sees no tag and makes Razerhawk remain in the ring. Defarge and Crummels hit Razerhawk with Oliver Twist and a lariat for two. Despite this, Razerhawk is able to duck an attack from Defarge and give him a German suplex. Finally, Sylverhawk tags in and cleans house. He splashes Crummels before giving him a Northern Lights Bomb for two. Defarge uppercuts Sylverhawk thrice before hitting the rebound lariat for two. Razerhawk wipes out Defarge with a back handspring elbow. The X2K hit the Xyber Splash and Xwanton Bomb sequence, but Crummels interrupts Razerhawk’s pin. Crummels headscissors Razerhawk to the floor. Razerhawk comes back in and puts Crummels onto Sylverhawk’s shoulders on the floor. Defarge uppercuts Razerhawk onto Crummels’ shoulders so that there’s three people stacked up. Defarge pulls Razerhawk in from the second rope up into a super Falcon Arrow! Sylverhawk breaks up the pin just in the nick of time. Crummels drops Sylverhawk with the Unprettier. They set Sylverhawk up for the super tandem monkey flip. Razerhawk goes to stop him. Defarge tumbles backwards over Crummels as they try to wipe out Razerhawk with a Total Elimination. Razerhawk superkicks Crummels outside before superkicking Defarge. Razerhawk then climbs onto Sylverhawk’s shoulders, with Sylverhawk still perched on the middle turnbuckle. The Air Show gets the X2K the pin at 17:27. This was a classic tag team match which successfully whipped the crowd into a frenzy in favor of the X2K. Both teams put in main event worthy efforts, introducing some new, impressive moves into their arsenal. There’s been a tag team renaissance of sorts this year in CHIKARA and these two teams are at the forefront. ***½

Encore Match
El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} vs. Cajun Crawdad

A bunch of dodgeballs are introduced into the ring before the bell. Crawdad hits Hijo with a ball Crawdad claims he is the winner. Hijo says the ring is not a regulation dodgeball court and demands a rematch. Crawdad agrees but says he’s going to bring some friends. He goes backstage and returns with Rory Gulak, Jeremy Leary, Sonny Defarge, Cornelius Crummels, Hermit Crab, and Ophidian. Hijo recruits several kids from the crowd. Next to a nearby wall, the kids pelt the Rudos with dodgeballs. Hijo chases Crawdad with a ball back into the ring. Hijo hits him in the face with a dodgeball and pins him at 3:32. This ruled.


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