Hour of Power #5


Philadelphia, PA – 2.12.2017

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: UltraMantis Black
Campeones de Parejas: Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels
Young Lions Cup Champion: Space Monkey

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush and Scott Holladay.

Delmi Exo vs. Merlok

Jawsolyn (a shark) is in Exo’s corner. Merlok eliminated Exo from the Young Lions Cup tournament the previous weekend. Exo starts out with a violence party in the corner. Merlok shoves her off, but she jumps right back on him with a front facelock. Merlok flips her out into a release suplex. Exo jumps on his back hoping for a Dragon Sleeper. Merlok drives her into the corner and drives his backside into her midsection multiple times. He unloads multiple headbutts before driving her back first into the opposite corner. In another corner Merlok lands a running splash. He tosses Exo by her hair across the ring. Exo falls to the floor where Jawsolyn checks on her. Merlok taunts her with some kicks from the ring, but Exo ends up tripping him and coming off the top with a splash back inside. A low bulldog gets her a two count. A neckbreaker has the same result. Merlok catches her and strings a side backbreaker and slam together. A sliding clothesline would’ve got a three count, but Merlok pulls her up by her hair before the three count. The Emerald Flowsion gets Merlok the pin at 5:44. This was a perfectly executed David vs. Goliath bout. In just three matches Merlok has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. **

Oleg the Usurper vs. Hiptoss Hank

Hank ducks a corner clothesline and puts Oleg in a side headlock, but not with much effect. Oleg shoves him off and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Hank attempts a leapfrog but gets kicked out of mid-air. Oleg hits the ropes to pick up speed before splashing Hank in the corner. After a hip toss, Oleg nails Hank with Off With His Head for the pin at 2:43. Squash city.

Toni Wilson asks Oleg what people can expect from him in 2017. Before he answers, Kobald interrupts. Kobald says the voices in his head that guided him are gone. He says only Oleg can close the fissure in his mind, and knows that Oleg knows what he wants him to do. Oleg reminds Kobald that he vowed to never harm him, and that Kobald will not get what he seeks. This frustrates Kobald.

Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Max Smashmaster

Sidney Bakabella is in Smashmaster’s corner. Angelosetti slaps and pummels Smashmaster before trying a side headlock. Angelosetti gets shoved to the corner, but flies off the second turnbuckle back into the side headlock. Smashmaster tosses him away. He misses a back senton and Angelosetti lands a splash. Smashmaster kicks out at one. Angelosetti drives Smashmaster into the corner for multiple shoulder blocks. Smashmaster tries a gut wrench suplex. Angelosetti slides out to the apron and snaps the rope into Smashmaster’s back. He comes off the top with a double axe handle. Smashmaster reverses a whip after taking multiple forearms to the face. Despite this, Angelosetti is able to bodyslam Smashmaster for a two count. Smashmaster sends a charging Angelosetti face first into the canvas. Smashmaster vertical suplexes Angelosetti for two. Smashmaster pops up Angelosetti as Angelosetti comes off the ropes, only for Angelosetti to nail a dropkick on the way down. Smashmaster boots Angelosetti down, but Angelosetti fires up and rocks Smashmaster with a series of forearms. He comes off the middle turnbuckle but Smashmaster brushes him out of mid-air. He sits on Angelosetti’s back while applying a chinlock. Angelosetti fights to his feet and back suplexes Smashmaster. Angelosetti is too worn down to truly capitalize, instead using the time to use the ropes to get to his feet. Unfortunately for him, Smashmaster splashes him in the corner as soon as Angelosetti is up. Smashmaster rubs the sole of his boot into Angelosetti’s face and peppers him with light slaps. Smashmaster cuts off Angelosetti’s slaps with a jab. Sidney Bakabella chokes Angelosetti behind the referee’s back. Angelosetti shoves Smashmaster to the floor to avoid, presumably, a tombstone. However, Smashmaster forearms Angelosetti as soon as he walks towards the ropes. Bakabella sneaks in a back rake before Smashmaster tries another splash. Angelosetti counters with a running spinebuster. He comes off the second turnbuckle with a flying forearm. He strikes Smashmaster, catching him on the rebound off the ropes with a spinebuster for two. Bakabella grabs Angelosetti’s foot from the floor when Angelosetti hits the ropes. Angelosetti slides outside and grabs Bakabella by the lapels. Smashmaster charges after and runs into the ring post. Angelosetti lays out Bakabella with a forearm strike! Angelosetti comes back in and lands a corkscrew dive onto Smashmaster! He rolls Smashmaster outside and gets a close two count. Smashmaster powerbombs Angelosetti. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and land a Swanton Bomb for two. Smashmaster climbs the ropes again, but Angelosetti intercepts with a superplex! Smashmaster kicks out. Angelosetti tries for the Flea Flicker. Smashmaster counters with a tombstone piledriver for the pin and his third point at 13:54. The story here was very good, with Angelosetti relentlessly going after Smashmaster, wearing him down early on so it would be easier to take him down later in the contest. The strategy didn’t work as planned, as Smashmaster stunted his progress multiple times and ultimately was too large an obstacle for Angelosetti to handle (Bakabella interjecting didn’t help either.) The crowd’s enthusiasm elevated the latter portion of the match too. ***

Sidney Bakabella tells Toni Wilson (who he confuses with Mike McGuirk) says the only thing Smashmaster wants is the Grand Championship, and whatever he wants, he gets.

Cajun Crawdad vs. Waistlock Wayne

Crawdad digs his pincer into Wayne’s neck, converting into a Gator Roll. He picks up Wayne into a twisting neckbreaker. Wayne fights out of a chokeslam attempt. Crawdad cuts him off as comes off the ropes with a single leg dropkick. He prawn holds Wayne for the pin at 1:42. Another squash, but effective, as Wayne showed just how large a competitor Crawdad really is.

Vlad Radinov is discussing CHIKARA’s upcoming events in Orlando when The Whisper and a headless man make their way ringside. The Whisper goes under the ring and finds The Snow Troll. Whisper pulls Troll out from underneath the ring and pulls Missile Assault Man’s journal out of Troll’s arms. Whisper and the headless man (who we later find out is named Mortimer) leave, and the Snow Troll trailes them. The Whisper would begin posting pages from the journal on Tumblr.

Silver Ant {C} vs. Travis Huckabee

Silver Ant keeps Huckabee’s leg captured when taking him down in a side Russian leg sweep. Huckabee frees his leg, but Silver Ant holds onto a wristlock when he gets to his feet. Some quick forward rolls force Silver Ant to release. Huckabee rolls out of a wristlock and brings Silver Ant to the mat in an arm wringer. Silver Ant cuts inside the hold and tosses Huckabee down in a waistlock. When Huckabee goes for the leg, Silver Ant brings him into a crucifix pin for two. Huckabee brings Silver Ant up into a full nelson, then down in a side headlock. Silver Ant counters into a headscissors. Huckabee twists around and kicks his way out. Silver Ant wrenches on Huckabee’s neck and chin. He back rolls Huckabee into another crucifix pin. Huckabee converts into a double arm stretch. He pushes Silver Ant’s arms to the mat. Silver Ant gets his shoulders up and German suplexes Huckabee. He then brings him down in a vertical suplex, floating over into the Fujiwara armbar, bending his fingers as well. When Huckabee is about to escape, Silver Ant transitions to a cross armbreaker. Huckabee escapes that and figure fours Silver Ant’s legs. Silver Ant kips up and dropkicks Huckabee away. The aggression picks up as they trade strikes. Silver Ant sweeps out Huckabee’s legs and hits a leaping elbow drop for two. Uppercuts and forearms are exchanged. Silver Ant ducks a clothesline and puts Huckabee in a Gory Stretch, dropping him into the Gory Bomb, for two. Huckabee Oklahoma Rolls Silver Ant for two. Silver Ant throws Huckabee down out of a full nelson for another two count. Huckabee gets in a few shots in the corner before rolling Silver Ant into a reverse prawn hold. Silver Ant kicks out and kicks Huckabee in the side of the head. Huckabee maneuvers Silver Ant into the butterfly suplex for two. He dropkicks Silver Ant in the sternum. Silver Ant kicks Huckabee outside to avoid the Sugar Hold. When Huckabee comes back in, Silver Ant axe kicks him in the back of the head. He comes off the middle rope with a stomp to the chest. He places Huckabee on the top rope, bringing him down with a superplex. Huckabee bridges up to stop Bryce’s count. Huckabee also kicks out of Silver Ant’s Michinoku Driver. Silver Ant throws multiple kicks to the back and chest before locking on CHIKARA Special: Green. Huckabee taps out at 13:29. This match reminded me a lot of Silver Ant’s (then Green Ant) matches with Mike Quackenbush from 2010/2011. Those matches allowed Green Ant to break out and showcase his technical wrestling prowess. It didn’t matter that Quackenbush defeated him, Green Ant won the respect of the crowd and the matches helped grow him into the competitor he is today. Here, it was Silver Ant who played the veteran against Huckabee. Silver Ant became visibly frustrated when it became clear Huckabee was so adept to technical wrestling that he had to change his trajectory and began incorporating strikes and slams into his arsenal. It took Silver Ant busting out his very own submission hold, one that no else uses or knows, to defeat Huckabee, because Huckabee had an answer for everything else Silver Ant threw at him. This was an exceptional wrestling match, and a springboard for Huckabee to join the top tier CHIKARA competitors. ***½

Frightmare runs in as Silver Ant is celebrating. He looks to take out Silver Ant with a back cracker off the second rope, much like he did to Kodama at “Orientation.” However, Bullet Ant runs in, shoves Silver Ant out of the way, and takes the attack himself! Frightmare runs away as Fire Ant, Ophidian, and Team Sea Stars hit the ring. They along with Silver Ant and check on Bullet Ant. Bullet Ant would be moved to the inactive roster shortly after this event.


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