Whisper House


Philadelphia, PA – 5.7.2016

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Princess Kimberlee
Campeones de Parejas: N_R_G (Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell)
Young Lions Cup Champion: The Estonian Thunderfrog

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush and Bryce Remsburg.

Silver Ant {C} vs. Frightmare

This is a rematch from “Top Banana.” Silver Ant takes Frightmare to the corner with strikes. He strings a slam and legdrop together for a quick one count. Frightmare ducks a running knee and hits a sole butt kick. Silver Ant comes back with a kick to the shoulder. Frightmare rolls to the floor, but Silver Ant follows with a suicide dive. They trade chops ringside. Silver Ant gets an armbar on the apron to stop Frightmare from sending him into the ring post. Silver Ant releases and comes off the apron with a running knee strike. Frightmare sweeps out Silver Ant’s legs from inside the ring when Silver Ant tries to get back in the ring. Frightmare then dives onto Silver Ant. Back inside Frightmare comes off the top with a dropkick to the chest. Frightmare avoids Silver Ant’s corner tiger feint kick, kicks him in the side of the head, then brings him in from the apron with a suplex for two. Frightmare chokes him on the middle rope and delivers a dropkick for two. He hits a standing moonsault for two. Silver Ant avoids a double stomp. He strings a low and high kick together. Frightmare ducks a clothesline and drops Silver Ant with an Ace Crusher for two. He Jon Woo dropkicks Silver Ant to the corner. He tries using the ropes for another dropkick, but Silver Ant kicks him away. He powerslams Frightmare for two. He tries for the CHIKARA Special but Frightmare rolls him away. Silver Ant dragonscrew leg whips Frightmare into the Cloverleaf. Frightmare gets the ropes to escape. Frightmare escapes a modified Angle Slam, but Silver Ant uses the ropes for a double jump dropkick. He hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Frightmare avoids the Mad Splash and hits a yakuza kick. Instant Death (a pump-handle driver) gets him two. Silver Ant avoids the Kneecolepsy. He applies an ankle lock. Frightmare rolls him into a prawn hold, much like he did at “Top Banana.” This time, Silver Ant has it scouted, and he rolls back and pins Frightmare at 8:22. This was on par with their previous match, with both men looking very good and fighting as if they had something to prove. I always love when a finish ties back to a previous encounter, and it further showcases Silver Ant as the fantastic mat wrestler he is. ***

After the match, Frightmare attacks Silver Ant and hooks him in a jackknife pin to prove a point, I suppose. He yells some gibberish at Silver Ant. The fans chant “disappointment” at Frightmare as he heads to the back. Silver Ant recovers and gives the fans a pose before heading to the back.

Wani vs. Jonah Rogen

Wani gets in a back elbow and a shot to the back before catching Rogen with a fallaway slam. He pops him up, causing Rogen to crash into the mat. The running neckbreaker gets him the pin at 1:01. Wani making quick work of somebody is exactly what he should be doing in matches like this. ¼*

As Vlad is plugging the Wrestle Factory, Jakob Hammermeier makes his way to the ring. He calls out Princess Kimberlee, who makes her way down the aisle, to which he says even a queen submits to her king. Jakob says he saw Kimberlee’s video where she said all of Jaka’s savagery will not be enough to take the title from her. Jakob disagrees, stating the belt comes home to the BDK tonight. Jaka sneaks in from behind and gives her the Jumanji Bomb twice. Officials come out and send Jakob and Jaka away and check on Kimberlee. Jakob holds up the title belt and steals Kimberlee’s crown. Kimberlee gets on her feet, nursing her back as she heads backstage.

Azerbaijan says the Eastern European Outlaws have put together the best tag team ever (himself and the Proletariat Boar of Moldova). The Boar says after tonight, they will have two words for the CHIKARMY: one point.

Obariyon {B} & Kodama {B} vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP} & Mr. Azerbaijan {BP}

Boar immediately pummels and stomps Kodama in the corner. Azerbaijan sneaks in some stomps of his own from the apron. Kodama sneaks in a headscissors, sending Boar to the apron. He springboard dropkicks Boar to the floor and hip tosses Azerbaijan as he enters. He stomps on his foot. Obariyon tags in. Azerbaijan resists his running shoulder blocks. Obariyon knocks him down with a flying forearm. Two knee strikes also take Azerbaijan down. The Batiri give Azerbaijan a double flapjack. They give Boar a Manhattan drop/running knee strike combo. Azerbaijan grabs Kodama’s foot from the floor, allowing Boar to get in a big boot. The Bloc Party beat down Kodama in their corner. Boar cuts off Kodama twice when Kodama is able to fight off Azerbaijan and go for a tag. Kodama finally makes the tag when he avoids a Gore and the Boar goes into the ring post. Obariyon comes off the middle rope with a swinging Frankensteiner to Azerbaijan. The Batiri maul Azerbaijan with a series of corner dropkicks. He rolls out and the Boar comes in with a boot to Kodama. He gives one to Obariyon as well for two. Boar misses an elbow drop off the second rope. Obariyon shows him up by connecting with a top rope flying elbow. Azerbaijan breaks up the cover. He gives Kodama a release suplex. He sets up for the Pump-Handle suplex. Kodama sends Azerbaijan to the floor and suicide dives after him. Obariyon looks to dive but Boar cuts him off with the Baconator. Boar looks for the Gore but eats Skull Bronzing instead at 10:10. This was serviceable but nothing memorable. It reminded me of the Battleborn match from January, where the Batiri worked hard, and their opponents did a good job, but the crowd didn’t get too into it and there wasn’t much of a story. **½

UltraMantis Black is shown sitting in his wheelchair ringside. The Batiri notice him and wonder what he is doing there. They go to check on him. Mantis holds up his hands, putting the Batiri in some sort of trance. Their demeanor turns sour and they, under Mantis’ instruction, wheel him away.

Soldier Ant {C} vs. Hallowicked

They trade holds to start. Soldier Ant salutes and Hallowicked shoves him away. Hallowicked O’Connor rolls Soldier Ant with a back bridge. Soldier Ant escapes and brings Hallowicked up into a saluting abdominal stretch. Hallowicked hip tosses out and snapmares Soldier Ant into a knee strike to the lower back. Soldier Ant is sent to the ropes. Soldier Ant springs off the second rope into a back elbow smash for two. He forces Hallowicked to salute in a seated stretch. Hallowicked grabs Soldier Ant’s lone antennae, firing up Soldier Ant. However, Hallowicked hits a couple step-up knee strikes in the corner and lands a legdrop. He gives Soldier Ant a super snapmare for two. Go 2 Sleepy Hollow has the same result. Soldier Ant gets in forearms and chops in the corner. Hallowicked palm strikes Soldier Ant in his eyeport. He pulls on Soldier Ant’s antennae, so Soldier Ant grabs his stem and mares him across the ring twice. He gives Hallowicked a belly-to-back suplex and a falling headbutt for two. He locks on the Military Cross Kneebar. Hallowicked is able to grab the ropes to escape. Hallowicked brings him out to the apron looking for a piledriver. Soldier Ant backdrops Hallowicked into the ring to block it. He slams Hallowicked and gives him a chinbreaker before knocking him down with a forearm strike for two. He reapplies the Military Cross Kneebar. Again Hallowicked gets the ropes. Soldier Ant chops Hallowicked to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. Back in the ring Soldier Ant gets a two count with a high crossbody. Hallowicked goes to the eyes and antennae to get a Rydeen Bomb for two. Soldier Ant avoids a step-up enzuigiri. He slams Hallowicked and drops him with a 2k1 Bomb for two. Soldier Ant looks for the Military Cross Kneebar. Hallowicked rolls Soldier Ant up and drops him with Never Wake Up for the pin at 10:08.Like the opener this was a fun back-and-forth match. However, it lacked some urgency and didn’t have much of a story going for it. I’m sad the antennae stuff didn’t matter much in the end, but maybe it will down the line. **¾

Prakash Sabar says tonight “too sweet” becomes “three points” when he and Juan Francisco de Coronado defeat N_R_G. He says Coronado will make CHIKARA great again. Coronado himself says they make history tonight when they defeat the champions to get their third point. They are the United Nations, and N_R_G will fall before them.

Race Jaxon {NRG} & Hype Rockwell {NRG} vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado & Prakash Sabar {BP}

If Coronado and Sabar are able to defeat the champions, they will earn their third point and a future Campeones de Parejas match. Coronado and Jaxon stay in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, even when taken to the mat. Jaxon backs Coronado to the corner to break it. He ducks Coronado’s punch and delivers a chop. A Japanese armdrag goes right into an armbar. Jaxon overhand chops Coronado and tags in Rockwell. N_R_G double hip toss Coronado into a tandem elbow drop. Sabar’s headlock on Rockwell is pitiful, as Rockwell is easily able to pick him up. N_R_G kick his legs out and deliver stereo dropkicks to the sides of his head. Sabar comes back with a swinging Frankensteiner, but Rockwell takes him down with an armdrag. Sabar rolls outside. Coronado checks on him, but Jaxon dives off of Rockwell’s back onto both of them. Sabar grabs Jaxon’s leg as he tries heading back into the ring. Coronado enzuigiri’s Jaxon and gives him a slam. The former United Nations teammates keep Jaxon isolated with frequent tags and excellent tandem offense. Jaxon is able to escape Coronado’s Tiger Driver and send him outside with a Frankensteiner. He enzuigiri’s Sabar and tags in Rockwell. He steamrolls Sabar with a pair of clotheslines and a running boot for two. Rockwell stops a tornado DDT and hits a Michinoku Driver. Coronado breaks the pin, Jaxon immediately nails a clothesline through the ropes on Coronado. Rockwell lands the Hyperwheel on Coronado. He goes for it on Sabar but he clips referee Troy Nelson when spinning Rockwell out. Sabar hits the X-Factor on Rockwell. Jaxon superkicks Sabar. Coronado gives Jaxon a Tiger Driver but there’s still no referee. “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti comes out with a chair. He hands Coronado the chair, presumably encouraging him to cheat. However, when Coronado grabs the chair, Angelosetti does not let go. He releases it, and the referee sees Coronado with chair in hand and calls for the DQ at 11:38. That finish really bothered me. Typically, the referee has to see a foreign object being used to call for the DQ, not just see the weapon in a person’s hands. I get that it’s tied into the Touchdown storyline, but I don’t think that finish accomplished furthering that story any further. Basically, they could have done something different to accomplish the goal they set out to do, end the match on a more satisfying note, and not make N_R_G look kinda like chumps. That said, the wrestling was very good and a lot of fun. Coronado and Sabar have grown as a team to the point where I prefer watching Sabar team with Coronado over either Bloc Party member, and prefer Coronado in these matches more so than his singles stuff. ***

Princess Kimberlee is holding her neck in pain from the attack earlier. She says she knew Jaka would do something dirty or savage, but attacking her before the match from behind was not what she had in mind. She should’ve known better when Jakob beckoned her to the ring. She’s been beaten down before, but still remains Grand Champion of CHIKARA despite that fact. Jakob may have taken her crown and proclaimed himself King, but he has done nothing to earn that title. She plans to show Jaka exactly why she is the Grand Champion of CHIKARA.

Grand Championship
Princess Kimberlee vs. Jaka {BDK}

Princess Kimberlee has been champion since 12.5.2015 and this is her fourth defense. Jakob Hammermeier is in Jaka’s corner wearing Kimberlee’s crown. Kimberlee is holding her lower back, still in pain from the earlier attack. Right away we get a flurry of strikes from both competitors. Jaka stops Kimberlee with a knee to the stomach and some headbutts. Kimberlee catches Jaka with a DDT. It has no effect, as Jaka pops up and superkicks Kimberlee to the floor. He suicide dives after her and heads back inside the ring. When Kimberlee comes back in, Jaka gives her another headbutt and chokes her on the mat. A backbreaker gets a two count. He also gets two with a release belly-to-belly suplex. A rib breaker and Muta elbow lead to a third two count. Frustrated, Jaka bites Kimberlee’s hand. Jaka gives her a splash in the corner, but his arrogant cover is of no use. He applies a bodyscissors. Afterwards he puts her in a bear hug, then slips her into a folding press for two. Jaka and Kimberlee engage in a chop exchange which Kimberlee comes out the better. Jaka reverses an Irish whip, sending Kimberlee to the corner and follows in with a shoulder tackle to the rib cage. Kimberlee catches Jaka in the opposite corner with an Anaconda Vise in the ropes. She releases before the five count, following up with a bulldog and a swift kick to the side of the head. Jaka gives her another corner splash to stop her momentum. He places Kimberlee on the top rope. She knocks Jaka down and attempts a Swanton Bomb, but Jaka moves and Kimberlee’s back crashes into the canvas. Jaka taunts Kimberlee, asking her to bring it. She gets in some shots and a schoolgirl for two. She manages to send Jaka outside and hit a baseball slide dropkick. He comes off the apron with a double axe handle. It has no effect, but she stops a strike and gives Jaka a Ganso Bomb on the floor! Kimberlee takes the opportunity to recuperate back in the ring as Jaka recovers from the blow. When Jaka comes back in, Kimberlee unloads with forearms and chops. Jaka reverses a whip but this time misses the corner splash. Kimberlee German suplexes Jaka for two. Jaka stops her with another headbutt and a dropkick. He sets up for a powerbomb. Kimberlee cascades out into a Yoshi Tonic but only gets two. Once again Jaka uses a headbutt to stop Kimberlee. He snaps her up into a Samoan Drop for two. He drives her back first into the corner and drapes her across the top turnbuckle. He delivers a hard running knee to the back and follows with the T’Challa Kick for two. Jaka goes for the Jumanji Bomb. She counters with a Frankensteiner, which Jaka counters with a sunset flip. Kimberlee kicks out and folds Jaka up in the Alligator Clutch for the pin at 15:36. This was excellent from a storytelling perspective, with Jaka focusing on the back and Kimberlee wrestling a smarter match as the match progressed as she became more familiar with Jaka’s arsenal and strengths. The Ganso Bomb on the floor was an excellent way to shift the match into the lead up to the climax, capped off by Kimberlee’s signature move, which also keeps Jaka strong since it caught him off guard and is a move many (including Hammermeier) have fallen to. This was another really strong defense for Kimberlee and a great outing for Jaka. ***¾

While Jakob is admonishing Jaka for his loss, referee Larry Peace gives Kimberlee her crown back. The show ends with her holding up the title as Jaka stares her down.


One Response to Whisper House

  1. Great review as always. I too was bummed by the Touchdown/NRG/UN finish. I could deal with the DQ finish since it tied so nicely into the Touchdown-Coronado story. However, I’m getting really sick of Troy Nelson getting taken out by competitors’ most basic moves. I get that he’s the new guy and all, but does that mean he needs to be straight up stupid? Has he only seen the Chikara matches that he referees?

    I also love how protected Kimberlee’s Alligator Clutch is. Can you imagine how nuts it’s going to be when someone kicks out of it?

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