The Constant

The Constant

Philadelphia, PA – 3.5.2017 (Air Date; Film Date Unknown)

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Hallowicked
Campeones de Parejas: Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)
Young Lions Cup Champion: ThunderFrog

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush.

Travis Huckabee is in the barber’s chair this time. He confesses he has feelings for a girl, but they don’t have a lot in common. The barber asks if Travis is going to ask her out, but Travis says that he is instead going to ask her to be his tag team partner.

Lucas Calhoun remembers when he defeated Wani at “No One’s First, and You’re Next.” He’s willing to serve him a second helping of karate if Wani is up to the challenge.

Lucas Calhoun vs. Wani

Calhoun shows off some karate moves, exposing himself to an attack from behind from Wani. Wani takes the opening and also knocks down Calhoun with a back elbow. Calhoun uses some karate, but again Wani attacks from behind and delivers a back suplex. He twists on Calhoun’s neck before choking Calhoun with the top rope and his hands. Wani misses an elbow drop. Calhoun throws a series of karate chops and animated punches. Jeremy Leary appears on the entrance ramp as Calhoun delivers a Samoan Drop to Wani. Leary mimics Calhoun on the apron, putting on Calhoun’s glasses and scarf. The distraction allows Wani to hit a flying knee to the face for the pin at 3:46. This was here to move along whatever Leary and Calhoun’s issue is. Wani has three points now, which wasn’t even mentioned, showing just how important he is to the overall CHIKARA landscape right now. *

Sonny Defarge isn’t sure when Moustache Mountain will stop dodging them and give them their shot at los Campeonatos de Parejas, but he knows when they do, it will hurt like the dickens.

Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels vs. Hermit Crab & Cajun Crawdad

Crummels and Defarge attack the crustaceans at the bell. Crawdad is sent out while Defarge suplexes Crab. After a series of forearms from Crummels, he and Defarge hit Oliver Twist and a lariat for two. Crab escapes a suplex from Defarge and delivers a chokeslam. Crummels knocks Crawdad off the apron so that Crab cannot tag out. Crab escapes a corner attack, causing Crummels to crotch himself. Crab drops him with a spinebuster and tags in Crawdad. He fights off Defarge with bicycle kicks and gives Crummels a falling claw hold for two. Crab and Crawdad take out Crummels with the Low Tide. Crab puts Crummels in a Boston Crab. Defarge sees Crawdad enter, but Defarge interjects. He takes Crab to the corner. He and Crummels set up for a super monkey flip, but Crawdad pulls Crummels off of Defarge’s back and delivers a back suplex. Defarge lariats Crawdad. Crab comes off the middle rope with a flying Complete Shot. Crab gives Defarge a Doctor Bomb. Crawdad stacks Crummels on top of him and they put Crummels and Defarge in a crossface/Boston Crab combo. Referee Troy Nelson makes them break it up. Crawdad slams Crummels into a Naniwa elbow attempt from Crab. Defarge shoves Crab off the ropes and to the floor! He uppercuts Crawdad as Crawdad sits on the top turnbuckle. A super monkey flop from Crummels leads right into Great Expectations for the pin at 6:20. This was pretty fun while it lasted, although I’m a little perplexed why this pairing of teams were put together, especially with a two Tecnicos tag match forthcoming. On the surface, it seems like an easy swap. Crummels and Defarge collecting more wins towards their championship shot is, of course, wise. **¼

UltraMantis Black is no longer a vessel of Nazmaldun. He isn’t sure where Kobald stands anymore, but he cares not. His only mission is to go full circle from enslavement to obliteration. He tells Kobald to prepare for his annihilation.

UltraMantis Black vs. Kobald

Commentary alerts us that this match was requested by Kobald, who is angry at Mantis for pinning him in the Infinite Gauntlet. Kobald is confused as to whether Mantis is himself or Nazmaldun. Mantis evades a spear. Mantis Mongolian chops and clotheslines Kobald in opposite corners before tossing Kobald out of a double underhook suplex. Kobald escapes Cosmic Doom and back suplexes Mantis for two. A second back suplex yields the same result. Kobald dropkicks Mantis outside the ring and comes off the apron with a seated senton. In the ring, Kobald splashes onto Mantis for two. After a DDT doesn’t get the job done, Kobald goes for a clothesline. Mantis ducks it, blocks a second, and gives Kobald a half-nelson slam. Kobald yanks Mantis throat first down across the top rope. Kobald tries another running seated senton, but Mantis moves out of the way. Mantis then comes off the apron with a somersault senton. In the ring, Kobald reverses a whip to the corner and follows in with a shoulder block to the stomach. After a high clothesline, Kobald attempts the Demon’s Toilet. Mantis avoids it. He gives Kobald a Perfect neck snap, basement clothesline, and senton splash for two. They fight for a slam. Mantis swings Kobald into the Praying Mantis Bomb for the pin at 5:26. Mantis continues to steamroll through his former Nazmaldun cohorts on his way to Hallowicked. He and Kobald had good chemistry and a very fun, back-and-forth bout. **½

We see a clip of Obariyon wrestling (more like dominating) Hiptoss Hank in an empty Wrestle Factory. Fire Ant and Ophidian approach him. Ophidian says he knows how Obariyon feels, and they know what he wants. He tells Obariyon to let them help him find it. Obariyon decks Hank, then walks away without giving an answer.

Princess KimberLee seems conflicted about fighting one of her best friends, Solo Darling. What she does in the ring tonight isn’t what she wants to do, it’s what she has to do.

Princess KimberLee vs. Solo Darling

The winner of this contest will have three points. KimberLee immediately breaks an intense lock-up in the corner. Darling knocks her down with a trio of clotheslines and a straight-jacket neckbreaker. Darling nails her with a spear for two. Kimberlee escapes a waistlock. She clobbers Darling with a clothesline and pummels her with repeated forearm strikes on the mat. Darling fires back with chops out of the corner. KimberLee swings her around into a bicycle chest kick for two. She puts Darling in a Lotus Lock. She adjusts into a bodyscissors when Darling tries to push KimberLee onto her shoulders. KimberLee rolls her into a Gedo Clutch for two. She kicks Darling’s sugary beverage off the apron as Darling reaches for it. Darling fires back with strikes and kicks. KimberLee takes her down with a high kick for two. Three consecutive vertical suplexes from KimberLee do not keep Darling down. KimberLee misses a Swanton bomb. Darling hooks KimberLee into a Magistral cradle. KimberLee rolls out and throws a punch. She drills Darling with a Ganso Bomb for the pin at 5:10. Here we saw a more vicious, Rudo side of KimberLee, but not without her reservations. One has to wonder if this has anything to do with The Whisper appearing at “Left Behind”, and I am interested to find out. **½

Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo vs. Sylverhawk {X2K} & Razerhawk {X2K}

Exo shoots Razerhawk to the ropes to escape a side headlock. However, Sylverhawk tags himself in, and the Xyberhawx double dropkick Exo to the floor. Razerhawk hops off of Sylverhawk’s back for a clothesline on Vox. The Sea Stars come back with a pair of superkicks. Exo assists Vox with a swinging headscissors to Razerhawk. Exo and Vox both land dropkicks in the corner after the fact. Razerhawk slides out when Vox sends him to the ropes, allowing Sylverhawk to enter and take down Vox with a back elbow for a two count. Vox finds herself momentarily trapped in the Xyberhawx corner, but she rolls under a clothesline from Sylverhawk and tags in Exo, who enters with double cross chops on Sylverhawk. She drops Razerhawk with a swinging neckbreaker, following with a basement bulldog for two. The Sea Stars set up for the Shark Attack on Razerhawk. Sylverhawk however intercepts, sending Vox to the floor. Razerhawk small packages Exo for the pin at 5:03. This was a fun, quick match to showcase the Xyberhawx as a team. Both teams looked fine, but there’s only so much you can do in 5 minutes. **

Grand Championship
Hallowicked {LOR} vs. Icarus

Hallowicked has been champion since 5.30.2016 and this is his sixth defense. Icarus of course was the second ever Champion and he lost the title to Hallowicked, beginning Hallowicked’s first reign as champion. Icarus launches Hallowicked with a release vertical suplex. He Beele tosses Hallowicked out of the corner and across the ring. He whips Hallowicked across the ring again, following in with a corner dropkick for two. Hallowicked sends Icarus out of the ring hard when Icarus grabs a waistlock and Hallowicked runs to the ropes. He then whips Icarus into the ring post. As Icarus reenters the ring, Hallowicked stomps on him. Hallowicked yanks Icarus out of the corner so his back and head hit the mat, then lands a running somersault senton for two. Icarus shows signs of life, but Hallowicked cuts him off with a corner forearm strike before tossing him back outside the ring. When Icarus gets to his feet, Hallowicked throws him back inside for a two count. He drives his knee onto Icarus left arm before locking it up. Icarus sneaks in a crucifix pin for two, but an angry Hallowicked clobbers him on the shoulder blades and chokes him with his boot. Hallowicked violently sends Icarus back first into the corner. Icarus kicks out of a jackknife pin but is clearly the worse for wear. Icarus slips to the apron to avoid Hallowicked’s step-up enzuigiri. He enzuigiri’s Hallowicked before landing a springboard clothesline for two. A forearm and waistlock exchange ends with Icarus landing a suicide dive outside. In the ring, Icarus cartwheels his way out of the trajectory of a yakuza kick and drops Hallowicked with a Shiranui for two. Icarus ascends the ropes. Hallowicked knocks into the ropes to crotch Icarus. Icarus rolls through the super snapmare, ducks another yakuza kick, and spears Hallowicked for a very close nearfall. Hallowicked evades a corner spear. He hits the step-up enzuigiri. Icarus catches Hallowicked coming off the ropes with a Michinoku Driver for two. As Icarus drops Hallowicked with the Wings of Icarus, Frightmare comes on the entrance ramp. Ophidian comes out to take him away, clearly still angry at Frightmare for retiring Amasis. The distraction was enough for Hallowicked to recover and land a yakuza kick for two. Icarus counters Never Wake Up with a small package for two. He goes for the Wings of Icarus again. Hallowicked counters with Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Never Wake Up gets Hallowicked the pin at 13:57. As you’d expect, these two had a really terrific match with one another. Through their actions they showed their familiarity, which made it even more enjoyable to see Icarus bust out stuff I had either never seen from him, or had not seen in a very long time. It made sense within the context of the story and freshens up his core offense. The distraction didn’t have a direct effect on the match’s outcome which I appreciated, though I do believe the match would have been just fine without. This is another strong defense from Hallowicked, and a heck of a performance from Icarus. ***¾

UltraMantis Black is about to leave the building when Team Sea Stars approach him. Nervously, they ask for Mantis to mentor them. He turns them down, saying he is not the one they seek. He is immersed in darkness, darker than anything they dare walk in. He tells the Sea Stars to find another.


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