Tabula Rasa


Philadelphia, PA – 2.4.2017 (Air Date; Film Date Unknown)

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Hallowicked
Campeones de Parejas: Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)
Young Lions Cup Champion: ThunderFrog

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush.

The show opens with Mark Angelosetti in his Throwbacks gear sitting down next to Dasher Hatfield in the locker room. Angelosetti says he ruined everything for Hatfield: the Challenge of the Immortals, tag title shots, and Golden opportunities. He remembers nothing that happened while he was hexed, but when he woke up, he had his Throwbacks jersey on and something in his pocket. From his pocket he pulls out the 4 points he earned while he was hexed and asks Hatfield to take them. Hatfield doesn’t want a hand out. If he did, he would’ve kept them in the Challenge of the Immortals after discovering the elbow pad Touchdown gifted him was loaded. He’ll earn his own shot. It’s going to take a whole lot more than a hand out to fix the Throwbacks. Angelosetti asks what Hatfield wants him to do. Hatfield interrupts, perhaps changing his tune, saying he turned his back on Angelosetti twice and didn’t believe him when he was hexed, and for that he apologizes. Angelosetti wants to go back to being the Throwbacks and genuinely apologizes for all the problems he caused. They shake hands and call one another “family.”

Fire Ant {C} & Silver Ant {C} vs. Rick Roland & Sloan Caprice

Fire Ant connects with a flying forearm to Caprice. Caprice drives him back first to the corner, but Fire Ant fights both him and Roland away before coming out with a swinging headscissors. Caprice halts Fire Ant’s brainbuster attempt and instead passes Fire Ant off to Roland for a powerslam. He splashes Fire Ant before knocking him out of the ring with a running shoulder block. Roland catches Silver Ant on the top turnbuckle. However, Silver Ant fights back from the apron and slingshots in with a double jump knee strike. Silver Ant ends a forearm exchange with a running boot and lariat. Roland falls outside. Caprice knocks Fire Ant off the apron but takes multiple chops from Silver Ant. Roland catches Silver Ant coming off the ropes with a powerslam for two. Roland continues to beat down Silver Ant, even grabbing one of the cameras to shove into his face during the beatdown. Fire Ant is able to assist when Caprice has Silver Ant on his shoulders. Fire Ant walks off of Silver Ant into a headscissors onto Roland, then helps Silver Ant double team Caprice. Roland breaks their pin attempt after a double suplex. Roland knocks both Colony members down with boots. Once again Caprice places Fire Ant onto Roland’s shoulders. Silver takes out Caprice with a top rope dropkick. Roland tries using Fire Ant as a weapon, but instead Silver Ant assists him with a tornado DDT on Roland. Fire Ant hits the Yahtzee Kick. The Colony hit stereo basement dropkicks. They try stereo high crossbodys, but the Closers catch them both. The Colony are taken down with the Deal Breaker. Fire Ant is pinned by Caprice at 9:44. Nobody is better at looking resilient than the Colony, and their resilience made the Closers only look more dominant in victory. This is the best the Closers looked so far in their short tenure. This was a fun, energetic tag match to kick off the show. ***

Jeremy Leary says he has the best hair in wrestling. He defeated Officer Warren Barksdale in Chicago. While he could easily pick up wins over the Barksdale’s of the world, he has his eyes set on Lucas Calhoun.

Lucas Calhoun vs. Jeremy Leary

Leary slaps Calhoun in the face, so Calhoun mauls him to the corner and stomps him across one side of the ring. He digs his knee into Leary’s face while asking Leary who he thinks he is. Leary pulls Calhoun by his jumpsuit, sending him face first into the top turnbuckle. He throws some punches and drags Calhoun’s face across the top rope. Calhoun tackles leary out of the corner and pounds him on the mat. Leary rakes Calhoun’s eyes and comes off the middle rope with a diving uppercut. He digs his foot into the side of Calhoun’s head. Leary lays in some jabs and another slap to Calhoun in the corner. Calhoun turns things around with a shot to the midsection and his own strikes in the corner. Calhoun risks disqualification by shoving down referee Travis. Leary and him fight once more. Both men shove down Travis when he tries to break up the fight in the corner, and Travis rules the match as a double disqualification at 3:16. This was a heck of a brawl, a really fun one, and one that makes me wish to see these two lock it up again in the future. **½

Leary pulls out some of Calhoun’s hairs with a switchblade comb and puts the hairs into a plastic bag.

Hallowicked no longer hears Nazmaldun’s voice in his head. Of the now former heXed Men, Frightmare’s loyalty is the only one that is absolute, so they will take it upon themselves to destroy those who have betrayed Nazmaldun. They plan to do so in a swift manner.

Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo vs. Hiptoss Hank & Benny the Beele

Exo snapmares Benny to escape a waistlock. She cranks on a side headlock. Benny escapes. Exo holds onto his wrist while lighting him up with chops. She comes off the top rope with a wristdrag. Hank comes in but immediately takes a neckbreaker. Vox tags in and helps Exo with a double vertical suplex for two. Exo rocks Hank with a few uppercuts and sends him to the corner. She reels Hank in with an invisible fishing rod, hitting him with a dropkick when he draws in close. Benny breaks up her pin attempt. Exo saves Vox from a double suplex. Team Sea Stars suplexes Benny and Hank simultaneously. They double superkick Hank to the floor. Benny takes the Hart Attack and Exo pins him with a jackknife pin at 3:21. A nice squash to give Team Sea Stars a point, who have come a long way since their debut one year ago. *

UltraMantis Black says the same thing he did in Chicago: I remember everything. Nazmaldun is gone and he stands all alone. He has become a target of his former ally Frightmare. This Legion of Rot have set their sights on those they once considered their own. Mantis admits this is the destiny he has forged for himself and what he deserves. However, he does not die easily. He brought Frightmare into this world and he will bring Frightmare straight out of it.

UltraMantis Black vs. Frightmare {LOR}

This is Mantis’ first match since “Shock and Aww.” Mantis ducks a yakuza kick and drops Frightmare with a belly-to-back suplex. He evades another attack and hits a neckbreaker, then again with a Kamikaze. A full nelson slam takes down Frightmare. Frightmare monkey flips Mantis to the apron, then sweeps his legs to take him to the floor. Mantis shoulder blocks him from the apron to stop a dive. Frightmare however yakuza kicks Mantis back down and lands a tope con hilo. In the ring Frightmare nails a dropkick off the top turnbuckle. He digs his knee into Mantis’ skull. He snapmares Mantis into a standing moonsault for two. Frightmare yakuza kicks Mantis in opposite corners and gets two with a jackknife pin. Mantis reverses a whip, kicking Frightmare in the stomach and dropping him with a rolling Blockbuster. Mantis Mongolian chops Frightmare and comes off the middle turnbuckle with a flying Blockbuster. He sets Frightmare up for Cosmic Doom. Frightmare counters with a crucifix driver for a close two count. The Friggin’ Sweet Driver has the same effect. Hallowicked comes to the ring as Frightmare distracts referee Bryce Remsburg. Icarus however attacks Hallowicked and takes him backstage. Mantis hits Cosmic Doom on Frightmare for the pin at 7:05. It was so good seeing Mantis back in the ring. To me, he looked more fluid than ever. He and Frightmare did a good job expressing their hatred of one another with their actions, and the Hallowicked/Icarus interaction at the end firmly established where both men lay now that Nazmaldun is gone. Very good stuff. **¾

Nytehawk {X2K} & Sylverhawk {X2K} vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado & Wani

This is the debut of the new faction Xyberhawx 2000. Nytehawk dropkicks Coronado after escaping his chain wrestling. Coronado takes him down in a side headlock. Although Nytehawk escapes, Coronado shoulder blocks him down. Nytehawk uses a catapult to double knuckle drag his way out of a double knuckle lock, sending Coronado to the floor. Sylverhawk and Wani fight for control on the mat. Sylverhawk ends up taking Wani down with a pair of armdrags. He holds onto Wani’s arm as he tags in Nytehawk, who comes off the top with a double stomp on Wani’s locked arm. Wani strikes Nytehawk away. Sylverhawk blind tags in and the Xyberhawk take out Wani with a double dropkick. Nytehawk and Sylverhawk double team Coronado in the corner. Coronado retreats with Wani outside, whispering into Wani’s ear. Coronado distracts Nytehawk so Wani can attack him from behind. He throws Nytehawk out. Sylverhawk enters but immediately is tossed by Wani into a neck snap over the top rope by Coronado. They drop Sylverhawk with a double facebuster. Wani kicks Nytehawk as Nytehawk prepares for a double knuckle lock with Coronado. Nytehawk manages to dropkick Coronado to the floor. Sylverhawk dives after him. Nytehawk rolls up Wani for two. Coronado trips Nytehawk as he hits the ropes. Wani overhead suplexes Sylverhawk. He gives Sylverhawk a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Juan y Wani do more damage to his back. Sylverhawk enzuigiri’s Wani and rolls away from Coronado, tagging in Nytehawk who dropkicks Coronado. He cartwheels into a back handspring elbow to Coronado in the corner. Nytehawk dropkicks Wani as he maneuvers to the top. Coronado makes Nytehawk come down and bandera’s him to the floor. Wani superkicks Sylverhawk into the Tiger Driver from Coronado for two. Juan y Wani deliver the Doomsday Device to Sylverhawk. Coronado then rolls Sylverhawk into the Coronado Clutch. Sylverhawk taps out at 10:44. The Xyberhawx had a solid debut. Juan y Wani were good first opponents as their contrasting style made the Xyberhawx’s exciting offense stand out even more, and because Juan y Wani are so easy to hate. I felt this went a little long, but otherwise no complaints. **¾

Mark Angelosetti is back to being Mr. Touchdown. When he was at his weakest point, when he thought he lost his family and friends, he was forced to look into the Eye of Tyr. He thought he lost everything when he looked into the Eye, but he did earn something while he was hexed: a Grand Championship opportunity. Touchdown feels taking the title away from Hallowicked would make them equal, since he lost everything when he was hexed, and the title means everything to Hallowicked.

Grand Championship
Hallowicked {LOR} vs. Mark Angelosetti {T}

Hallowicked has been champion since 5.30.2016 and this is his fifth defense. Angelosetti mows down Hallowicked with a running shoulder block and the champion takes a quick powder. Angelosetti twists up Hallowicked’s left arm in a top wristlock. Hallowicked takes out Angelosetti’s leg and grabs his left leg. Angelosetti tries a cross armbreaker but Hallowicked is tall enough to get his feet on the ropes with ease. Hallowicked twists up Angelosetti’s legs. Angelosetti switches out into a front facelock, snapmaring Hallowicked into a lateral press for two. He immediately takes to a front facelock which Hallowicked reverses. Although, Hallowicked escapes, Angelosetti once again sends him outside with a shoulder block. Angelosetti this time follows and throws Hallowicked back into the ring. Multiple splashes lead to a big splash for two. Angelosetti drills him with a running spinebuster, but hurts his right knee cap in the process, and gets a two count. Hallowicked chop blocks Angelosetti’s right leg and begins to focus his attack on it. Angelosetti escapes an ankle pick with an enzuigiri, but clearly worse for wear with all the damage that has been done. Angelosetti uses the ropes to get to his feet in the corner where he comes off the second rope with a high crossbody. He nurses his right knee instead of going for a cover. He foolishly musters a single leg dropkick. Hallowicked is caught trying to go up and over, succumbing to a powerslam from Angelosetti for two. He gets Hallowicked to the top turnbuckle. Hallowicked headbutts Angelosetti off the top and to the mat. Hallowicked misses a Swanton Bomb and Angelosetti hooks him in a crucifix pin for two. Hallowicked kicks out Angelosetti’s knee and slams him face first into the top turnbuckle. Once again Angelosetti is able to maneuver Hallowicked to the top turnbuckle. He brings down Hallowicked with a superplex for a very close two count. Hallowicked hops over a spinebuster. He tries Never Wake Up, but Angelosetti swings him into the Flea Flicker! Hallowicked barely kicks out at two. Angelosetti drags himself to the ropes to once again help him get to his feet. As Hallowicked charges, Angelosetti instinctively puts his foot up to block. However, Hallowicked catches his foot and brings him out of the corner. Hallowicked gives Angelosetti two dragonscrew leg whips before dropping him with Never Wake Up for the pin at 13:27. This was a simple story executed really well. Angelosetti was filled with passion and anger and channeled those emotions in a productive way. Thanks to Hallowicked going after his legs early on and a particularly hard spinebuster from Angelosetti, Hallowicked had a weakness to exploit. Angelosetti had control during the entire match except for when his instincts betrayed him, which is when Hallowicked struck and was able to get the victory. This was an excellent title defense and a fantastic main event of this Season’s premiere. ***¾

In a post-credits scene, we see Icarus standing in his pre-Nazmaldun gear looking out onto an empty Wrestle Factory.


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