Fight Club Pro: The CHIKARA Special Night 3


London, England – 5.22.2016

Heidi Lovelace vs. Officer Warren Barksdale

Lovelace cleanly breaks a waistlock when Barksdale takes to the corner. She dishes out a pair of armdrags. Barksdale comes back with one of his own after some Lucha rolls. Barksdale penalizes Lovelace for speeding as she bounces between the ropes. Lovelace charms her way out of a ticket and schoolboys Barksdale for two. Barksdale brings her back down with an armdrag. He keeps hold of the arm and tosses her across the ring. He rams her face first into all four corners of the ring. Barksdale confuses her dizziness with intoxication and makes her take a sobriety test. She passes all of his tests, but states she can’t recite the alphabet backwards even when sober. Barksdale puts her in handcuffs. Lovelace makes Barksdale chase her around the ring. Barksdale calls for back up when he becomes worn out. He’s lost Heidi, but fortunately a young fan points her out in the crowd. She understands the fan had to do the “right thing.” Lovelace has trouble getting back into the ring while handcuffed. She finally rolls back into the ring. She kicks out Barksdale’s legs and throws multiple kicks to the chest. She ducks a clothesline and headbutts Barksdale in the stomach a few times. After a backdrop, Lovelace pulls off a hands-free Heidi-Can-Rana for the pin at 11:02. I thoroughly enjoyed this match. They used Barksdale’s character to it’s full extent and Lovelace played along perfectly. Can’t ask for much more. **

Karate Durling vs. Frightmare

Karate Durling is the former Trent Baretta who is the former Benny Figg who is the former Touch Phillips who is the former Bugg Nevans who is the former Rick Beanbag who is the former Scoot Tatum who is the former Chuck Taylor. The fans chant for Durling to “sweep the leg” during a wristlock exchange, and he does just that. Frightmare trips Durling which the fans do not appreciate. Durling escapes a headlock and takes down Frightmare with a shoulder block. After stomping Frightmare down in the corner, Durling strings an armdrag and dropkick together. Frightmare cuts him off on the top turnbuckle, pulling him back down to the mat for a two count. He chokes Durling on the middle rope before hitting a Jon Woo dropkick and using the ropes for a corner double stomp. After a few kicks Frightmare lands a standing moonsault for two. Durling comes out of the corner with a dropkick from the middle turnbuckle. Frightmare ducks a back elbow and sends Durling to the floor with a Frankensteiner. Frightmare follows up with a suicide dive. They fight onto a stage where Frightmare uses a chair to assist with a step-up Frankensteiner. Back in the ring, Durling cuts off Frightmare with the Brodie Knee. He pops Frightmare up into a sit-out powerbomb for two. Frightmare yakuza kicks him in the corner. Durling stops a tornado DDT, converting into a Falcon Arrow for two. Frightmare counters a spin-out slam with a crucifix driver. He pulls off a tornado DDT for two. Frightmare goes up top. Durling crotches Frightmare and brings him down with the Awful Waffle for the pin at 8:16. This is exactly the type of showcase match you’d expect from these two. They didn’t break the mold, but had a fun match nonetheless. **½

Fire Ant & Soldier Ant vs. Jim Hunter & Lee Hunter

The Hunter Brothers separately try to outwrestle Soldier Ant to no avail. Lee tires of Soldier Ant’s saluting, so Soldier Ant takes him down with a satellite headscissors. Jim throws Soldier Ant to the floor. Fire Ant takes him down with an alita. He maneuvers Lee into a courting hold armdrag and uses the ropes for a wrist clutch drag on Jim. The Colony get in some tandem offense on Jim. Lee comes in to help his brother, and the Hunters take control of the match by beating down Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant is accidentally accelerate dot the corner, allowing Fire Ant to come in and clean house. He sends the Hunter’s out with a two person Frankensteiner. The Hunters come back into the ring before the Colony can dive. Lee and Fire Ant end up in the ring together with their partners on the floor. They fight over who is going to dive outside, leading to a chop battle where by the end both competitors are too worn out to dive. Jim and Soldier Ant toss Lee and Fire Ant to the floor. Soldier Ant rocks Jim with a rolling elbow. Lee comes in, strikes Soldier Ant in the throat, and holds him for a Swanton from Jim off the top into a neckbreaker. Fire Ant makes the save and tosses Jim out. Fire Ant spikes Lee with a tornado DDT for two as Jim intercepts. A flurry of offense with all four combatants ends with Fire Ant hitting the Yahtzee Kick on Lee. He drops Lee with a brainbuster for two. The Colony set up Lee for a Doomsday Device. Jim intercepts and comess of the top with a flying Blockbuster to Soldier Ant across Lee’s knees for the pin at 15:37. The comedic elements gobbled up way too much time and didn’t mix with the wrestling at all. I would appreciate seeing these teams wrestle a straightforward match, but sadly my expectations were not met on this night. **¼

Ophidian vs. Pete Dunne

Ophidian shows up Dunne in the opening exchange, bringing him to the mat twice and getting a two count on the second go round. Dunne pummels Ophidian after back him to the corner. Ophidian tries to fight back with chops, so Dunne rakes his eyes and throws some more shots. Ophidan baits Dunne into a headscissors to the floor. Ophidian slides through the ropes, giving Dunne another headscissors onto the floor. Back in the ring, Dunne catches Ophidian with an enzuigiri and bites his fingers before stomping on his hand. He bites Ophidian’s fingers again as he stretches Ophidian’s arm across the bottom rope. As Ophidian fights back, Dunne gives him a headbutt and running chest kick for two. He drives Ophidian’s knee into the canvas with his feet. Dunne goes for the Bitter End, but Ophidian counters into a cradle for two. He dazes Dunne with a bicycle kick and corkscrew enzuigiri before delivering a fisherman’s suplex for two. Dunne rolls outside. Ophidian tries to slink out with a headscissors but this time Dunne stops him and pummels his back. He slams Ophidian chest first onto the apron. In the ring, Ophidian counters Dunne with the Duat Driver for two. He also gets two with a lionsault, then slaps on the Death Grip on the mat. Dunne maneuvers to the ropes to break the hold. Dunne stops Ophidian mid-air with a punch. He gets two with a release vertical suplex, then again with a sit-out powerbomb. Dunne pulls out his mouth guard and bites Ophidian’s fingers. Ophidian knocks him away, and blocks Dunne’s strikes with headbutts to the fists. He catapults up into the Egyptian Destroyer! Dunne rolls outside so Ophidian can’t pin him. Ophidian brings Dunne back inside. Dunne uses the ropes for leverage on a schoolboy, but the referee catches him. Angry, Ophidian bicycle kicks Dunne to the corner and drives his knees into Dunne’s chest twice. Ophidian goes for Chocolate Rain. As he’s coming down, Dunne shoves the referee out of the way and kicks Ophidian in the groin! Dunne then hits the Bitter End for the pin at 13:33. Dunne is so good at being hateable and with Ophidian’s exciting offense it made the story they told unravel seamlessly. These two have some familiarity with each other, so the wrestling and interaction were both on point, making for a fun overall package. ***¼

Princess KimberLee vs. Chris Brookes

Brookes has an appreciable height advantage on KimberLee, and mocks her by raising his arm for a test of strength. She stomps on his foot to grab a knuckle lock. He snaps her fingers and pushes her down in a double knuckle lock. KimberLee gets his shoulders up on all of Brookes’ pin attempts. She takes Brookes’ over with multiple armdrags and throws some kicks before snapping off a headscissors. As KimberLee comes off the second rope, brookes get his boot up to knock her down. He gives her a wet willie while holding onto a chin lock. KimberLee gets the ropes to break it. Brookes drives her back first into the corner to break a hold, then drives his knee into her face for two. Brookes ties up KimberLee’s legs, putting her in a grounded variation of a reverse sharpshooter. Although KimberLee fights her way free, Brookes is quickly able to cut her off with a backbreaker. KimberLee responds with a series of kicks to the head. She comes off the middle rope with a swinging headscissors. Brookes takes to the floor and KimberLee suicide dives after him. KimberLee attacks Brookes in the corner. She bounces Brookes off the ropes to deliver a German suplex for two. Brookes cuts KimberLee off with a pump kick. He hits Total Anarchy for two. KimberLee rolls up from the apron into a DDT on Brookes. She rolls him into the Alligator Clutch for the pin at 9:23. This was totally adequate. I really have nothing much else to say about it. **

Eddie Kingston vs. MK McKinnan

Kingston controls McKinnan in a side headlock, despite McKinnan escaping. Kingston takes him over with a front facelock suplex, then a Northern Lights suplex. Kingston comes off the middle turnbuckle with a knee to the back of McKinnan’s head. McKinnan attacks Kingstoon from behind and peppers him with forearm strikes. Kingston responds with some of his own, along with some chops. McKinnan throes Kingston’s leg back, causing him to crash into the mat. He stomps Kingston’s face into the mat for two. Kingston takes a powder outside, but McKinnan throws him back in and drives his body weight onto Kingston’s knee. Kingston begs McKinnan to attack his knee, but McKinnan fakes him out and delivers a boot to the face. He then puts a toe and ankle hold on Kingston. He reverse chop blocks Kingston’s leg when Kingston fights out of the hold. McKinnan kicks away at Kingston’s leg as Kingston lay in the corner. Kingston holds the ropes to resist getting his leg thrown into the ring post, instead pulling McKinnan forward face first into the post. Kingston drops him with an STO on the ring apron. As McKinnan tries to whip Kingston across the ring, Kingston’s knee buckles. However, Kingston is able to catch McKinnan charging at him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kingston drops him with a swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker for two. He lights up McKinnan with chops in the corner. He lands a uranage suplex but lands on his hurt knee in the process. McKinnan blocks the Backfist. He rolls Kingston into a falling head kick, then drops him with a brainbuster for two. Kingston grabs the ropes to escape an ankle lock. McKinnan cracks Kingston in the face with a knee strike. He reapplies the ankle lock and again Kingston gets the ropes. Kingston ends a strike exchange with an enzuigiri and DDT. McKinnan fights out of a half-nelson suplex. He rolls Kingston into a grapevine ankle lock. Kingston taps out at 13:24. This was another example of a simple story going a long way. Nobody is better at selling a limb than Kingston and this was proof of just that. **¾

Drew Gulak, Tyler Bate & Travis Banks vs. Obariyon, Kodama & Dan Moloney

Moloney is calling himself YENOLOM in this match since he’s decked out in Batiri attire and facepaint, but for simplicity sake I’m going to call him Moloney. Gulak is channeling his inner Andy Sumner by wrestling barefoot and in shorts. When Kodama grabs Bate’s mustache after escaping a headscissors, Bate shoots him to the ropes and lands a dropkick. Banks enters but is quickly cut off with an upturned boot and a back elbow off the middle rope. Banks shoulder blocks a charging Obariyon for two. Gulak bodyslams Obariyon for two. Obariyon gets him in a Royal Octopus stretch. Gulak converts into a stretch muffler. Obariyon gets the ropes to escape. Gulak outwrestles Moloney, doing serious damage to his left wrist on the mat. Moloney stomps on Gulak’s exposed foot and ankle. Gulak takes him to the corner to do some damage. Bate and Banks assist in further wearing down Moloney. Banks and Moloney get in a chop battle. Obariyon knee strikes Banks from the apron, but Banks knocks both him and Kodama to the floor. He knocks down Banks with a chop before hitting some running offense in the corner, ending in a cannonball senton. Moloney trips him onto the middle rope into a knee strike to the side of the head from Obariyon. The Batiri and Moloney take turns beating down Banks in their half of the ring. Banks is finally able to catch Moloney with a Sankakugeri and Kodama with a knee strike, allowing him to tag in Bate. However, the referee didn’t see it thanks to a distraction from Obariyon! Banks is finally able to tag in Bate after flying out of the corner with a clothelines to Kodama. Bate clears the apron before giving Kodam a double underhook backbreaker. Obariyon jumps in to break the pin. Bate mows him and Kodama down with a double clothesline. He headbutts Moloney in the stomach and tags in Gulak who does the same. Gulak pops him up into a belly-to-back suplex from Bate. The Batiri toss out Banks and Gulak. Moloney pops Bate up into a knee strike from Obariyon. Bate kicks out of Moloney’s pin and Banks and Gulak drag Obariyon and Kodama outside. After a forearm exchange, Bate pitches Moloney outside with everybody else. Bate then comes off the top with a splash onto everybody. In the ring, Moloney hits a back handspring Ace Crusher on Bate. Banks takes Moloney down with a running knee to the face. Obariyon and Kodama nail Banks with the Seventh Circle. Gulak furiously fights off both of them with slaps and back handed chops. He rolls under Kodama’s leapfrog into a sunset flip for two. Gulak then eats the Skull Bronzing. Bate airplane spins Obariyon while giving Kodama the Giant Swing. Moloney sneaks in from behind with a schoolboy on Bate for two. Moloney fights off an airplane spin twice. He hoists Bate up in an electric chair position, then spins him around into a sit-out powerbomb for the pin at 20:33. This was an excellent main event with a lot of hard hitting action and emotion. Everything crescendoed to the ending and the Batiri trio looked dominant. I’ll never understand why Moloney wasn’t teamed with the Batiri in King of Trios this year. A great way to end the long weekend. ***¼


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