The Days of the Phoenix


Philadelphia, PA – 1.30.2016

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Princess Kimberlee
Campeones de Parejas: N_R_G (Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell)
Young Lions Cup Champion: Heidi Lovelace

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Leonard F. Chikarason, Sidney Bakabella, Bryce Remsburg, and Rod C. Diamondfire.

The Proletariat Boar of Moldova says tonight is the start of not the only brand new season in CHIKARA, but the start of his warpath that leads to “National Pro Wrestling Day” and the Young Lions Cup tournament. On that night, he will prove that the Boar is war.

Arctic Rescue Ant vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP}

Arctic throws some kicks at Boar’s legs but Boar knocks him down with a shoulder block. Arctic sunset flips Boar, then comes from the mat with a headscissors. He dropkicks Boar to the floor. Boar catches Arctic’s dive attempt and drives him back first into the ring frame. Back in the ring he tosses Arctic overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex. Arctic ducks a boot from Boar and rolls him up for two. Boar takes him down with a big boot and chokes him on the bottom rope. Arctic tries fighting up from the mat but Boar kicks him in the face and drops a jumping elbow for two. Arctic catches Boar with a couple boots to stop Boar from charging in the corner. Unfortunately for Arctic, Boar catches his third boot, captures him in between the ropes, and drives his knees into Arctic’s mid-section. He puts Arctic in a Boar Hug. Arctic escapes. He fights for a huracanrana which gets a two count. Boar responds with a side slam for a two count himself. A vertical suplex has the same result. Arctic escapes a chinlock with a chinbreaker. He uppercuts Boar twice from the corner. He avoids Boar’s charge. Arctic tries a springboard DDT, but Boar catches him in air with the Gore for the pin at 7:37. Each singles outing the Boar hasthe better he looks and the better he gets. He and Arctic played with their sizes to create a fun dynamic, and I think Arctic has a lot of potential to be a player in CHIKARA if he gets settled into a story. He no longer has his partners and is in no longer affiliated with Flood (or any other Rudos), so what is his purpose now? I like cheering for him, but need a reason to. This was a good way to open the show and gave Boar momentum going into National Pro Wrestling Day. **½

Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush makes his way to the ring, cane free! He mentions how Season 15 was characterized by the Challenge of the Immortal tournament, then invites Princess Kimberlee to the ring. He congratulates Kimberlee on her team’s victory, even remarking how the Golden opportunity from that tournament win yielded a Grand Championship victory for her. He then presents a COTI 2015 Championship banner that will be hung in the Wrestle Factory in perpetuity.

Hermit Crab & Rock Lobster vs. Ben Macklemore & Lewis Ryan

This is Lobster’s debut. Sidney Bakabella is on commentary! He’s not dead! The crustaceans poke Macklemore and Ryan in the eyes before the bell rings. They collide into them with some forearms off the ropes. Lobster suplexes Ryan. Crab gives him a trapezius nerve pinch. After whipping Ryan into the corner, he crab walks across the ring and dropkicks Ryan in the stomach. Lobster drills Ryan into the mat with a falling chokeslam for two. He flapjacks Ryan and knocks Macklemore off the apron. Crab puts on the Flat Crab. Ryan resists, so Crab tosses him tot he floor. Crab hip tosses Macklemore in from the apron and digs his pincers into his neck. Lobster gives Macklemore a release vertical suplex. He gives Macklemore an F5. Crab follows with the Crab walk elbow for the pin at 3:47. Lobster looked really impressive with his impactful offense. He even looks more smooth than his partner who has a few months advantage on him. Aside from the awkward opening spot, this was a good extended squash. *

Amasis reminds us that last time he and Jaka had a singles match (in Wrestling is Fun!), he came out on top. He knows Jaka has been training for this fight just as hard as he has. Amasis plans to devour Jaka and move one step closer to the Grand Championship.

Jakob Hammermeier and Pinkie Sanchez make their way to the ring. He says he has two goals tonight. The first is to dispatch of that traitor Soldier Ant. The second is to make a BDK role call. He names Pinkie Sanchez, his left hand man. He then debuts the newest member of the BDK, Jaka! We saw Jakob pull Jaka aside at “Top Banana”, so now the partnership is official. Jakob ends the role call by naming himself, the leader of the group. Pinkie makes a snide remark about Eddie Kingston, and the mention of his name makes Jakob angry. Amasis’ music hits and we have our next match.

Amasis {OP} vs. Jaka {BDK}

Jaka splashes Amasis in the corner before the bell, then stomps and chokes him down. He strings together a chop, headbutt, and back rake. He mows down Amasis with a running shoulder block. Another headbutt and stomp gets Jaka a two count. After some more offense in the corner Jaka ascends the ropes. Amasis enzuigiri’s Jaka, sending him to the floor. Hammermeier blocks Amasis from diving. Jaka tries sneaking in, but Amasis notices and throws him to the floor. Amasis lands a one-footed springboard tope con hilo, but lands on Sanchez and not Jaka. Back in the ring, Jaka stops Amasis springboard off the middle rope by jumping up and pulling him down with a side Russian leg sweep for two. He grabs a nerve hold. Amasis escapes but Jaka grabs a sleeper hold. Amasis grabs the ropes to force the hold to be broken. He drives his body weight into Amasis’ throat as he lay against the ropes. Jaka delivers a Muta elbow for two, then reapplies the sleeper hold. Amasis fights free again, so Jaka powerbombs him for another two count. Jaka misses a Superfly Splash. Back on their feet they trade chops and open hand slaps to the face. Jaka stops Amasis’ onslaught with a headbutt, but Amasis cracks him with a jumping knee strike. Amasis then puts on his own sleeper hold. Jaka Judo throws Amasis off his back and give him a belly-to-belly suplex. Amasis rolls to the floor. Jaka goes for a suicide dive, but ends up landing on Sanchez. In the ring Jaka misses a corner splash. Amasis rolls him up for two. Jaka headbutts him in the stomach. He goes for the Jumanji Bomb but Amasis counters with a huracanrana for two. Amasis ducks the T’Challa kick and a leg sweep before planting Jaka with a delayed DDT. Jaka kicks out right before three. Jaka tries grabbing a sleeper. Amasis gives him a chinbreaker before it can be applied. Jaka gets in some shots, but Amasis stops him with a Pele kick. Jaka responds with a T’challa kick. He lands the Superfly Splash for the pin at 11:02. Jaka in the BDK is a win-win situation for everybody. With Jaka no longer affiliated with the Wrecking Crew and Nøkken out of the company, this gives Jaka a purpose and the BDK a new hoss. It was important for Jaka to get this win to establish him as the new enforcer of the group, and having a hard hitting, competitive match with Amasis did just that. Both guys looked really good and the crowd got into the action. Some repetitiveness aside, I thought this was excellent. ***

Dasher Hatfield {T} & Heidi Lovelace vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado & Prakash Sabar {BP}

This contest is fallout from the Torneo Cibernetico at “Top Banana”, where Coronado won the entire thing, defeating a team lead by captain Dasher Hatfield which Hatfield feels Coronado ultimately cost him. Hatfield openly declares he wants to slap Coronado in the mouth. Coronado rolls to the floor before Hatfield can do so. He ties up Sabar’s arms and attempts a few different pinning combinations. Sabar escapes and grabs a side headlock. Hatfield escapes. Sabar’s running shoulder blocks have no effect. He stomps on Hatfield’s foot and the shoulder block knocks him down. Hatfield comes back with a pair of armdrags and a schoolboy for two. He trips Sabar and puts on a surfboard. Lovelace brings down Sabar out of the hold with a Complete Shot. Sabar retreats to the corner and tags in Coronado. He goes for a Tiger Driver, but Lovelace turns it into a backslide for two. A backslide and sunset flip also are not successful. She uses her legs to drive Coronado face first into the middle turnbuckle. Coronado rolls to the floor. She catches a charging Sabar with a hip attack. Her and Hatfield make frequent tags, taking turns on twisting his arm and doing damage to his midsection. Hatfield hip tosses Sabar into a double falling headbutt from himself and Lovelace. Sabar shoves Lovelace to the ropes. Both Coronado and Sabar pull Lovelace chest first into the top rope. They keep Lovelace in their corner, focusing on her head and throat. Hatfield almost was able to get in, but Cornado low bridged the top rope and dragged Lovelace back to their corner. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova joins Coronado and Sabar for support. Boar trips her from the floor, which brings out Icarus to even the odds (despite having an injured shoulder). Lovelace is able to escape on her own by countering Coronado’s Tiger Driver with a Frankensteiner. Hatfield tags in and Coronado bails right away. Sabar eats some back elbows and jabs. He scoops up Sabar and drops him right on his chest and stomach. A running boot to the chest gets him two. Sabar evades a Jackhammer. He jabs Hatfield in the throat and goes for a springboard bulldog. Hatfield spins him out into a gutbuster for two. He spins out Sabar into the Cyclone neckbreaker. He clotheslines Sabar over the top rope and to the floor. Hatfield slingshots Coronado into the ring. Boar gets on the apron. Icarus jumps up, but Sabar trips Icarus from behind! Lovelace checks on Icarus. Coronado looks to strike Hatfield with his Ecuadorian flag. “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti jumps in and stops Coronado. He tackles Boar and pulls the flag out of Cornado’s hands. When Hatfield notices, it looks as if Angelosetti was about to hit him with the flag! Touchdown tries explaining but Hatfield won’t hear it. Referee Bryce Remsburg ejects him. While he’s pre-occupied, Coronado low blows Hatfield! Sabar small packages Hatfield for the pin at 13:19. I like the story they have with Hatfield and Touchdown and am interested in seeing where it goes. The nature of the win also keeps the issue between Hatfield and Coronado alive, as Hatfield didn’t get the retribution he was looking for. On top of that, the wrestling was excellent, especially from Hatfield and Sabar. Good stuff all around. ***

Jakob Hammermeier says he gave Soldier Ant the platform as a member of the BDK to become the monster he’s capable of being. How did Soldier Ant repay te favor? By betraying Jakob. Jakob says he will put down the treacherous dog once and for all.

Soldier Ant {C} vs. Jakob Hammermeier {BDK}

Soldier Ant gets a nice “Welcome back” chant from the crowd. Soldier Ant grabs Hammermeier by the throat. Hammermeier hits him with the Worldstar Punch. Soldier Ant kicks out, which very few have done. Pinkie Sanchez rolls out to ringside as Hammermeier chokes Soldier Ant on the middle rope. Sanchez tries grabbing Soldier Ant, but Soldier Ant forearms him off the apron. Soldier Ant tries a backslide. Hammermeier swings out and drops Soldier Ant with a Complete Shot for two. He whips Soldier Ant into the corner before taking him down with an armdrag. Hammermeier grabs an arm capture chinlock. Soldier Ant uses a jawbreaker to escape. He grazes Hammermeier’s knee with a Koppu Kick. Hammermeier throws some elbows to Soldier Ant’s neck before giving him the Skullcrusher. Soldier Ant kicks out at one. He grabs the arm capture chinlock again. Soldier Ant escapes and comes off the middle rope with a back elbow. Hammermeier comes back with a back suplex for two. He DDT’s Soldier Ant and chokes him with his bare hands. The arm capture chinlock is re-applied. Soldier Ant fights free, but Hammermeier takes him down with a clothesline. Soldier Ant takes to the second rope when Hammermeier whips him across the ring. Hammermeier throws some forearms and follows Soldier Ant up the ropes. Soldier Ant knocks him to the apron. Hammermeier comes back up and Soldier Ant takes him down with a bulldog driver! Soldier Ant gets in some chops before delivering a pair of dropkicks. The Koppu Kick collides into Hammermeier’s head for two. He goes for the Trench Slam. Hammermeier turns it into a roll-up with his foot on the top rope. Soldier Ant kicks out. Soldier Ant ducks the Worldstar Punch and delivers a rolling forearm. The Trench Slam gets Solider Ant the win and his third point at 9:25. Bryce Remsburg even presents him with the three gold point coins after the fact. Like it was with Jaka, it was important for Soldier Ant to win this match and re-establish himself in his new old role. He and Jakob had great chemistry, and the structure of the match allowed Jakob to look strong even in a loss. Soldier Ant going for the Grand Championship makes a lot of sense and I really look forward to that match. **¾

Race Jaxon says the Nightmare Warriors’ days as Campeones de Parejas contenders are over. Hype Rockwell says they were on top of CHIKARA for years, but now it’s there time. They’re going to prove why they deserve the top spot. They tell the Nightmare Warriors they can worship whatever deity they want, they’re going to bring a whole lot of N_R_G.

Campeonatos de Parejas
Race Jaxon {NRG} & Hype Rockwell {NRG} vs. Hallowicked & Frightmare

N_R_G have been champions since 9.27.2015 and this is their second defense. Frightmare immediately wrenches a headlock onto Rockwell. He tries a sunset flip but is too close the ropes for it to be successful. Rockwell maneuvers Frightmare into a schoolboy for his own nearfall. Hallowicked tags in and calls for Jaxon. Jaxon rolls him across the ring out of a lock-up. Hallowicked grapevines Jaxon’s legs, but Jaxon turns him into a crucifix pin before grabbing an armbar. Hallowicked brings Jaxon down, looking for a Fujiwara armbar. Jaxon cradles him up and then puts on a chinlock. When Hallowicked gets to his feet, he rolls him into a tornado clutch for two. Rockwell tags in and grabs a hammerlock. He and Hallowicked trade holds. Rockwell brings Hallowicked to Jaxon in a wristlock. Jaxon grabs a full nelson and then a cravate. Hallowicked turns it into a hammerlock. Frightmare jumps in with a slingshot forearm strike to the back. Frightmare escapes a side headlock and takes over Jaxon with a Frankensteiner. Jaxon comes back with a headscissors. He catches Hallowicked coming in with a dropkick. N_R_G assault Hallowicked in the corner, ending it with a dropkick/enzuigiri combo.Rockwell misses a pescado on the floor. Jaxon considers diving, but Frightmare cuts him off with a springboard dropkick. He then dives onto Rockwell as Hallowicked plants Jaxon with Never Wake Up back in the ring. That gives the Nightmare Warriors the first fall at 6:56. Hallowicked immediately goes for a second fall but Rockwell breaks it up. The Nightmare Warriors wisely isolate Jaxon and dish out a great deal of punishment. Rockwell has to save him on two occasions; once from the Rydeen Bomb, and another from the Kneecolepsy. One the second save, Frightmare and Rockwell fight to the floor. With Hallowicked distracted by that, Jaxon is able to sneak in an O’Connor Roll and pick up the second fall at 12:06. Hallowicked jumps right on Jaxon with stomps, allowing him and Frightmare to go back to wearing him down. Jaxon escapes their grasp by throwing Hallowicked to avoid a second Never Wake Up. Rockwell gets the tag. He takes down Hallowicked with a shoulder tackle and clothesline. He spins Frightmare into a powerslam. Rockwell splashes Hallowicked in the corner and gives him a Michinoku Driver. Frightmare breaks the cover. Jaxon monkey flips Frightmare onto Rockwell’s shoulders. Frightmare stops whatever Rockwell had planned with a crucifix driver. Hallowicked holds Jaxon so that Frightmare can boot him in the stomach. They set up for the Headless Horsemen. Jaxon fights it off. He tries taking them down with a moonsault press, but doesn’t get all the way over. However, the collision is still is enough to knock the Nightmare Warriors down. He enzuigiri’s Hallowicked and gives Frightmare the Energizer. Off the top he double dropkicks both Nightmare Warriors simultaneously. Rockwell Finlay rolls Hallowicked into a top rope elbow smash from Jaxon. Frightmare yakuza kicks Rockwell. Jaxon superkicks Frightmare into Rockwell’s Hyperwheel for the third and final fall at 17:14. This was by far the strongest N_R_G has looked since winning the titles, and quite frankly it was exactly the match they needed for the fans to get behind them. Mixing it up in with two CHIKARA linchpins in an entertaining match against helps solidify them as champions and as a part of the CHIKARA tapestry as a whole. They did a good keeping a story from start to finish and having all three falls come at the right times. We’re off to a good start with Season 16. ***½

Los Ice Creams come out with the golden opportunity they earned at “Top Banana!” N_R_G seem game for the challenge, which frightens Los Ice Creams, who decide to run away instead of challenge.


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