Hour of Power #9


Philadelphia, PA – 7.23.2017

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Juan Francisco de Coronado
Campeones de Parejas: El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.
Young Lions Cup Champion: Hermit Crab

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush and Scott Holladay.

Doc Diamondfire vs. Merlok

This is Diamondfire’s first match outside of this season’s Infinite Gauntlet. He tries to reason with Merlok who headbutts him in the chest. Diamondfire avoids a corner attack. His chest kicks and punches don’t have much effect, as Merlok is able to goozle him across the ring and follow up with a running hip attack. Merlok knees Diamondfire in the head and chokes him with his boot. A succession of headbutts and choking in the corner keeps Merlok in firm control. Diamondfire’s headbutts to the chest are for naught, as Merlok easily drills him back into the corner. Diamondfire staggers Merlok with a series of running forearm shots and finally knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Merlok elbows Diamondfire several times before mowing him down with a clothesline. Two World’s Strongest Slams and the Emerald Flowsion get Merlok the win at 5:32. The one thing I appreciate in Merlok’s matches is how commentary make even the smallest of moments of glory worthy of celebrating for his opponents. It adds to his overall aura and dominance. Diamondfire didn’t stand a chance, but did an admirable job in his first singles bout. *½

Toni Wilson interviews Rory Gulak. Gulak says it only took 52 seconds to tap Juan Francisco de Coronado out in the finals of the JKI. He plans to defeat Coronado again at “Chikarasaurus Rex” and bring respect back to the Grand Championship.

Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee vs. Officer Warren Barksdale & Officer Bruno Meloni

Huckabee tumbles his way out of Meloni’s wristlock. They each get in a quick pin attempt before shaking hands and tagging out. Darling takes a page out of her partner’s book and tumbles before kicking away Barksdale to escape a wristlock. Darling goes for the Sharp Stinger (her sharpshooter/cloverleaf submission) but Barksdale sends her out before it can be applied. He takes down Huckabee with a side headlock. He converts to a wristlock, then tags in Meloni who comes down with a double axe handle to the locked joint. Barksdale assists Meloni to kick Darling to the corner. Huckabee uses Darling to back elbow Meloni and then sets her up to London Bridge the Force. Stereo hip attacks send the Force crashing off the apron. Meloni resists the Sharp Stinger but Meloni resists. Huckabee helps Darling wear down Meloni. Meloni is helped by Barksdale. They double team Huckabee until he rolls outside. The Force fail to atomic drop Darling, and she again uses a hip attack to send Meloni out. She puts Barksdale in the Sharp Stinger but Barksdale gets the ropes. Barksdale avoids a corner attack from Huckabee and tags in Meloni. The Force go for their tandem Samoan Drop. Darling makes the save. Meloni is sent out, leaving Barksdale susceptible to the Rumblebees to hit their Gory Bomb/bulldog combo. Meloni jumps back in to break the pin. Huckabee counters Meloni’s Case Closed. Meloni backs Huckabee to the corner before he can utilize the butterfly suplex. Huckabee pulls Meloni out of the corner into a spinning Stretch Muffler before dropping him. Darling enters and puts him in the Sharp Stinger. Meloni taps out at 7:55. More or less this was here to establish Darling’s new submission, and in that they were successful. The Rumblebees had some solid team work, but this was pretty general overall. **

Toni Wilson congratulates the Rumblebees on their win and asks what’s next after their brush with the Campeones de Parejas in Gibsonville. Darling is still in disbelief that they lost the Campeones de Parejas to Los Ice Creams. She says Los Ice Creams started a war, but Huckabee corrects her and says they’ve started a rumble.

Dasher Hatfield {T} vs. Cajun Crawdad

Hatfield ducks Crawdad’s clothesline and grabs a courting hold. He weaves Crawdad into a cradle for two. Hatfield brings him down in a deep armdrag, wrapping up both of Crawdad’s arms before rolling him into another cradle for two. Crawdad rolls through a sunset flip and hits a tumbling senton to a seated Hatfield. Hatfield fails to resist the Gator Roll. He does however weave out of Crawdad’s elevated neckbreaker. Crawdad goes outside avoiding an O’Connor Roll. Hatfield baseball slide dropkicks Crawdad. In the ring, Hatfield gets two with a slingshot Oklahoma Roll. Crawdad digs his pincer into Hatfield’s clavicle before bringing him off the top turnbuckle with a Frankensteiner for two. Hatfield peppers Crawdad with shots to the stomach. Crawdad forearm strikes Hatfield as Hatfield once again sits on the top turnbuckle. Hatfield takes back over when he comes down. He catches Crawdad going up and over and brings him down with a Detonation Kick. He deposits Crawdad with a Saito suplex and hits the Bakatare Sliding Kick for two. Crawdad drops Hatfield with an Ace Crusher for two. Hatfield rolls Crawdad to escape his nerve pinch. Crawdad dropkicks Hatfield to the floor, but it may have tweaked his knee. The referee checks on him as Hatfield crawls back up. Merlok tackles Hatfield out of nowhere! Mark Angelosetti comes out to neutralize him. Angelosetti then attacks Crawdad, inadvertently disqualifying Hatfield at 7:11. Angelosetti tackles Merlok in the corner. The Throwbacks give Crawdad the 3D. Merlok rolls out before they can give it to him. This was a really rock solid bout until the end, but I like where this story is going so it didn’t bother me at all. They kept a quick, exciting pace, and Crawdad looks all the better for standing toe to toe with a CHIKARA vet. **½

Dasher Hatfield tells Toni Wilson Merlok picked on the wrong person and challenges him to a fight at “Chikarasaurus Rex.”

Obariyon, Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo vs. Sonny Defarge, Cornelius Crummels & The Whisper

Vox’s face is painted up in Obariyon’s colors. Perhaps she has found the darkness Obariyon told her to find. Obariyon wipes out Whisper with a Busaiku Knee. Crummels grounds Obariyon before hitting a running elbow. Obariyon kicks Crummels from the mat. Vox kicks Crummels outside. Defarge drills her with a running uppercut. Exo disorients Defarge with a neckbreaker and facebuster. Whisper spins Exo up into a bodyslam. He and his partners isolate Exo in their corner until she drops to the floor. Vox comes in with a double clothesline to Crummels and Defarge. With rage, she delivers clotheslines until they’re outside. They catch her suicide dive (along with The Whisper). After disposing of her, Obariyon mows them down with his own suicide dive. Exo hits Whisper with two clotheslines before taking him down with a side Russian legsweep. Her and Obariyon suplex Whisper. Obariyon drops a Muta elbow for two. Whisper backs him to the corner where Defarge and Crummels are able to double team him. Enraged, Vox jumps in, but the referee brings her back to the corner. Obariyon is knocked down with Oliver Twist and a lariat from Defarge, but still gets his shoulder up to avoid a pin. Obariyon is able to halt Defarge with a back cracker. He slips out, allowing Vox to come in. She facewash kicks both Crummels and the Whisper in the corner, ending it with a cannonball senton. Defarge attempts to interject and ends up being suplexed onto his partners. Vox goes up top where Defarge stops her. Obariyon stops Crummels from hitting the super monkey flip and powerbombs Vox onto both him and Defarge! Obariyon moonsaults onto Crummels and Defarge outside. Exo blind tags in on Vox who was pummeling The Whisper. Exo prawn holds Exo. Whisper cuts back and drops all his body weight onto Exo, pinning her at 9:22. This was a decent match, but a little too long. I like Vox using the face paint to show an evolution in her attitude, as it shows both a growing camaraderie with Obariyon, and dissension between her and Exo. **¼

Young Lions Cup
Hermit Crab vs. Razerhawk {X2K}

Hermit Crab has been champion since 6.18.2017 and this is his second defense. Razerhawk ducks Crab’s clothesline and hits a dropkick. He takes down Crab with a headscissors and comes off the middle rope with a somersault senton. Crab rolls to the floor. Razerhawk follows with a tope con hilo. Razerhawk hits a second time, but folds himself up, allowing Crab to muscle Razerhawk up into a powerbomb onto the apron, as well as a backdrop. From the second rope, Crab pummels Razerhawk’s now damaged back and brings him in with a vertical suplex for two. Crab also gets two with a brainbuster onto the knee. Razerhawk picks up some speed off the ropes, only for Crab to catch him with a spinebuster for two. Crab drives his knees into Razerhawk’s back and delivers a chokeslam for two. Razerhawk delivers a few forearm strikes, but Crab mows him down with a clothesline. Crab dumps Razerhawk out of a vertical position before digging his knee into Razerhawk’s shoulders. He drops Razerhawk across his knees for another two count. As Crab picks Razerhawk up, Razerhawk desperately lands a stunner. Despite this, Crab grabs Razerhawk by the throat. Razerhawk kicks Crab away and takes him down with a running lariat. Off the top Razerhawk dives. Crab catches Razerhawk and brings him down with a slam. He puts Razerhawk in the Boston Crab. When Razerhawk begins to crawl to the ropes, Crab turns it into a Half Crab. Razerhawk makes it to the ropes. Crab sends Razerhawk to the apron. He goes for another second rope vertical suplex. Razerhawk knocks Crab down and kicks Crab to the shoulder. Razerhawk slingshots in. He sunset flips Crab into a folding press for the pin and the Cup at 11:29! A couple of small flubs aside, this was quite good. The story of Crab wearing down Razerhawk’s back for the Boston Crab was sound, especially since it’s how he won the Cup from Sylverhawk. Crab varied it up by adding several early pinfalls to exhaust Razerhawk too, just in case his partner had given him pointers. In the end, Razerhawk used his speed and the element of surprise to gives us yet another YLC change. We’ll see how Razerhawk fares as champion. **¾


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