Hour of Power #6


Philadelphia, PA – 3.19.2017

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: UltraMantis Black
Campeones de Parejas: Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels
Young Lions Cup Champion: Space Monkey

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush.

Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Waistlock Wayne

Wayne cheap shots Angelosetti after Angelosetti cleanly breaks a lock-up against the ropes. Angry, Angelosetti slams him down and strings multiple splashes together. He drives Wayne to the corner, nailing him with successive shoulder blocks to the mid-section. After a swinging reverse suplex he tackles Wayne into the corner. The Flea Flicker gets Angelosetti the pin at 2:24: A nice, effective squash for Mr. Touchdown.

Ophidian issues an open challenge for CHIKARA’s events in Orlando.

Travis Huckabee vs. Jeremy Leary

Leary attacks with an uppercut right at the bell. He peppers Huckabee with jabs and back elbows in the corner. Huckabee ducks a clothesline and maneuvers Leary into an enzuigiri. He traps Leary’s left arm while outstretching the right. Leary gets to the bottom rope to break the hold. Leary sends Huckabee face first into. Huckabee ducks a kick and drops Leary with a back suplex. Huckabee hooks Leary for a butterfly suplex. Leary pulls in referee Bryce Remsburg so he can hit Huckabee with a cheap shot. Leary follows with a sitout chokeslam. Leary calls Ophidian’s name before hitting a basement dropkick to the side of the head. Huckabee is rocked with more headshots before blocking a low clothesline and getting two with a backslide. Leary jabs him in the throat. Huckabee cuts off a corner attack from Leary with a shotgun dropkick. Leary lands a few more shots before delivering a low flying knee to the side of Huckabee’s head. Leary mimics Ophidian’s snake pose. Huckabee hooks Leary by the arm and brings him down into a double arm lock. Leary mares his way free. He blocks Huckabee’s boot, throwing him into the mat. He delivers a kick to the side of the head and a diving jab for two. Two superkicks yield the same result. Huckabee intercepts a jab and headbutts Leary in the chin for two. Leary rolls to the floor. When Huckabee looks to pull him up, Leary instead brings him down and hits a Tower of London from the apron to the floor. With eyes glazed, Huckabee is able to make it to the apron. Leary brings Huckabee in from the apron with a German suplex for the pin at 8:25. This wasn’t terribly engaging or interesting. I’m not sure these two were the right opponents to bring out each other’s strengths, and Leary just doesn’t do it for me character wise. *½

Leary tells Toni Wilson that he felt embarrassed by Ophidian at “Blink.” He accepts the open challenge for Orlando.

Hermit Crab & Cajun Crawdad vs. Hiptoss Hank & Petey the Package

Hank does not “too salty” Crawdad , but instead trips him. A lucha exchange ends with an Ace Crusher on Hank. He Gator rolls Hank until Petey comes to the rescue. Crawdad digs his pincers into Petey’s clavicle and drops him with an elevated neckbreaker. Crab comes off the middle rope with a Naniwa elbow to Petey. He gives Petey a Doctor Bomb and tosses him to the floor. Crawdad brings Hank back in. He and Crab hit Low Tide for the pin at 2:02. Nothing wrong with Crab and Crawdad getting their tandem finisher over.

Hermit Crab & Cajun Crawdad come to talk to Toni Wilson. They’re interrupted by Frightmare who screams at the camera while tearing at a replica Silver Ant mask.

Fire Ant {C} vs. The Whisper

Fire Ant puts Whisper in a Royal Octopus hold. Whisper walks with Fire Ant on his back to the ropes to break. Fire Ant picks up speed off the ropes before sending Whisper to the corner with an alita. Fire Ant comes off the middle ropes and takes Whisper over with a pair of fireman’s carries before hitting a running somersault senton. Whisper slips to the floor to change the pace of the match. He catches Fire Ant with a headscissors from the apron and a leg lariat. Whisper slams Fire Ant into a backbreaker for two. Fire Ant turns things around with multiple chops in the corner. Whisper reverses a whip across the ring and lands another leg lariat. Fire Ant escapes Whisper’s next backbreaker attempt, knocking down Whisper with a dropkick after a pair of forearm strikes. Whisper counters a brainbuster with a small package. Fire Ant ducks a leg lariat and hits the Yahtzee kick. The brainbuster connects this time, but Whisper gets his shoulders up before the three count. Whisper stops Fire Ant’s super Frankensteiner attempt, sending Fire Ant crashing to the canvas. Whisper unfolds into a 450 splash for two. Whisper follows up with a running Blockbuster for the pin at 7:09. This was just getting going when it ended. Whisper looked a little less clunky here than he did in the YLC tournament, and it’s hard to find a better opponent in general than Fire Ant. **¼

Mortimer and The Snow Troll appear by Toni Wilson in the interview area, with the Whisper joining them. Toni asks Whisper about his win. He instead projects a video of himself talking onto Mortimer’s chest. He tells Jeremy Leary he can cure the sickness of Snake Style.

Razerhawk {X2K} vs. Merlok

Merlok absorbs Razerhawk’s dropkicks and resists his clotheslines. Merlok catches Razerhawk’s back handspring elbow and tosses him with a German suplex. After multiple shoulder blocks to the mid-section, Merlok drives Razerhawk back first into the opposite corner. Razerhawk recovers from a corner splash, throwing desperation shots to Merlok’s stomach. Merlok halts him with a Doctor Bomb. Razerhawk also fights back after being Beele’d across the ring, and Merlok mows him down with a lariat to reassert his dominance. After furious headbutts, Merlok splashes Razerhawk once again in the corner. Razerhawk uses the ropes to get to his feet after another Beele. The fans cheer as Razerhawk avoids yet another corner splash and lands an enzuigiri. Razerhawk also slips out of a press slam and sends Merlok to the floor with a back handspring hip attack. He dives onto Merlok with a tope con hilo. Merlok clotheslines Razerhawk right in the face and slams him on the mats around the ring. Merlok becomes too enamored with beating up Razerhawk around ringside, into the crowd, and outside the building, that both competitors are counted out at 8:54. These two did a killer job getting the crowd super behind Razerhawk when he finally took Merlok off his feet. The non-finish is a let down, but the story before hand was terrific. **¼

Toni Wilson interviews Sonny Defarge and Cornelius Crummels about their Campeones de Parejas title defense against Chuck Taylor™ and DUSTIN. Defarge says Taylor™ and DUSTIN will be too busy fighting over trademarks to best them in Orlando. Defarge says they’ve bested all the other tag teams in CHIKARA and wonders if anyone will ever step up to them.

Juan Francisco de Coronado then comes to the ring where a wheelchair sits in the middle. He says destiny has brought to him the three points necessary to gain a Grand Championship match. It is only a matter of time before he is the new champion. He claims to know Mantis’ weakness and will hurt him on April 1st in Florida. He will put Mantis back in the wheelchair. There’s a change of the guard in CHIKARA, and it will soon be Juan Francisco’s CHIKARA.


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