The Eleventh Hour


Philadelphia, PA – 5.6.2017

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Juan Francisco de Coronado
Campeones de Parejas: Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels
Young Lions Cup Champion: Wani

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush and Scott Holladay.

The Proletariat Boar of Moldova makes his return to CHIKARA tonight. He thinks his opponent, Missile Assault Man, is the toughest man in CHIKARA. Will his toughness make him able to hit the Missile Launcher on Boar, or put him in the sharpshooter? That remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: Boar is War.

Missile Assault Man vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP}

Missile ducks a strike and takes Boar to the corner with uppercuts. They switch position in the corner, wearing one another down. Boar whips Missile across the ring. He misses a splash, but catches Missile charging in with a boot. Boar connects with the splash on his second attempt, following up with a spinning side slam. Back in the corner Boar once again boots Missile in the mid-section. He trips Boar and goes for a sharpshooter. Boar grabs the ropes. Missile pulls him up to his feet. Boar pounds his way out of a Northern Lights suplex and muscles up Missile into a press slam. He stomps on Missile’s lower back and scrapes his boot across his eyes. Boar wants the Last Ride, but Missile slides out and gets Boar in the Sharpshooter! Boar escapes and turns Missile inside out with a lariat for two. Missile hits a bicycle kick, and Boar quickly responds with a big boot for another two count. Missile gets ahold of the leg, giving Boar two shin breakers before grabbing a chinlock. He converts Boar into a fisherman’s suplex for two. Missile focuses his Missile stomp on Boar’s leg and chest. Missile blocks a boot, catching the leg. He scissor stomps Boar’s leg before applying a figure four leg lock. Boar grabs the bottom rope to escape. He goes to the floor and Missile follows with a suicide dive. He goes for a second, but Boar catches Missile on his shoulders and drops him on the apron with the Baconator! He drives Missile back first into the apron before throwing him back into the ring. Boar sets up for the Gore inside the ring. Missile kicks out Boar’s leg to counter, then locks him in the sharpshooter! Boar taps out at 9:43. It was great seeing the Boar again after a short absence. He was an excellent equal for Missile in the striking department and came off as a threat. Missile adapted as the match went on, while also focusing on his goal of eventually submitting Boar to the sharpshooter. Ostensibly, this was a hoss battle with a story wrapped around it, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. ***

Solo Darling is overwhelmed by the fact that she’s only the Rumblebee in tonight’s Infinite Gauntlet. She’s calmed down by two bags of M&M’s and says she’s coming after all the competitors in the bout.

Silver Ant says that it seems that lately Frightmare is there to cut him down when he starts gaining momentum. Frightmare’s woken up something inside of Silver Ant that he doesn’t like seeing. He won’t be right in the head until he ends Frightmare’s reign of terror.

Silver Ant {C} vs. Frightmare {LOR}

This is a threematch from both “Top Banana” and “Whisper House.” The two competitors duck one another’s offense at the start. Frightmare low bridges the top rope to send Silver Ant outside and follows with a suicide dive. Back inside, Silver Ant avoids the diving back cracker from Frightmare and hooks him up in a cloverleaf. Frightmare crawls to the ropes to escape. After ducking one another’s kicks, Frightmare lands a standing moonsault for two. He gets a one count with a bodyslam into a prawn hold. Silver Ant absorbs some chops and takes Frightmare outside with forearm strikes and a chest kick. Frightmare turns things around with a suplex on the mat. Inside, Frightmare cracks Silver Ant with a pair of yakuza kicks. Some fast switches in the corner lead to Silver Ant nailing his double jump dropkick. He drops Frightmare with the Angle slam for two. Silver Ant wins a forearm exchange before taking down Frightmare with a headlock throw. He floats back and stomps Frightmare’s knee into the mat. Frightmare throws Silver Ant face first into the middle rope and chokes him on the middle rope, partially unlacing his mask in the process. Frightmare gutwrench suplexes Silver Ant for two. A slap “wakes up” Silver Ant, who takes back over with multiple strikes and a leaping Gourdbuster. Frightmare halts Silver Ant on the top turnbuckle and brings him down with a superplex. Frightmare bites at Silver Ant’s antennae and pulls up his mask! Silver Ant kicks Frightmare in the head, rearranges his mask, then kicks Frightmare in the head twice. Silver Ant toys with Frightmare’s mask. Silver Ant tiger feint kicks Frightmare in the corner and comes off the top with a double stomp for two. He looks for the CHIKARA Special, only for Frightmare to cut him off with a schoolboy for two. The Friggin’ Sweet Driver yields the same result. He misses Kneecolepsy. Frightmare grabs onto Jon Barber to stop Silver Ant’s German suplex. Frightmare pulls off his own mask and frames Silver Ant with it! Barber takes the bait and calls for the disqualification at 9:58. This was really good, as the animosity was palpable throughout the contest and further carried out Frightmare’s propensity for going after masks and the ants at large. While the ending makes sense and is part of a bigger story, it did come off abruptly and made Jon Barber look like a gullible fool. If the worst thing to come of this is yet another match with these two, I can’t complain. ***

The debuting Mick Moretti introduces himself with his multitude of nicknames. He says tonight is just the beginning. Nobody knows what to expect from him, but they can expect that he’ll be winning the Infinite Gauntlet and turning CHIKARA’s status quo inside out.

Juan Francisco de Coronado says Oleg the Usurper will be the first victim of what will end up being the longest Grand Championship reign. Oleg has had the most Grand Championship opportunities, so Coronado knows he is a capable challenger, but in Ecuador he was taught to seek to the biggest and baddest men in the locker room and punch them right in the mouth. When he sees Oleg tonight, he will fall.

Grand Championship
Juan Francisco de Coronado vs. Oleg the Usurper

Juan Francisco de Coronado has been champion since 4.1.2017 as this is his first defense. Oleg threatens to take off Coronado’s head after tossing him down out of a lock-up. He uses his posterior to knock Coronado down when Coronado grabs a waistlock. When Coronado grabs a leg, Oleg tosses Coronado away from a gutwrench position. He stomps on Coronado’s chest to stop an attempted leg submission. Coronado takes a few strikes at Oleg’s leg. Oleg backdrops his way out of a tiger suplex. Coronado enzuigiri’s Oleg to the corner. Coronado is sent to the apron. He flips back in and hits the ropes but Oleg mows him down with a boot. Coronado slips out of Oleg’s delayed vertical suplex and chop blocks Oleg’s leg out. Coronado works over Oleg’s leg before dragging Oleg over to the apron and putting on a figure four around the post! He releases before the five count and puts on and toe and ankle hold back in the ring. He drags Oleg to the apron while holding onto the leg, jamming it against the frame. Coronado then tornado DDT’s Oleg onto the floor! Coronado continuously dropkicks Oleg’s leg whenever Oleg tries to re-enter the ring. Oleg is finally able to break Bryce Remsburg’s count when he shoulder blocks Coronado upon climbing up to the apron. Coronado looks set to choke Oleg with the wrist tape, but Bryce takes the tape away from him. Coronado applies a figure four leg lock. Oleg looks to grab Coronado’s bowtie, so Coronado bites his fingers. Oleg bites Coronado’s fingers in response! Oleg escapes and has Coronado in position for Off With His Head. Coronado goes underneath and German suplexes Oleg for two. Oleg splashes Coronado against the ropes. Coronado kicks out Oleg’s leg when Oleg comes off the ropes. He tries a tornado DDT. Oleg halts him mid-move and muscles Coronado up into a falcon arrow! Coronado rolls to the apron after kicking out. He gamengiri’s Oleg, but Oleg is able to shake it off and chokeslam Coronado on the apron! Oleg follows Coronado to the floor with a somersault senton off the apron. Oleg doesn’t notice, but Coronado pulls something from under the apron and holds it in his hands as Oleg rolls him back into the ring. Bryce catches him holding a wrench! As he disposes of it, Oleg Usurper kicks Coronado. He follows up with a somersault senton for two. Oleg tries to pick up Coronado. Coronado prawn holds him into the Coronado Clutch. Oleg gets the ropes before it’s fully applied. Coronado hooks Oleg up for the Tiger Driver. This time, Oleg counters with a waterwheel slam. Coronado grabs his Ecuadorian flag. He tries using it like a weapon, but Oleg stops him and Bryce disposes of that as well. While Bryce is disposing of that, Coronado pulls powder out of his trunks and throws it into Oleg’s face! Oleg swings wildly while blinded. Oleg trips Coronado. Kobald sneaks into the ring, pushes Coronado out of the way, and puts him on the mat in his spot. Oleg yanks up Kobald and cracks him with “Off With His Head!” Oleg pins Kobald, but as he’s laying on him, Coronado puts Oleg in the Coronado Clutch! When Coronado scissors the leg, Oleg taps out at 19:29. Having this finish come right after another screwy finish was a poor choice. In a way it fits because Oleg’s last shot at the Grand Championship shared a similar motif, so you can build up a story there, and I thought it was a very clever way for Kobald to get what he wanted, but timing and placement is everything. The effort was there and both men worked very hard. It just isn’t what I would have done on this particular night or with Coronado’s first defense. **¾

Ashley Vox reminds us that Merlok demolished Jawsolyn at the “Hour of Power”, who is not only not a wrestler but her manager and friend.In the Infinite Gauntlet, the other competitors and the Golden Opportunity mean nothing to her. Her focus is on Merlok, and she will catch him tonight.

Infinite Gauntlet

The Rules are similar to the Royal Rumble. 33 people come in at 88 second intervals. Eliminations occur when a competitor is pinned, submitted, or thrown over the top rope and to the floor where both feet much touch for the elimination to be official. The winner gets a “Golden Opportunity” to be used at any point.

Order of Entry

1. Officer Bruno Meloni
2. Ice Cream Jr. {IC}
3. Razerhawk {X2K}
4. Delmi Exo
5. Race Jaxon
6. Jaciel Cordoba
7. UltraMantis Black
8. Sloan Caprice
9. Mark Angelosetti {T}
10. Sonny Defarge
11. Sylverhawk {X2K}
12. Icarus
13. Sumie Sakai
14. Rick Roland
15. Dasher Hatfield {T}
16. Jessica Troy
17. Merlok
18. Hermit Crab
19. Cornelius Crummels
20. Obariyon
21. Donald Kluger
22. Dr. Rod Diamondfire
23. Mick Moretti
24. Lucas Calhoun
25. Cajun Crawdad
26. Ashley Vox
27. Rory Gulak
28. Officer Warren Barksdale
29. Ophidian
30. Jeremy Leary
31. Solo Darling
32. Hallowicked {LOR}
33. The Whisper

Order of Elimination

1. Officer Bruno Meloni by UltraMantis Black via Cosmic Doom.
2. Razerhawk via over the top rope and bulldogged on the apron by UltraMantis Black.
3. Delmi Exo by Ice Cream Jr. via over the top rope.
4. Ice Cream Jr. by Ultramantis Black via over the top rope
5. UltraMantis Black via Race Jaxon via over the top rope
6. Race Jaxon by Jaciel Cordoba via over the top rope. A video teasing the return of Hype Rockwell played over the feed before Sloan Caprice’s entry, distracting Jaxon and allowing Cordoba to sneak up from behind and toss him out.
7. Jaciel Cordoba via schoolboy by Sloan Caprice. Juan Francisco de Coronado snuck in and threw powder into Cordoba’s face, allowing Caprice to sneak in a schoolboy pin.
8. Rick Roland by Sloan Caprice via over the top rope. The Throwbacks sent both Closers to the apron. Roland went to strike, but ended up knocking Caprice off of the apron by accident.
9. Sloan Caprice via 3D by The Throwbacks.
10. Sumie Sakai via Emerald Flowsion by Merlok.
11. Dr. Rod Diamondfire via pinfall by Jessica Troy, Sonny Defarge, and Cornelius Crummels. Sonny Defarge and Cornelius Crummels swung Troy onto a standing Diamondfire and dogpiled onto them afterwards.
12. Dasher Hatfield via submission by Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad. Crummels tied up Angelosetti in the ropes so that he could not save his partner.
13. Merlok via over the top rope by Icarus and Obariyon.
14. Mick Moretti via over the top rope by Sylverhawk.
15. Cornelius Crummels via over the top rope by Hermit Crab.
16. Donald Kluger via submission by Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad.
17. Jessica Troy via submission by Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad.
18. Cajun Crawdad via reverse STO by Icarus.
19. Hermit Crab via reverse STO by Icarus.
20. Icarus via over the top by Lucas Calhoun.
21. Obariyon via over the top rope by Hallowicked.
22 and 23. A clothesline from Lucas Calhoun sends himself and Jeremy Leary via over the top rope and to the floor.
24. Sonny Defarge via Flea Flicker by Mark Angelosetti.
25. Ashley Vox via over the top rope by Hallowicked.
26. Ophidian via Cut-Throat Bomb from The Whisper.
27. Officer Warren Barksdale via over the top rope by Sylverhawk.
28. Rory Gulak via over the top rope by Sylverhawk.
29. Sylverhawk via submission by The Whisper.
30 and 31. Mark Angelosetti and Hallowicked are dropkicked off the apron simultaneously by The Whisper. Hallowicked and Angelosetti fought to the apron in a front facelock, leaving them vulnerable for The Whisper’s attack.
32. Solo Darling wins the Infinite Gauntlet at 53:31, last eliminating The Whisper by low bridging the top rope as he attempted a running crossbody, sending him outside onto Hallowicked and Angelosetti.

Additional Notes
– This match is the debut of Jaciel Cordoba, a local newsman who has multiple encounters with Juan Francisco de Coronado on his news program in the past.
– Jessica Troy and Mick Moretti are also making their debut, both come from PWA out of Australia and are students of CHIKARA alumnus Madison Eagles.
– Rory Gulak is the brother of Drew Gulak. While he trained at the Wrestle Factory many years ago, he had never competed in a CHIKARA ring until tonight. He is the former Rory Mondo of CZW fame.
– Dr. Rod Diamondfire hosts a weekly CHIKARA music show on Facebook, and tonight was his debut as an in-ring competitor.
– Before the match, Jeremy Leary at the “Hour of Power” and in a blog extended the offer to Lucas Calhoun to team up, stating he’d accept the answer in the Gauntlet. Calhoun gave him a hard pass.
– As promised, Ashley Vox attacked Merlok upon entering the ring with little promise. Her fellow partners in the Furies, Icarus and Obariyon, assisted with some offense and were able to send Merlok over the top and to the floor.

This was about as good as the other two Gauntlets, with the action keeping a good pace, the top tier talent being sprinkled throughout, and incorporating most every main story into the match. Five debuts and a blast from the past are exactly the kinds of things I like seeing in a match like this, as well as Rockwell’s tease. Solo Darling winning was a surprise, but a good one, as she’s shown to be more than capable in both singles and tag team action, so cashing in for either title would be logical. Three of these matches in under 365 days is a bit too much, but I think one per calendar year is perfectly acceptable. ***¼


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