Hour of Power #7


Philadelphia, PA – 4.23.2017

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Juan Francisco de Coronado
Campeones de Parejas: Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels
Young Lions Cup Champion: Wani

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush and Scott Holladay.

Lucas Calhoun vs. Hiptoss Hank

Calhoun Jon Woo dropkicks Hank right after the bell. He suplexes Hank into a senton splash. Calhoun splashes him in the corner. He pump-handles Hank into a backbreaker before putting him in a Stump Puller. Calhoun places Hank on the top turnbuckle and brings him down with a super Samoan Drop for the pin at 2:44. This was a perfect match to show Calhoun is back in fighting form.

Calhoun tells Toni Wilson that he will be in the Infinite Gauntlet in thirteen days. Jeremy Leary comes into frame and compliments Calhoun on the win. Calhoun says Leary’s jumpsuit looked a lot better on him. Leary doesn’t necessarily agree. He says Calhoun’s hair is growing back, and good hair is part of their genetic makeup. Calhoun tells Leary to shut up and storms off.

Travis Huckabee vs. The Whisper

This is a rematch from “National Pro Wrestling Day 2017.” Solo Darling is in Huckabee’s corner. Both men take one another to the mat in the opening moments. Whisper takes to the ropes when Huckabee throws him down out of a waistlock. Whisper slips under Huckabee’s legs to escape a double knuckle lock. Huckabee takes his leg out, hooks his arm and outstretches the other. He Mouse traps Whisper for two. Whisper holds onto Huckabee’s legs, crossing them over while digging his boot into Huckabee’s face. When Whisper tries to transition into something else, Huckabee rolls free. Whisper stares at Solo Darling as he goes to the ropes. Huckabee grabs him but Whisper elbows him in the face. He legdrops Huckabee on the back of his neck for two. Whisper slams Huckabee across his knee before unwinding him into a bodyslam. After applying pressure to the neck, Whisper drops him with a neckbreaker for only one! Huckabee ends an uppercut exchange by hooking Whisper’s leg and swinging him out into a cutter for two. Huckabee hooks him for a butterfly suplex. Whisper swings out and drills Huckabee with a running Blockbuster for the pin at 8:13. This was a marked improvement from their initial encounter. While Whisper is still rough around the edges, he’s very competent and was able to showcase his wrestling acumen against Huckabee. The finish was a bit abrupt, but otherwise I enjoyed watching these two wrestle. **½

Toni Wilson interviews Sonny Defarge and Cornelius Crummels. Defarge stated there was nobody in line to challenge them them after they defeated DUSTIN and Chuck Taylor™ in Orlando, but it has come to his attention that Dez Peloton has acquired three points. For three seasons running, Dez Peloton is the only team that has ever defeated them. That said, he and Crummels do not crack under pressure, unlike Dez Peloton. Being Campeones is their business, and business is good.

Obariyon vs. Cajun Crawdad

Obariyon turns down Crawdad’s offer to “too salty” him, and instead nails him with multiple forearms and punches. He drop toe holds Crawdad into a front facelock, driving his knees into Crawdad’s skull. On their feet, Crawdad digs his pincer into Obariyon’s neck. Obariyon maneuvers Crawdad into a Busaiku knee. Crawdad avoids a running knee strike. Obariyon’s right leg gets trapped in the ropes and Crawdad kicks away at his knee. Crawdad hangs up Obariyon in a tree of woe and kicks at the knee. Obariyon gets the ropes to escape a half crab. He taunts Obariyon with boot scrapes as Obariyon gets to his feet. Obariyon grabs the ropes to block an Irish whip and pulls Crawdad into a headbutt. This allows Obariyon some space to land some strikes, but he crumples when he goes to the ropes. Despite this, Obariyon is able to catch Crawdad with a powerslam by putting all his weight on one leg. He attempts multiple pin attempts but Crawdad kicks out of every one. Obariyon enzuigiri’s Crawdad and successfully hits the knee strike to the back of the head. Obariyon ascends the ropes but is intercepted by Crawdad. He drops Obariyon knee first onto the top turnbuckle! Obariyon kicks out of Crawdad’s lateral press at two. In the corner, he goes up and over, bringing down Crawdad with a back cracker. Despite it only getting a nearfall, it buys Obariyon enough time to ascend the ropes. Again, Crawdad interrupts, this time by hitting the ropes and crotching Obariyon on the top turnbuckle. Obariyon fights off Crawdad’s kneebreaker this time, headbutting him down to the mat. Obariyon hits the Flying DDT for the pin at 11:11, earning his third point. This was excellent, with Crawdad targeting the knee and Obariyon not being able to help but use the knee despite his better judgment. He persevered through the pain and got Crawdad exactly where he needed him to be to pick up the win and his third point. Obariyon has really shined on his own and Crawdad has improved, both of which were evident in this contest. ***

Sylverhawk tells Toni Wilson he is entering the Infinite Gauntlet. He wasn’t in the last Gauntlet, because on that night he picked up his biggest career win against Silver Ant. He knows the match will be difficult, but he’s a unique competitor, and he’s confident heading into the bout.

Jeremy Leary vs. Petey the Package

Jeremy Leary’s new theme music is a significant upgrade. Leary takes a couple shots before nailing a running haymaker in the corner. He throws Petey down to the mat and kicks him in the side of the head. Another running haymaker follows, then an uppercut in the corner and a powerslam. Leary drops his knee onto the back of Petey’s head. A low flying lariat and a rope hang stunner get Leary a two count, but only because Leary purposefully pulls up Petey at two. He brings Petey to the top turnbuckle and hits a super Samoan Drop for the pin at 3:11. An effective squash that continues Leary’s identity theft.

Leary tells Toni Wilson that he too will be a part of the Infinite Gauntlet. He’s taken away Lucas Calhoun’s threads, car, and hair. How sweet would it be if he eliminated Calhoun from the Gauntlet and took away his golden opportunity? Leary has a better idea. What if they fought together instead? He tells Calhoun to think it over, brother.

Ashley Vox vs. Merlok

Jawsolyn is in Vox’s corner. Vox immediately hits a pair of dropkicks and peppers Merlok with forearm strikes, even after avoiding a corner splash. She attempts a headscissors but Merlok counters with a big slam. Merlok gutwrenches Vox into a gutbuster and throws her across the ring by her hair. He drops her with ease out of a Doctor Bomb. Multiple headbutts from Merlok leave Vox reeling in the corner. He drives Vox back first into another corner and digs his forearm into her face. From the mat, she kicks Merlok in the head. She avoids Merlok’s corner splashes, causing him to crash into the buckles multiple times and to crash into the ring post! Vox takes him down with a high crossbody for two. Merlok catches her hitting the ropes, following in with a knee strike. Vox fights off of his shoulders and dropkicks Merlok off the apron. Merlok catches her suicide dive and slams her onto the floor! Merlok then turns his attention to Jawsolyn. He picks her up and throws her into the wall! He throws her into a merchandise table and tosses the table on top her before violently tossing her into the inside of a refrigerator! He closes the door on her and heads back ringside. Vox ignores Merlok and goes to check on Jawsolyn, completely incensed and upset when he discovers her in the fridge. From commentary, Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush makes the executive decision to cut the feed. From opening bell to the feed being cut, the “match” went 10:11. This match was what it was, with Merlok dominating the majority of the contest and Vox showing a few flickers of hope before he slammed her on the floor and demolished her manager. It accomplished the goal of making the issue between Merlok and Team Sea Stars deeply personal and I’m looking forward to seeing what direction the rivalry takes. **


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