F1RST Wrestling: Wrestlepalooza VIII


Minneapolis, MN – 6.18.2016

Young Lions Cup
ThunderFrog vs. Space Monkey vs. Wildcat

ThunderFrog has been champion since 2.6.2016 and this is his third defense. ThunderFrog shows off his strength by being the only person to lift the Hammer of Peace. Monkey takes him down with a monkey flip to start the match. Wildcat takes him down with a scissors kick. Wildcat takes down Monkey with a forward monkey flip. Monkey and Wildcat reach a stalemate with stereo missed dropkicks. They decide to try and lift the Hammer of Peace as a unit, but fail. ThunderFrog sneaks in from behind and suplexes Wildcat and Monkey at the same time. ThunderFrog misses a Frog Splash onto Wildcat. Monkey lands a moonsault senton onto ThunderFrog but Wildcat breaks the cover. Wildcat does the deal with a Falcon Arrow on Monkey for two. Monkey peels a banana and makes Wildcat take a bite. Monkey channels Stone Cold with a stunner and series of stomps in the corner. As Monkey and Wildcat are trading forearm strikes, ThunderFrog ascends the ropes. He comes down with the Hammer of Peace crashing into the mat, knocking everyone down. ThunderFrog airplane spins Wildcat while giving Monkey a Giant Swing. He gives Monkey the Estonian Stampede. Wildcast then hits a 450 Splash on Monkey. ThunderFrog deadlifts Wildcat off of Monkey into a powerbomb for two. Monkey whips ThunderFrog with his tail a few times before ThunderFrog gives him a Blue Thunder Bomb for the win at 6:55. This was totally ridiculous but the crowd loved the crap out of it, and that’s what ultimately matters. *

F1RST Wrestling Tag Team Championship
Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz vs. Fire Ant & Silver Ant

Corbin & Cruz has been champions since 6.20.2015 this is their sixth defense. Fire Ant gets Cruz in a Royal Octopus and takes him down with a headscissors. Cruz rsesponds with a Frankensteiner, and Fire Ant takes him down with an alita. A top rope armdrag and backdrop get Fire Ant a two count. Silver Ant tags in. After some tandem offense, he puts Cruz in a Boston Crab. Corbin sends Silver Ant into the middle rope with a headscissors and drives his bodyweight into Silver Ant’s neck and shoulders. Corbin tries a slingshot spear but Silver Ant gets his knees up. Silver Ant drops Corbin out off his shoulders into a backdrop/knee drop combo from him and Fire Ant. Corbin counters Fire Ant’s brainbuster attempt with a suplex. He and Cruz land stereo dropkicks to the side of Fire Ant’s head. Fire Ant escapes a double suplex. He O’Connor Rolls Corbin for two after knocking Cruz down. Silver Ant comes in with a double springboard dropkick to Corbin and a flying forearm to Cruz. He spins Corbin out of the corner into a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. The Colony wear down Corbin in the corner, focusing on his mid-section and leg. Corbin halts Fire Ant’s headscissors and drops him into a Tenchi Crash! Cruz tags in, unloading on Silver Ant before landing a moonsault for two. Cruz and Corbin double flapjack Silver Ant. Fire Ant lands a high crossbody on Cruz and takes down Corbin with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. He then takes both opponents over with a Frankensteiner at the same time. The Colony hit the Ants Marching dropkick to Cruz and Corbin. Cruz takes the Ants Marching neckbreaker for two. Corbin takes down Fire Ant with a spear. Silver Ant lariats Corbin after a pair of kicks. Cruz hits Silver Ant with a tornado kick. Fire Ant cascades up into Code Red on Cruz for two. Fire Ant and Cruz trade strikes. They duck one another’s kicks. Cruz halts Burning Down the House by crotching him on the middle turnbuckle. Silver Ant stops Cruz from ascending the ropes. Corbin pulls Silver Ant down onto his shoulders. He Finlay rolls Silver Ant into a super legdrop from Cruz. Corbin also gives Fire Ant a back cracker out of the corner, giving Cruz and Corbin a double two count. Fire Ant stops Cruz’s lungblower and hits the Yahtzee Kick. Silver Ant double stomps Cruz into Fire Ant’s Beach break! Corbin breaks the pin just in times. Corbin boots Fire Ant to the apron and missile dropkicks Silver Ant from the middle rope. He and Cruz set up for Cruz Control. Fire Ant however hops off of Silver Ant’s back into a forearm strike to Corbin. Fire Ant drops Corbin with a brainbuster. He goes up top looking for a super brainbuster on Cruz. Cruz resists and shoves Fire Ant back to the mat. Fire Ant however runs up and brings down Cruz with a super Frankensteiner. Silver Ant comes off the top with a frogsplash, but somehow Cruz kicks out! Cruz sends Fire Ant to the apron and spin kicks Silver Ant. Fire Ant dives off the top hoping for a crossbody onto Cruz, only for Corbin to catch him mid-air with the Ginger Snap! Silver Ant takes a lungblower and the Everlasting Gobstopper. Cruz Control on Silver Ant gets Cruz the pin at 22:15. This was an awesome main event, with exciting action that built and a white hot crowd. For somebody who hasn’t wrestled full time in years, Cruz hasn’t missed a step. He and Corbin are still a very fun team and their chemistry with the Colony is undeniable. I expected this to be good, but this was GREAT. The 22 minutes flew by and I would love to see these two teams collide again. ****

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