Evil Ways


Philadelphia, PA – 2.28.2016

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Princess Kimberlee
Campeones de Parejas: N_R_G (Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell)
Young Lions Cup Champion: The Estonian Thunderfrog

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush and Bryce Remsburg.

Silver Ant {C} vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston is still reeling from the BDK ambush yesterday. The opening lock-up goes for the floor, but both men decide to break clean. Silver Ant headbutts Kingston in the chest from a double knuckle-lock, leading to a chop battle between the two competitors. Silver Ant cranks on a standing front facelock and muscles him to the canvas. He looks for an Anaconda Vise but Kingston rolls to the ropes. Silver Ant puts on a standing Octopus Stretch before bringing him down in a seated Octopus. Kingston leans back and reaches the ropes. He locks on a Dragon Sleeper in the ropes before the count of five. He looks for a Guillotine choke but Kingston suplexes his way free. Kingston unloads with chops in the corner and delivers a neckbreaker. Silver Ant uses the ropes to get to his feet, but Kingston chops him in the neck until he falls back down. Kingston can’t hold the bridge from a Northern Lights suplex due to him being so worn down. However, he is able to throw some forearms to Silver Ant to back him to the ropes before dropping him with a DDT for two. Silver Ant comes back with a low/high kick combo from the mat. He lands a swinging DDT off the second rope. He puts on a short arm-scissor/triangle choke combo. Kingston gets to the bottom rope. Silver Ant gets two with an Angle Slam. Kingston ducks a lariat. He German suplexes Silver Ant and hits him with his own lariat for two. The Sliding D only gets a two count as well. Kingston and Silver Ant trade suplexes. Silver Ant lariats Kingston and both men are down. They trade some strikes back on their feet until Silver Ant pulls down Kingston into a triangle choke. Kingston’s arm drops 3 times and the match is awarded to Silver Ant at 10:17. It’s no surprise that these two had a hard hitting, fun match, and I like how much of a deal they made of the beatdown Kingston take from last night’s event. This gives Silver Ant a nice win while still giving Kingston an out. This was a good choice to open the show. ***

Announcer Vlad Radniov is talking to the crowd when Max Smashmaster makes his way out. Some fans chant “We don’t like you” at Max, so Max challenges any one of them to get in the ring. He asks the fans who amongst them likes Kimberlee and thinks she’s so strong. He then asks how strong she was when he had beat her down and made the little girl she gave her tiara cry. Max angrily yells that she is not immortal. He points to the Challenge of the Immortals banner hung for Crown & Court and says the banner is a death warrant for Kimberlee. Max ends by saying he is the executioner.

Ophidian tells Argus there is victory in defeat. He says the fighting spirit Argus showed against the Colony at “5 Senses” was a victory in itself. Argus is prepared to fight the United Nations. Ophidian tells him not to worry about the points, but rather to bring the fighting spirit he possesses. If he does, the points will come to them easily.

Ophidian {OP} & Argus vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado & Prakash Sabar {BP}

Coronado decks Argus with a right hand after backing Argus to the corner. Argus kicks Coronado to avoid a backdrop and hits him with a forearm and dropkick. Argus avoids an O’Connor roll and delivers a running kick to the chest. Ophidian and Sabar tag in. Sabar trips Ophidian and peppers him with slaps to the head. Ophidian responds in kind and gets two with a Gedo Clutch. Sabar and Ophidian avoid each others’ offense until Ophidian catches Sabar with a bicycle kick. Sabar catches Ophidian with a kick and drives the back of his head into the canvas. Ophidian stops Sabar’s charge with a running clothesline. He gives Sabar a Gourd Buster across the knees, then splashes his back. Ophidian lands a quebrada for two. Argus tags in. He rolls Sabar forward. Coronado blind tags in, but Argus drop toe holds Coronado face first into Sabar’s crotch. Argus and Ophidian deliver stereo punches in opposite corners. Argus hits a running knee strike on Coronado while Ophidian yakuza kicks Sabar. Argus seems to have tweaked his knee on the attack. As he recovers on the floor, Ophidian unloads multiple kicks to Sabar. Sabar begs off in the corner, giving Coronado the opening to throw Ophidian into Argus. Sabar feeds Argus to Coronado and takes out Ophidian so that they can isolate Argus and work over his leg. Argus is able to catch Coronado with an enzuigiri and Code Breaker and tags in Ophidian. Ophidian cracks him in the face with a spin kick and hits the Duat Driver. He hits a corkscrew enzuigiri before tossing Coronado to the floor. Ophidian chops up Sabar. He hits the ropes but Coronado grabs him. Sabar accidentally knocks Coronado off the apron. Ophidian swings out and headscissors Coronado on the floor. Back in the ring, Sabar gives Ophidian a pump-handle backbreaker for two. Ophidian comes back with another bicycle kick and drives his knees into Sabar’s shoulders. Coronado picks him up in a waistlock. Ophidian fights free, but Coronado and Sabar hit him with the spin cycle. Argus back suplexes Sabar and enzuigiri’s Coronado. Argus shows signs of pain from that. Coronado goes for the Coronado Clutch. Argus quickly grabs the ropes but Coronado drags him back to the middle of the ring. Argus rolls his way free but he collapses under his own weight when trying to hit the ropes. Coronado locks on the Clutch again while Sabar holds onto Ophidian. Argus taps out at 14:06. Ophidian is darn near flawless in the ring and has better body control than just about anyone. His offense is really inspired and unique. The story with Argus having a weak knee but showing fighting spirit was a nice way to convey the story they were telling. Coronado and Sabar have good chemistry as well, so when you put them in with a team like Ophidian & Argus, the results are positive. **¾

Mr. Touchdown says none of his apologies to Dasher Hatfield or the CHIKARMY have mattered. That makes him feel like crap, but he pledges to do great things even with nobody behind him. Tonight he is going to beat the current Young Lions Cup. He knows Thunderfrog will go on to do great things, but not before going through him. He ends by stating “may be the best man win.”

The Estonian Thunderfrog vs. Mark Angelosetti {T}

Thunderfrog kicks at Angelosetti’s legs while they circle one another. Angelosetti catches a kick, but Thunderfrog rolls him down to the mat. They trade waistlocks. Angelosetti hits a one-footed dropkick. In a suplex position, both men dump over the top rope and to the floor! Somehow they land on their feet and Thunderfrog pulls off a vertical suplex. In the ring Thunderfrog throws multiple kicks to Angelosetti’s mid-section. Angelosetti goes for a running spinebuster. Thunderfrog escapes and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Off the top comes Thunderfrog. He rolls through when he notices Angelosetti moves. Angelosetti connects with a reverse swinging DDT for two. He splashes onto Thunderfrog twice. The third time Thunderfrog gets his knees up. Thunderfrog goes for the Estonian Stampede. Thunderfrog slips to the apron. He and Thunderfrog switch position until Thunderfrog pulls off the powerslam for two. Thunderfrog comes at Angelosetti against the ropes. This time Angelosetti’s running spinebuster pays off, but Thunderfrog is able to grab the ropes and avoid a pin. Angelosetti brings Thunderfrog to the top turnbuckle. Thunderfrog throws him down with a Gourd Buster and hits the Froggy Splash. He pins Angelosetti too late and Angelosetti is able to kick out. Thunderfrog looks for the Doctor Bomb. Angelosetti fights out and gives him the Over Bomb for two. He hits the Flea Flicker for two. Thunderfrog backs Angelosetti to the corner in a standing kimura. Angelosetti places himself on the top rope. Thunderfrog follows, but Angelosetti brings him down with a super spinebuster. Thunderfrog finds the wherewithal to kick out. Juan Francisco de Coronado comes out with a steel chair in hand. He wants to present it to Angelosetti, but Angelosetti tells him to get out of here. They get in a tug of war with the chair, and Thunderfrog is inadvertently hit with a chair! Referee Larry Peace disqualifies Angelosetti at 10:21. Coronado is pleased. The Angelosetti redemption story being halted by Coronado is definitely an interesting one. I hate to see what was a really good match get somewhat hampered by a ham-fisted finish, but knowing it’s going to lead to something helps. Thunderfrog has looked excellent so far this year and Angelosetti continues to excel. ***

Heidi Lovelace vs. Bugg Nevans

Bugg Nevans is the former Rick Beanbag who is the former Scoot Tatum who is the former Chuck Taylor. Lovelace and Nevans exchange submissions and holds to start. Lovelace gets a quick lateral press pin, escaping Nevans’ bow and arrow. She puts on a front facelock, converting into a sunset flip for two. She quesadora armdrags Nevans to the corner. She comes off the middle rope with a swinging Frankensteiner. She charged but Nevans cracks her with the Brodie Knee. He gives Lovelace a butterfly suplex for two. Nevans catches her with a powerslam for the same result. He sends Lovelace back first to the corner. He tries doing it again, but Lovelace drives Nevans face first into the middle rope with her knees. She clotheslines Nevans to the floor and follows with a crossbody. In the ring he tries going for a headscissors. Nevans looks for the Kentucky Crawdad, but then puts on a crossface, perhaps because the new Chuck Taylor trademarked his old submission. Lovelace grabs the bottom rope. He sets up for a Razor’s Edge. Lovelace instead gives him a Saito suplex and a Yoshi Tonic for two. Lovelace tries using the ropes for a tornado DDT. Nevans does the deal and counters into a Falcon Arrow for two. She comes back with Torbellino into a Rings of Saturn. Nevans makes his way to his feet and grabs the top rope. Lovelace spikes him with a crucifix driver for two. Nevans gives her a pop-up powerbomb for two. Nevans looks for Sole Food, but stops mid-move realizing it’s trademarked by the new Chuck Taylor. This stalling allows Lovelace to knee Nevans in the face. She spikes Nevans with a tornado DDT and hits the Heidi-Can-Rana for the pin at 10:06. This gives Heidi her fourth point. There wasn’t much more to this than what was on the surface, but considering this was a really good back-and-forth match, there’s nothing wrong with that. These two had surprisingly good chemistry and I liked all the old offense Nevans teased but couldn’t utilize. The story with him and Chuck Taylor™ should have a great pay off. ***

Flex Rumblecrunch says the Devastation Corporation is a family. They thought Oleg was family, but he never was. Blaster McMassive says Bakabella begged them to carry him around the globe. Rumblecrunch says they don’t forgive or forget. They’re going to take out Oleg and Princess Kimberlee and get their third point tonight.

Princess Kimberlee & Oleg the Usurper vs. Blaster McMassive {DC} & Flex Rumblecrunch {DC}

Max Smashmaster with crutch in hand is in the Dev Corp’s corner. Kimberlee and Oleg bring out swords to keep the Dev Corp at bay, which Max mocks by offering his head as tribute. Referee Troy Nelson deals with the swords. Oleg and McMassive shove one another. Oleg sends him face first into the corner and rocks him with forearms and shoulder blocks. The referee separates them, leading to Rumblecrunch and Kimberlee to tag in. She maneuvers Rumblecrunch into a kick to the stomach. He responds with a knee to the stomach, then many knees to the stomach in the corner. He drops her stomach first on the top rope. He tries to vertical suplex her in from the apron. She escapes and kicks Rumblecrunch in the head. Oleg tags in and knocks McMassive off the apron before throwing Rumblecrunch face first multiple times into the turnbuckles. Oleg picks up speed off the ropes. McMassive cuts him off with a hard clothesline and stomps him multiple times in the chest. He shoves Kimberlee before the Dev Corp take turns beating on Oleg. During the beat down, a fan passes an onion to Oleg. A bite of the onion gives Oleg some energy. He squishes Rumblecrunch against the ropes with a splash. McMassive attacks him before he can tag out to Kimberlee. Oleg is able to escape from the continued beatdown when he cracks McMassive with a Usurper Kick. He clotheslines McMassive to the floor and Usurper kicks Rumblecrunch. Kimberlee unloads with chops and forearms on Rumblecrunch upon tagging in. She gives them to McMassive as well when he comes into the ring. She dropkicks the Dev Corp at the same time before delivering clotheslines in opposite corners. She German suplexes Rumblecrunch and gives McMassive a swift kick to the head. McMassive catches her with a Boss Man Slam. She ducks Lariat Tubman and Kimberlee German suplexes him. Rumblecrunch breaks the cover and tosses Kimberlee outside. Smashmaster holds her for McMassive to hit her. He misses and hits Smashmaster instead.Kimberlee backdrops McMassive on the floor. Rumblecrunch grabs Kimberlee by the hair, looking to pull her back into the ring. While he’s doing that, Oleg sneaks in and cracks Rumblecrunch with “Off With His Head!” That gets Oleg the pin at 11:08. This was a great continuation of the angle from January. Kimberlee and Oleg winning nullified the points the Dev Corp earned the night before, but the nature of the win can make the Dev Corp feel as if they only lost because they were caught off guard. The angle that came after this was even more excellent, but as a chapter in the feud, this was a good way to keep things going. ***

Smashmaster cracks Oleg with his crutch. Kimberlee jumps on his back, so Smashmaster throws her off and pummels her incessantly. Multiple referees come out to stop him but Smashmaster beats them up as well. Finally Mike Quackenbush comes out, fed up, and throws his cane at Smashmaster. Smashmaster takes him down and starts pummeling him! This causes a huge crew of Tecnicos to come to his aid. They literally pull Smashmaster out of the ring and toss him out of the building. Kimberlee and others then turn their attention to Quackenbush. The next day, Max Smashmaster was fired from CHIKARA.

Dasher Hatfield is happy he’s teaming with three of the men he admires most, especially those he know will play by the rules. Icarus channels the Ultimate Warrior and cuts a Survivor Series-esque promo while his other partners fire themselves up in the background. Maybe the best CHIKARA promo in years.

Race Jaxon {NRG}, Hype Rockwell {NRG}, Dasher Hatfield {T} & Icarus vs. Jakob Hammermeier {BDK}, Jaka {BDK}, Hallowicked & Frightmare

Hatfield controls Hammermeier by his arms. Hammermeier ends his chain wrestling with a kick to the stomach. Hatfield comes back with various armdrags and a back body drop. Hallowicked throws Hatfield outside. Both members of N_R_G attack Hallowicked in the corner, finishing with an enzuigiri/dropkick combo. Rockwell Finlay Rolls Jaka into a top rope elbow smash by Jaxon. Icarus misses a running crossbody to Frightmare. Frightmare gives him a dropkick. He misses a yakuza kick but traps Icarus in the ropes and delivers multiple chops. Hammermeier yanks Icarus’ hair throwing him to the mat. The Nightmare Warriors try a double suplex but Icarus slips out and takes them both out with a double clothesline. The Tecnicos lock up their opponents in submissions. Jaka, the one Rudo not tied up, yanks Icarus off the ring apron, then attacks N_R_G and Hatfield to break it up. The Rudos decide to unleash a flurry of stomps to Hatfield in the corner and keep him away from his partners. Hatfield has multiple near escapes but the Rudos are wise enough to turn things back in their favor. Finally he’s able to fend off Frightmare and Hallowicked long enough to tag in Rockwell. He wipes out the opposing team and lands a cannonball senton on Hallowicked before powerslamming Frightmare. Rockwell is pulled outside by Hammermeier and Hallowicked. Jaxon and Icarus suicide dive onto Hammermeier and Hallowicked respectively. Jaka pescado’s onto Jaxon and Icarus. Hatfield clotheslines Hammermeier back to the floor, then tope con hilo’s onto everyone. Frightmare slingshots his way in from the apron with a swinging headscissors on Rockwell. He follows up with a yakuza kick in the corner. Rockwell is able to hold Frightmare up in a wheelbarrow position on the top ropes. Jaxon drills Frightmare with a DDT out of that position. Hallowicked throws Jaxon out and brings Rockwell down with a super snapmare. Jaka follows with a Superfly Splash. Hatfield breaks the cover. Hatfield backdrops Hallowicked to the floor. Jaka throws headbutts to Icarus. Icarus takes him down with a Shiranui. Hatfield gives Jaka a Jackhammer as Hallowicked drags Icarus outside. Hammermeier breaks Hatfield’s fall and gives him the Skullcrusher. Jaxon comes off the top with a dropkick to Hammermeier’s chest. Rockwell clotheslines Hallowicked. Jaxon superkicks Rockwell when Frightmare looks to counter Rockwell’s Hyperwheel. They even stop Jaka’s top rope attack and double flapjack Hammermeier. Hallowicked enzuigiri’s Rockwell in the back of his head and gives Jaxon a step-up enzuigiri. Icarus saves Jaxon from Never Wake Up. He goes for the Wings of Icarus. Hallowicked stops him and nails a yakuza kick for the pin at 17:25. This was the energetic, exciting match you would want to close the show. The teams gelled really well together both within themselves and against each other. I also enjoyed how both teams were really smart in pulling people out of the ring and countering moves before they happened. It made everyone look good and helped to get the crowd biting on nearfalls. This was a strong, fun main event. ***½

While Hallowicked and Frightmare are doing their post match seance, Hammermeier pulls out the Eye of Tyr! He uses it on Hallowicked. He then tells Hallowicked to kneel before his new king. It takes a moment, but Hallowicked obliges and takes to his knees.

Encore Match
Chuck Taylor™ vs. Jacob Hendricks

This is Taylor™’s debut match. He sings his “Dinner For You” song on his way to the ring. He sings a different variation of the song once he gets into the ring. Hendricks looks a lot like Syd Gilmour from yesterday’s event. Taylor™ uses knee strikes to drive Hendricks to the corner. Hendricks gives him some chops and a forearm. Taylor™ reverses a whip and brings down Hendricks with a hook clothesline. He hits the Moose Spear. He grabs Hendricks and calls for the new and improved Soul Food. He’s too short to make it work, so he kicks Hendricks to his knees before hitting it, getting the pin at 1:28. This new Chuck Taylor™ has loads of promise, and as of now, he’s and TAFKA Chuck Taylor are the two guys I most look forward to on each CHIKARA event. *


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