Hour of Power #1


Philadelphia, PA – 6.24.2016

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Hallowicked
Campeones de Parejas: N_R_G (Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell)
Young Lions Cup Champion: The Estonian Thunderfrog

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush and Bryce Remsburg.

Kobald {B} vs. Suplex Steven

This is Kobald’s first match since being “hexed” by UltraMantis Black. He sports a new red, black, and white look that his fellow Nightmare Warriors and Batiri members sport. Steven is in black trunks and an emerald mask with a golden CHIKARA logo on the front. Kobald dropkicks him to the corner as soon as the bell rings. After a series of strikes, he snapmares Steven into a running elbow drop. Steven ducks a clothesline. Kobald catches his crossbody attempt and gives him a Michinoku Driver. After a modified curbstomp, he suplexes Steven twice and drops Steven face first onto the canvas. Kobald turns his back on Steven, allowing him to utilize his own suplex. Kobald responds with a spear and a running claw, driving Steven into the mat with that claw. The Demon’s Toilet gets him the win at 2:46. This was effective in showcasing Kobald’s new, more aggressive behavior. *

Officer Warren Barksdale vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP}

Boar ironically calls Barksdale a pig and says he is the law and order in the ring. Barksdale pulls out a citation notepad. He tells Boar that he and the referee are the law around here. Barksdale issues him a citation, for what I’m not sure. Boar rips it up. Barksdale gives Boar and atomic drop before stringing a back elbow and clothesline together. Barksdale sends Boar into the corner. Boar catches him coming off the ropes with a boot. He chokes Barksdale on the middle rope before driving all his body weight across his back and neck. He slams Barksdale into a leaping elbow drop for two. Boar stomps down Barksdale in the corner, then lays him across the middle rope and drives his knees into Barksdale’s mid-section.He puts Barksdale in an abdominal stretch. Barksdale hip tosses his way free. He ducks the Boar’s boot as he comes off the ropes and comes back with a running crossbody for two. He wants Obey the Law but Boar backs him to the corner. He tosses Barksdale out of the corner with a belly-to-belly suplex. He tries to set up Barksdale in the ropes, but Barksdale is able to slip out to the apron before Boar can drives his knees into him. Boar’s knees collide into the mat. Barksdale ascends the ropes and comes down with a high crossbody. He knees Boar in the corner before driving the back of his head into the mat. Barksdale hits the Cease and Desist for two. He wants Obey the Law, but can’t muscle Boar up. Boar backdrops Barksdale. He misses a Gore in the corner and hits the middle turnbuckle. Barksdale climbs the ropes and Boar cuts him off. He climbs up after Barksdale, but Barksdale fights him off. He tries taking Boar down with a sunset bomb. When Boar resists, he pulls his tale and brings him down into Obey the Law for the pin at 9:50. Barksdale got a chance to shine and made the most of it. He looked smart by adapting to the Boar’s offense throughout the contest and using his positioning to finally score his big move and persevering through Boar’s dominance. Boar deserves credit for being an excellent foil as well. This match overachieved. **½

Gretchen Sanfers is standing by with the Hermit Crab. He cuts her off and says he’ll be conducting the interview. He says his opponent has no chance to beat him due to his powerful, mighty claws.

Hermit Crab vs. Rope Break Randy

Randy is in black tights, Wrestle Factory shirt, and a gold mask with a red CHIKARA logo on the front. After a boot to the stomach, Crab gives Randy a shot to the stomach. He whips Randy across the ring and crab walks after him. Randy avoids a chop. He gets in a few shots before attempting a corner splash. Crab avoids it and rolls Randy into a submission attempt. Randy naturally uses a rope break to escape. He uses his pincers to pinch Randy’s shoulders. Randy dropkicks Crab in the back. He comes off the middle rope with a crossbody. Crab catches him and rolls Randy into a flat crab. Randy submits at 2:47. These are the types of singles match Crab should be having. ½*

Gretchen Sanfers finds Kobald exiting the bathroom. She asks Kobald his thoughts on his match from earlier in the night. He says he had a more difficult battle in the bathroom than he did in the ring. He mentions his opponent for next month, Evil Uno, who like Kobald has underwent a change of his own. Kobald says they will find out who is better, badder, and more evil between the two of them.

Ophidian {OP} & Argus vs. Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels

This is Defarge and Crummels’ debut. They look straight out of a Sherlock Holmes book. Crummels has a cough, leading fans to chant that he has scurvy. He backs Ophidian to the corner and elbows him in the face. He sneezes in his hand, then decides to chop Ophidian with the diseased hand. Ophidian ducks a second chop and gets in a series of chops of his own. He comes off the middle rope with an alita. He kicks out Crummels’ legs and hits a quebrada for two. Argus tags in. Ophidian enzuigiri’s Crummels into an amateur takedown from Argus for two. Defarge tags in, consoling Crummels before taking some swings at Argus. Argus ducks the strikes and unloads with chops and kicks to the chest into the corner. Defarge cuts off Argus, but misses a corner attack. Argus German suplexes him. Ophidian shoulder blocks Defarge from the apron, then double hip tosses him with Argus. Ophidian trips the charging Crummels and Argus knee strikes the back of his neck. Crummels begs off, and Defarge sneak attacks Ophidian, sending him and Argus to the floor. Defarge tosses Argus back into the ring so he and Crummels can isolate him in their corner and work over his left arm. Argus maneuvers Defarge into an O’Connor Roll. When Defarge kicks out, it accelerates Argus into his own corner where he tags Ophidian. Ophidian comes in with double knees to Defarge from the top rope. She spinwheel kicks and bicycle kicks Crummels. He kicks Defarge off the apron before driving his knees into Crummels’ chest twice. He hits the Meteora but Defarge breaks the pin attempt. Argus chops up Defarge in the corner. Ophidian and Argus try to whip Crummels and Defarge into each other but they resist. Defarge assists Crummels with a headscissors to Ophidian. Argus comes off the top with knee strikes to both opponents. Argus’ left arm is too hurt for him to jump up the ropes. When he climbs up, Crummels catches him with a forearm strike. Defarge assists Crummels with a Frankensteiner, taking Argus down. He also assists Crummels with a standing moonsault, pinning Argus at 11:08. The new team is rough around the edges, but show promise, especially Crummels. Their double team stuff is unique but I worry it will grow tiresome if done too often because they’re all so similar. Argus in particular looked good in this bout, and seems to do so in a tag team setting more so than on his own. This day and age it seems rare to see a genuine upset which makes the match all the more memorable. The goal here was to get the viewer intrigued in the new team and it worked for me. **¼

Fire Ant {C} vs. Frightmare

If Fire Ant defeats Frightmare, he will have enough points to challenge for Hallowicked’s Grand Championship, so Frightmare is ostensibly serving as gatekeeper. Fire Ant avoids Frightmare’s yakuza kick. He goes for a series of quick nearfalls, but Frightmare kicks out of all of them. Frightmare pummels Fire Ant and connects with a yakuza kick. He sends Fire Ant out with a diving clothesline, then follows with a tope con hilo. He does damage to Fire Ant’s back outside, including a suplex on the floor. When Fire Ant rolls into the ring, Frightmare stomps the heck out of his back. He pulls on his chin while driving his knee into Fire Ant’s back repeatedly. After choking Fire Ant on the middle rope, he hits a standing moonsault on his back for two. He once again digs his knees into Fire Ant’s upper back while on the middle rope. Fire Ant has things nearly turned around when Frightmare Jon Woo dropkicks him to the corner. He uses the ropes to propel his feet into Fire Ant’s back for two. He also gets two with a backbreaker. Frightmare whips Fire Ant into the corner, but the impact fires him up. They trade forearm strikes with Fire Ant throwing in a series of palm strikes to the chest. Frightmare ducks a kick and delivers an enzuigiri. Fire Ant low bridges the top rope to send Frightmare outside. Fire Ant lands his own tope con hilo. Inside the ring, Fire Ant lands a high crossbody. Two leaping forearm strikes connect. He brings down Frightmare with Wildfire for two. Frightmare shoves him to the corner to avoid a brainbuster. Frightmare tries his own, but Fire Ant counters mid-air by Burning Down the House. Frightmare ducks the Yahtzee Kick but eats a standing kick to the head. Fire Ant’s back won’t allow him to get a brainbuster. Frightmare pounds on the back before hitting the Friggin’ Sweet Driver for two. He then hits Kneecolepsy on Fire Ant’s back, but again he kicks out. Frightmare puts on a modified Camel Clutch. Fire Ant gets the ropes He rolls up from the mat and gets Frightmare in a prawn hold. Frightmare rolls back and double stomps Fire Ant’s back before reapplying the Clutch. When Fire Ant is about to escape, Frightmare goes for Kneecolepsy but misses. Fire Ant nails the Yahtzee kick. After Frightmare kicks out of a brainbuster, Fire Ant spikes him with the Beach Break for the pin at 11:39. I really liked the story here. Fire Ant came right out of the gate with urgency, looking to get that quick win and secure his third point. Frightmare was diligent in working over his back, but Fire Ant would not be denied, and after looking for the brainbuster multiple times in the match, he finally willed himself into getting Frightmare up for it and following up with a Beach Break to get the win. Along with his interactions with Hallowicked in the Infinite Gauntlet and earlier in the month in trios action, this set him up as a worthy contender for Hallowicked’s Grand Champion, which he will challenge for on July 23rd. This was a fine way to end the first Hour of Power and make the experience worthwhile. ***¼


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