Fight Club Pro: The CHIKARA Special Night 1

FCP May 20

Newport, Gwent, Wales – 5.20.2016

Officer Warren Barksdale vs. Frightmare vs. Chris Brookes vs. Travis Banks

Frightmare attacks Banks as soon as the bell rings. They go to the floor, and Barksdale sends Brookes outside with a dropkick. Frightmare comes in with a dropkick to Barksdale. Banks and Brookes have a chop battle, in which Banks is clearly the victor. Brookes gives Banks a nut tap, which Barksdale takes umbrage with. As he writes Brookes a ticket, Brookes kicks Barksdale low. He drags Barksdale down towards a corner and from the top rope spits water onto him. Brookes goes to do the same to Banks but is cut off with a step-up enzuigiri from Frightmare. Barksdale halts Frightmare’s attack, so Frightmare rips up his citation book! Angry, Barksdale attacks him with back elbows and a spinebuster. Barksdale goes to dive but is cut off with a back elbow from Brookes. Barksdale fights off a double clothesline from Frightmare and Brookes. Banks comes in with a high crossbody onto both of them. Banks dragonscrew leg whips them both simultaneously. He cannonball sentons Frightmare in one corner, and in another sends Brookes out with a Sankakugeri. Banks follows Brookes outside with a suicide dive. Frightmare yakuza kicks Banks to the floor when Banks comes to the apron. Frightmare tope con hilo’s onto all three opponents outside. In the ring, Brookes fights from the top rope. Frightmare and Banks team up to hook him for a double superplex. Barksdale sneaks in underneath for a Tower of Doom, after removing his gloves in defiance, of course. Despite the impact, Barksdale can’t find a successful pinfall. Brookes hits Barksdale with a bicycle kick and uses the ropes for a swinging neckbreaker. Frightmare drops Brookes with the Friggin’ Sweet Driver for two. Banks turns Frightmare inside out with a lariat. Frightmare escapes a torture rack and hits Kneecolepsy on Banks. Barksdale gutwrenches Frightmare up and into Obey the Law. Brookes kicks Frightmare in the head to stop the pin. Banks spins Frightmare out of a torture rack position. While he’s going to pin Frightmare, Brookes sneaks up a schoolboy on Banks and holds his tights to get the pin at 9:30. The crowd was receptive to Barksdale’s comedy and was happy to boo Brookes, but with no clear story and so many guys dropping in and out with no rhyme or reason, it was hard to establish any flow. **

Obariyon & Kodama vs. Daniel Moloney & Wild Boar

Moloney and Boar attack the Batiri before the bell. The Batiri take back over with stereo clotheslines. Moloney and Boar stomp them in the corner but get sent to the apron. The Batiri ram Moloney and Boar’s heads together and then suicide dive onto them. In the ring, Obariyon takes down Boar with a flying elbow for two. Kodama blind tags in. Obariyon trips Boar into a slingshot double stomp from Kodama. Kodama delivers a slingshot armdrag but gets knocked down with a back elbow. Kodama slips out of a slam attempt and comes off the middle turnbuckle with a back elbow. Boar tags in Moloney after taking a dropkick. Moloney tries an O’Connor Roll. Kodama holds onto the ropes, then Manhattan drops Moloney into a flying knee from Obariyon. Boar suffers the same fate. Moloney shoves the Batiri together, then drops Obariyon with a spinebuster for two. Moloney rakes Obariyon’s eyes and takes him to his corner. He and Boar wear down Obariyon until Obariyon catches Moloney with a powerslam out of the corner. Kodama tags in. He slams Boar’s face into the canvas before hitting a neckbreaker. Moloney attacks Kodama, only for Kodama to hit a springback Ace Crusher from the second turnbuckle. Boar tosses Kodama across the ring and lands a shooting star cannonball in the corner. Obariyon trips Boar on the middle rope and knees him in the back of the head. Moloney drops him with a facebuster. Kodama gives Moloney a Perfect neck snap to stop his pin. The Batiri send Boar outside and hit Moloney with the Skull Bornzing. Boar comes back in and pitches Obariyon outside. He senton splashes Kodama. Kodama hoists him up to avoid a double underhook. Obariyon comes back in just in time to assist Kodama with the Seventh Circle on Boar for the pin at 12:54. A little long but still good. The Batiri worked well as the Tecnicos against the two brutes. Moloney especially looked good, showing off his power in his offense. Boar was okay but was hardly a factor. This was a nice showcase for the Batiri, and with them abducting Moloney as they head to the back, I feel something bigger is to come for them this weekend. **½

Eddie Kingston vs. Pete Dunne

An intense lock-up is held as the competitors move to the outside. They get back inside the ring where Dunne pie faces and chops Kingston in the corner. Kingston turns Dunne around and lays in shotgun chops. He gets two with a bridging Northern Lights suplex. Dunne dizzies Kingston with a slap, to the point where Kingston tries to take a powder outside. Dunne follows and sends him face first into the canvas and a front row chair. In the ring he stomps and chokes Kingston in the corner. Kingston overhand chops Dunne from the mat, but Dunne boots him back down. Dunne stomps Kingston’s knees into the canvas. Kingston is able to sneak in a desperation neckbreaker. He fights through the pain to suicide dive onto Dunne, although he’s still visibly shaken. In the ring, Dunne blocks the Backfist to the Future. Dunne bites his fist, so out of anger Kingston takes him over with a uranage suplex. Dunne takes down Kingston with a release vertical suplex for two. Dunne DDT’s Kingston from the apron through the ropes for another two count. Kingston fights up from Dunne’s knee to the head and nails a rolling forearm. Kingston drops him with a fisherman’s buster, then turns him inside out with a short arm lariat for two. Dunne fights out of a Saito suplex and hits one of his own. Kingston pops up and takes a second. He ducks a knee strike and deposits Dunne with his own Saito suplex. Kingston then hits an enzuigiri and both mer are down. The two of them trade forearm shots once on their feet. Kingston lights him up with overhand chops and strikes to the neck. Dunne blocks the Backfist to the Future and drops Kingston with the Bitter End for the pin at 10:48. This was a great mix of slugfest with story. Kingston did a great job portraying his struggle with fighting through pain, posturing Dunne as the alpha and Kingston fighting back as opposed to being on equal footing. Dunne getting this win came off as well earned and hard fought. Good stuff. ***

Benny Figg vs. Heidi Lovelace vs. Ophidian vs. Mike Bird

Benny Figg is the former Touch Phillips who is the former Bugg Nevans who is the former Rick Beanbag who is the former Scoot Tatum who is the former Chuck Taylor. The opening exchange between Lovelace and Bird reaches a stalemate. Figg and Ophidian fight for control, with Figg sending Ophidian outside with a dropkick after a toreador. Figg tags in Bird, who takes down Ophidian with a neck-tie headscissors from the mat. Ophidian headstands in the corner, baiting Bird into a small package for two. Figg is not happy when Ophidian tags him in. He gains confidence when Lovelace tags in, hoisting his tights up to an absurd height. Lovelace taunts Figg with some shoving and chops. Figg knocks her down with a running shoulder block and stomps her in the corner. She comes back with a flurry of chops. Figg cracks her with the Brodie Knee. Bird enters and gives Figg a dropkick. He also attacks Ophidian in a different corner. He comes off the second rope with a clothesline to Figg. Ophidian enzuigiri’s Bird. Ophidian stops Lovelace’s kick and flattens Bird with a Duat Driver. Lovelace grazes Ophidian with a kick, but it’s enough to break his pin. She pitches Ophidian and Figg outside. Bird goes out to fight them, but Lovelace comes off the top onto all three men. In the ring, Figg overhead suplexes Ophidian onto Bird in the corner. Lovelace lights up Figg with forearm strikes against the ropes. Figg stops her tornado DDT and does the deal with a Falcon Arrow for two. Figg goes for a moonsault but ends up taking a German suplex from Bird. Ophidian gives Bird a pair of double knee strikes in the corner. Bird avoids Meteora. Lovelace instead takes down Ophidian with Chocolate Rain. Figg superkicks her and Bird lariats Figg, leaving all four competitors laying. Figg sends Bird outside but takes a Saito suplex from Lovelace. Ophidian Skins the Snake outside into a headscissors on Figg. Bird gets caught with a rope assisted tornado DDT from Lovelace. Ophidian eats a knee strike from Lovelace. She tries the Heidi-Can-Rana but Ophidian catches her. He flips her over into a bridging backslide for the pin at 13:37. This was similar to the opener but did a lot better in making all four competitors integral to the match. Figg’s mouthing off was the easy highlight. **¾

Fire Ant & Soldier Ant vs. Trent Seven & Tyler Bate

Soldier Ant has trouble escaping Bate’s side headlock. He does however get Bate into an abdominal stretch while saluting. Bate hip tosses his way free and shakes Soldier Ant’s hand. Soldier Ant kicks Bate away to break a wristlock. He brings Bate down in a body stretch, forcing Bate to salute. Soldier Ant rolls Bate into a cradle for two. Bate controls Soldier Ant in a cravate. He tosses Soldier Ant across the ring before delivering two uppercuts. Soldier Ant ducks a clothesline and takes Bate down with a satellite headscissors. Fire Ant and Seven tag in. A battle of shoulder blocks ends with Fire Ant taking down Seven. He brings Seven down with an alita, then puts him in a Royal Octopus stretch, negotiating out into a headscissors. Fire Ant blocks a running overhand chop and instead hops off the ropes into a wristdrag. Seven rolls through a crossbody attempt. He and Bate pass Fire Ant between them in a vertical suplex position. Fire Ant is able to escape in a small package to Seven, then tag in Soldier Ant. Seven slams Soldier Ant, Fire Ant on top of him, then Seven and Bate slam each other onto the Colony. Bate slams Soldier Ant into an elbow drop for two. Soldier Ant gives him a chinbreaker and tags in Fire Ant. Fire Ant knocks him down with a flying forearm for two. The Colony double team Bate but Seven breaks the count. Soldier Ant quickly jumps on Seven and he and Fire Ant take him out with the Ants Marching corner dropkick. Bate fights back but is staggered by a leaping knee strike from Fire Ant. Despite that, Bate is able to block the Colony’s double suplex with one of his own. He chokeslams Fire Ant for two. He chokeslams Soldier Ant and gets the same result. Bate stands on Seven’s back hoping for a more effective chokeslam on Fire Ant. Unfortunately, Soldier Ant places Fire Ant on his shoulders, and Fire Ant chokeslams Bate onto Seven. Bate fights out of Soldier Ant’s TKO. He airplane spins Soldier Ant while giving Fire Ant a Giant Swing! When he lets go, Seven overhand chops Fire Ant in the corner. Bate follows up with a brainbuster for the pin at 16:28. This was sadly a let down. The overwhelming majority of this match featured shtick and moves that are usually relegated to the opening portion of a match, and it never got out of that gear until it was time for Moustache Mountain to win. You just know these two teams have an exciting, fun match in them and they just didn’t have that match here. **¼

Grand Championship
Princess KimberLee vs. Nixon Newell

Princess Kimberlee has been champion since 12.5.2015 and this is her fifth defense. Fight Club Pro doesn’t adhere to the whole “3 points” thing, so Newell gets a title shot despite never having competed in a CHIKARA ring before this. Newell goes for an early piledriver, only for KimberLee to respond with a quick Alligator Clutch, but both women evade one another. Newell controls KimberLee on the mat with a side headlock. Newell goes for a pin attempt, as does KimberLee, and we’re back to square one. Newell Jon Woo dropkicks KimberLee to the corner. She throws KimberLee down in the slits and comes in with a sliding boot for two. She also gets two with a snap suplex. Newell takes down KimberLee with a swinging Frankensteiner and single leg dropkick, and again KimberLee is able to kick out of the pin. Newell applies a chinlock. When KimberLee gets to her feet, Newell releases and kicks her in the spine. Newell chops KimberLee in two corners. KimberLee responds with her own chops and a spin kick to the head for two. KimberLee puts Newell in a bodyscissors. She then bodyslams Newell for two. Newell and KimberLee fight for a vertical hold. KimberLee wins that fight and drops Newell with a brainbuster for two. KimberLee throws some kicks to the back before a kick to the chest. She puts Newell in a Camel Clutch before driving her body weight on the small of Newell’s back. She then throws Newell out of a German suplex, but Newell gets to her feet and delivers her own release German suplex! Both women knock each other down with stereo kicks to the head. They trade kicks to one another’s thigh before KimberLee goes for chest kicks. Newell ducks a boot and delivers a superkick. She drops KimberLee with the Hero’s Welcome for two. She sets up KimberLee for a piledriver. KimberLee backdrops her way free and hits a bicycle kick. KimberLee drives her knees into Newell before getting a two count with a folding press. Newell catches KimberLee with a boot in the opposite corner, then comes off the middle turnbuckle with a swinging DDT for two. Newell comes off the ropes. KimberLee pops her up into a powerbomb, then pins her with the Alligator Clutch at 14:34. This was a good back and forth match, with Kim’s extra focus on Newell’s back paying off in the end. The crowd was a little quiet but it wasn’t for lack of effort from the competitors. This is a fun “lost” title match but nothing you absolutely need to see. ***


One Response to Fight Club Pro: The CHIKARA Special Night 1

  1. Dave says:

    Went to this show, nice to see a review.

    Can confirm Kingston was legit knocked loopy early in his match. After the match you could hear him mention not wanting to take the stairs to the back due to his dizziness.

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