National Pro Wrestling Day 2016


Reading, PA – 2.6.2016

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Princess Kimberlee
Campeones de Parejas: N_R_G (Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell)
Young Lions Cup Champion: Vacant

Commentary is provided by Leonard F. Chikarason, Bryce Remsburg, and Dr. Rod Diamondfire.

Young Lions Cup XII Quarter-Final Elimination Match
Jeremy Leary vs. Ashley Vox vs. Wani vs. Prakash Sabar {BP}

Vox brings down Sabar in a side headlock. Back on their feet Sabar reverses the headlock and shoulder blocks her down. She catches Sabar with a dropkick. Sabar kicks her in the stomach and tosses her to the floor. Leary gets hip tossed, but uses the ropes to sprawl back and take over Sabar with a fireman’s carry. He follows Sabar to the floor with a baseball slide. Wani grabs Vox’s hair as she hits the ropes. Vox comes back with a satellite headscissors and a pair of dropkicks. She baseball slide dropkicks Wani and now all four competitors are on the floor. Leary superkicks Sabar in the front row, then Wani. Vox and Leary pose for photos along with referee Larry Peace with the indisposed Wani and Sabar. In the ring Vox gets two with a high crossbody on Wani. Sabar barely catches her with a spin kick. She gives Sabar a Perfect neck snap for two. Leary stops Vox’s headscissors with a pair of backbreaker. Sabar blind tags in on Leary. Leary does appreciate it, and peppers Sabar’s with a series of punches. Sabar runs the ropes for a double bulldog on Leary and Vox. He kicks the middle turnbuckle into Vox’s face. Wani lights up Sabar with a pair of chops before sending him chest first into the corner. He German suplexes Sabar. Vox tries a high crossbody. Wani catches her and gives her a fallaway slam, eliminating Vox at 6:31. Leary snap slams Wani for two. Leary enzuigiri’s Wani and gives him a Blue Thunder Bomb. Wani rolls to the floor. Sabar throws kicks to Leary until he’s seated in the corner. He hits the Busted Bronco. Leary fights off the X-Factor and grabs Sabar by the tongue! Leary puts on a cross tongue breaker. Sabar gets his foot on the bottom rope. He looks for a Jig N’ Tonic. Wani superkicks Leary so that Sabar hits Leary with a Yoshi Tonic for two. Sabar messes up Leary’s hair, which does not make Leary happy. Leary rocks both Sabar and Wani with jabs and uppercuts. He sends Wani into Sabar in a Busted Bronco position. Leary hits Sabar with the Dirt Stache (a Burning Hammer into a facebuster across the knee) to eliminate Sabar at 10:24. Wani pops up Leary, dropping him on his chest and stomach. A running, swinging neckbreaker from Wani eliminates Leary at 10:54, giving Wani the win. Sabar and Leary were the stars of this match, adding flow to the action and getting the crowd to react. Vox was fine and Wani made the most of when he was in the ring. Wani winning was predictable, but also the right choice, and this was a good opening match. **½

Vlad Radinov is telling a story to the crowd about how his family would celebrate National Pro Wrestling Day. Suddenly, some music plays and two ladies in gold dresses come out, followed by a man (who looks a lot like Stokely Hathaway from Ring of Honor) singing soul music to the crowd. He gets into the ring and tells us that his song was dedicated to the late Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire. He says we all know him TV, and from a 1974 issue Ebony magazine. He’s been around the world “playa hatin’” and tells us that he looks so good because “black don’t crack.” He also says that he has been a CHIKARA fan for years. Bringing up last season brings him to near tears, as he talks about CHIKARA having two female champions and stating the ant on ant crime needs to stop. He then talks about how quitting or retirement can sometimes cause a person to lose their intellectual property. Last year, Chuck Taylor went on a presumed retirement tour, and apparently that faux retirement lost him the rights to his name. With that said, the soulful man is now known as Chuck Taylor, claiming to be the new and improved Chuckie T.

Ophidian {OP} vs. Hallowicked

Some chain wrestling leads to both men shoving each other. They fight for a front facelock. Hallowicked wants a suplex, but Ophidian counters into a small package for two. Ophidian tries a standing Octopus, but Hallowicked armdrags free. Hallowicked gets on a submission, but Ophidian rolls him into a crucifix pin. Hallowicked counters and gets two separate nearfalls. Ophidian puts his bodyweight on Hallowicked’s right arm as he stretches out Hallowicked’s arm. Hallowicked drives Ophidian into the mat while holding onto a top wristlock. Ophidian bridges up to avoid a crucifix pin. They trade pinfalls from a sunset flip position. Ophidian headscissors Hallowicked to the corner. Hallowicked goes for a yakuza kick. Ophidian ducks, then rolls back Hallowicked into a bridging reverse prawn hold for two. Ophidian goes up in over in one corner. He tries to do it again across the ring, but Hallowicked hits him with a step-up enzuigiri. Ophidian counters the super snapmare with a victory roll, but Hallowicked rolls with him. They roll forward, then backwards, then up to their feet where Ophidian applies the Death Grip. Hallowicked backs Ophidian into the corner to break it, then hits Never Wake Up for the pin at 7:04. While somewhat short, they packed in a lot of fun chain wrestling, reversals, and ended with the most exciting elements of the match. In a way this was an advertisement for the Wrestle Factory as both men showcased all the fancy reversals and whatnot they know. ***

Hallowicked says we all need to make peace with the fact that Nazmaldun is coming, and that no hero, charity, or act of God will save any of the swine in the crowd. All hail Nazmaldun.

Fighting Spirit Wrestling Showcase Match
Magma, Suntan Superman & Superstar Whiplash vs. Big Daddy Dre, Hakim Ali & Nick Payne

Whiplash can’t budge Whiplash with his shoulder block attempts. Payne sends him out with a running shoulder block. The larger Superman however remains steadfast and overhand chops Payne. Payne tags in the larger Dre. Superman takes him down with a pair of armdrags. Dre avoids a third and does damage to the back and shoulders of Superman. Ali and Dre drive Superman back first multiple times in their corner. Ali bodyslams Superman and gets two with a splash. Dre misses an elbow on Superman. Superman rolls out, allowing Magma to come in. He lights up Dre with kicks before Whiplash drives him into the mat with a Frankensteiner. Payne nails Whiplash with a lariat. Ali backdrops Whiplash into a backbreaker from Payne. Dre and Magma trade forearm strikes. Dre chokeslams Magma and Superman breaks up the pin. Superman once again finds himself triple teamed by the House of Payne in their corner. Superman clips Dre in the face with a fallaway back kick. Magma and Whiplash jump in. Whiplash is beaten down by Ali on the floor. Magma knocks down Dre in the corner so Superman can squish him with a cannonball senton. Payne and Whiplash fight alongside Magma and Dre on the floor. Superman lands a top rope moonsault on Dre for the pin at 9:10. There was no rhyme or reason to the action, little cohesion, and a little sloppiness. Seeing a fat guy do a moonsault was a fine way to finish, but that was really the only highlight. Little was done to endear themselves to the audience or warrant a potential return. ½*

Young Lions Cup XII Quarter-Final Elimination Match
Argus vs. Officer Warren Barksdale vs. Hermit Crab vs. Luke Lawson {SOR}

Barksdale pats down all three opponents and referee Bryce Remsburg. Argus and Barksdale trade wristlocks. Argus goes for a mousetrap pin, transitioning into a crucifix, but neither work out. Neither does a lateral press from Barksdale. Barksdale holds onto a side headlock. Argus shoots Barksdale off, leading some Lucha rolls and a backslide from Barksdale. Argus avoids a sunset flip. Barksdale swipes away a dropkick attempt. He locks Argus arms and ducks his head under the middle rope, as if he was putting him in a police car, moving him to the floor. Hermit Crab throws Barksdale outside, bringing in Lawson. Crab pinches Lawson’s hand and backs him to the corner for a chop. He crab walks across the ring and dropkicks Lawson in the chest. Lawson responds with an armdrag and Ace Crusher. Lawson flubs a quebradora but recovers just fine. He trips Barksdale and puts him in the sharpshooter. Argus adds a crossface. Crab puts a double nerve hold on Lawson and Argus, freeing Barksdale. He sends Argus and Lawson into one another. Lawson takes down Crab with a Sling Blade. He slides out. Argus German suplexes Lawson. Lawson avoids a corner attack, puts Argus in the tree of woe, and comes in with a dropkick twice. Argus slips to the outside when Lawson goes for a pin. Barksdale stops Lawson for “speeding” when he runs the ropes. Lawson tries to punch him. Barksdale ducks, and lifts Lawson onto his shoulders into a Dominator position. He rolls Lawson down into a DDT for the pin at 8:02. Crab O’Connor rolls Barksdale for the pin at 8:15. Argus blocks Crab’s boot and gives him a Regalplex. Argus and Crab trade strikes. Crab gives Argus a spinebuster for two. He crab walks to the corner. This time, Argus sends Crab to the apron. Crab pokes him in the eyes. He misses a middle rope moonsault. Argus goes for a German suplex. Crab fights out and chokeslams Argus. He goes for the Crab Walk elbow, but Argus pulls him down from the second rope with a belly-to-belly suplex for the pin and the victory at 10:47. This was revolved around introducing Barksdale to the crowd. I enjoyed his antics, as it was done well and done sparingly, and he’s a solid wrestler on top of that. Like Wani, Argus was the obvious and correct choice to win. As a whole the match didn’t do much for me, but I do think Crab and Barksdale show potential. **

Brendan O’Donnell asks Argus what winning the Young Lions Cup would mean to him. He says it means everything to him and promises victory tonight.

Heidi Lovelace vs. Solo Darling

The fans support is divided. After trading wristlocks, Lovelace grabs a hammerlock which Darling snapmares out of. Some pinfall attempts are made, leading back to Lovelace grabbing a wristlock. Darling kicks her way free, so Lovelace kicks her in the chest. Lovelace armdrags Darling to the corner and comes off the middle turnbuckle with a hiponesa. Lovelace blocks Darling’s kicks and knees her in the face for two. Lovelace goes to the middle rope. Darling pulls her leg, causing the back of Lovelace’s head to collide with the top turnbuckle. Darling delivers an axe kick and a back senton for two. She applies a stomach claw and bites Lovelace on the top of her head. Lovelace goes up and over to avoid a corner attack. Darling however kicks Lovelace in the back of the head. She uses the ropes for a vertical suplex. Lovelace kicks out. Lovelace also kicks out of Darling’s modified X-Factor. Lovelace blocks a second vertical suplex and hits a swinging DDT for two. Lovelace boots Darling thrice in the corner. She gives Darling a Saito suplex for two. Lovelace grabs a waistlock. Darling uses the ropes to break free, sending Lovelace colliding into the canvas. Darling takes a drink of the Slurpee she brought with her, getting a sugar rush. She uses her newfound energy to drive Lovelace into the mat with two Thesz Presses and to utilize multiple clotheslines. Lovelace comes back with a running STO. Lovelace lands a back senton off the top rope for the win at 11:12. Obviously Darling’s sugar rush fixation and foxtail are fit for the environment CHIKARA provides, but I actually think she could have played up her character even more. It would have helped the match stick out and provide something more than solid wrestling. Nothing was wrong, but I think they could have been more creative given the tools at their disposal. **¼

Young Lions Cup XII Quarter-Final Elimination Match
Ken Broadway vs. Delmi Exo vs. Nutrious X vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP}

Broadway avoids X’s lock-up, then shoves him to the mat. X back elbows Broadway and grabs a side headlock. X gives him a pair of armdrags. Broadway catches his boot on his shoulder. After a failed Oklahoma roll, X chops Broadway to the corner. He tries running the ropes but Broadway crotches him on the top rope. Boar eats a single-footed dropkick from Broadway. Boar sends him to the apron and boots him to the floor. Exo tags in and gets shoved down. She pulls the Boar’s tale and takes him down with a satellite headscissors. X grabs her hair and gives her a kiss before throwing her into the canvas. She responds with an armdrag and some running double chops. She enzuigiri’s X to the floor where Broadway and Boar are fighting. Exo dives off the top onto all three of them. In the ring Broadway offers some money to Exo for her to “go back to the kitchen.” She slaps him in the face with the dollar bills. She crossbody’s Broadway for two. Broadway and Boar go back and forth until Broadway gives him a backdrop. Broadway Fargo struts into a knee drop for two. X gives Boar a series of kicks and strikes neckbreaker. Broadway cracks X in the face with a knee strike for two. He covers Boar for a second two count. Broadway misses a top rope elbow on Boar. Broadway leapfrogs over the first Gore, but the second one gets him eliminated at 7:40. Boar absorbs some chops from Exo before tossing her to the ground. He gives her a spinning sidewalk slam and leaping elbow for two. She fights off both X and Boar from the corner. Boar drives his knees into her midsection as she hangs on the middle rope. Exo makes her way to the top turnbuckle after fighting the Boar off. X sneaks in and slams her off the top rope from the apron for the pin at 9:53. He also said a no-no word which the crowd admonishes him for. Boar nails X with a big boot. He belly-to-belly suplexes X across the ring. Boar goes for the Gore. X hops over, sunset flips Boar, and adds a folding press for the pin and the victory at 10:41. This was the best of the quarter-final round matches, as the wrestling was the best of the four, and they had a cohesive story. In some ways it helps that the winner was a surprise, but given Nutrious X both swore and was misogynistic, calling an audible wouldn’t have been the worst idea. Broadway has a ton of upside and I would really like seeing him back in CHIKARA. **¾

Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Pinkie Sanchez {BDK}

Angelosetti is still sad about having nobody in his corner. A lock-up spot goes to the corner. Sanchez gets in Angelosetti’s head by making him not release the hold on time. Sanchez gets in some kicks to the stomach. Angelosetti muscles him up into a one-handed slam and drops his knee onto Sanchez’s face. Sanchez takes to the floor and claims the knee pad is loaded. Of course, this is a tactic to get in a cheap shot punch to the face. Angelosetti whips Sanchez upside down in the corner. After a back drop and slam, he splashes onto Sanchez multiple times. He hits the Big One for two. Angelosetti shoulder blocks Sanchez in the corner. Sanchez evades one of them and hits a second rope dropkick for two. Sanchez chokes him with his boot in the corner. He cracks Angelosetti in the face with his buttocks for two. Angelosetti catches Sanchez’s corner splash attempt and drills him with a running spinebuster for two. Sanchez flips out of the Flea Flicker. He spin kicks Angelosetti in the corner and scores with an enzuigiri. Off the second rope he lands Snake’s Revenge and puts on the End Time. Angelosetti muscles him up into an Ace Crusher for two. He brings Sanchez to the top rope. Sanchez fights him off and drops Angelosetti with a modified DDT onto the top turnbuckle. Sanchez misses a moonstomp double stomp. Angelosetti swings him around for a sunset flip, but Sanchez responds with a sole butt kick to the face. Sanchez hits the ropes. Angelosetti pops him up into a spinebuster for the pin at 7:28. This was an absolute blast. These two hit hard, kept a good pace, and had some clever and interesting counters/comebacks. This was great, and I’d love to see a rematch. ***¼

Brendan O’Donnell asks Mark Angelosetti what’s next for him. He says he’s happy to have won and earned a point, but says he misses his step-cousin-in-law and his team.

Excellence Pro Wrestling Showcase Match
Danger Jameson & Havoc vs. Marq Quen & Sasha Jenkins

Quen and Jenkins attack before the bell. Jameson dumps Jenkins to the floor, leaving Quen to take a flurry of forearms from Havoc and Jameson. Havoc lariats Quen before giving him a delayed vertical suplex. Jameson throws forearms to Quen’s neck in the corner. He nails a running knee to the face. He takes out Jenkin’s legs, causing Jenkins to land face first on the apron. Jameson cues up for the Cactus Elbow on Jenkins, but Quen cuts him off with a spear on the ring apron. Quen and Jenkins isolate Jameson in their corner until Jameson catches Jenkins with the Stroke and tags in Havoc. Havoc belly-to-belly suplexes Quen across the ring. He catches Jenkins’ high crossbody and German suplexes him onto his head. He gives Quen a big backdrop and drops Jenkins onto him with a Gourd Buster. He stacks up Quen and Jenkins in the corner and lands a cannonball senton. Jameson blind tags in. He grabs his motorcycle helmet for a stunt he calls the Snake River Sky Walk. Havoc begrudgingly holds his hand as Jameson walks the ropes. Jameson falls down, crotching himself. Quen headscissors Havoc into a kick to the side of the head from the floor from Jenkins. Quen lands a standing moonsault. Jameson breaks the pin. Jenkins accidentally kicks Quen to the floor. Jameson gives Jenkins Sweet Shin Music. Havoc polishes him off with an EVO for the pin at 8:12. Quen outshined the rest of the crew. I saw a lot of promise in him when he was a part of the Young Lions Cup XI tournament and it’s nice to see he’s only improved since then. Everybody else did fine in their roles, but Quen is the only one who left a mark on me. **¼

Young Lions Cup XII Quarter-Final Elimination Match
The Estonian Thunderfrog vs. Willow Nightingale vs. Rock Lobster vs. Mike Verna

Some shenanigans with Thunderfrog’s hammer leads to Verna spinning Thunderfrog in a full nelson. He tosses Lobster out and does the same to Nightingale. She dances out of the full nelson and sends Verna to the floor. She and Lobster trade pinfalls. They engage in a test of strength. Verna tries to interject, so Thunderfrog asks for a separate test of strength. Lobster and Nightingale break there’s, but when they charge, Verna and Thunderfrog back elbow them down. Thunderfrog asks for a staff member to enter the ring so he and Verna can use his back as an arm wrestling table. Lobster superkicks them both to break the arm wrestling match. Nightingale charges but Lobster jabs her in the eyes with his pincers. He gives her a chokeslam into a sit-out slam. He teases the People’s Elbow but instead goes for a pin and gets two. Nightingale and Lobster knock each other down with stereo clotheslines. Thunderfrog and Verna look at one another as they joust with Lobster and Nightingale. Thunderfrog slams Lobster and Verna slams Nightingale onto him. Verna then backdrops Thunderfrog onto both of them. Verna pins her for two. Thunderfrog calls for the Froggy Splash. Lobster kicks Thunderfrog to stop him. He looks to bring Thunderfrog down but Thunderfrog resists. Verna tosses Lobster out. He catches Nightingale’s crossbody. Verna places Thunderfrog on her and slams both Nightingale and Thunderfrog at once! Nightingale again kicks out of Verna’s pin attempt. Verna holds Lobster in a delayed Jackhammer position. Nightingale catches Verna off guard with a running crossbody, eliminating Verna at 8:22! She drops Lobster with a spinebuster for two. She throws a series of kicks to Lobster. Nightingale hits the ropes. Lobster rolls her into a sit-out F5 for the pin at 9:25. Lobster tries the same move on Thunderfrog. Thunderfrog lands on his feet and dropkicks Lobster in the face. He slams Lobster. He goes for a running Estonian Hammer. Lobster ducks and hits the Rock Bottom for two. Lobster brings Thunderfrog to the top turnbuckle. Thunderfrog tosses him off and hits the Froggy Splash for the pin and victory at 11:26. I liked Verna’s Clark Kent/Superman shtick and he served a good role as the lynchpin of the bout. He reminds me in some ways to Brian Cage, which is not the type of competitor you see in CHIKARA often, so that alone made him stick out. Lobster continues to grow on me, and the Thunderfrog being back brings me great joy. **¾

Brendan O’Donnell tries getting a word from the Thunderfrog, but Thunderfrog simply gives him a pleasantry and continues heading backstage.

Dasher Hatfield {T} vs. Missile Assault Man {BB}

Missile kicks out Hatfield’s legs and grabs a waistlock. Hatfield switches out, but Missile grabs the bottom rope before Hatfield can manipulate his legs. Although Missile shoulder blocks him down, Hatfield snaps off a pair of armdrags and gives Missile his own shoulder block. Missile comes back with a running uppercut. Hatfield dropkicks him to the floor and follows up with a baseball slide dropkick. Missile evades a suicide dive. He goes for one of his own but Hatfield cuts him off with a forearm strike and hits a baseball slide dropkick from the floor. Missile tries whipping Hatfield into the audience. Hatfield takes a knee to stop him and gives Missile a wind-up chop. Missile sends Hatfield shoulder first into the ring post. He wraps Hatfield’s arms in the post and stretches it out. In the ring, he gives Hatfield the Missile Stomp. Hatfield stops him with a schoolboy. Missile kicks out and drives his knees into Hatfield’s bad arm. He gives Hatfield a shoulder breaker over his knee for two. Missile grabs a cross armbreaker but Hatfield quickly gets the ropes. Missile strings together three Northern Lights suplexes, but Hatfield is able to get his shoulders up. He calls for the Missile Launcher. Hatfield sends him into the corner. He drives his good elbow into Missile’s arm and sends him shoulder first into the second turnbuckle, then slides into a dropkick to Missile’s shoulder. He hits the cyclone neckbreaker for two. Hatfield rolls Missile into a shoulder capture chickenwing. Missile escapes by backing Hatfield to the corner. After an pair of uppercuts, he pulls off the Missile Launcher successfully. Hatfield is able to kick out. Missile angrily uppercuts Hatfield in the corner. Hatfield drives Missile into the opposite corner across the ring. He pulls him from the Jackhammer position into a slam into the turnbuckles. The referee counts three at 9:47, but Missile’s foot was on the ropes. The rookie referee Travis doesn’t notice, but Hatfield points it out and insists the match be restarted. Travis agrees. Both men throws punches to one another’s abdomen. Hatfield grabs a Magistral cradle. Missile escapes. They exchange waistlocks. Hatfield grabs an O’Connor Roll, but Missile rolls through and grabs the tights for the win in 1:06 (11:24 total). The restart stuff was a little dodgy, but I did like the idea behind it. I also really liked the match itself and the story of Missile going after Hatfield’s arm, and Hatfield going after Missile’s arm in anger. These two are some of my favorites to watch in CHIKARA right now. ***

“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti runs down to the ring to fight for Hatfield’s case, claiming Missile Assault Man cheated. Dasher says he believes Angelosetti, because it takes a cheater to know a cheater, then storms off to the back.

Young Lions Cup XII Semi-Final Match
The Estonian Thunderfrog vs. Nutrious X

X attacks Thunderfrog during Thunderfrog’s entrance from behind. He drives his back into the edge of the ring and ring post. He gets a one count when he brings Thunderfrog into the ring. X strings a sole butt kick, boot to the head, and neckbreaker together for two. X whips Thunderfrog back first to the corner. Thunderfrog gets both boots up to avoid a corner charge. He calls for the Froggy Splash. X tries tossing him off the top. Thunderfrog slaps him in the face. X crotches Thunderfrog and follows him up. He goes for a Frankensteiner. Thunderfrog counters with a super powerbomb for the pin at 2:27. Short but very sweet. *

Young Lions Cup XII Semi-Final Match
Argus vs. Wani

Argus looks for a Skayde schoolboy right away. Wani escapes, so Argus rolls him into a Gedo Clutch, which Wani also escapes from. He tosses Wani out of a leg-capture suplex position. Wani sends Argus to the apron. Argus brings Wani out to the apron and unloads with forearms. He looks for a suplex to the floor, but Wani superkicks Argus and gives him a reverse DDT on the ring apron. A fan assists Argus back into the ring. Wani pops him up, dropping him onto his chest and stomach. Argus avoids Wani’s neckbreaker. Argus delivers an enzuigiri and applies the Ophidian Death Grip. Wani gets the ropes to escape. Argus tries the Angle Slam. Wani slips out and jabs Argus in the chest. After a sole but kick he hits the running, swinging neckbreaker for the pin at 3:18. They made the most of three minutes, showing Argus’ newfound aggression and arsenal of moves that he picked up during his time in the Snake Pit, and futthering the idea that Wani’s neckbreaker is a world-beating maneuver. The finals should be very interesting. *½

Brendan O’Donnell asks Wani how he would feel being the Young Lions Cup champion. He gives an incomprehensible answer.

Scoot Tatum vs. Wally Scott

Scoot Tatum is the former Chuck Taylor, forced to go by a new name now that his name has been trademarked by the new Chuck Taylor. Tatum gives Scott a bicycle kick, a dropkick to the corner, then a sliding dropkick. Scott turns a vertical suplex attempt into multiple punches. Tatum backdrops Scott and follows up with a superkick. He hits the Brodie Knee. Tatum sets up for Boot, Scootin’ Boogie (similar to Sole Food) but instead gives him a powerbomb. Bryce Remsburg tells us on commentary that new Chuck Taylor has the rights to Sole Food as well. Tatum hits a moonsault for the pin at 1:35. This whole name game stuff may be my favorite storyline in wrestling. I also love how Scoot was able to hit the moonsault, something Chuck Taylor never could. *

Brendan O’Donnell tells Scoot Tatum he had an impressive showing. He asks how Scoot feels about the new name. He says he hates it and will be changing it for sure.

Princess Kimberlee vs. Mickie James

An aggressive lock-up ends in a stalemate. Kimberlee grabs a wristlock, holding on when James tries rolling out. James cartwheels before taking Kimberlee down in a wristdrag. She takes over Kimberlee in a firewoman’s carry for two, and holds onto the wrist. Kimberlee transitions into a side headlock. James shoves Kimberlee to the corner and breaks cleanly. A double knuckle lock battle leads to Kimberlee delivering a delayed vertical suplex to James. Kimberlee backs James to the corner to escape a waistlock. James shows respect with a fist bump before rushing her with a forearm to the back of the head! She kicks Kimberlee in the stomach and chokes her on the bottom rope. James throws some knees in the corner. Kimberlee evades a charging knee and puts on an Anaconda Vise in the ropes. Kimberlee goes to the second rope, but James yanks her down and Kimberlee crashes on the mat. James pushes her feet into Kimberlee’s back while outstretching her arms. Kimberlee gets to her feet, so James kicks her away. James sends Kimberlee face first into three of the corners. On the fourth, Kimberlee puts on the breaks and rams James’ face repeatedly into the top turnbuckle. James elbows out of a German suplex attempt. Kimberlee enzuigiri’s James for two. After trading some nearfalls, James kicks Kimberlee in the chin. James takes off her belt. Bryce goes to disposes of it. James shoves Kimberlee into Bryce. Bryce falls out of the ring and James spikes Kimberlee with an Implant DDT. There’s no referee to make the count. Kimberlee regains some composure. James tries for a Frankensteiner. Kimberlee powerbombs her into the Alligator Clutch for the pin at 11:37. Mickie James did a great job turning the crowd on her and keeping them engaged from the turn until the end. I also like the subtle tease of the powerbomb into the Clutch early on. By and large this stayed in first gear, but this win is a nice feather in the cap for Kimberlee. **¾

Young Lions Cup XII Tournament Finals
The Estonian Thunderfrog vs. Wani

They trade control on the mat. Wani looks for a pin while having Thunderfrog in a hammerlock to no avail. Wani arm whips Thunderfrog back first to the canvas. Both men trade kicks to the leg. Thunderfrog lays in some forearms and throws Wani overhead in a belly-to-belly suplex. He delivers a running forearm strike in the corner and goes up top. Wani rolls to the floor, but Thunderfrog comes off the top with a double axe handle strike. Wani does however sweep out Thunderfrog’s legs, causing him to land on the ring apron. Wani slingshots into a double stomp on the apron. He rams Thunderfrog already hurt back into the ring frame twice. When Thunderfrog gets back in the ring, Wani gives him a vertical suplex for two. He tries for a Boston Crab, but Thunderfrog grabs the ropes before it can be fully applied. Wani violently whips Thunderfrog back first into the corner and snapmares him into a knee drop for two. Thunderfrog bandera’s to the apron to avoid a corner attack. He knocks down Wani with some running double forearms to the face. Thunderfrog gives Wani the Estonian Stampede for two. He goes for the Froggy Splash, but Wani gets his knees up to stop it. Wani hits the running, swinging neckbreaker but Thunderfrog kicks out! Wani kicks Thunderfrog to the corner and places him on the top turnbuckle. Wani follows him up and places himself on his shoulders looking for a Frankensteiner. However, Thunderfrog falls back and his left ankle gets caught on the top rope. Wani kicks Thunderfrog in the stomach and brings him back into the ring. Wani misses a moonsault. Thunderfrog hits the Froggy Splash for the pin and the Young Lions Cup at 10:50! As with all tournaments, I appreciate when the build-up in previous tournament matches plays out in successive bouts. Wani went after Thunderfrog’s worn down back and went for his presumed ace in the hole, which made it a big deal when Thunderfrog kicked out of it. That Frankensteiner spot was very scary, but to their credit they didn’t go back and try to “fix” it, but rather moved on and finished the bout from there. It was a satisfying win and a strong re-introduction for the Thunderfrog, but I have to think Wani has a strong future in CHIKARA himself. Thunderfrog thanks the fans for believing in him. ***

An post-credits scene shows the new Chuck Taylor helping Orange Cassidy out with a stain on his shirt while the old Chuck Taylor watches on in sorrow.


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