Fight Club Pro: The CHIKARA Special Night 2

FCP May 21

Wolverhampton, England – 5.21.2016

Fire Ant vs. Frightmare vs. Travis Banks

Fire Ant boots down Banks right away. He and Frightmare have a Lucha exchange, ending with an alita from Fire Ant. Banks sends Fire Ant out with a running shin to the face. Frightmare slingshots in with a Frankensteiner to Banks. He hits a yakuza kick in the corner, but in the opposite corner Banks hits a Sankakugeri. Frightmare bandera’s Banks to the apron and hits an enzuigiri. Fire Ant ducks the enzuigiri and comes in from the apron with an alita. He then rolls up into a neckmare on Frightmare. Fire Ant goes to dive but Banks cuts him off with a kick from the floor. Banks himself then suicide dives onto Fire Ant. Frightmare follows with a tope con hilo onto Banks. In the ring, Frightmare takes down Fire Ant in the corner and drives his feet into his chest. Frightmare punches Banks into the crowd when Banks tries to re-enter the ring. He gets two on Fire Ant with a standing moonsault. Fire Ant unloads with palm strikes on Frightmare’s chest. Frightmare follows him to the ropes with a yakuza kick. Banks lands a sole butt kick on Frightmare before mauling him in the corner. Frightmare avoids a cannonball senton and hits the Friggin’ Sweet Driver. Fire Ant breaks up the pin. Frightmare throws him outside after some stomps. Banks avoids a corner stomp. He uppercuts Frightmare and successfully hits the cannonball senton in the corner. Fire Ant comes in with a high crossbody on Banks. He spikes him with a tornado DDT but Frightmare this time breaks up Fire Ant’s pin. Fire Ant counters a suplex with Burning Down the House. Frightmare ducks a flying forearm and dropkicks Fire Ant to the apron. Frightmare ends a forearm exchange with Banks with a clothesline. All three men end up taken out with one another’s offense. Frightmare takes down Fire Ant with a kick. Frightmare blocks Banks’ spin-out torture rack slam with Kneecolepsy. As soon as Frightmare lands it, Fire Ant nails him with the Yahtzee Kick. Fire Ant pins Frightmare with the Beach Break in 8:25. This was exactly what an opener should be: fun and energetic. They went a mile of minute, and even though all three of them weren’t in the ring altogether very often, they established a nice story that Banks was clearly the odd man out in the battle between CHIKARA rivals. I enjoyed this quite a bit. ***

Officer Warren Barksdale vs. Trent Baretta

Trent Baretta is the former Benny Figg who is the former Touch Phillips who is the former Bugg Nevans who is the former Rick Beanbag who is the former Scoot Tatum who is the former Chuck Taylor. Barksdale finds a pair of pliers, a pair of scissors, and powder on Baretta in a pre-match pat down. Baretta admits he was going to throw powder into Barksdale’s eyes. He attacks Barksdale to start the match after being issued a ticket. Baretta elbow drops the ticket in defiance. Barksdale comes back with some armdrags and a corner dropkick. Baretta pounds on Barksdale’s back before claiming he was a victim of hair pulling and butt touching. Barksdale reverses a whip to the ropes but Baretta halts his hip toss attempt. Barksdale does, however, pull off a flapjack. Barksdale follows him to the floor with a pescado. Barksdale catches Baretta stealing back his pliers and handcuffs him. He puts the key in his breast pocket as Baretta yells “RODNEY KING!” He stomps on Barksdale’s outside of the ring in a doorway as Barksdale tries to take him away. Barksdale makes it back into the ring before the ten count. Baretta stomps him down in the corner, still handcuffed. The referee uses the key to uncuff Baretta. He yells “Freedom” as he charges at Barksdale. Barksdale catches him with back elbows and a hip attack in the corner. He spins Baretta into a neckbreaker before hitting Cease and Desist for two. Baretta hits him with the Brodie Knee. He spins Barksdale out into a Complete Shot for two. Barksdale ducks a clothesline. He drops Baretta with Obey the Law for the pin at 9:22. This was comedy wrestling done right. I’ve appreciated seeing a lighter side of Barksdale these past two shows, and since “Baretta” has been a bit more rigid in CHIKARA these days, it made me appreciate seeing his humorous side again. **½

Obariyon, Kodama & Dan Moloney vs. Clint Margera, Jim Hunter & Lee Hunter

Moloney was abducted by the Batiri yesterday after the Batiri defeated him and Wild Boar. Moloney is now in Batiri gear and face paint. The Hunter Brothers are very similar (if not identical twins), and there’s no commentary, so I won’t be able to discern between them. Sorry. A six person slug fest starts the bout with the Hunter’s and Margera on top. The Hunter Brothers get sent outside. Kodama takes down Margera with an armdrag and dropkick. The Batiri and Moloney beat him down in their corner. Margera forearm strikes Moloney into his corner where the Hunter Brothers get in some shots. Each Hunter Brother gets beat down in the Batiri corner with a brief respite in between. Margera tags in after a double stomp to Kodama’s chest and cleans house. Margera drops Moloney with a Side Russian leg sweep while giving Kodama a DDT. Obariyon attacks him from behind. The Hunter Brothers stop Obariyon’s double suplex and instead give him a double gourd buster. Margera takes Obariyon out with a Sliding D. The Hunters and Margera land triple tope con hilo’s. In the ring, Kodama hits a springback Ace Crusher on Margera. A Hunter throws a series of shots to his throat, but ends up taking the Seventh Circle from Kodama and Obariyon. The other Hunter takes them out with top rope dropkicks. Moloney drops him with a sit-out facebuster. Margera does the deal with a Falcon Arrow on Moloney. Moloney ducks a rolling clothesline and Buckle Bombs Margera. Margera eats a flurry of dropkicks from the Batiri. The Hunter Brothers superkick Obariyon and Moloney and take out Kodama with a tandem neckbreaker. Margera takes out Obariyon with a rolling haymaker. The Hunters hit a tandem neckbreaker/Swanton bomb on Moloney before Margera gives him a Death Valley Driver. Kodama shoves Margera off the top rope as Obariyon takes out one of the Hunter Bros. Obariyon takes out the other with a running knee strike. After the Skull Bronzing, Moloney powerbombs the other Hunter into 2 back of the head knee strikes from the Batiri for the pin at 13:51. Moloney was a good fit for the Batiri and it was fun to see him all dressed up for the occasion. They didn’t break the typical trios formula but it was fun nevertheless. ***

Ophidian vs. Soldier Ant vs. Tyler Bate vs. Chris Brookes

The crowd accidentally makes Soldier Ant feel self-conscious about only having one antennae. Bate expertly maneuvers Ophidian down into a side headlock. Ophidian gets a bodyscissors on, but Bate rolls him onto his shoulders to take back control. Ophidian counters a suplex with a small package, causing him and Bate to roll around on the mat until they mutually decide to release. Brookes attacks them both and elbows Soldier Ant off the apron. Bate drives his foot into Brooke’s face four times before knocking him down with a running crossbody. Ophidian has a go at Brookes, using a headstand in the corner to distract him so that Soldier Ant can attack from behind. Soldier Ant headscissors Brookes to Ophidian four a swinging headscissors off the second rope. Brookes spits in Bate’s face to stop Bate’s airplane spin/Giant Swing combo on Soldier Ant and Ophidian. Soldier Ant and Ophidian then both attack Bate then Brookes. Ophidian puts him in the Lotus Lock. Brookes gets the ropes to escape. He boots away Soldier Ant and Ophidian before hitting the floor. Bate comes in with a double dropkick. He then slams Ophidian onto Soldier Ant. Once again Brookes ruins Bate’s Giant Swing/airplane spin double team. Ophidian dropkicks Brookes outside. He backslides Soldier Ant for a two count. Ophidian ducks a haymaker from Soldier Ant and takes him down with a swinging headscissors. Soldier Ant koppu kicks Ophidian. Brookes breaks up his pin attempt and boots Soldier Ant to the floor. Ophidian hits Brookes with a corkscrew enzuigiri. Brookes kicks out Ophidain’s legs and delivers a superkick. Soldier Ant dives back in to break up the cover. Soldier Ant hits a back handspring elbow and rolling forearm on Brookes. Bate breaks the pin. He puts Soldier Ant in a torture rack. Soldier Ant escapes and dropkicks Bate to the corner. Bate comes out of the corner with a diving uppercut. Ophidian pushes Bate away to stop his pin. He bicycle kicks Bate to the corner before driving his knees into Bate’s chest and shoulders twice. Bate catches his Chocolate Rain attempt and hoists him onto his shoulders. He trips Soldier Ant and finally gets his tandem airplane spin/Giant Swing on. Brookes swoops in after, rolling up Bate for two. Bate hits him with a lariat and brainbuster for the pin at 12:40. They did a good job disguising this as a tag team match at times, making the most out of Brookes being the standalone Rudo, and building up Bate’s airplane spin/Giant Swing combo. Bate was the right choice to win and was clearly the standout favorite. All these multi-person matches begin to run together after awhile though. **¾

Eddie Kingston vs. Trent Seven

Kingston disrespects Seven by paint brushing the back of his head after taking him down in a waistlock. Seven responds by doing the same. Seven surprisingly wins a chop exchange and flips Kingston over the top rope and outside. Kingston stops Seven’s dive with a punch from the floor. Seven chops up Kingston some more before successfully landing a suicide dive. Kingston however pull off a reverse DDT on the apron upon recovering. In the ring he suplexes Seven for a one count. He gets two with a crucifix pin. Seven and Kingston take turns unloading shotgun chops in the corner. This time, Kingston takes the exchange, but ends up whipped to the opposite corner. He gets pulled down into a short-arm lariat from Seven from two. Seven attempts a frogsplash, but Kingston gets his knees up. He pulls Seven into a short-arm lariat for two. He then drops Seven with a fisherman’s buster for two. Once again they trade chops. Kingston hits the Backfist to the Future and a jumping enzuigiri. He deposits Seven with a Saito suplex. Seven hits one of his own, so Kingston hits another, then Seven hits another. Both are down and dazed. We get a running clothesline exchange which tires both competitors. Seven hits a few strikes before knocking down Kingston with a rolling clothesline. When Kingston kicks out, Seven picks him up and spins him out. Kingston ducks the clothesline and gives Seven a Tiger suplex for two. Seven takes two Backfist from the Future. He ducks the third, gives Kingston a Tiger suplex, then lands a piledriver for two. Seven spins out Kingston into a short-arm lariat for the pin at 10:56. This was a slugfest, and a really fun one to watch at that. Kingston asserted his power and seemed annoyed that Seven could not only take the beating, but dish it right back. Seven’s perseverance earned him a hard fought win in what was easily the match of the night. ***½

Princess KimberLee, Heidi Lovelace & Nixon Newell vs. Pete Dunne, Damian Dunne & MK McKinnan

Pete slaps Newell after backing her to the corner. She comes out with a variety of strikes and a pair of hard running forearms. She snaps off a flying headscissors, sending Pete outside. Lovelace gets the better of Damian with her fancy Lucha offense, also sending him outside with a headscissors. KimberLee unloads with forearms and kicks to McKinnan. McKinnan catches her coming off the ropes, but she immediately puts him in a Cobra Stretch. Newell puts Pete in a Royal Octopus while Lovelace grounds Damian in a nearfall. Pete and McKinnan escape their holds. Pete kicks out Newell’s knee. She tries a sunset flip, but he sits down on her to block it. The male trio downright bully Newell in their corner until she cracks Damian in the face with a headbutt! KimberLee takes him out with a bicycle kick. Pete bites KimberLee’s hand and takes a roundhouse kick for it. McKinnan throws Kimberlee down and stomps her face into the mat. Lovelace ducks a corner charge. She shoulder blocks McKinnan and kicks him in the face thrice before dropping him with an STO. The Dunne’s stop her pin and knock her down with stero clothesline. Newell moonsault blocks onto both Dunne brothers. She nails Damian with a Shining Wizard. Pete gets spiked with a tornado DDT. Lovelace dives off the top onto McKinnan and Damian on the floor. Newell goes to dive but is cut off by a lariat from McKinnan. McKinnan powerbombs her over the top onto his own partners? Seems…dumb. KimberLee headscissors him outside, then suicide dives onto the Dunne’s. Newell cannonball dives off the top onto the Dunne’s. Lovelace and Newell double superkick McKinnan into a German suplex from KimberLee. The Dunne’s break the pin and pitch Lovelace outside. Newell tries to fight them on her own, but succumbs to the numbers game. McKinnan gives her a sit-out powerbomb. KimberLee and Lovelace both break the pin. They’re both disposed of before Pete drops Newell with a release vertical suplex. She kicks out, making Pete angry. Pete goes for the Bitter End, but Newell counters with a small package for two. McKinnan decks Newell with a haymaker. Lovelace Saito suplexes Pete. She uses the ropes to drop McKinnan with a tornado DDT. Damian catches Lovelace off guard with a spear. KimberLee sit-out powerbombs Damian. Pete kicks her in the face and drops her with the Bitter End. Newell superkicks Pete. McKinnan hits her with his Fight Club: Pro championship belt behinds the referee’s back. He then pins Newell for the win at 12:53. The finish was a bit of a groan, but otherwise this was a very fun main event with a hot crowd. ***¼


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