Hour of Power #4


Philadelphia, PA – 11.13.2016

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Hallowicked
Campeones de Parejas: Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)
Young Lions Cup Champion: ThunderFrog

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush.

Rick Roland & Sloane Caprice vs. Benny the Beell & Rope Break Randy

Roland overpowers Beell to start. From the apron, Caprice hoists him onto his shoulders for a superplex. Roland goes to pin him, but pulls him up at the last second. Caprice does the same thing after a buckle bomb and powerslam. Randy hits a springboard dropkick on Roland. He tries a crossbody on Caprice, but Caprice catches him. Roland stacks Beel onto Caprice’s shoulders and hits the Deal Breaker for the pin at 4:13. It’s hard to complain about a prolonged squash for the Closers, as that’s where they’re at their best. ½*

The Closers are interviewed by Toni Wilson. Caprice says he, Roland, and The Big Deal are tired of the fun and games in CHIKARA and plan to stop the fun in Chicago.

Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels vs. Hiptoss Hank & Eddie the Elbow

Crummels blocks a hiptoss from Hank and pulls him into a clothesline (while also falling on top of him). Defarge distracts Hank so Crummels can schoolyard trip him. Crummels then catapults Hank into a forearm smash from Defarge. After the Oliver Twist, Crummels sends Hank into Defarge for a clothesline. After some more double team offense, and knocking Eddie off the apron, Defarge and Crummels get the win with Great Expectations in 3:27. Crummels really needs work, so I’m all in favor of giving him as much ring time as possible. ¼*

Sonny Defarge insists that they be addressed as “Mister.” He disparages Dez Peloton, calling them the spoilers, as twice they’ve cost Defarge and Crummels opportunities at the Campeones de Parejas. On December 3rd in Chicago, Defarge promises whatever they do to Dez Peloton is going to hurt like the dickens.

Officer Warren Barksdale vs. Chinlock Charlie

Charlie denis Barksdale’s handshake offer. They shove one another. Barksdale scores some nearfalls with various pin variations. He knees Charlie in the corner before hitting a leaping lariat. He gives Charlie a Northern Lights suplex and the Cease & Desist for two. He takes off his gloves before taking out Charlie with Obey the Law in 1:45. I am all in favor of squash matches, but three in a row is a bit much. ¼*

Barksdale says his winning streak is back on. There’s some lawbreakers in CHIKARA who think they’re a “big deal.” Just like he reigned supreme tonight, he’s going to reign supreme in Chicago. He formally issues an open challenge.

Fire Ant {C}, Ophidian {OP} & Oleg the Usurper vs. Mark Angelosetti, Obariyon {B} & Kobald {B}

Obariyon now has a shaved head. The two trios brawl to start. The Tecnicos clear the ring of the heXed Men. Kobald sends Fire Ant to the corner, following in with a couple shoulder blocks. He hits a running elbow drop. Fire Ant takes Kobald to the ropes with repeated open hand shots to the chest. He goes for a pin after a dropkick, but Angelosetti jumps in before a count can be triggered. He drives his knees into Fire Ant’s back. Fire Ant ends a Lucha exchange with Obariyon with a tornado clutch for two. Ophidian and Oleg get their licks in on Obariyon. Obariyon goes to Oleg’s eyes to get him into the heXed Men corner. Oleg is able to suplex Angelosetti closer to his side of the ring, and Ophidian slingshots in with a senton. Angelosetti shoves Ophidian away so he can knock him down with a lariat. The Batiri attack Ophidian. Ophidian slams Kobald after escaping his side headlock. He chops Kobald in the corner where Fire Ant snapmares him into three sentons. Kobald tries a suplex, but Fire Ant cracks him with a high kick instead. Ophidian comes in with a quebrada for two. Kobald pulls Ophidian off the top with a fireman’s carry. He gives him a Saito suplex and a facebuster for two. The heXed Men wear down Ophidian in the corner, with Angelosetti focusing on Ophidian’s back. Ophidian gets his knees up to block a splash from Angelosetti. Ophidian kicks Obariyon away when Obariyon blocks his pin, but Angelosetti jumps back in to stop him. Ophidian escapes a suplex and rolls up Angelosetti for two. Oleg makes the tag. He drops Angelosetti with a backbreaker and lands a somersault senton for two. Obariyon tries trading shots, but a boot from Oleg takes him out. Oleg calls for Off With His Head on Angelosetti. Kobald, who Oleg vowed to not harm during the Challenge of the Immortals, taunts Oleg long enough for Angelosetti to schoolboy him for the pin at 15:46. This was an unfortunate case where the energy and promise the match showed at the start was not followed through. More or less this match served to show that Oleg could be Achilles Heel for the upcoming Cibernetico, but that message was well delivered in two prior shows, so was it really necessary to tell us that for a third time? It is an important story thread, but for it to play into the finish was disappointing, especially when I don’t understand why Oleg didn’t attack Angelosetti just because Kobald taunted him. **½

All six competitors fight after the bell. The heXed Men come out on top and head to the back once the damage has been done.


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