The Black Goodbye


Philadelphia, PA – 9.17.2016

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Hallowicked
Campeones de Parejas: Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)
Young Lions Cup Champion: ThunderFrog

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Bryce Remsburg and Scott Holladay.

Princess KimberLee vs. Rock Lobster

Lobster is replacing the injured Solo Darling. Lobster muscles KimberLee to the corner, breaking clean and flexing after the fact. When KimberLee reverses his wristlock, Lobster grabs her by the throat and sends her to the mat. Kimberlee wisely uses her hair ties to lock up the claws of Lobster! Referee Larry Peace frees him, but the distress is enough for KimberLee to snap off a pair of armdrags and a toreador. She drives her knees into Lobster’s chest for a two count. Lobster drives KimberLee throat first into the middle rope. Lobster puts on a chinlock. When KimberLee escapes, she tries a pump kick, but Lobster throws her down in the splits and gives her a swift kick to the head. Lobster gets two with an inverted DDT. KimberLee kicks out Lobster’s leg as he charges at her, sending him face first into the middle turnbuckle. Kimberlee goes for a German suplex but Lobster gets the ropes. He gives her a quebradora backbreaker and a release suplex for two. KimberLee uses a chinbreaker from the mat. Lobster again escapes the German suplex and hits a sit-out F5. He pins KimberLee with one finger and she gets her shoulder up at two. KimberLee catches him with crucifix driver, slipping into the Alligator Clutch for the pin at 7:05. I liked Lobster’s hubris getting the best of him while he was also smart enough to avoid any and all German suplexes. He was a fine choice to replace Darling as he helped start off the show with a fun match. **¼

Brenden O’Donnell asks Princess KimberLee who she would like to face on her way to attempting to win back the Grand Championship. She gives credit to a few members of the CHIKARA locker room, but states her desire to face Max Smashmaster. He started a war long ago and she intends to end that war.

Team Big Deal, now known as the Closers (apparently), are standing by. Sloan Caprice says while their boss is resting and recovering from his injury, they are going to keep the rest of the roster of his notice. Rick Roland says they’re going to take care of business for the boss.

Rick Roland & Sloan Caprice vs. Bodyslam Brian & Suplex Steven

Steven’s forearm strikes have minimal effect on Caprice. Caprice gives Steven a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker as Steven comes off the ropes. He drops Steven with a delayed fisherman’s suplex. He spins Brian out in a full-nelson slam. Roland splashes and boots Brian in the corner, before sending him out with a fallaway slam. He gives Steven the Rick Roll (Finlay Roll), following up with a Vader Bomb. The Closers double slingshot suplex Brain in from the apron. The Deal Breaker on Brian and Steven get them the pin at 3:17. The Closers are at their best in matches like this. ½*

Fire Ant {C} & Silver Ant {C} vs. Icarus & Mark Angelosetti

Icarus taunts Silver Ant with a chair, which Icarus used to injure his arm last month. The distraction allows Angelosetti to attack Silver Ant and send him to the floor. Angelosetti trips Fire Ant out of Lucha roll attempt. Fire Ant monkey flips Angelosetti away before sending him to the corner with an alita. Fire Ant gets two with a flying forearm in the corner. The Colony take Angelosetti out with tandem kicks for a nearfall. Icarus drops down the top rope to send Silver Ant to the floor. Fire Ant flies in with a high crossbody on Icarus, then puts him in a standing Octopus Stretch. Icarus throws him off and stomps him down near the ropes. Fire Ant responds with rapid fire palm strikes to the chest. Fire Ant gets two with a prawn hold. Icarus gives Fire Ant a Michinoku Driver and goes for his mask. Fire Ant slips out, bringing in Silver Ant. Icarus goes to the apron to avoid interaction. Silver Ant elbow strikes Angelosetti and slams him into a legdrop for two. He puts Angelosetti in a Clover Leaf. Icarus comes in and grabs at Silver Ant’s mask. Fire Ant dropkicks Icarus away. Icarus and Angelosetti end up with the Colony in their arms, so they ram them together and hit stereo fallaway slams. Angelosetti and Icarus double chokeslam Fire Ant. Silver Ant stops the pin. He wins a forearm battle with Angelosetti, taking him out with a bicycle kick. He unloads with shots on Icarus, sending him to the floor and following with a suicide dive. Icarus sends Silver Ant face first into steps. He tries a chair shot to Silver Ant’s arm against the post. Silver Ant moves out of the way and suplexes Icarus on the floor. In the ring, the Colony hits the Ants Marching dropkick on Angelosetti. He fights off the Colony’s double superplex attempt. Fire Ant takes him down with a super Frankensteiner. Silver Ant from another corner hits the Mad Splash. Icarus kicks Silver Ant’s injured arm to break the pin. Fire Ant gets Icarus hooked for Beach Break. Icarus counters with the Wings of Icarus. He kicks Silver Ant in the arm before delivering a spear for the pin at 10:16. This was a rock solid match that further distinguished the Colony as the main antagonists to the heXed Men. It took them going after Silver Ant’s previously injured arm to get the win, showing that the Colony is an otherwise formidable unit without that Achilles heel. ***

Hermit Crab first comes out for his scheduled match against Amasis. However, Mark Angelosetti in a Frightmare mask attacks Amasis as he’s slapping hands with fans. Angelosetti throws Amasis into the ring and Hermit Crab insists that the referee ring the bell.

Amasis {OP} vs. Hermit Crab

Crab locks on the Flat Crab. Amasis taps out at 0:12. Angelosetti places his mask on Amasis’ fallen body. Hermit Crab gloats about his win to Brendan O’Donnell. This was here to continue fulfilling Hallowicked’s promise to take out everyone who aided the Colony at the Network special. Big picture stuff, if you will.

Worker Ant {C} & Bullet Ant vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado & Wani

Coronado shoots Worker Ant to the ropes where Wani knee strikes him from the apron. Coronado brings Worker Ant to the corner with multiple strikes. He and Wani get a one count with a double belly-to-back suplex. Worker Ant weaves under a whip and takes Wani down with a lariat. Bullet Ant comes in with a springboard dropkick into a side Russian leg sweep from Worker Ant. Bullet Ant trips Wani into a basement dropkick. Worker Ant gives him a suplex. Wani accelerates Worker Ant chest first into their corner. Coronado comes in. Despite some moments of hope from Worker Ant, Coronado and Wani help each other keep him isolated in their corner. Worker Ant throws Wani down in a Gourd Buster to escape a suplex. The JLA knock Wani down with tandem elbows and Worker Ant slams Bullet Ant out of a wheelbarrow onto Wani for a two count. Wani yanks Bullet Ant by his tights to his corner. He knocks Worker Ant off the apron so he and Coronado can now wear down Bullet Ant. Due to some creative maneuvering, Bullet Ant finds himself able to give Coronado a bulldog while also landing the FameAsser on Wani. With both foes down, Bullet Ant finally makes the tag to Worker Ant. He drops Coronado with a uranage before clotheslining him to the floor. Wani however pushes him to the ropes so Coronado can strike him from the floor. Wani German suplexes Worker Ant. Bullet Ant breaks the bridge and suicide dives onto Coronado. Worker Ant back suplexes Wani into a uranage slam for two. The JLA sandwich Wani with a double dropkick. Coronado distracts Bryce Remsburg. Worker Ant goes to stop him. Coronado cracks Worker Ant with a punch and sends him shoulder first into a ring post. Wani superkicks Bullet Ant onto Coronado’s shoulders. Wani comes off the top with the Doomsday Device. Coronado puts on the Coronado Clutch and Bullet Ant taps out at 12:36. These two teams have good chemistry within the teams themselves and against each other. A lot of the groundwork for these tandems was built in the Wrestle Factory itself which I think yielded an energetic, receptive audience. Coronado and Wani seem like obvious candidates to go for Los Campeonatos de Parejas, and I am in complete favor of that. ***

Heidi Lovelace, Oleg the Usurper & Ophidian {OP} vs. Obariyon {B}, Kodama {B} & Kobald {B}

Lovelace scores some nearfalls on Obariyon in the opening exchange. After a headscissors to the corner, she comes off the top with an alita armdrag, sending Obariyon to the floor. Oleg absorbs Kodama’s strikes. Oleg sends him face first into the top turnbuckle 50 times. Kodama lands a desperation dropkick, but is taken down with a backbreaker. Oleg’s somersault senton gets a two count. After some evasion and countering, Ophidian cracks Kobald with an enzuigiri, spinwheel kick, and bicycle kick to take him down in the corner. He drives his knees into Kobald’s chest twice. After Kobald avoids a top rope knee drop, he baits Kobald into a superkick. Ophidian tags in Oleg, which Oleg seems conflicted by. Lovelace decides to tag herself in. Kobald spears her. He throws Ophidian to the floor while Obariyon and Kodama take care of Oleg. With Ophidian and Oleg licking their wounds, The Batiri take turns bullying Lovelace in their corner. Lovelace is able to counter a super belly-to-back suplex from Obariyon in mid-air, coming down with all of her body weight onto him. Kodama tries to stop her, but she kicks him away and tags in Oleg. He cleans house on Obariyon and Kodama, delivering a double chokeslam. He picks up speed off the ropes but is stopped by Kobald. The distraction allows Obariyon and Kodama to attack from the side. Ophidian comes in and takes them both out with a quebrada. He springboard crossbody’s onto Kobald for two. Ophidian hits the Duat Driver on Kobald, and Lovelace follows up with the Heidi-Can-Rana. They double dive onto Obariyon and Kodama. Kobald is perfectly set up for Off With His Head, but Oleg doesn’t take the opportunity. Kobald rolls to the floor. Oleg then turns around into the Skull Bronzing from Obariyon and Kodama. Kodama pins Oleg at 14:19. There isn’t much to expound upon outside of the story with Oleg and Kobald. The action was fairly generic and mundane. **½

Brendan O’Donnell beckons the losing team to the interview area. Oleg reveals to Lovelace and Ophidian that he is a man of his word, and no matter the colors Kobald may wear now, he promised to never lay a hand on him. That promise was made by Oleg when Kobald was resurrected by UltraMantis Black to join the Arcane Horde (of which Oleg was a member).

Grand Championship
Hallowicked vs. Drew Gulak

Hallowicked has been champion since 5.30.2016 and this is his second defense. UltraMantis Black is in his corner. An aggressive lock-up leads to Gulak grounding Hallowicked, holding him down by dropping his knee across Hallowicked’s left arm and pulling his head up against it. Gulak rides Hallowicked after Hallowicked escapes, headbutting him and using the bottom rope to add more to a stomp. Hallowicked shoulder blocks Gulak after Gulak escapes a side headlock. Gulak takes him over, bringing us to a stalemate. Although Hallowicked has the power advantage at first, Gulak flips Hallowicked over in a double wristlock. Hallowicked flips him over into a cross armbreaker attempt. Gulak clasps his hands together to stop Hallowicked. Gulak converts into a figure four leg hold. Hallowicked baits Gulak into a double wrist clutch drag. Hallowicked pulls on Gulak’s ankle. Gulak goes for a sleeper with bodyscissors, and Hallowicked grabs the ropes to escape before it’s applied for long. Hallowicked suplexes Gulak out of the corner. He grabs a hammerlock. Gulak gets to the ropes this time. Gulak nearly headstands out of Hallowicked’s headscissors, but Hallowicked strikes him in the kidneys and transitions to a side headlock. Gulak escapes and brings down Hallowicked with a Thesz Press. He reapplies the cross armbreaker. Hallowicked picks up Gulak enough to drop him onto mat and break the hold. Gulak brings Hallowicked to the apron where he lands a vertical suplex! Hallowicked takes some time to recover. Gulak puts him in the Gu-Lock in the ropes, releasing on the count of four to avoid disqualification. Hallowicked reverses a whip into the post, then sends Gulak face first into two more ring posts. In the ring, Hallowicked hits a slingshot senton and cranks on Gulak’s neck. Gulak pulls Hallowicked up and over before dropkicking him into the ropes. He looks for the Torture Scorpion but loses the leck lock. He forearms Hallowicked across his nose before pinning him for two. Hallowicked stands up while Gulak is on his neck and drives him into the mat. Hallowicked then looks for the CHIKARA Special. Gulak counters into the Stretch Muffler. Hallowicked grabs the ropes. Gulak dropkicks Hallowicked as he comes off the ropes. He powerbombs Hallowicked. When that gets two, he turns Hallowicked over into a high-angle Boston Crab. Hallowicked rolls out. He drops Gulak with the Rydeen Bomb for two. Gulak overhand chops Hallowicked against the ropes. He rolls under Hallowicked’s yakuza kick into a sunset flip for two. Gulak wants the Gotch style piledriver, but settles for a powerbomb. Hallowicked turns it into his own cradle. Gulak escapes Never Wake Up and gets the Gu-Lock on! Hallowicked reaches back to get the bottom rope. Gulak goads Hallowicked into a step-up enzuigiri. Gulak tries another powerbomb into a folding press. This time Hallowicked has it scouted and drills Gulak with Never Wake Up for the pin at 19:56. This was exceptional. Gulak came off as a real threat to Hallowicked with his aggression, wrestling ability, and wherewithal to not give Hallowicked any wiggle room. It’s as if Gulak cost himself the match with his insistence on the folding press out of powerbomb, as that’s how Hallowicked was able to maneuver him into his unstoppable finisher. This was easily the match of the night, one of the best matches to take place in the Wrestle Factory, and another example of why Gulak is amongst the top wrestlers in the world and Hallowicked is one of the most underrated. ****

Encore Match
Jasper Tippins {DP} & Donald Kluger {DP} vs. Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels

Crummels attacks Dez Peloton before the bell. He gives Tippins a tornado DDT, but Tippins still had on his bike helmet. He gutwrench suplexes Crummels, but misses a corner attack. Crummels pulls off Tippins’ helmet and chops him in the corner, adding a sneeze to the last one. Tippins snaps Crummels’ suspenders. He tries doing the same to Defarge but is thwarted. Defarge aids Crummels with a kick and running forearm. Defarge hits a clothesline for two. As Jippins fights back, Defarge sneezes in his face. Tippins fights out of the corner and gets a tag but the referee does not see it. Crummels gives Kluger a back cracker. Defarge places Tippins on top of him. They look for Great Expectations but Dez Peloton roll out of the way. They hit Defarge with double boots and drop Crummels on him on the top rope. Kluger holds them up for the Broken Arrow from Tippins. Kluger gives Tippins his helmet as Tippins stands on the top rope. Defarge checks on his partner right in Tippins field of trajectory. Tippins hits Climb the Summit for the pin at 4:50. Dez Peloton have the charisma and talent to have become popular in a quick time, while Defarge and Crummels are still finding their way. I’m interested to see how these two teams progress in a year’s time. *


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