Aniversario: The Lost World


Glasgow, Scotland – 5.30.2016

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Princess Kimberlee
Campeones de Parejas: N_R_G (Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell)
Young Lions Cup Champion: The Estonian Thunderfrog

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush and Dr. Rod Diamondfire.

Nixon Newell says Heidi Lovelace is one of the toughest competitors in the world. The Chikarmy may or may not know who she is, but after she hits the Welsh Destroyer, they will know exactly who she is and how she represents British strong style.

Heidi Lovelace vs. Nixon Newell

A wristlock exchange leads to an overhead wristlock exchange, then a stalemate. Lovelace catapults into a modified quesadora armdrag. She comes off the middle rope with an alita and headscissors Newell to the corner. She chops Newell before whipping her across the ring. Newell goes up and over and delivers her own chop. Newell snaps off a pair of armdrags and a single leg dropkick. Lovelace Jon Woo dropkicks her to the corner. Newell sends her to the apron and high kicks her in the head for a two count back in the ring. A snapmare into a back kick gets another nearfall for Newell, as does a vertical suplex. Lovelace uses her legs to drive Newell face first into the middle turnbuckle for two. Lovelace throws kicks to Newell’s leg and a forearm across the shoulders. A Perfect neck snap gets a two count. Lovelace cracks her with a pair of running boots in the corner. Newell avoids a third and delivers two running forearms in the corner. Mid-ring they nail one another with stereo superkicks. They trade shots and headbutts as they get to their feet. Lovelace cracks Newell with a knee strike. Newell avoids a boot and hits a Shining Wizard for two. Lovelace counters Newell’s reverse front facelock with a Saito suplex. Newell ducks the Heidi-Can-Rana. She throws a series of boots to Lovelace’s head and drives her into the mat with a Hero’s Welcome for two. Lovelace avoids a corner charge with a boot to the face. She uses the ropes to deliver a spike DDT. The Heidi-Can-Rana only gets a two count! Newell avoids a top rope attack. Lovelace rolls through but is caught with a sole butt kick. Newell hits the Welsh Destroyer, but Lovelace grabs the bottom rope to break the count. Newell sets Lovelace up for another Welsh Destroyer. Lovelace rolls through, leading to a series of pinfall attempts. In this, Lovelace catches Newell in a sunset flip position for the pin at 10:22. Newell made the most of this opportunity, holding her own against Lovelace and impressing me with her skill and general ring demeanor. This was a really solid back and forth match, and if it were slightly more crisp and there was a bit more in the way of selling, this would have been even better. As is, it was a rock solid opener and one that makes me hope Newell visits CHIKARA back in the States. **¾

Officer Warren Barksdale vs. Chuck Taylor™

Taylor™ ducks Barksdale’s initial lock-up. Barksdale grabs a wristlock, which Taylor™ uses the ropes to break. Taylor™ slips out of the ring when Barksdale takes him down in a hammerlock. He demands Bryce backs up Barksdale before he’ll get back in. Despite this, Barksdale drops him with a side slam right away. Taylor™ avoids Cease & Desist and drops Barksdale with a uranage for two. He whips Barksdale hard into the corners thrice. The calls for an elbow but Barksdale cuts him off with a boot. He gives Taylor™ a neckbreaker and goes for Cease & Desist. Taylor™ gets his knees up to block the splash. Taylor™ calls for the Awful Waffle. He whispers to Bryce, and as it turns out, he wants to know how to even do the Awful Waffle. This gives Barksdale time to backdrop his way out of Taylor™’s grasp. He ascends the ropes and Taylor™ follows. Barksdale is able to knock him down and hit a Superfly Splash for two. Barskdale goes to attack Taylor™ in the corner, but Taylor™ moves so that Barksdale will collide with Bryce. Barksdale is able to put on the breaks, but Taylor™ rakes Barksdale’s eyes behind Bryce’s back and steps on his foot before hitting the New and Improved Soul Food for the pin at 6:11. They built to the top rope splash well and the character work was fun, which is exactly what I would want from these two. *¼

Elimination Match
Race Jaxon {NRG} & Hype Rockwell {NRG} vs. Fire Ant {C} & Soldier Ant {C} vs. El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC} vs. Obariyon {B} & Kodama {B}

Fire Ant wins the opening Lucha exchange over Jr., getting a nearfall with a prawn hold. N_R_G control Fire Ant in a wristlock. Rockwell grabs a side headlock and shoulder blocks Fire Ant when he escapes. Jaxon and Fire Ant trade a nearfall each. Soldier Ant forces Jaxon to salute in a Camel Clutch. Jaxon armdrags out. Kodama knocks Soldier Ant to the ground and enters the ring. Jaxon tags Soldier Ant in so he can get his comeuppance. Obariyon attacks Soldier Ant from behind. Fire Ant jumps in but the Batiri dispose of both Colony members. N_R_G rid of the Batiri with a dropkick and shoulder block, respectively. Los Ice Creams sneak in but get frightened. Jaxon dropkicks them both to the floor. The Batiri attack N_R_G from behind and send them out. They slingshot Soldier Ant into the ring. Soldier Ant is able to counter a corner whip by coming off the second rope with back elbows to each Batiri member. The Colony double team Kodama with tandem offense, ending with a saluting headbutt. Los Ice Creams break up the cover. Hijo sends both ants into Jr.’s upturned boots. Two suplex chains are broken up by the Batiri. Rockwell mows them down with a double clothesline. N_R_G double team the Batiri in the corner. Los Ice Creams sneak in double O’Connor Rolls on N_R_G for two. N_r_g sends them into on another and put them in stereo figure four leg locks. The Batiri then put Dragon Sleeper’s on N_R_G. The Colony then put the Batiri in stereo Octopus stretches. Once the chain is broken by Bryce’s count, The Colony double boot Rockwell. They place Jaxon up top for a double superplex. Jaxon fights them off. Jr. crotches Jaxon on the top turnbuckle. Soldier Ant tries a TKO on Jr., but Jr. gives him a Jack and Jill Hammer instead. Fire Ant cracks Jr. with a Yahtzee Kick. He tries a brainbuster but settles for a Stunner and tilt-a-whirl DDT. Hijo gives Fire Ant the Cold Stone Stunner. The Batiri take out Hijo with a Manhattan Drop/knee strike combo. They climb up to take down Jaxon, but Rockwell cuts them off and holds them up in the air. Jaxon takes them down with stereo dropkicks into a double powerbomb from Rockwell. Hijo and Jr. wrap up Rockwell in a tandem Magistral cradle. Jaxon breaks the pin, but succumbs to the Ice Cream Sandwich. Hijo hits El Asesino, but Jaxon slips to the floor. Obariyon takes the Ice Cream Sandwich. Kodama sneaks in and sends Jr. outside. The Batiri catch Hijo with the Skull Bronzing for the pin and elimination at 13:09. Fire Ant valiantly fights off both of the Batiri, taking them over in a tandem Frankensteiner. The Colony give Obariyon the Ants Marching dropkick. They go for a neckbreaker on Kodama, but Obariyon cuts him off. Soldier Ant eats the Skull Bronzing for the pin and elimination at 14:06, meaning the Batiri now have 3 points in total. Rockwell avoids Skull Bronzing and latches onto Obariyon. Jaxon superkicks Kodama out of the ring. Rockwell gives Obariyon the Hyperwheel for the pin and the victory at 14:40, resetting the Batiri’s points to zero. This did a lot in one match. Despite losing, the Batiri defeated a team holding a Golden Opportunity and former Campeones de Parejas, setting them up as one of the stronger teams on the roster. But, in losing to N_R_G, it reaffirmed N_R_G’s status as the top team and showed that maybe the Batiri aren’t quite ready for them…yet. It also effectively re-introduced Fire and Soldier Ant as a tandem while reminding fans that Los Ice Creams have the tools to win the titles if and when they cash in the Golden Opportunity. On top of that, the match was really fun. The quick nearfalls felt a bit contrived, but it didn’t take away my enjoyment at all. ***¼

Lucas Calhoun feels bad that Hermit Crab can’t enjoy playing music because he has pincers. Tonight, he wants to see if his karate can crack through the Crab’s shell.

Lucas Calhoun vs. Hermit Crab

Crab maneuvers away from Calhoun’s karate. Crab says he knows “Clawrate.” After them resisting one another’s strikes, Crab boots Calhoun in the stomach. Calhoun stops from being pinched in the face and twirls Crab into a lean over his knee. Crab claws at his face. Calhoun’s arm drops twice on the mat, but the third time he fires up and makes his way up from the canvas. He frees his way out of the Crab’s clutches and delivers a jumping knee strike. Crab rakes his face to avoid a Samoan Drop and chokeslams Calhoun with his pincer. Crab slowly walks across the ring after firing himself up and jabs Calhoun in the throat once he makes it to him. He calls for the Boston Crab but Calhoun kicks him off. He karate chops Crab in the neck repeatedly. Crab kicks him in the stomach. Calhoun avoids a shot and Samoan Drops Crab for the pin at 4:55. They kept this short and comedic which was exactly the right thing to do. Calhoun got to cut promos all four nights and have four very different matches, so I have to imagine that will help him grow into a more well-rounded competitor. *

Ophidian apologizes to Eddie Kingston for the time they were together in the Snake Pit, admitting it was not a successful time period. He treated it like a dictatorship and he was wrong in doing so. He says in their tag match tonight, he will do things Kingston’s way. Kingston seems cool with doing things his way. He tells Ophidian all he needs to do is fight: nothing more, nothing less. Ophidian nods in agreement.

Eddie Kingston & Ophidian {OP} vs. Frightmare & Icarus

The Nightmare Warriors jump the former Snake Pit at the bell. They spill out to the floor with Kingston brawling with Icarus with Frightmare and Ophidian fighting back into the merchandise area. Kingston and Icarus make their way back in that area, and Kingston throws the Nightmare Warriors’ heads together. Icarus slams Ophidian on the floor. He back rakes Kingston to stop him from attacking Frightmare. Icarus takes care of Ophidian again, then brings Kingston to the apron only to give him a DDT onto it! In the ring, Frightmare drops Ophidian with the Friggin’ Sweet Driver for two. As Kingston recovers, the Nightmare Warriors isolate and attack Ophidian in their corner. After some excellent team work out of Icarus and Frightmare, Ophidian unwinds an enzuigiri on Frightmare and spikes Icarus with the Duat Driver, giving him time to tag in the War King. Kingston punishes Icarus with chops. Frightmare cuts him off with a yakuza kick.Kingston throws Frightmare into Icarus. Icarus pokes Kingston in the eyes, but it only halts him for a moment. He unleashes a flurry of chops on Icarus. Ophidian drives his knees into Icarus’ chest. Kingston facewash kicks Icarus before he does it again. Kingston Dragon suplexes Icarus but Frightmare breaks the cover. Frightmare ducks the Backfist and takes down Kingston with a Frankensteiner. Icarus gives him a Shiranui. Frightmare comes off the top with a diving clothesline for two. Kingston rolls out and Ophidian comes in with a bicycle kick to Frightmare. He back bridges on a backslide to Icarus for two. Kingston chops Icarus some more before attempting the Backfist. Icarus ducks and drills Kingston into the corner with the Blu-Ray. Ophidian makes the save for his partner. Frightmare kicks Ophidian into the Wings of Icarus. He then hits Kneecolepsy for the pin at 11:27. I think the concept of Kingston and Ophidian putting their differences from the Challenge of the Immortals aside to form a cohesive unit is a much more interesting story than continuing the animosity between them, and I think it helped produce a better match in which Frightmare and Icarus’ teamwork meant much more in the long run. I also liked them brawling around the building, as it shows that Ophidian took Kingston’s words to heart, and it differentiated this match from everything else on this UK tour. I admit, my expectations weren’t terribly high for this match, and I come out of it very pleasantly surprised. ***¼

Hallowicked asks if Kimberlee dreamed sweetly or had nightmares when she slept the night before. Perhaps the pain of her injured leg kept her awake. Hallowicked knows before stepping in the ring with Princess Kimberlee that despite her injured leg, she would be prepared to fight, because she is a fighter. He too was once a fighter, but no more. He is a messenger, the harbinger of the will of Nazmaldun. He will deliver Nazmaldun’s message so clearly that Kimberlee will not be able to ignore it. Her nightmare has only just begun.

Grand Championship
Princess Kimberlee vs. Hallowicked

Kimberlee has been champion since 12.5.2015 and this is her sixth defense. Kimberlee limps on her way to the ring, caused by the damage the Nightmare Warriors have done to her leg over the course of the three previous events. Bryce even double checks with her before ringing the bell that she is still up for the fight; she confirms.

Hallowicked spouts off and Kimberlee rocks him with forearms to the chest and kicks to the leg in response. He hits to the floor, causing the fans to call him a chicken. Inside he goes for the leg, but Kimberlee counters with an Oklahoma roll. She ducks another attack and kicks Hallowicked in the back. He once again hiis the floor. Kimberlee grabs a wristlock when he enters the ring. When Hallowicked grabs her leg, she enzuigiri’s him to the corner. She throws forearm strikes and chops, moving him across the ring with her strikes. She shoulder blocks her in the stomach and places her on the top turnbuckle. She comes down with a swinging Frankensteiner and a German suplex! Hallowicked retreats to the floor. From the floor he trips Kimberlee and jams her leg into the apron. This leads to Hallowicked working over Kimberlee’s leg with an outside toe hold. She pummels Hallowicked’s back, but he drives his shoulder blade into her knee cap to cut her off and go back to work. He goes for Never Wake Up. Kimberlee weaves out of the lock and throws some kicks to Hallowicked. She sets up for the CHIKARA Special but Hallowicked pounds on her leg before she can even begin to apply it. Kimberlee fights out of another toe hold, but unfortunately, she couldn’t support her weight when going to the ropes, and Hallowicked is easily able to go back to the leg. He twists on her bad foot. She uses her good leg and some forearms to escape and chops Hallowicked against the ropes. He weaves underneath her Irish whip attempt and dropkicks her leg out. Kimberlee evades a corner attack and brings Hallowicked down for the CHIKARA Special. Hallowicked wiggles free and fervently kicks at Kimberlee’s hurt leg. He snapmares Kimberlee into a back kick and locks on a Stump Puller. She uses her good leg and kicks Hallowicked to the corner. She has a hard time basing for some kicks to the chest but does so nonetheless. Hallowicked cuts her off with a shoulder block to the stomach. Kimberlee avoids a step-up enzuigiri and kicks Hallowicked until he falls and gets his leg stuck in the ropes. Bryce frees him and Hallowicked tumbles to the floor. Back inside Hallowicked misses a knee strike in the corner. Kimberlee goes after his know hurt knee, kicking at it with her good foot. She German suplexes Hallowicked four times, bridging the final suplex for a two count. She goes for another German suplex. Hallowicked kicks out her knee to block. He hits Go 2 Sleepy Hollow but hurts his knee in doing so. He takes too much time to recover and only earns a two count. He goes for Never Wake Up. Kimberlee counters with an inside cradle for two. She also gets two with a crucifix pin. She goes for the Alligator Clutch but Hallowicked scoots out. She bicycle kicks Hallowicked in the back of the head into the turnbuckles for two. He gets the better of her in the corner and takes her off the top with a super snapmare. Hallowicked then lands a Swanton Bomb onto her leg for two. In disbelief, Hallowicked cracks her with a yakuza kick, and again Kimberlee gets her shoulder up. Hallowicked tells Kimberlee to stay down as he drops her with a Rydeen Bomb, although Kimberlee does not listen and again gets her shoulder up. He misses an elbow in the corner. Kimberlee throws some kicks and tries spinning Hallowicked down into the CHIKARA Special. Hallowicked stops her with a Stretch Muffler. She converts that into the CHIKARA Special, but Frightmare is distracting Bryce, who misses Hallowicked tapping out. Kimberlee disposes of Frightmare with a kick. Hallowicked cracks Kimberlee with a yakuza kick and hits Never Wake Up for the pin and the championship at 18:57.

The story told was easy and effective; Hallowicked went after Kimberlee’s leg, his own leg got hurt and he got a taste of his own medicine, and he avoided the CHIKARA Special like the plague since it’s how he lost to Kimberlee in the first place. So why the distraction? Sure, it gives Kimberlee an “out” and makes Hallowicked seem more detestable, but isn’t a hurt leg a built-in out? Aren’t we conditioned to dislike Hallowicked already? Did these goals need to be reached in a main event championship match where a title change was going to occur? The one thing it did accomplish was show that the CHIKARA Special is indeed Hallowicked’s Achilles’ heel, but I think they did an effective job portraying that even before the visual submission. Despite my disliking for the distraction finish, the story was strong, the wrestling was good, and the crowd was hot, so I’d consider it a success. ***½

The rest of the Nightmare Warriors celebrate with Hallowicked as Los Ice Creams and Heidi Lovelace help Princess Kimberlee to the back.

Encore Match
Howie Dewitt vs. Orange Cassidy

Howie Dewitt is the former Slim Perkins who is the former Rich Mahogany who is the former Stewie Scrivens who is the former Karate Durling who is the former Trent Baretta who is the former Benny Figg who is the former Touch Phillips who is the former Bugg Nevans who is the former Rick Beanbag who is the former Scoot Tatum who is the former Chuck Taylor.

Dewitt has his music back, so I guess he got that issue sorted out between yesterday and today. Chuck Taylor™ is in Cassidy’s corner. Cassidy doesn’t recognize Dewitt. Taylor™ looks Dewitt in the eyes and tells him that he is Chuck. Taylor™ tells Cassidy to get Dewitt. Cassidy puts on a lazy side headlock. Dewitt mocks Cassidy by pretending like it’s effective. His arm drops twice, but then he easily shoves Cassidy to the ropes. Cassidy comes at him with a lazy shoulder block, and Dewitt knocks him down with a real version. He runs the ropes over Cassidy as Cassidy just lays there. Cassidy rolls up from the apron into a headscissors! Cassidy goes for the Soul Train splash but Dewitt moves out of the way. He airplane spins Cassidy into dizziness. He thinks about tapping out, but doesn’t. Dewitt spins him around again. Cassidy looks like he’s going to puke, but doesn’t. After a third airplane spin, Taylor™ passes Cassidy his orange juice bottle. Cassidy spits it into Dewitt’s face, then chokeslams him. Taylor™ hands Cassidy his sunglasses to put on. He calls for a Rock Bottom, but then just elbow drops Dewitt for one. Dewitt cuts off a corner attack with the Brodie Knee. Dewitt almost hits Sole Food, but Taylor™ reminds him that he owns that move now. Cassidy tries sneaking in a sunset flip. Taylor™ pulls back the ropes so Dewitt can’t grab them. However, Dewitt simply sits down on Cassidy’s chest and pins him in 5:28. Taylor™ carries Cassidy to the back. That was exactly what I wanted from these three. I firmly believe this is the best feud in wrestling today. *½


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