Hour of Power #12


Philadelphia, PA – 11.5.2017

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Juan Francisco de Coronado
Campeones de Parejas: El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.
Young Lions Cup Champion: Ophidian

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Scott Holladay, and Dasher Hatfield.

Sylverhawk {X2K} vs. Gran Akuma

We saw Akuma at Aniversario, but he’s a surprise here tonight, and this is his first CHIKARA singles match in over four years. Akuma pops his way out of a grounded headscissors and gives Sylverhawk a condescending head pat. Sylverhawk picks up the pace and uses the middle rope for a casadora armdrag, following up with a dropkick. Akuma avoids a corner splash and pops Sylverhawk up, causing Sylverhawk to crash into the mat. Akuma delivers kicks to the chest and back. He locks up Sylverhawk’s leg and applies pressure to it before giving Sylverhawk a modified curb stomp. Sylverhawk overhand chops Akuma from the apron as he gets to his feet. He lands an enzuigiri to send Akuma to the corner for a successful splash. He lands a second on the opposite corner and drills Akuma with a DDT. Sylverhawk scoops up Akuma into a 2k1 Bomb for two. Akuma evades another corner attack and enzuigiri’s Sylverhawk from the apron. He comes back in with a missile dropkick to the shoulder blades. Sylverhawk ducks a high kick, but Akuma catches him with the MP4 for a two count. He lifts Sylverhawk out of a double underhook position and into a powerbomb. Sylverhawk slaps Akuma as she comes to his feet. Akuma shuts him down. He does so again after Sylverhawk lands more chops. Sylverhawk lands a superkick after a strike exchange. Akuma intercepts a clothesline. He kicks Sylverhawk in the chest before lifting him up into the Tenchi Crash for the pin at 7:34. Akuma bullied Sylverhawk and focused the attack on his chest, but Sylverhawk would not step down. Sylverhawk was goaded into Akuma’s striking game when he should’ve stuck to the air, showing his relative inexperience. This was very good stuff. With the heavy roster churn that’s occurred this Season, I really hope Akuma sticks around. There’s comfort in seeing a Gen 1 original around. **¾

You can watch this match in its entirety here.

Hammerlock Harry vs. Race Jaxon

Jaxon pump kicks Harry before the bell. He flattens Harry with a low crossbody, then sends him into the ropes for a one-footed dropkick. He gives Harry a fisherman’s suplex and Northern Lights suplex. After an enzuigiri, Jaxon lands a through the ropes clothesline. Jaxon blows a kiss to the camera before hitting a double axe handle off the top turnbuckle. A discus forearm gets Jaxon the pin at 1:53. A perfect show of dominance from Jaxon.

Scott Holladay meets Race Jaxon in the interview area. He reminisces about when he annihilated Hype Rockwell in Philadelphia and beating down Hype last weekend in Chicago. Jaxon gets defensive when Holladay reminds him Rockwell won that match. Jaxon says it was Hype who was left laying and embarrassed. Jaxon tells Hype he is nothing without him, and that Jaxon is everything without Hype.

Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels vs. Hermit Crab & Cajun Crawdad

Crummels and Defarge will have three points if victorious. Crummels tries to convince the Crawdad to lay down. Hermit Crab is opposed, but Defarge tries to reason with them. Crummels and Defarge offer “too salty’s”, but Crab and Crawdad instead double chokeslam the dirty boys. Defarge is knocked outside, leaving Crummels to take a chokeslam from Crab. They set up for Low Tide, but Defarge enters the ring and pops up Crawdad into an uppercut! Defarge suplexes Crab into a running elbow drop from Crummels for two. After some double team offense, Crummels and Defarge decide they want to attempt Low Tide themselves! Crawdad grabs Crummels’ feet as he hits the ropes.Crab turns Defarge’s chokeslam into a Doctor Bomb. Crab tries to give one to Crummels, but Crummels spins him into the Killswitch. Crawdad sneaks in from behind with an Ace Crusher. Defarge hits a rebound lariat on Crawdad leaving everybody lying. Ice Cream Jr. comes to ringside dressed as a Fedex delivery worker and distracts referee Bryce Remsburg. Crummels and Defarge are distracted as well. El Hijo del Ice Cream jumps in and gives Crummels the Cold Stone Stunner. Crummels falls into Defarge who is sent outside! Crab and Crawdad give Crummels Low Tide for the pin at 6:38. Here we learned the strategy of Los Ice Creams is to remain Campeones by never defending the titles. It’s a clever one, and if they’re going to be costing people points, all the better to do it in as ridiculous a fashion as possible. This was a really solid match up until that point, and is a match I think is very much worth revisiting. **

Scott Holladay asks Dasher Hatfield for his thoughts on his upcoming singles match against Keith Lee. Dasher says Keith Lee is gigantic and that nobody is wrestling on his level today. For Keith, Sunday November 19th may just be another booking, but it’s Dasher’s chance to prove he can be in the ring with one of the best and get three points. It’s a chance to prove to himself he is ready to be CHIKARA’s Grand Champion. Dasher then joins Mike Quackenbush in the commentary booth.

Razerhawk {X2K} vs. Sloan Caprice

Caprice flexes his proverbial muscle to control Razerhawk at the start, shoulder tackling Razerhawk whenever he gets any momentum. Razerhawk is able to send Caprice outside with a satellite headscissors. Caprice steps out of the way of Razerhawk’s pescado. In the ring, Caprice slingshots Razerhawk on all four sides of the ring twice before suplexing him. Caprice intercepts a punch from Razerhawk and rolls him into a lariat. Razerhawk slips out of a back suplex attempt but gets kicked by Caprice. Razerhawk escapes the F5. He kicks out Caprice’s legs and goes for a low Frankensteiner. Caprice counters with a Buckle Bomb and powerslam for two. Razerhawk uses his knees to halt a superplex attempt from Caprice. He rolls down from the top and hits Caprice with an enzuigiri. He connects with a back handspring elbow, then gets two with a moonsault block. Caprice picks Razerhawk up off the ground and climbs to the second rope with Razerhawk still in his arms. Caprice throws Razerhawk down in a super fallaway slam for the pin at 8:03. Caprice has shown a lot of promise in singles competition, and while seeing Rick Roland healthy again will be nice, I think Sloan has made the most of his opportunities and would be a worthy singles Rudo if ever that opportunity arose. The match was a very good power vs. speed encounter. **½

You can watch this match in its entirety here.

A video with Max Smashmaster and Sidney Bakabella plays. Max says Mike Quackenbush let him pick the place and the time for their match, but not the referee. Max is fair – he chose neutral ground for their fight. He knows, however, that Quackenbush will choose Bryce Remsburg as the referee. Bryce has animosity towards Max. Max is okay with Bryce being there, but to keep it fair, he wants somebody else in the ring too. Sidney Bakabella reveals he is a licensed manager in the state of Massachusetts where Max’s match with Quackenbush will be taking place. He will be the special enforcer to make sure Bryce Remsburg doesn’t get out of line. Sidney says he’s so confident Max is going to win, that Max will never wrestle again if he loses. Max now has equal ground going into the contest and Sidney is going to make sure things are fair. Max says he wants the man who wanted to end Shane Storm’s career and end the GEKIDO, not the guy who writes books. He’ll see Mike in Haverhill.

Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP} vs. Hiptoss Hank & Petey The Package

Ophidian hits Hank and with an enzuigiri and one legged dropkick. Amasis dropkicks Hank into a falling, twisting senton from Ophidian. Amasis then lands a running shooting star press for two. Amasis tosses Hank outside and brings Petey in from the apron with a hard hip toss. Amasis gives him a spinebuster, and Ophidian follows up with a slingshot senton. The Portal hit the Slave Initiation in the corner. Petey tries a desperation small package, but Amasis halts him and gives Petey a Death Valley Driver onto his knees. Ophidian hits double knees on Petey. The Portal put Petey away with the Osirian Sacrament at 3:07. This Portal is still working out the kinks and getting the Portal offense mastered, but they definitely had a better showing this night than they did before. *

Ophidian tells Scott Holladay everything is going to plan. It’s only a matter of time before the Portal gets their third point. The new Amasis asks if we can dig that.

The Proletariat Boar of Moldova bursts onto the scene after the Portal leave. He remembers when Juan Francisco de Coronado dissolved the United Nations and left him off the proverbial rocket that he helped build for Juan, one that Juan used to propel himself into being the Grand Champion. Boar has been watching. He knows Juan has used the Grand Championship and flag to defeat all challengers. However, the Boar is bigger, faster, and stronger. On November 19th, he is coming with a rocket strapped to his own back. Juan better hope the title belt and flag help him, because when that’s not enough, he is going to take everything from Juan. On November 19th, the Boar is Champ.

Obariyon vs. Merlok

This match was scheduled for the last Hour of Power, but time constraints saw it get bumped from the card. Obariyon comes out sans facepaint and very stoic. Commentary alludes to the fact that all his demonic power may be gone. He runs right into a shoulder block from Merlok. Obariyon responds with a series of chops. Merlok mows him down with a clothesline and drives him back first to the corner. He drives Obariyon into the opposite corner as well. Obariyon gets a boot up and comes down with a crossbody, but Merlok catches him with the World’s Strongest Slam. Ashley Vox makes her way ringside, mistified. Merlok hits the Emerald Flowsion on Obariyon for the pin at 1:38. Ashley kneels over Obariyon’s body screaming “no!” in disbelief.

Obariyon told Vox back at “Tooth and Claw” it would cost a great price to get her what she needed, and given Obariyon was moved to the inactive roster after this match, it would seem Obariyon gave himself to assist Vox.


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