Hour of Power #3


Philadelphia, PA – 10.2.2016

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Hallowicked
Campeones de Parejas: Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)
Young Lions Cup Champion: ThunderFrog

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Bryce Remsburg, and Scott Holladay.

Race Jaxon {NRG} & Hype Rockwell {NRG} vs. Benny The Beell & Clothesline Carl

Benny and Carl attack N_R_G before the bell. N_R_G turn things around quickly and double team Benny in the corner. He rolls to the floor after an enzuigiri/corner dropkick. Carl comes in and is dropped with a spinebuster by Rockwell. Carl rolls away to avoid a top rope attack from Jaxon. Carl strings together some kicks and an enzuigiri. Jaxon enzuigiri’s Beell to the floor. Carl clotheslines Jaxon out. Rockwell hits Carl with the Hyperwheel for the pin at 1:29. I don’t get the purpose of Beell and Carl getting any offense, but at least N_R_G won in fairly quick/dominant fashion. ¼*

Scott Holladay interviews Ophidian about the Osirian Portal’s recent run-ins with Nazmaldun. He wants to know how he feels about going against the Batiri in Massachusetts this upcoming weekend. Ophidian says he has never encountered anything as deadly as Nazmaldun, which has grown into a threat to the very foundation in which CHIKARA was built on. He and Amasis will take it to the Batiri on October 8th. Ophidian has an opportunity for his 3rd point tonight as he goes against Juan Francisco de Coronado. Holladay asks Ophidian how he feels about that. The Wrestle Factory is where he was built and helps build others. There is no way he is going to let Juan walk into his home and take away his golden opportunity. He let 3 points slip through his hands before, but he won’t let that happen again.

Officer Warren Barksdale vs. Hermit Crab

Some shoving leads to a backslide from Barksdale for two. Barksdale takes Crab over with a pair of armdrags, holding onto the arm after the second. Crab maneuvers into a side headlock. Barksdale decides to switch out into a hammerlock. Crab escapes with a flying mare. His slow walk across the ring yields a warning to Crab for “slowing down traffic.” Barksdale issues a citation, but Crab rips it in pieces and throws it into Barksdale’s face! Angry, Barksdale goes to “cuff him”, leading to Barksdale getting multiple nearfalls with various pinning combinations. Crab rakes Barksdale’s back and gives him a spinebuster for two. Crab suplexes Barksdale twice. He tries a chokeslam. Barksdale counters into a folding press. He back elbows Crab twice before stringing a running corner knee and a lariat together for two. Barksdale calls for Obey The Law. Crab sticks his fingers into Barksdale’s eyes to escape. He hits the Doctor Bomb and turns Barksdale over into the Boston Crab. Barksdale taps out at 7:35. This was a nice showcase for two new guys, but it seems like they’re winning just as much as they are losing. Barksdale seemed ready to jump into something more substantial after his great match with Kobald at the last Hour of Power, so it’s a shame to see him plateauing. Crab still needs some seasoning but is definitely coming along. **

Max Smashmaster comes to the ring. He says the last time CHIKARA was in the building, Princess KimberLee called him out when she knew he wasn’t there. There’s a long list of people he wants to make pay for costing him his job, the ability to make ends feet. He calls KimberLee out knowing full well she is en route to Europe. Solo Darling, still with an injured leg (she was supposed to face KimberLee two weeks ago but was hurt in practice), comes out to step up to Max in KimberLee’s place. Max strikes her a couple times, leaving Darling laying. Max says it’s just a matter of time before he gets his hands on KimberLee, and he will keep hurting people until he does so.

Jasper Tippins {DP} & Donald Kluger {DP} vs. Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels

This is a rematch from “The Black Goodbye.” Kluger takes down Defarge with a wheelbarrow suplex. Defarge sneezes in Kluger’s hand to free himself from a chinlock. Defarge wants a claw but Kluger holds onto the arm to stop. Crummels tries to assist, but Kluger shoves their hands in one another’s faces. Kluger palm strikes Defarge before Tippins comes in with a bicycle kick. They go for the Broken Arrow but Crummels knee strikes Tippins from the apron. Tippins however deposits Crummels onto Defarge on the ropes. Tippins bodyscissors Defarge and manipulates his arms as if they’re handlebars. Defarge drives Tippins head first into Kluger in the corner. He comes off the middle rope with a European uppercut to Tippins for two. Crummels helps Defarge wear down Tippins in their half of the ring. Defarge baits Kluger into the ring. All four men catch each others’ legs, leading to four men incidentally kicking each other in the groin. Dez Peloton deliver some Manhattan Drops and Defarge and Crummels accidentally crotch themselves in the corners to make a bad situation worse. Defarge falls into Kluger’s legs, and Tippins rolls up Crummels for two. Tippins looks to Climb the Summit but misses, landing groin first on his bike helmet. Great Expectations get Defarge and Crummels the win at 9:56. This was about as good as the Black Goodbye match, but with 100% more gential humor! *

Holladay interviews Defarge and Crummels, congratulating them on finally defeating Dez Peloton in their third match against one another. Defarge says Dez Peloton spoiled their King of Trios tag gauntlet victory as well as their Encore victory last month in the Wrestle Factory, but they could not spoil their victory today. They face Hermit Crab and Rock Lobster on Saturday. Defarge declares victory for himself and Crummels in that encounter as well. Crummels wipes his nose on Holladay’s tie.

Ophidian {OP} vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado

An aggressive lock-up is broken with a forearm scrape by Coronado in the corner. They vie for control on the mat. Coronado almost hoists Ophidian up into a German suplex but Ophidian takes him back down. An ankle trip triggers an exchange where Ophidian alita’s Coronado to the floor and follows with a dive. Coronado drives Ophidian into the frame of the ring. In the ring Coronado clobbers Ophidian’s back with multiple forearm strikes. Ophidian stops Coronado by jamming Coronado’s arms into his knees. He unwinds a kick to the shoulder, and brings Coronado down in La Mistica. Coronado makes his way to the ropes to escape the hold. Coronado pulls Ophidian into a forearm to the lower back before delivering a German suplex for two. He wants the Coronado Clutch, but Ophidian crawls to the ropes before it’s fully applied. Ophidian jams Coronado’s arm across the top rope. He comes back into the ring with Meteora for two. Ophidian goes for the Death Grip. Coronado drives him to the corner to free himself. Coronado catches him coming out of the corner with a backbreaker and Tiger Driver for two. He returns to the Coronado Clutch but has trouble holding it on due to his hurt arm. Ophidian escapes with a prawn hold for two. Ophidian escapes another backbreaker. Coronado goes for the German suplex again. Ophidian counters it with the Duat Driver. Coronado kicks out and pulls up Ophidian into the Coronado Clutch once again, and has the prawn hold scouted this time around. Ophidian uses the ropes to turn the hold into a headscissors. Coronado goes for the Tiger Driver again. Ophidian switches into the Death Grip! Coronado taps out at 10:12. This was an excellent technical wrestling match where each competitor had a gameplan and stuck with it from the get go until the match’s conclusion. After Ophidian’s promo earlier, it was almost a certainty he would be earning a shot at Hallowicked and the Grand Championship, and even so Coronado make it seem like he could potentially spoil the party on several occasions. An excellent match to cap off the hour. ***¼


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