King of Trios 2016, Night II


Easton, PA – 9.3.2016

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Hallowicked
Campeones de Parejas: Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)
Young Lions Cup Champion: ThunderFrog

Commentary is provided by Joey Styles, Bryce Remsburg, Mike Quackenbush, and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Crazy Mary Dobson

Dobson muscles Purrazzo to the corner. She shoves Purrazzo away to stop a wristlock. Purrazzo snaps off an armdrag. Angry, Dobson throws her into the middle rope and gives her a running knee strike for two. Dobson does some more damage to Purrazzo’s head before taking her over with a fisherwoman’s suplex for two. When Purrazzo tries to fight back, Dobson takes Purrazzo down with a headbutt. She whiffs a running kick but hits a second. Purrazzo gives Dobson a chinbreaker and some back elbows. A running knee lift gets Purrazzo a two count. The women trade forearms. Dobson gets the better of the exchange with chops. Purrazzo maneuvers Dobson into a side Russian legsweep for two. She gives Purrazzo two fisherwoman’s suplexes for two. Purrazzo trips her and looks for a pin, but Dobson sends her into the turnbuckles. Dobson hangs her in a tree of woe but misses the top rope double stomp. Purrazzo trips Dobson into a modified Gedo Clutch for the pin at 6:08. A plethora of screw ups and awkward moments make for a cringe-inducing experience. ½*

King of Trios 2016 Quarter-Final Round Match
Dasher Hatfield, Trent Seven & Tyler Bate vs. Hallowicked, Icarus & Jigsaw

UltraMantis Black is in the heXed Men’s corner. They attack Major League Moustache before the bell. Seven and Icarus fight in the ring as the others take to the floor. Seven flips Icarus to the floor and suicide dives onto him and Hallowicked. In the ring, Jigsaw sends Bate face first into the middle turnbuckle. Bate sends him out to the floor and Superman dives onto everybody. Both Seven and Bate give Icarus a piledriver back to the ring, but the pin is broken up by Hallowicked and Jigsaw. They dispose of Moustache Mountain, leaving Hatfield to fight them off on his own. Hatfield armdrags them both into the corner. Hatfield is taken down with a Total Elimination (much to Joey Styles’ delight) for two. Hatfield is beaten down in the corner of heXed Men. Like we saw yesterday, they unlace Hatfield’s mask while doing so. Hatfield stops Jigsaw from monkey flipping him, pulling Jigsaw up into a Jackhammer! He tags in both Bate and Seven. They knock Icarus off the apron and unload with headbutts to the stomach and chops to Hallowicked. They dropkick Hallowicked. Jigsaw comes in with a top rope dropkick. Moustache Mountain fire up and double dropkick Jigsaw. They give Jigsaw a double brainbuster. Icarus breaks them up. Hallowicked shoves Seven outside. Icarus spears Bate in the corner and Hallowicked follows in with a step-up enzuigiri. Icarus stacks Bate up with a Shiranui for two. Seven re-enters the match to break up the pin and turn Hallowicked inside out with a lariat. Icarus spears Seven. Hatfield baseball slide kicks Icarus. Jigsaw superkicks Hatfield. Bate lariats Jigsaw. Seven German suplexes Hallowicked. Bate German suplexes Hallowicked. Jigsaw breaks up the bridge with a double stomp. Seven lifts Jigsaw up in a waistlock. Jigsaw fights out of it. He kicks Seven in the face. Seven and Jigsaw fight on the turnbuckles until Seven brings Jigsaw down with a piledriver from the second turnbuckle. Icarus yanks referee Larry Peace out of the ring to stop the count! Icarus pulls Seven down neck first on the top rope and hits him with the Blu-Ray. Hatfield gives Icarus a running Liger Bomb. As he’s pinning Icarus, Hallowicked from behind spins Hatfield’s mask around so he can’t see! He pulls Hatfield up into Never Wake Up for the pin at 12:11. This was exactly what I needed after the opener, as the action was heated and consistent. The heXed Men have done all they can to make the fans angry and push the referee’s buttons, and against such a beloved trio that job was even easier for them on this night than it was yesterday. Not including the Campeones de Parejas in the finish while also keeping Hatfield strong was admirable and done well. ***¼

Missile Assault Man vs. Mark Angelosetti

Angelosetti intercepts Missile’s uppercut and headbutts him in the jaw. After tossing Missile outside with reckless abandon, Angelosetti follows out to do more damage. Missile reverses a whip and clotheslines Angelosetti into the hard floor. Angelosetti dips into the ring and catches Missile with a foot as he enters. Missile takes him down with a slam. He stomps and pummels Angelosetti as the crowd spells out his name. Angelosetti stops him with a right hand. A Jon Woo dropkick and vertical suplex barely gets a one count. He slams Missile into a running knee drop. Angelosetti throws him head first into the top turnbuckle. He chokes Missile on the middle rope, including driving his bodyweight onto Missile’s back. Angelosetti snaps the rope into his kidney. From out of nowhere Missile backdrops Angelosetti. He rocks Angelosetti with an uppercut, transitioning right into a trifecta of Northern Lights suplexes. He spikes Angelosetti with a rolling Death Valley Driver for two. He calls for the Missile Launcher. Angelosetti counters into the Flea Flicker for two. Angelosetti gives Missile his own Missile Launcher. He can’t believe that only renders a two count. He chops Missile against the ropes. When Angelosetti hits the ropes, Missile catches him on the rebound with a running uppercut for two. He drops Angelosetti on the top rope and uppercuts him in the mid-section. Missile tries a reverse superplex. Angelosetti lands on his feet. He sends Missile shoulder first into the turnbuckles before hitting the Colossal Bomb for the pin at 10:28. This felt like a fight from the get go, as both men were ruthless and incessant with their offense. These are two of the most underrated wrestlers on the roster and matches like this show exactly that. We’ve seen Never Wake Up become a world beater of a move in CHIKARA this year and the Colossal Bomb is quickly becoming another move in the heXed Men’s arsenal that is unstoppable. I really enjoyed this. ***

The ThunderFrog tells Oleg the Usurper he was very unsure of of teaming with him, but after last night, he’s ready to head into Night 2 with Oleg as his partner. Oleg says they have fought in the past, but he is bound by honor to be his partner. KimberLee says the Warriors Three will fight their way to the top.

Max Smashmaster enters from the crowd. He holds Vlad Radinov hostage, threatening to hurt him unless the Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush gives him his job back. Quackenbush comes ringside and very calmly tells Smashmaster to stop. Princess KimberLee comes to the ring and encourages Quackenbush to reinstate him so she can “finish what he (Max) started.” Quackenbush agrees and Smashmaster is reinstated. He offers KimberLee a free shot but leaves when Oleg and the ThunderFrog come to the ring, giving himself his own “welcome back” chant.

King of Trios 2016 Quarter-Final Round Match
Princess KimberLee, ThunderFrog & Oleg the Usurper vs. Mickie James, Lisa Marie & Jazz

James almost starts with KimberLee. The two of them had some tension between them during their singles match at National Pro Wrestling Day, but instead James tags in Marie. Marie and KimberLee trade holds on the mat, with Marie grabbing a bridging front chancery. Marie evades an O’Connor Roll, leading to KimberLee tagging in ThunderFrog. ThunderFrog takes her down with an hammer and a Northern Lights suplex. Marie gets him in the Tarantula for a few seconds. She tries the Widows Peak. ThunderFrog backdrops his way free and gives Marie the Stampede. James pounces in with a super Thesz Press onto ThunderFrog for two. James gets in some shots before swinging out of the corner with a headscissors. Jazz and Oleg tag in. Jazz stands right up to Oleg, stringing together kicks to the stomach along with jabs. Oleg cuts her off with a spinning backbreaker. Oleg misses a somersault senton. Jazz stomps his knee into the canvas before grabbing an STF. Oleg crawls to the ropes to escape. He cracks her with a Usurper kick for two. KimberLee and Jazz fight for a suplex. Jazz hooks the leg for a fisherwoman’s buster. Now that KimberLee isn’t fresh, James enters the ring to get her licks in. James fights out of a German suplex attempt and slides to the floor, allowing Marie to comes in and swing KimberLee into a side slam for two. Marie gets the better of a chop exchange before flinging KimberLee across the ring by her hair. James again enters the ring to kick, choke, and punch KimberLee, with Jazz and Marie getting in their shots as well. ThunderFrog has enough of their illegal triple teaming and uses the Hammer of Peace to clear the ring. He takes KimberLee down off the top turnbuckle. They’re about to kiss when Marie intercepts. She then kisses ThunderFrog! James gives him a kiss before delivering a roundhouse kick. Jazz hits a roundhouse kick too. Oleg takes punches from all three opponents at once. Fired up, he charges, and is sent to the floor with a low bridge on the top rope. It backfires, as Oleg drags Marie and Jazz out while KimberLee German suplexes James for the pin at 14:49. Something here didn’t click. Again, I felt the Original Divas Revolution team had such a focus that it marginalized the other team, which was fine last night when they won, but made the team who triumphed in the main event the night before seem insignificant in this match. The James/KimberLee callback and I liked the characters the ODR team portrayed, but as a cohesive package there was something to be desired. **½

The debuting Space Monkey “says” he will be the new Rey de Voladores.

Rey de Voladores Qualifier – Elimination Match
Frightmare vs. Tony Nese vs. Candice LeRae vs. Space Monkey

Frightmare immediately blasts LeRae with a yakuza kick. He Pele kicks Monkey to the floor. Nese evades his offense, stringing together a pair of kicks and a knee strike. Nese sweeps out Frightmare’s legs while also baseball slide kicking Monkey on the floor. Nese cartwheels to the floor and superkicks Frightmare. LeRae suicide dives into a tornado DDT on LeRae. Monkey climbs the ropes and hits a sky twister press onto all three opponents. In the ring, he eats a banana while holding LeRae in a bodyscissors, picking the nits out of her hair. Although LeRae elbows her way out, she slips on the banana peel Monkey throws into the ring. Monkey hits a standing moonsault for two. Frightmare ruins the fun by attacking Monkey and disposing of LeRae. He yakuza kicks Monkey twice and gets two with his own standing moonsault. LeRae gets in some desperation shots. Nese makes the save and punches Frightmare to the corner. He O’Connor Rolls Monkey and German suplexes Frightmare for a double pin attempt, getting two in both instances. Nese doesn’t want to hit LeRae, but she gives him a forearm. She holds onto Nese’s hand while she runs the ropes and takes Frightmare off the apron with a Frankensteiner! She tries a Frankensteiner on Nese. He catches her mid-move but puts her down. LeRae kicks his knee out. Nese rolls her up into a one-armed powerbomb to the floor onto Monkey and Frightmare! In the ring, Monkey bits Nese’s hand to escape his grasp. Monkey drives his feet into Frightmare’s face, then monkey flips him into Nese. He whips Frightmare in the face with his own tail. Nese ducks a tail whip and uppercuts Monkey. He pump-handles Monkey into a reverse piledriver for the elimination at 8:58. Frightmare spikes Nese with a crucifix driver for two. LeRae small packages Frightmare for two. She has a violence party on Frightmare in the corner, then somersault sentons off the apron onto Nese. Back in the ring she gives Frightmare the Ballsplex twice. On the third try, Frightmare fights her off and hits a clothesline. The Friggin’ Sweet Driver from Frightmare eliminates LeRae at 10:55. Frightmare tope con hilo’s onto Nese on the floor. He sends Nese face first into a ring post. Back inside Nese is able to take down Frightmare with a spinwheel kick. He muscles Frightmare onto the top rope and delivers a knee strike to the side of the head for two. Frightmare goes for Kneecolepsy when he recovers. Nese moves and pump-handles Frightmare into the reverse piledriver for two. Nese climbs the ropes. He jumps down when he sees Frightmare get back to his feet. Frightmare hits a running yakuza kick for two. Nese catches Frightmare ascending the ropes with an uppercut punch and a gamengiri. Frightmare knocks Nese down into a tree of woe, but Nese sits up and brings Frightmare down with a spider German suplex. Nese then goes for the 450 splash and misses. Frightmare hits Kneecolepsy for the win at 15:04. In CHIKARA, it is completely ridiculous for any male competitor to be hesitant to wrestle a female competitor, and the crowds boos towards Nese showed just that. That aside, all four competitors had a good showing, but the action never totally came together. In a way it was designed for everyone to showcase their strongest qualities, which they did, but with no narrative tying any of it together. I suppose for a Rey de Voladores match I can be forgiving about the lack of narrative. **¾

Team JWP introduce themselves to the Chikarmy before conducting the rest of the promo in Japanese.

King of Trios 2016 Quarter-Final Round Match
Command Bolshoi {JWP}, Hanako Nakamori {JWP} & Manami Katsu {JWP} vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado, The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP} & Prakash Sabar {BP}

Sabar and Nakamori exchange kicks to the hamstrings. She snapmares Sabar into a back and front kick, followed by a legdrop. Boar shoves Bolshoi to the corner by her forehead. She slaps her after sitting her on the top turnbuckle. The second time he grabs Boar’s arm and stretches it in an armbreaker. She walks the top rope, coming down with a flying headscissors to Boar. Coronado pulls Katsu by her hair to escape a headlock, so she throws Coronado face first into the mat by his bowtie. All of Team JWP put the boots to him before picking him up for a triple big boot. Katsu has Coronado in a Romero Special when Sabar interjects. Sabar however gets attacked by all of Team JWP in the corner, ending with a bulldog from Katsu. Team JWP all clubber Boar on the back until he falls to his knees. They hit him with a triple dropkick. Boar comes out of the corner with three consecutive clotheslines. From there, the United Nations bully Nakamori in their corner, away from her teammates. Luckily, Nakamori counters a bulldog from Sabar into a neck and arm submission. Katsu unleashes forearm strikes to Boar’s face, then rabid punches to the back of his head. Nakamori and Katsu hold up Bolshoi for an assisted dropkick. Coronado dropkicks her off of the Boar’s shoulders. The Boar whips Nakamori and Katsu into each other before clotheslining them both. Nakamori kicks Coronado to the ropes for a tiger feint kick from Bolshoi. Katsu comes off the top with a dropkick. Nakamori comes off the top with ak knee strike to Coronado’s head. Both Boar and Sabar make the save. Bolshoi crossbody’s onto Boar. He catches her and tosses her onto Nakamori and Katsu. Coronado German suplexes Nakamori and Katsu at once. Bolshoi breaks the bridges. Sabar gives Bolshoi the X-Factor. Boar hits her with the Gore. Coronado puts her in the Coronado Clutch. Bolshoi counters into a prawn hold for the pin at 10:58! This was a good showcase for Team JWP as they showed a unified front in their tandem offense and ability to quickly assist one another when necessary. The opposite side could have stood to use a little less cohesion to show the cracks in their foundation before the fall. Coronado tapping out, yet blaming his partners for the loss, is a perfect portrayal of his character. This was fun. ***

Juan Francisco de Coronado tells Boar and Sabar that he is done with them. He leaves by himself, and the United Nations are no more. Well, the CHIKARA group, anyways. The intergovernmental organization still exists.

Aero Star cuts a promo in Spanish. He won King of Trios last year and this year he’s hoping to become the Rey de Voladores.

Rey de Voladores Qualifier – Elimination Match
Amasis {OP} vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Aero Star vs. Wani

When Amasis has Gargano down in a cross-legged submission, the crowd suggests Amasis steal Gargano’s shoes. Amasis releases to show he has no interest in doing so. He can’t help himself but go for Gargano’s foot, immediately apologizing for doing so. They get to business after a handshake, with Gargano getting the best of an exchange with a low boot to the face. Wani snapmares Gargano into a basement enzuigiri. Star drop toe holds Wani to the middle rope and kicks him back into the ring. Star lands a springboard corkscrew splash. Amasis sweeps out Star’s leg and hits a rebound enzuigiri. Wani takes Amasis out with a clothesline. Gargano rolls Wani into a seated enzuigiri, dropping him again with a jumping neckbreaker. Star uses the ropes to jump in for a dropkick. Wani bicycle kicks Star and knee strikes Amasis. Gargano chops Wani twice. Wani blocks his superkick and drops him with a Rydeen bomb. Amasis enters with a top rope double stomp to Wani. Star comes in with double knees to Amasis. Gargano superkicks Star, then Wani from the apron to the floor, finishing with a slingshot DDT to Amasis for two. Amasis swings Gargano into a Complete Shot, kicking Wani on the way down. He drops Star with That Move I Beat Moses With for two. All four men in a circle punch one another before four simultaneous superkicks take everyone down. After some posturing, Amasis drops Wani with a flipping DDT. Wani rolls outside where Gargano and Star are exchanging strikes. Amasis dives onto everyone with a tope con hilo. Frightmare runs out and yakuza kicks Amasis! Referee Troy Nelson renders Amasi knocked out and unable to continue, eliminating him at 12:18. He’s helped to the back by two crew members and the match continues. Wani gives both Star and Gargano running dropkicks before bringing Star back in the ring for a belly-to-back suplex. Gargano comes back in. Star springboards in with a crossbody to Wani. Gargano DDT’s Star while giving Wani a Complete Shot, earning a two count on both competitors. Star escapes the Lawn Dart. Gargano launches Star into a dropkick to Wani. Star sends Gargano out with Wani with a Frankensteiner and follows with a cannonball splash off the top rope. Back in, Star rolls on the ropes into a dropkick. Gargano cuts off Star with a slingshot spear, keeping his momentum going with a suicide dive to Wani outside. Gargano lawn darts Star into the turnbuckles. He delivers a superkick. Wani kicks out Gargano’s knee before hitting a running neckbreaker on him to eliminate Gargano at 16:34. Wani pops Star up, causing Star to come crashing down into the mat. Star evades the running neckbreaker and gets two with a prawn hold. Wani catches Star’s tiger feint kick with a fallaway slam. A tackle from Wani sends him shoulder first into the ring post. Star springboards off the second rope into a tope con hilo outside. In the ring, Star’s tiger feint kick connects, and a springboard double knee strike to the back gets him the pin at 19:00. I considered Star the odds on favorite to win, and with all the impressive aerial offense he had, he earned that victory. The only complaint I have is that some action felt redundant at times, perhaps due to the match itself being particularly long, but otherwise this was fun. ***¼

King of Trios 2016 Quarter-Final Round Match
Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Silver Ant {C} vs. Meiko Satomura {SG}, DASH Chisako {SG} & Cassandra Miyagi {SG}

Chisako stomps on Soldier Ant’s foot since she’s too short to accept his test of strength offer. After some forearms she takes down Soldier Ant with a headscissors and a huracanrana for two. She dropkicks Soldier Ant in mid-air when he tries a second turnbuckle crossbody. Fire Ant grabs a courting hold on Miyagi. She spits water in his face to escape. After a bulldog she kicks him in the side of the head for one. She grabs Fire Ant’s antennae. He gives her two fireman’s carry’s. She throws Fire Ant by his antennae. Silver Ant grabs her by the hair and slams her into a legdrop. Miyagi and Satomura attack SIlver Ant in the corner. Silver Ant catches Chisako with a tiger feint kick. The Colony then attack Chisako in the corner, ending with a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Like N_R_G and Heidi Lovelace did last night, the Colony pick apart Chisako’s left leg. She gets in some shots at Silver Ant’s injured shoulder at times, but doesn’t escape. Chisako finds the opening to give Soldier Ant a lariat and roll outside, giving Satomura the opportunity to jump in and unleash forearms to all of the Colony and an onslaught of kicks to Soldier Ant’s chest. Miyagi hits Soldier Ant with a top rope dropkick. Satomura blasts Silver Ant with a cartwheel double knee strike. She and Fire Ant crack each other with kicks to the head. She then slams Fire Ant on top of Silver Ant. She throws chest kicks to all of the Colony before tagging in Miyagi. She distracts Fire Ant with her headbanging, allowing Chisako to roll him up for two. Satomura slams Fire Ant into a somersault senton from Miyagi for two. Fire and Soldier Ant take a flurry of punches from Miyagi until Silver Ant stops her with his own top rope dropkick. She takes the Ants Marching dropkick for two. Soldier Ant ducks a high kick from Satomura. All three Colony members give her belly-to-back suplexes. Satomura fights out of the Ants Marching neckbreaker and Pele kicks Silver Ant. She spinwheel kicks Soldier Ant, but takes the Yahtzee kick from Fire Ant. The brainbuster gets him a close nearfall. Fire Ant kicks out Chisako’s leg when she enters the ring. Chisako is able to take him down in the corner and speed in with a sliding dropkick. A second dropkick using leverage off the middle rope gets her two. Her London Bridge fails when she’s caught in the Ants Marching dropkick. Silver Ant’s frog splash has the pin but Satomura and Miyagi save Chisako. They dropkick Silver and Soldier Ant outside. Satomura kicks at Silver Ant’s taped up left arm. All three SENDAI Girls hit a move off the top onto Silver Ant’s shoulder. Chisako rolls him into a cross armbreaker! Silver Ant gets his foot on the ropes to escape. He bicycle kicks Satomura. Silver Ant feeds Chisako to Fire Ant for the G.I. Ant chokeslam! Satomura jumps in from out of nowhere to break the pin. Fire and Soldier Ant fight with Miyagi and Satomura on the floor as Silver Ant goes to hook Chisako in a cloverleaf. Chisako counters into a prawn hold for two. Silver Ant dragonscrew leg whips Chisako before rolling her into a calf cutter. Chisako kicks Silver Ant and transitions into the cross armbreaker. Silver Ant taps at 17:33! It seems as if Chisako went to the BxB Hulk school of selling the leg, where you only do so when it’s convenient. Aside from that, this felt like a war between two sides where each side targeted the other’s weakness and one side prevailed from it. Team SENDAI Girls defeating a former King of Trios winning team was a great way to end the night and send them into Night 3 with a ton of momentum. ***½


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